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Poem Details | by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: adventure, funny, imagination, life, nature, science, visionary,

Don'T Disturb the Hive

Run, jump, scream, duck, dodge and leap 
Try to stay on your running feet 
Honey in the hive 
The bees are alive 
Run, jump, scream, don't fall and leap!

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Poem Details | by Cheryl Hoffman |
Categories: history, humor, science,

Thomas Edison

Tom sat there eating the last of his bread,
wondering if the next day he'd get fed,
felt like a dumb cluck,
down on his luck,
till a light went off the top of his head


Poem Details | by Gerard Keogh Jr. |
Categories: fantasy, funny, parody, science fiction

B Horror On a Beach Day.

Soon the curious swelled to a mob.
as they gathered to gape at the glob.
Someone prods with a stick.
as another screams: " Quick!"
"We must run for our lives! It's the Blob!"

Poem Details | by Ed Morris |
Categories: funny, humorous, math, science,

Einstein's Bent Lines

Though we hail Albert E.’s creativity
For his grand tour de force, relativity,
   It remains a tough climb
   To imagine space-time
With its axes not fixed but all pivoty.

Poem Details | by Mike Youds |
Categories: funny, science fiction,

Star Whores

Obi Wan Kenobi
Said “dooby do be dobie”
He wasn’t one but nearly two
And didn’t know just what to do
In his brownie, Kenobi robe(y)

Poem Details | by Rick Ireland |
Categories: humor, science,


The best way to see variation
is computing a standard deviation.
 But variance is preferred
 By all the non-nerds
Who can't do a rootification.

Poem Details | by Terry O'Leary |
Categories: science,

The Probe

We've LANDed a PROBE on a COMet
and FOUND it was MADE of green VOMit.
      Well, CREAtures withIN it,
      deCIded to THIN it,
serve PROBE a pea SOUP, then emBALM it.

posted: 15 Nov, 2014

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: funny, mystery, nature, philosophy, science, space,

Cosmology Vs Cosmetology

Dark matter makes scientists sweat
Their telescopes can't find it...yet
What's lost could be found
If they’d just turn around
And gaze at a sexy brunette

Poem Details | by Funom Makama |
Categories: father, father daughter, father son, life, love, relationship,

A Fathers Desire

Their well being covers every corner of his conscience
caring for them is his default so beyond science
even when he seems wicked
he’d not mind to go naked
for love in their life to have a high rate of prevalence.

Poem Details | by Brett Estes |
Categories: fun, poems, science fiction,

Rey: a Star Wars Limerick

There was a woman who lived on Jakku, 

who lived in a robot and ate stew,

she met some droids,

and fought people on steroids,

and flew a frater too.

Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: funny, science, science fiction

"war of the Worlds" By H.G. (Hebert-Gautreaux) Wells

Martian Gumbo

One of dem Saucer land in da Bayou
Ole Boudreaux out huntin say "Jus who be you?"
Den he point him shodgun
And say "Lookee here son...
Jus found some green OKRA to seasonne my stew!"

Poem Details | by Gerard Keogh Jr. |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, imagination, science fiction

Our Monuments Are Ours.

With precision we carved out the sand
here at home, down on your cursed land
We defy you to try
You will surely failWhy?
We used nothing that looks like your hand.

Poem Details | by Jack Horne |
Categories: science fiction,

My Satanic Phone

I once had a satanic phone,
When anyone called, it would groan.
It made up a lie,
Told my girlfriend Di:
‘He’s out…giving the dog a bone.’ *

*Slang for sex

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: funny, health, humorous, science,

The Twist of the Needle

Vaccines are all carefully made
To fight what should make us afraid
Some hate the syringe
And now they should cringe 
As hosts the bad germs could invade

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: business, funny, humorous, science,


A hot opportunity knocks
Buy and sell incoming space rocks
We love asteroids
But are covered by Lloyds
In case our own blocks suffer shocks

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: funny, science fiction

Men In Black

Who are these notorious grim-faced men
Government spies, aliens, perhaps Satan
     What color shows the real you?
     Pray it is a brighter hue!
Just please don’t put on that black suit again

Poem Details | by Thabang Ngoma |
Categories: future, science fiction,

Evolution of the Machine

How long will you manipulate the hand
Before it starts to control its own mind
Into a fist, a tool, a sad wave goodbye
To begin to see with the freethinking eye
Machines giving a handshake to their world

Poem Details | by Tom Wright |
Categories: science,

Fine Head, Great Posture

Fine Head, Great Posture! By Tom Wright There once was a scientist from down under, Who was predisposed to error and blunder? In an attempt to clone, He begat only bone, And he became known as the Sidney wonder.

Poem Details | by Nicholas Rush |
Categories: freedom, funny, funny love, love, peace, science, silly,

Asighd From Sighence

Ah, sighence, indeed quite a puzzly puzzle.
The hypothermical leaves you chilly with a muzzle.
Solvent? I think not,
Stirring up the pot,
Overflow of info, gear up you better guzzle.

Poem Details | by Dominique Webb |
Categories: fantasy, home, house, humor, imagination, science, science fiction,

The Life Form, the Living Door

Their once was a living door called Able, 
That did curve and bend, very capable, 
When I approached to go through, 
Facilitating and friendly just like you, 
And I so often wished that Able was datable.

Poem Details | by Renee Kelly |
Categories: adventure, character, fun, science fiction,

Sing a Song of the Doctor

There once was a man most ancient
Who, more often than not, was complacent
   He flew through the stars
   From Gallifrey to Mars
Protecting we humans most nascent

Poem Details | by Poet. Undertaker |

Religious Institution

Once there was a man called Simon “the Institution”
Debated “shift from religious institutions to educational “
protection of individual conscience
protection of group rights, a science
Bloody these goals need a lot of research!

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: faith, religion, science

The Creation Mystery

Creation is an unsolved mystery.
Men have pondered it throughout history.
Some say it is evolution.
What a logical solution!
But faith shows God is more than a banshee.

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: science, urban, visionary, work


a great gift of innovation
resulting in elimination
where carbon does slow
and electricity flow
a delightful step in integration 



"Eco-friendly vehicles"

Poem Details | by James Ph. Kotsybar |
Categories: science

Wave Goodbye

An electron, so perfectly round
it could spin without wobble or sound,
was measured carefully
at  fixed velocity,
but its position couldn’t be found.