Limerick Poems
Poem TitlePoetFormCategoriesDate Posted
SERGEANT COOPER AND OFFICER HOUND Lee Sr., James EdwardLimerickadventure, caregiving, character, dog, symbolism, 09/18/2018
Rollercoaster Heart Leffanta, RicoLimerickbetrayal, boy, break up, girl, love, love hurts, trust, 09/18/2018
Life Ended In Window Suspended Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/18/2018
Large Impact and Loose Track Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/18/2018
I'M BACK - THE BLOCKAGE HAS GONE ALLISON, JANLimerickhumorous, me, poetry, 09/18/2018
Fallopian Tubes Take The Crown Krutsinger, CarenLimerickfun, 09/17/2018
Join the Club Leffanta, RicoLimerickabuse, betrayal, corruption, discrimination, girl, lust, political, 09/17/2018
Catacysm Leffanta, RicoLimerickabuse, betrayal, bullying, character, lust, religion, trust, 09/17/2018
Until It's Gone bauer, ileneLimerickfood, 09/17/2018
With Precious Love and Care Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/17/2018
A Sword Word Bailey, BrahnLimerickwar, 09/17/2018
Sully Had a Dirty Toe Krutsinger, CarenLimerick2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, humorous, 09/16/2018
The Mean Leffanta, RicoLimerickappreciation, art, culture, england, funny, lust, sexy, 09/16/2018
War of the Ants Adams, PATLimerickcharacter, imagery, word play, 09/16/2018
Jan's Gift to the World Leffanta, RicoLimerickchocolate, funny, history, natural disasters, power, senses, wind, 09/16/2018
A Wrestler Named Billy Krutsinger, CarenLimerickfunny, 09/15/2018
EPITAPH - Booby Prize Leffanta, RicoLimerickdance, eulogy, fun, lust, sensual, sexy, woman, 09/15/2018
A Lovely Midnight Blue Krutsinger, CarenLimerick4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 09/15/2018
International Stupidity Leffanta, RicoLimerickabuse, betrayal, crazy, international, mother daughter, prejudice, women, 09/15/2018
Them's Fightin' Words Dietrich, AndreaLimerickhumor, writing, 09/15/2018
Grovel Groan to the Bone Robinson Jr., FreddieLimerickfunny, humor, religious, truth, 09/15/2018
The Bluebird of Happiness Leffanta, RicoLimerickbird, children, environment, flying, food, happiness, health, 09/14/2018
The Love of my Life Laurie, LindsayLimerickhumor, sweet love, 09/14/2018
Textbook Texan Leffanta, RicoLimerickculture, food, lust, native american, sensual, sexy, woman, 09/14/2018
Hoo Noo Leffanta, RicoLimerickbeauty, giggle, girl, health, native american, relationship, river, 09/14/2018
Eula Gee Leffanta, RicoLimerickchristian, death, eulogy, grave, mother, mother son, religion, 09/13/2018
Just Fix It Leffanta, RicoLimerickbusiness, car, discrimination, integrity, international, political, travel, 09/13/2018
SWORD THRUST MURRAY, JEANLimerickfun, humorous, husband, 09/13/2018
Christopher Columbus Limerick Krutsinger, CarenLimerickhistory, 09/12/2018
Penurious Husband Irritates Wife Krutsinger, CarenLimerickhumorous, 09/12/2018
Bird Dreamer Breese, RichardLimerickcute, dream, funny, giggle, humor, old, silly, 09/12/2018
The Serendipidist's Plight Krutsinger, CarenLimerickfun, 09/12/2018
Through the Soot bauer, ileneLimericknew york, 09/12/2018
Starlight Leffanta, RicoLimerickbeauty, drink, funny, heaven, night, star, wife, 09/12/2018
Shush Leffanta, RicoLimerickanger, animal, cat, dark, death, emotions, life, 09/11/2018
The Knight Shift Leffanta, RicoLimerickcar, culture, funny, health, time, travel, wife, 09/11/2018
The Boston Tea Party - 1773 Leffanta, RicoLimerickamerica, confusion, funny, history, language, spoken word, woman, 09/11/2018
Snake And The Poet Kendrick, SaraLimerickanimal, 09/11/2018
Booby Wigley, VivLimerickanimal, humor, 09/10/2018
Two Preying Birds Hamner, TreyLimerickanimal, bird, hyperbole, imagery, metaphor, strength, symbolism, 09/10/2018
The Pyrophoric Firefly Krutsinger, CarenLimerick3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 09/10/2018
A Professor of Botany in France Malenfant, JeromeLimerickhumorous, 09/10/2018
Raising Cain Leffanta, RicoLimerickbible, brother, father, international, mother, murder, parents, 09/10/2018
Trump an Example of Excoriable Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/10/2018
Mary's Lamb Cardamone, DavidLimerickfunny, humor, 09/09/2018
Food with a Bite Wood, DeanLimerickfunny, humor, 09/09/2018
The Snow Angel Leffanta, RicoLimerickangel, culture, discrimination, god, native american, racism, snow, 09/09/2018
Limerick Oyewale, RitaLimerick1st grade, adventure, 09/09/2018
Sammy The Skunk Cunningham, TomLimerickanimal, drink, funny, 09/09/2018
What two can do seal, georgeLimerickbird, pets, 09/09/2018
Al ask uh - Leffanta, RicoLimerickanxiety, courage, endurance, growing up, inspirational, international, snow, 09/08/2018
Small Hand and Head In Sand Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/08/2018
Sue, Who Trained with Animals Dietrich, AndreaLimerickanimal, 09/08/2018
Ladies Last Leffanta, RicoLimerickculture, discrimination, gender, health, international, life, women, 09/08/2018
Trump Would Slip Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/08/2018
Rita Valko, JudyLimerickcat, funny, 09/08/2018
Trump Has Been Highly Inteligent Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/08/2018
Need for Weed So Stampede Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/08/2018
Pandita Es Seniorita Muy Bonita Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/08/2018
Tilly's limerick Gilder, GarethLimerickanimal, 09/08/2018
HE PLAYS AWAY FROM HOME ALLISON, JANLimerickbetrayal, humorous, relationship, 09/07/2018
We need a new God Leffanta, RicoLimerickculture, death, god, international, prayer, religion, technology, 09/07/2018
Trump Has Been a Hypocrite Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/07/2018
Considering the Centipede Slaughter, JimLimerickanimal, humor, 09/07/2018
Mary the Praying Mantis Krutsinger, CarenLimerickanimal, 09/07/2018
A Frustrated ET Hinshaw, Robert L.Limerickhumorous, space, 09/07/2018
Triggermortis Leffanta, RicoLimerickbetrayal, culture, depression, dream, life, relationship, religion, 09/07/2018
Male Fail Wysocki, WayneLimerickhumor, sexy, 09/07/2018
Always What Is Inside Counts Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/07/2018
Mischief Pett, RoyLimericknonsense, poetry, 09/07/2018
Kelly and Kelly Sounds Smelly Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/07/2018
Kavanaugh In Will Not Give Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/07/2018
Temptation Off Do Try To Fight Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/07/2018
Will Surmise Than Realize Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/07/2018
A fishermans tale seal, georgeLimerickfishing, sea, 09/07/2018
Dolly Parton's Neighbours Leffanta, RicoLimerickanimal, culture, earth, farm, motivation, music, success, 09/06/2018
Thrill Seen On Window Sill Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/06/2018
MISCHIEF Gauthier, LineLimerickcharacter, fantasy, fun, games, nonsense, silly, 09/06/2018
Administrator and A Legislator Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/06/2018
Up Everyone Trump Riled Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/06/2018
Trump Found To Be Flake Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/06/2018
Some Trump Staff Member Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/06/2018
Must Admit Trump Will Not Quit Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/06/2018
A Christian Affair Leffanta, RicoLimerickbetrayal, christian, family, husband, political, relationship, wife, 09/05/2018
A Cheese Amendment Laurie, LindsayLimerickhumor, 09/05/2018
Wiping Swiping Barden, Gregory RLimerickanimal, bird, humorous, light, 09/05/2018
Percy Breese, RichardLimerickanimal, dog, farm, funny, giggle, humor, pets, 09/05/2018
Hike Em Up Connell, CarolLimerickabuse, body, fashion, how i feel, image, 09/05/2018
MISCHIEF ALLISON, JANLimerickchange, humorous, poetry, 09/05/2018
Everybody's a Critic Marmaro, J PLimerickhumorous, 09/05/2018
NO FEAR aka Trump's Lucid Moment Leffanta, RicoLimerickanimal, corruption, crazy, culture, immigration, leadership, political, 09/05/2018
EIRE MO CHROI MURRAY, JEANLimerickappreciation, beauty, poetess, poetry, 09/05/2018
Kavanaugh and Hand Not Shake and More Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/05/2018
Trump Playing Game With Us Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/05/2018
Trump Can Be Clandestine Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/05/2018
Hose Anna Leffanta, RicoLimerickanimal, culture, dog, funny, girl, pets, water, 09/04/2018
Paisley Skin Wysocki, WayneLimerickhumor, silly, 09/04/2018
To Nothing Was McCain Some Stranger Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/04/2018
Kavanaugh Self Serving Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/04/2018
Attitude Being By Majority Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 09/04/2018

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