Limerick Poems
Poem TitlePoetFormCategoriesDate Posted
Hang On To Your Panties Ellison, JackLimerickgiggle, 10/22/2017
It Behoovers Me Ellison, JackLimericklanguage, 10/22/2017
Kevin Spacey Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 10/22/2017
Fat Cells Ellison, JackLimerickhealth, 10/22/2017
Confused Geese Ellison, JackLimerickweather, 10/22/2017
Top 100 Best Curtis, Jerry TLimerickhumor, 10/22/2017
He Didn't Trust Banks Moorman, CurtisLimericknonsense, silly, 10/22/2017
The beloved Trump pennell , stephen Limerickfun, 10/22/2017
No 45 Richards, SuzetteLimerickhumorous, 10/22/2017
Cat on the couch Sinha-Roy, SubimalLimerickcat, 10/22/2017
Bandit, The Cat Moorman, CurtisLimerickfunny, 10/21/2017
FUSSY PUSSY ALLISON, JANLimerickcat, fun, humorous, 10/21/2017
Plight of a dad R. V., RamLimerickfather, funny, son, 10/21/2017
Kitty Couch Potato Haight, SandraLimerickcat, funny, 10/21/2017
Jittery Jason Sergi, RalphLimerickfunny, 10/21/2017
THE END OF A FAIRY TALE Rodrigues, KimLimerickhumor, 10/21/2017
Her Happiness Knobs Ellison, JackLimerickjoy, 10/21/2017
Flying The Coop Ellison, JackLimerickhumor, 10/21/2017
Nasty Nightmares Ellison, JackLimerickangst, 10/21/2017
Forgot To Say Just A Trim Ellison, JackLimerickanger, 10/21/2017
Extra Large Heads Ellison, JackLimerickhumorous, 10/21/2017
Great Again Moorman, CurtisLimerickwar, 10/20/2017
BLACK SHEEP Dutta, AnishaLimerickanimal, funny, 10/20/2017
Eternally Speaking Moorman, CurtisLimerickchristian, destiny, forgiveness, inspirational, 10/20/2017
A bug in brain Sinha-Roy, SubimalLimerickfunny, 10/20/2017
Hoo Rah for limericks flats, lim'rikLimerickhappy, silly, 10/20/2017
A Confession Bradfield, LarryLimerickhumorous, 10/20/2017
Carrie Meeker CHAKRABARTY, RAJAT KANTILimerickfun, 10/20/2017
THE UNUSED GIFT ALLISON, JANLimerickbody, humorous, senses, 10/20/2017
The dinner was delicious CHAKRABARTY, RAJAT KANTILimerickfun, 10/20/2017
What To Do Reeves, TerryLimerickhumorous, 10/20/2017
Chang Chung Chungling CHAKRABARTY, RAJAT KANTILimerickfun, 10/20/2017
Is It Still English Ellison, JackLimericklanguage, 10/20/2017
Still In Demand Ellison, JackLimerickcelebration, 10/20/2017
Summer In October Ellison, JackLimerickweather, 10/20/2017
TVs Younger Years Ellison, JackLimericknostalgia, 10/20/2017
Swing low Roberts, SerenLimericktree, 10/20/2017
He Wears His Golf Cap Up High pachecho, connieLimerickanger, golf, 10/20/2017
A Great Fall Roper, EveLimerickfunny, 10/20/2017
Funky Frankenstein hoffman, cherylLimerickanxiety, humor, music, 10/19/2017
Bobby's Hobby Moorman, CurtisLimericknonsense, 10/19/2017
DEENA AND DALE Y., AlexisLimerickhumorous, 10/19/2017
life with t-rump XXIX Beaufort, DukeLimerickbullying, father daughter, proposal, 10/19/2017
life wth t-rump XXVIII Beaufort, DukeLimerickbullying, 10/19/2017
life with Trump XXVII Beaufort, DukeLimerickbullying, 10/19/2017
Unhappy Tommy Macguigan Smith, GaryLimerickfunny, rude, 10/19/2017
Aardvark Limerick Shaw, KevinLimerickafrica, animal, fun, nonsense, rude, word play, 10/19/2017
On the commute Rigoler, MauriceLimerickhumor, 10/19/2017
Under the Bus bauer, ileneLimerickconfidence, 10/19/2017
There Was A Man Schiavina, FrancesLimerickhumorous, 10/19/2017
On Cloud Nine Sinha-Roy, SubimalLimerickwine, 10/19/2017
Challenges We Face Cobb, LexisLimerickconflict, confusion, 10/19/2017
Nights On The Square Table Ellison, JackLimerickhumorous, 10/19/2017
Stand Up Or Squat Ellison, JackLimerickbirth, 10/19/2017
The Vienna Gang Ellison, JackLimerickhistory, 10/19/2017
Vanna White Ellison, JackLimerickcelebrity, 10/19/2017
Humans Are The Fastest Animals Ellison, JackLimerickleadership, 10/19/2017
Twunkies Beck, AnthonyLimerickinternet, satire, 10/18/2017
Live Hard Die Young Adams, PATLimerickanxiety, grandfather, life, 10/18/2017
Ophelia Reeves, TerryLimerickhumorous, 10/18/2017
Time to Change cox, tammyLimerickchange, 10/18/2017
Breathing's Important Ellison, JackLimerickdeath, 10/18/2017
A Handsome Neanderthal Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 10/18/2017
They Can Crush A Bowling Ball Ellison, JackLimerickstrength, 10/18/2017
To the Store Sivey, RussellLimerickfunny, humorous, 10/18/2017
Electric Automobiles Ellison, JackLimerickfuture, 10/18/2017
I P Dover Ellison, JackLimerickhumorous, 10/18/2017
Flying Dutchman Breese, RichardLimerickanxiety, england, flying, funny, humor, humorous, london, 10/17/2017
A Small Penis Ellison, JackLimericklanguage, 10/17/2017
Cow Moos Have Accents Ellison, JackLimerickhumorous, 10/17/2017
A Roll In The Hay Ellison, JackLimerickanimal, 10/17/2017
Insane Saturday Traffic Ellison, JackLimerickanger, 10/17/2017
The Hippy Generation Ellison, JackLimericknostalgia, 10/17/2017
One Afternoon Gonzales, ElaineLimerickhumorous, 10/17/2017
Love Is In The Night Air pachecho, connieLimerickbeauty, dance, romance, sensual, 10/16/2017
Feeling Ecstatic Ellison, JackLimerickfeelings, 10/16/2017
Bring Back The Glory Years Ellison, JackLimerickpolitical, 10/16/2017
No More Nukes Ellison, JackLimerickpeace, 10/16/2017
The Way Of The Future Ellison, JackLimerickfuture, 10/16/2017
Where's The Eleven Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 10/16/2017
WORDS THAT RHYME WITH PURPLE - FOR RICHARD OLSON ALLISON, JANLimerickfood, for him, fun, words, 10/16/2017
Knowing, that attack is the best of defense Klugman, AlexLimerickirony, 10/16/2017
God Has Specified Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 10/16/2017
Days of Smog Shaw, KevinLimerickcity, november, pollution, truth, weather, 10/15/2017
One Poet's Advice Elliott, ReginaLimerickhumorous, mental illness, 10/15/2017
Heaven On Earth Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 10/15/2017
Never Take God for Granted Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 10/15/2017
Jesus Was Crucified and Died Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 10/15/2017
Loneliness cox, tammyLimerickloneliness, 10/15/2017
Something For Halloween Curtis, Jerry TLimerickhumorous, 10/15/2017
Trump Came Down Crashing Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 10/15/2017
Frank Snotra Ellison, JackLimericksilly, 10/15/2017
A Fish With No Eyes Ellison, JackLimerickpsychological, 10/15/2017
At Times I Wear A Tutu Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 10/15/2017
Fowl Play Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 10/15/2017
Run Amok Ellison, JackLimerickhappiness, 10/15/2017
About Had Replied Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 10/15/2017
Lumberjack Breese, RichardLimerickearth day, funny, giggle, humor, humorous, rainforest, work, 10/14/2017

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