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Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: anniversary, funnyhalloween,

Strut the Butt Jabba

On Halloween night I will strut Dressed like Jabba the Hut Many sweets I will eat As it is trick or treat And double the size of my butt

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Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: autumn, funny, giggle, halloween, humor, humorous, october, silly,

witch bakery

there once was an old witch whose pies

were unique in flavor and size

she delighted her covens

when she opened her ovens

with dozens of old crusty guys.

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: car, friend, friendship, funny, giggle, halloween, humorous,

Tim and His Kelly Green Mustang

I have a friend by the name of Tim, He keeps in shape when frequents the gym. His Kelly green Mustang he drove And smack'd it into a cove. The witches got him and ate one of his limbs! Dorian Petersen aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 October,5,2014

Poem Details | by Robert Johnson |
Categories: halloween,

He Had a Holloweenie

Under his nose hung a big greenie.
The kids all thought he was a meanie.
He didn't have a hankie.
That's why he was so cranky.
Also, he had a hollow weenie.

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: funny, giggle, humor, lust, passion, sexy, woman,

Jan's Halloween Dream

Jan's spouse said she's gilding the lilies
For treating herself to new frillies
All the neighbours got hot
When they saw what she bought
And that really gave Jan the willies!

Poem Details | by Paige Kostyniuk |
Categories: autumn, fun, funny, halloween, holiday, humor, october,

Vlad the Vampire

There was a vampire named Vlad7
The Village all thought he was bad7
But the true story5
Just wasn't gory5
It turns out Vlad was just sad7

October 232019

Poem Details | by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: celebration, fantasy, halloween, holiday, humor, silly,

Now You Know Jack

There once was a cool guy named Jack
Jack o’ lanterns attacked his back 
	Witch Cate blew straight through
	Umbrella askew
She saved the famed wizard Jack Black

*The House with a Clock in Its Walls

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: humor,

Halloween Law

A Wookiee, the Wolfman and Jaws
Broke all of the Halloween laws
The shark got first bite
And was not contrite
His friends crawled away on their paws

*Written October 24, 2019.
For Tania’s Halloween-Inspired Limerick Contest
88558 -

Poem Details | by Pat Adams |
Categories: halloween, humorous, parody,

Walking Dead On Halloween

On Halloween night, the walking dead clones
Shuffle around with mumbled grunts and groans
But have no fear
When they come near
They would rather die, than turn off their phones!

Poem Details | by Geoffrey Brewer |
Categories: halloween,

Halloween Haunt

If you go to a Halloween hoolie
Just remember they can get unruly
Rousing ghosts in the night
If one gives you a fright
Well then give him a kick in the ghouly

19 October 2019
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Poem Details | by Roger Horsch |
Categories: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 4th grade, 7th grade, fun,

Wonderful Halloween

It's cold and rainy on Halloween
Where monsters and goblins are always seen
They're at my door asking for sweets
But they don't want tricks only treats
I could close my door but that would be mean

Poem Details | by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: dance, fun, giggle, halloween, silly,

Witches' Ring

Pumpkin party was in full swing
the ghosts and ghouls began to sing
	they sang off key
	it tickled me
 as I danced ‘round the witches’ ring.

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: america, cute, halloween,

At the Pump On Halloween

The clown, yes, a clown, she did stop for gas. Surprised, yes, I wasI saw her through glass. With sparkle of hues, And squeak of her shoes, The clown, yes, a clown, did step out for gas.

Poem Details | by Verlena S. Walker |
Categories: cute love, funny love, gender, humor, humorous, nonsense, sweet,

A Drag Queen

A distinguish old gent picked up tricks.
      On Halloween, he went for a treat.
Laughing outlandishly
      He staggered up the street.
Hips swaying g-stringed a drag queen!
Penned on May 05, 2014.

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: autumn, children, funny, giggle, halloween, humor, urban,


tiny goblins running round

some in mothers dressing gown

witch cackle delight

was there such a night

in this hallowed little town.

Poem Details | by Faleshia Murphy |
Categories: funnyhalloween, halloween,

This Halloween

For Halloween I want to be a wicked witch
With nothing but evil sewed in every stitch
Give the kids lots of candy how awesome
Then I'll scare the pants right off them
And just hope I don't wake up in a ditch


Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: funny, holidayhalloween,

Bad Ghoulish Goblin

There once was a bad ghoulish goblin.
Thump, thump on a crutch he was hobblin’.
It was Halloween night.
He dared to give a fright.
But he fell to the ground; he was wobblin’.

© November 4, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Poem Details | by Virginia Mitchell |
Categories: funny, holiday, imagination

Halloween Limerick Contest

There once was a lady named Queen
That loved going out on Halloween
She’d give the kids a fright
That lasted more than a night
With ghostly looks and lips of green

Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: funny, mystery,

Candy Lips

She wore red candy lips on Halloween They didn't know she was a vampire queen Her kiss was so sweet Swept him off his feet Sadly,no trace of him has ever been seen
Barbara Gorelick 7/21/12

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: anniversary, funny

Oo La Ween!

Welcome to my naughty Halloween Meet my dark and beautiful dream On this night she's a witch But by day not a stitch So she's a stripper, but she's still my Queen

Poem Details | by Joe Flach |
Categories: funny, holidayhalloween, , cute,

Halloween Limerick

There once was a Halloween party
All of the costumes there were naughty
I tried to be cute
Wearing my birthday suit
And won the prize for costume most gaudy

Poem Details | by Deb Wilson |
Categories: funny, holiday

Halloween Poem # 9..Witch's Stew?

There was an old witch who was stewing
She didn't know what she was doing
To make it complete
She stirred with her feet
I think she should just stick to brewing

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: autumn, best friend, body, halloween, humor, humorous,

Halloween Friend

to the skeleton within

slinking about in our skin

let us thank its feet

a halloween treat

not letting us bump our shin.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: holiday

The Why of Halloween

The kids run about on the streets
while parroting their "Trick or Treats."
It's the children's true bliss
and the reason is this:
It's the day to fill up on free sweets!

For john Freeman's "Halloween Limerick Contest"

Poem Details | by Faleshia Murphy |
Categories: funny, halloween,


It's about that time for Halloween
Look at all the witches so scary and green
I'm getting ready to scare the pants off the kids
Have fun enjoy doing it I always did
It's halloween I'm not being mean