Limerick Poems
Poem TitlePoetFormCategoriesDate Posted
PLEASURE Talbot, MickLimerickfun, 03/20/2018
ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS ALLISON, JANLimerickbullying, humorous, irony, 03/20/2018
Tables Are For Eating Customers Only Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 03/20/2018
Pretty Girls Enthrall Ellison, JackLimerickgirl, 03/20/2018
Befuddled Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 03/20/2018
A Real Crackerjack Ellison, JackLimerickscary, 03/20/2018
Old Mister Wiggly Ellison, JackLimerickage, 03/20/2018
What's Abreast Ellison, JackLimerickconfusion, 03/20/2018
Bogies Balloon hoffman, cherylLimerickcelebrity, humor, 03/19/2018
Les Browns Leap Frog hoffman, cherylLimerickanimal, dance, 03/19/2018
The Garden of Even Peters, WilliamLimerickhumanity, love, philosophy, poetry, spiritual, 03/19/2018
Crossed My Mind hoffman, cherylLimerickhumor, 03/19/2018
Good Old Days Market Haight, SandraLimerickfunny, 03/19/2018
Seagull Poop Ellison, JackLimerickgiggle, 03/19/2018
Aussie Land Ellison, JackLimerickdedication, 03/19/2018
Reminiscing Ellison, JackLimerickmemory, 03/19/2018
Throwing Pots And Pans Ellison, JackLimerickmarriage, 03/19/2018
What a Couple Wolf, GershonLimericksilly, 03/18/2018
Don't do anything Moore, JohnLimerickfunny, health, 03/18/2018
Old Mister Sol Ellison, JackLimericksunshine, 03/18/2018
Brains Ellison, JackLimerickinspirational, 03/18/2018
Privates Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 03/18/2018
An Upside Doen Lassie Ellison, JackLimericklanguage, 03/18/2018
Used To Be A Wall Flower Ellison, JackLimericksimple, 03/18/2018
Another State of Shock Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/17/2018
Told About Trump Suspenses Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/17/2018
Happy Fish Adams, PATLimerickfish, happy, 03/17/2018
No Gnus Is Good Gnus Ellison, JackLimerickappreciation, 03/17/2018
Just A Happy Soul Ellison, JackLimerickhappiness, 03/17/2018
Knockers Galore Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 03/17/2018
Skating On Montego Bay Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 03/17/2018
Limericks for Jude Kantor, JeffLimerickfun, funny love, humor, lust, rude, 03/17/2018
Curiosity Today bauer, ileneLimerickchildhood, 03/16/2018
No Noises Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/16/2018
A Pedestrian Bridge Fell Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/16/2018
Students Would Survive Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/16/2018
MRS DOUBTFIRE ALLISON, JANLimerickchildren, conflict, humorous, parents, relationship, 03/16/2018
Bet Your Sweet Bippy Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 03/16/2018
My Stuffed Piccaloon Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 03/16/2018
Crocs Will Be Crocs Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 03/16/2018
Drooling Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 03/16/2018
Gotta Get Out The House Parmenter, NinaLimerickchildren, fun, funny, humor, humorous, my children, 03/16/2018
Trump Made A Model Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/15/2018
Media Block Caused Shock Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/15/2018
Belts Ellison, JackLimerickcelebration, 03/15/2018
The Age Of Chiffon Ellison, JackLimerickfuture, 03/15/2018
Remote Hotels Ellison, JackLimerickvoyage, 03/15/2018
Wildebeest Love Sex Ellison, JackLimericknature, 03/15/2018
The Star Riabi Dziri, BesmaLimerickboy, cheer up, cool, humor, 03/15/2018
Downer Schneiter, PaulLimerickdesire, romance, 03/14/2018
Gotta Laugh So I Don't Cry Ibeh, EdwardLimerickanimal, bird, humor, 03/14/2018
Afraid of Trump Golden Showers Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/14/2018
Trump Getting Our Goat Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/14/2018
Good Climber Is Greatest Goal Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/14/2018
WORK ETHICS AIN'T WHAT THEY USED TO BE Gauthier, LineLimerickabuse, dedication, fun, motivation, work, youth, 03/14/2018
God Within Reach Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/14/2018
Were Dismayed While Being Afraid Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/14/2018
Congress Defend Elections Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/14/2018
From Oprah About Trump Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/14/2018
A BUM FISHERMAN Rodrigues, KimLimerickhumor, 03/14/2018
Do Old People Need A Plunger Ellison, JackLimerickage, 03/14/2018
An Aussie Sweetie Ellison, JackLimerickfriend, 03/14/2018
Pop My Popper On My Gurney Ellison, JackLimerickmemory, 03/14/2018
That Male Exam Rigoler, MauriceLimerickhumor, 03/13/2018
A Case of the Blues Wolf, GershonLimerickhumorous, satire, 03/13/2018
OH DEAR WINTER Rodrigues, KimLimerickweather, 03/13/2018
Shoo Flies Adams, PATLimerickhumorous, insect, poetry, 03/13/2018
Chasing Flowers Rensburg, MichelleLimerickbeautiful, blessing, desire, dream, flower, freedom, 03/13/2018
SAINT WHO lawless, JohnLimerickcelebration, culture, ireland, 03/13/2018
Angry People Ain't Nice Ellison, JackLimerickangst, 03/13/2018
A Glamorous Duff Ellison, JackLimericknonsense, 03/13/2018
Still Misfire Ellison, JackLimerickcharacter, 03/13/2018
IT'S REALLY INSANE Secrease, RitaLimerickamerica, anger, betrayal, death, how i feel, patriotic, sympathy, 03/12/2018
I am dumb perhaps dumber Pett, RoyLimerickbest friend, crazy, film, friendship, giggle, hilarious, innocence, 03/12/2018
About Trout messina, charlesLimerickfish, 03/12/2018
Need Hint of What It Meant Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/12/2018
Trump Took Fast Freighter Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/12/2018
Trump Culture War Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/12/2018
CHEESY FEET ALLISON, JANLimerickbody, humorous, 03/12/2018
What Happened To Smoking Ellison, JackLimerickhealth, 03/12/2018
Giggly And Woozie Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 03/12/2018
Giraffe Manor Ellison, JackLimerickvacation, 03/12/2018
Not Available In Your Area Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 03/12/2018
Pope Never Carries A Grudge Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/11/2018
Trump Was A Faust Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/11/2018
Hair Today and Tomorrow Gray Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/11/2018
Select Animosity That is Abject Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/11/2018
Trump and Immmorality Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/11/2018
Empathy and Sympathy Horn, JamesLimerickallegory, analogy, 03/11/2018
'Protest Arches' Wolf, GershonLimerickfood, health, silly, 03/11/2018
Time for Rhyme Wolf, GershonLimerickkiss, poets, prison, 03/11/2018
A Young Cowboy Named Homer Bradfield, LarryLimerickhumorous, 03/11/2018
Tootsie Faulkner, MichelleLimerickfunny, giggle, silly, 03/11/2018
Pull Over Adams, PATLimerickconflict, feelings, humor, 03/11/2018
Between The Ears Ellison, JackLimerickmarriage, 03/11/2018
Must Ration Myself Ellison, JackLimerickemotions, 03/11/2018
A Handsome Hulk Parolee Ellison, JackLimerickfairy, 03/11/2018
Tim Conway Ellison, JackLimerickcelebrity, 03/11/2018
Blonde Bombers Ellison, JackLimerickfun, 03/10/2018
A Tortilla Dream Ellison, JackLimerickfuture, 03/10/2018

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