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Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: celebrity, mystery, smart, tribute,


The consumate sleuth Sherlock Holmes
Hardly lacking the wit chromosomes
With the faintest of clues
To bemuse and confuse
Cracked crimes in the Welsh catacombs

AP: Honorable Mention 2023

Submitted on January 27, 2019 for contest LIMERICK 3 sponsored by JOSEPH MAY  -  RANKED 2ND

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Poem Details | by Anna Hopper |
Categories: age, engagement, humorous, social,


There once was a tweeter who didn’t tweet
An air of mystery, she decided to keep 
Responses bounced
Bad twitter account
But still, she wouldn’t tweet a peep

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: funny, mystery, nature, philosophy, science, space,

Cosmology Vs Cosmetology

Dark matter makes scientists sweat
Their telescopes can't find it...yet
What's lost could be found
If they’d just turn around
And gaze at a sexy brunette

Poem Details | by Paul Schneiter |
Categories: humor,

Eating Cake

The proud princess of New Denny.
Supposed she was superior to many.
She mocked their low station
Said they disgraced the nation.
'Tis no mystery why she died at 20.

Poem Details | by Charlene Plummer |
Categories: music,

Musically Mystery

Vibrant elements of rhythm contrast,
Harmony, Tones,and sounds are Profound,
Instruments there are,
Music not by far

Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: funny, mystery,

Candy Lips

She wore red candy lips on Halloween They didn't know she was a vampire queen Her kiss was so sweet Swept him off his feet Sadly,no trace of him has ever been seen
Barbara Gorelick 7/21/12

Poem Details | by Jack Horne |
Categories: mystery

Wayne the Builder

There once was a builder called Wayne,
Who built a new house on a plain,
But his wife took fright
On their wedding night:
He’d forgotten the roof again.

*my theory on Stonehenge : )

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: mystery,

Kamikaze Pilots

One of the greatest mysteries in the history of man Why kamikaze pilots wore helmets, they didn't give a damn For the Emperor, they cried They were prepared to die Unimaginable to us but for the glory of Japan

Poem Details | by Martin Kloess |
Categories: clothes, humor, mystery, sexy, silly, words,

Have You Ever Imagined a Girl Without Her Clothes On

He dreamed of her without her clothes
Her panties and bra let’s lose those
With her high heels gone
Let’s not dwell upon
Why he had them on heaven knows

Poem Details | by Ralph Taylor |
Categories: funny, mystery

Snow Job

Got a stupid question, driving me beserk! 

The reason I am asking is, because I'm such a jerk

        When we get lots of snow,

        I'm curious to know,

how does the plow driver, make it in to work?

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: funny, mystery, nature,

An Indian Man

An Indian man was laughed at
for his long beard and big hat,
but much truth came out
of his wise mouth:
the next day the river dried at sunset!

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: fun, mystery,

The Mystique of Mystic Rose

Gonna find out the mystique of Mystic Rose Meeting for coffee, will let you know how it goes Her deep down secrets And her plans most recent To do her bidding as she administers mind control © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Joseph Jeremiah Naye |
Categories: allusion, dream, fairy, humor, inspirational, mystery,

Wolverine Growl

The solemn night's silence was
As needles pierces with a shrieking 
  sound bespoken.
So the growl of the wolverine breakthrough 
  the moonless night,
Waking up in a jolt, drenched in sweat,  
  what a sweet plight,
Lo, it was only a frozen case of a
  nightmare awoken.

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: horror, humanity,

A Horrendous Act

It's hard to imagine what goes through the mind Of someone willing to end their life for a cause defined It's a mystery to me I'm unable to see Justification for this horrendous act of man's decline © Jack Ellison 2016

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: mystery,

Extreme Wickedness

There once was a fellow called Nicolas Was famous for his extreme wickedness He push down old ladies Made faces at babies And committed these acts with much cheerfulness © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: mystery,

Just One Single Tooth

There once was this dude from Duluth Who sported just one single tooth Got into a fight Knocked out his lights Relating the tale, sure some of it's untruth © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: faith, religion, science

The Creation Mystery

Creation is an unsolved mystery.
Men have pondered it throughout history.
Some say it is evolution.
What a logical solution!
But faith shows God is more than a banshee.

Poem Details | by Christy Hardy |
Categories: adventure, imagination, life, mystery,


Like a castaway on the cosmic sea,
life has been a mystery to me
what can I do now, or say,
but think of my yesterdays,
now my soul, and spirit will be free

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: humorous,

My Most Famous Part

Loud noises can sometimes make me fart Methinks it causes an eruption to start In my lower regions The mystery deepens It lies just beyond my most famous part © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by William Robinson |
Categories: children, funny, mystery, people,

Loch Ness Mystery

What e'er became o' Angus McKess
Is a dark and troublin'  mystery,  no less.
But the cruel gossip bein'  
He was reportedly seen
Skinny dippin',  one night, in Loch Ness.

Poem Details | by John Weber |
Categories: mystery,


When issuing Globalist threats
it proves best to shed all regrets
of Dull Care lingering,
still busy fingering
all across those DNA frets.

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: adventure, education, fantasy, children, funny, imagination, introspection, life, mystery, places, science, science fiction, space, uplifting, visionaryme,

Holy Crap

Na- Nu Na-Nu
greetings earthlings How do you do
I'm captain Zendor from planet Sur Render 
shazbot someone crashed into my spaceship's fender
hit me so hard made me go krap-poo

Poem Details | by Ralph Taylor |
Categories: mystery

Tis a Puzzlement

To say God’s non-existent I draw a blank
It defies all logic if I might be frank
        When a crisis that’s pending
         Has a real happy ending
And an Atheist is grateful, who does he thank?

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson |
Categories: funny

Too Tall To Cross His Legs

Ralph the Giraffe to the chimpanzee
“Where in the ZOO do guys go to pee”
“All creatures kept in here
Are mindful of career
Just go in action packed mystery”		 

© May 08 2010 For Linda’s Zany Zoo contest

Poem Details | by Martin Kloess |
Categories: animal, funny, future, humor, mystery, nature,

The Frog Who Could See His Future

While watching man jog to his friend
A frog croaked a future portend
Man finished his jog
By sitting on log
And that’s how the frog met his end