Limerick Poems
Poem TitlePoetFormCategoriesDate Posted
The Meaning Of Life Ellison, JackLimerickimage, 05/25/2019
Without Trousers Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 05/25/2019
Too Many Teenagers Ellison, JackLimerickhumorous, 05/25/2019
Words Laurie, LindsayLimerickwisdom, 05/24/2019
Spunk Leffanta, RicoLimericklust, 05/24/2019
Life Signs Toney, MarkLimerickbirth, happiness, life, meaningful, poetry, writing, 05/24/2019
POEM OF THE DAY PROXENOS, JENNIFERLimerickpoets, 05/24/2019
THE COWBOY Ward, DaisyLimerickconflict, fun, funny, 05/24/2019
TEACHER OR CHEATER ALLISON, JANLimerickhumorous, teacher, 05/24/2019
FISH TALES lawless, JohnLimerickhumor, sexy, silly, 05/24/2019
The Virile Voyager Sinha-Roy, SubimalLimerickanalogy, humorous, lust, 05/24/2019
Trump Authority Would Sweep Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/24/2019
Be Admired By Everyone Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/24/2019
Nature's Mother Ellison, JackLimericknature, 05/24/2019
I came, I saw, I forgot Ellison, JackLimericklife, 05/24/2019
How's Your Old Donut Shop Ellison, JackLimerickcareer, 05/24/2019
Exposed Neumann, Kai Michael Limericklove, 05/24/2019
CONDITION Dutta, AnishaLimerickappreciation, humor, 05/24/2019
St PAUL'S CATHEDRAL AND THE TRAMP PROXENOS, JENNIFERLimerickhistory, princess, 05/24/2019
A Promiscuous Rabbit Wolf, GershonLimerickanimal, lust, soulmate, 05/23/2019
Share and Spare Prayer Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/23/2019
A sting in the tale Watson, WendyLimerickhumor, 05/23/2019
Fishwife of the Undead horne, jackLimerickfantasy, 05/23/2019
A Lad In Shropshire Leffanta, RicoLimerickengland, 05/23/2019
Wearing Robe With Ear Ring In Lobe Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/23/2019
Realized Trump Went On Rant Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/23/2019
Colors on Butterfly Wing Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/23/2019
Yield from Field That Always Appealed Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/23/2019
Kissing In The Street Ellison, JackLimerickfeelings, 05/23/2019
Boo-Bees Ellison, JackLimerickwomen, 05/23/2019
How Do Fish Have Sex Ellison, JackLimericksexy, 05/23/2019
MONKEY ODOR Agustin, BeataLimerick3rd grade, animal, appreciation, child, giggle, humor, uplifting, 05/23/2019
Clue 'Kluxless' Christians Johnston, BrianLimerickfaith, love, 05/23/2019
Give Freud a Call Leffanta, RicoLimerickrelationship, 05/22/2019
ADVENT A NIGHT Kekaula, WilliamLimerickallegory, life, men, nature, night, sexy, women, 05/22/2019
The Small Doll Tall Fall Jay, G.Limerickfunny, grandmother, 05/22/2019
Men Are Lost Cause Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/22/2019
Stir Up Crowd That Does Occur Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/22/2019
Want God To Remove My Hurt Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/22/2019
Giraffe Who Likes To Laugh Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/22/2019
A Happiness Loaner Ellison, JackLimerickhumor, 05/22/2019
By The Year 2219 Ellison, JackLimerickhumor, 05/22/2019
My Body's Not Cold Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 05/22/2019
Sue's Popcorn Dietrich, AndreaLimerickhumor, 05/22/2019
The Almighty Dollar Wolf, GershonLimerickmoney, philosophy, 05/21/2019
The Trumpster McHattie, DavidLimerickfunny, humor, humorous, 05/21/2019
2 Die 4 Leffanta, RicoLimerickculture, food, 05/21/2019
Killer Combat Jay, G.Limerickbrother, funny, games, 05/21/2019
From the North on December 24 Jay, G.Limerickchristmas, funny, 05/21/2019
We Wondered What God Did Intend Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/21/2019
We Remember When Choir Sang Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/21/2019
The Artist Tamberrino, NickyLimerickart, beautiful, beauty, care, creation, encouraging, motivation, 05/21/2019
Street and My Feet May Meet Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/21/2019
Still Love Youse Ellison, JackLimerickinternet, 05/21/2019
J-A-C-K-L-E-S Ellison, JackLimerickbeauty, 05/21/2019
A Bit Of A Crook Ellison, JackLimerickblessing, 05/21/2019
Three Days Suspension messina, charlesLimerickhumorous, 05/21/2019
Eating like a vegan Wolf, GershonLimerickfood, leadership, nonsense, 05/20/2019
Belle E Dancer Leffanta, RicoLimerickdance, 05/20/2019
Have Been Where Lions Were Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/20/2019
Revive Than Survive and Remain Alive Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/20/2019
TIDES Kekaula, WilliamLimerickallegory, drink, friendship, life, men, uplifting, wine, 05/20/2019
Lucky Friend Breese, RichardLimerickbest friend, boy, boyfriend, character, humor, humorous, teen, 05/20/2019
My Giggle Gene Ellison, JackLimerickhow i feel, 05/20/2019
It's Simply Divine Ellison, JackLimericklife, 05/20/2019
A Million Dollar Bill Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 05/20/2019
IMPURE THOUGHTS Gauthier, LineLimerickfunny, grandparents, longing, lust, night, nostalgia, silly, 05/19/2019
Big Box Full of Colored Socks Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/19/2019
Never Knew and Was Naive Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/19/2019
California or Bust Sergi, RalphLimerickfunny, sensual, 05/19/2019
Johnny Vonpete - bawdy Cunningham, TomLimerickfunny, 05/19/2019
He made her hair curl Wolf, GershonLimerickrelationship, sexy, 05/19/2019
NOTHING LEFT TO EAT Gauthier, LineLimerickfood, funny, humorous, night, silly, 05/19/2019
Religion Schism Leffanta, RicoLimerickreligion, 05/19/2019
We Did Hear About Those Dying Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/19/2019
Beseeech and Teach How To Impeach Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/19/2019
Many Ways We May Judge Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/19/2019
Distinguished Flower Petal Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/19/2019
Nursing Home Fred Heart, DearLimerickfunny, 05/19/2019
Ode To The Cardinal Dixon, BluebellLimerickanimal, bird, joy, nature, 05/19/2019
Swimmies In My Broth Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 05/19/2019
A Gal Named Georgina Ellison, JackLimerickhumor, 05/19/2019
Smut Quite Overt Ellison, JackLimerickpoetry, 05/19/2019
Parts of Oak Brewer, GeoffreyLimerickhumorous, 05/19/2019
Wait No More Laurie, LindsayLimerickhumor, 05/19/2019
Fullfilment Centre Leffanta, RicoLimerickculture, 05/18/2019
Wee People of Cork Bradfield, LarryLimerickhumorous, 05/18/2019
What Would Happen With Persistence Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/18/2019
Glad That Politician Came Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/18/2019
GOOD NEIGHBORS BAWDY LIMERICK ALLISON, JANLimerickhumorous, husband, lust, relationship, wife, 05/18/2019
Soil Your Tiles Ellison, JackLimericklust, 05/18/2019
Have Declined Many Pesos Ellison, JackLimerickpride, 05/18/2019
A Sweet Cherry Topping Ellison, JackLimericklove, 05/18/2019
TRIANGULARITY Kekaula, WilliamLimerickallegory, anxiety, education, emotions, life, love, nature, 05/18/2019
Don Juan Baton Trump Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 05/18/2019
Trump's Great America Leffanta, RicoLimerickpolitical, poverty, 05/17/2019
Adoptive Moms Are Great Molony, Aiden or JanelleLimerick5th grade, caregiving, child, family, trust, uplifting, women, 05/17/2019
The Knight and Beast Molony, Aiden or JanelleLimerick5th grade, adventure, animal, courage, evil, magic, myth, 05/17/2019
Skunks in Bombay Adams, PATLimerickanimal, confusion, fantasy, humor, 05/17/2019

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