Limerick Poems
Poem TitlePoetFormCategoriesDate Posted
Immigrants Abducted and Corrupted Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/20/2018
Trump Prepped for Being Inept Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/20/2018
Reason To Be Appeasing Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/20/2018
Trump Never Delayed Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/20/2018
Should Do with Each Symptom Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/20/2018
Us Soupers Should Unite Elliott, Regina Limerickanti bullying, community, jealousy, poets, 07/20/2018
Repeating Disaster Ellison, JackLimerickpolitical, 07/20/2018
Been Blessed Ellison, JackLimericklife, 07/20/2018
Gullibility Ellison, JackLimerickpolitical, 07/20/2018
Yeah Veggies Ellison, JackLimerickfood, 07/20/2018
Luscious Jugs Ellison, JackLimerickdream, 07/20/2018
SLEEPWALKING ALONG SOUL-SEARCHING Agustin, BeataLimerickcharacter, encouraging, faith, humor, uplifting, 07/20/2018
Come and Mend the broken love BANGALEE, MAHTABLimerickbreak up, love, 07/20/2018
None but I'm demoliton BANGALEE, MAHTABLimerickconflict, corruption, discrimination, 07/20/2018
Nurse Linda Hand Leffanta, RicoLimerickcare, confusion, feelings, growing up, irony, natural disasters, stress, 07/20/2018
Scottish Thrift Leffanta, RicoLimerickculture, gender, health, identity, men, mother son, society, 07/19/2018
I'm Just Too Nice for My Own Good Canerdy, JaniceLimerickcandy, writing, 07/19/2018
I Scream Leffanta, RicoLimerickculture, depression, food, life, peace, perspective, retirement, 07/19/2018
Trump and Tall Tale of Betrayal Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/19/2018
Trump and His Hair Spray Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/19/2018
Chuckling Chiquitas Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 07/19/2018
A Gentle Smile Ellison, JackLimerickjoy, 07/19/2018
He Noticed Ellison, JackLimerickpride, 07/19/2018
Gold Digger Jane Ibeh, EdwardLimerickhumorous, woman, 07/18/2018
Truth And Lies Crasto, CeciliaLimerickcolor, conflict, 07/18/2018
Trump's Brain Towards Insanity Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/18/2018
Epitomy and Symettry of Trump Stupidity Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/18/2018
Be A Great News Sender Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/18/2018
Swoonworthy Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 07/18/2018
Like A Leprechaun Ellison, JackLimericksun, 07/18/2018
A Heavy Heart Ellison, JackLimericksorry, 07/18/2018
SO LOVING AND SO KIND Trifiatis, DemetriosLimerickgiving, love, people, 07/18/2018
Well It Is Laurie, LindsayLimerickhumor, 07/17/2018
At The First sight Md, ArifLimerickbaby, light, mom, mother, mother daughter, mother son, mothers day, 07/17/2018
Fiddle Faddle Hinshaw, Robert L.Limerickhumorous, 07/17/2018
Fast Food Leffanta, RicoLimerickbody, care, culture, food, health, society, stress, 07/17/2018
Trump Abroad bauer, ileneLimerickpolitical, 07/17/2018
NUMPTY TRUMPTY VISITS LONDON ALLISON, JANLimerickamerica, conflict, london, political, 07/17/2018
Muse Misery Adams, PATLimerickmuse, parody, wisdom, 07/17/2018
TRUMP BLEW BUBBLES Name Forsakes Me, TheLimerickfun, 07/17/2018
Trump and Horrible Aftermath Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/17/2018
Urge To Emerge With Surge Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/17/2018
Refrain From Being Weak Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/17/2018
Smile At Your Brother Ellison, JackLimerickjoy, 07/17/2018
Troubles Miniscule Ellison, JackLimericklife, 07/17/2018
A Disruptive Epoch Ellison, JackLimerickhistory, 07/17/2018
Cursed Ellison, JackLimerickrepetition, 07/17/2018
Must Hide My Opinions Ellison, JackLimerickemotions, 07/17/2018
NEVER FELT JOY Trifiatis, DemetriosLimerickevil, god, grief, joy, 07/17/2018
We've Been Trumped Ellison, JackLimerickfear, 07/16/2018
Dripping Tears messina, charlesLimerickpolitical, 07/16/2018
Snu messina, charlesLimerickhumorous, 07/16/2018
Growed Up People Ellison, JackLimericktruth, 07/16/2018
Trump The Most Endowed and More Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/16/2018
Events Absurd Ellison, JackLimericklife, 07/16/2018
Still Riding My Camel Ellison, JackLimerickinspiration, 07/16/2018
Turd Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 07/16/2018
STRICTLY COME TOOTING ALLISON, JANLimerickdance, wind, 07/16/2018
A Cat On The Bed Sinha-Roy, SubimalLimerickcat, funny, sleep, 07/16/2018
LAZINESS Agustin, BeataLimerickcharacter, humor, humorous, 07/16/2018
SCI FI Banter Waters10, VirginiaLimerickhumor, 07/15/2018
Sleepwalking Talbot, MickLimerickdivorce, sleep, 07/15/2018
The Soul Who Has No Name Lawrence, AlexLimerickanalogy, 07/15/2018
World On Me Took Toll Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/15/2018
Restaurant Review Waters10, VirginiaLimerickhumor, 07/15/2018
Mable Cunningham, TomLimerickhumor, 07/15/2018
Inclusion of a Delusion Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/15/2018
When Our Ideas Collided Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/15/2018
Fertile Turtle On Beach Named Myrtle Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/15/2018
Trump With No Adherence Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/15/2018
Trump Had Loudly Yelled Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/15/2018
Realized Trump Had Tantalized Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/15/2018
Anomaly About A Trump Monopoly Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/15/2018
Did Appear A Deer Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/15/2018
The Trump Balloon bauer, ileneLimerickpolitical, 07/15/2018
Seasick Williams, BartholomewLimerickboat, fun, funny, humorous, light, sea, youth, 07/15/2018
Stuntman Stan Snowman a.k.a. Broken Wings, Dear HeartLimerickfunny, 07/15/2018
Stan Keefeat Adams, PATLimerickcharacter, humorous, imagery, 07/15/2018
Helsinki Tea Party Leffanta, RicoLimerickcelebrity, corruption, culture, evil, integrity, international, political, 07/15/2018
limerick - A hair-raising stunt Watson, WendyLimerickcourage, hair, silly, 07/15/2018
Limerick -No strings attached Watson, WendyLimerickbetrayal, music, 07/15/2018
A Dude's Worst Nightmare Gondolf, JohnLimerickfunny, humorous, 07/15/2018
In a Pinch Knight, CharmicaLimerickfunny, 07/15/2018
Wanna Come Over To Play Ellison, JackLimerickhappiness, 07/15/2018
Tolerance Ellison, JackLimericklife, 07/15/2018
My Secret Ellison, JackLimerickhappiness, 07/15/2018
Happy Jack's Ladies Ellison, JackLimerickappreciation, 07/15/2018
The Buck Does Not Stop Here Anymore Leffanta, RicoLimerickamerica, betrayal, corruption, culture, leadership, patriotic, political, 07/14/2018
Trump and Loose Stool and More Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/14/2018
Love's Veil Lowered Toney, MarkLimerickhappy, humorous, husband, love, marriage, wedding, wife, 07/14/2018
Was Insanely and Mainly Crazy Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/14/2018
Trump Is Pedalling Meddling Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/14/2018
A Yummy Third Eye Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 07/14/2018
Scotties New Porsche Ellison, JackLimerickchildhood, 07/14/2018
Trump Never Received Consent Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/14/2018
What Trump Did Do Now Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/14/2018
Storm Did Form In Trump's Dorm Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/14/2018
Decision To Have a Collision Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/14/2018
Sweet Tooth for Youth Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/14/2018
Hour By Hour In Choir Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 07/14/2018

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