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Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: cheer up, for her, friendship, snow,

Get Well Soon Laura Loo

Luloo was in a terrible rush Shovelled snow then fell on her tush It isn't a joke - Her ankle got broke But the snow's now turned into slush GET WELL SOON LULOO 26th February 2016

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Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: humorous, snow,

It's Snow Joke - Bawdy Limerick

In winter when snow softly falls Sid snowman clutches his snow balls He says I feel chilly There’s frost on my willy I hope it melts when nature calls!

Poem Details | by Seren Roberts |
Categories: snow,


the melting snow makes me feel  silly
my carrot nose is now my willy
children laugh think its fun
hat is covering my bum
next thing they'll be calling me Milly

penned 3/1/20!8

Poem Details | by Wendy Watson |
Categories: humor,

The Sinking Sausage

Bill's snowman was missing a snout
For carrots in shops had run out.
A sausage sufficed
But as it de-iced
Its purpose was cast into doubt!


Winter Snow Or Ice Limerick Contest Poetry Contest

Sponsored by Tania kitchin

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: flower, love,

Flower Arrangement

FLOWER ARRANGEMENT The dandy wind pillows soft seeds, That fly o’er the green grass and breeds. A Winter of snow, And springtime sun glow ~ He loves me he loves me not weeds. 11/8/2017

Poem Details | by Bryn Strudwick |
Categories: snow,

Frozen Joe

/ A hardy young fellow called Joe Went out with no clothes in the snow Certain bits turned to ice And then snapped off – not nice So he now spells his name J-o 30th December 2020 Winter Snow or Ice contest Sponsor - Tania Kitchin

Poem Details | by Joseph May |
Categories: snow, winter,

The Nose Knows

A snowman stands outside in the snow
  But no nose has the snowman to show
 Now the snowman can't sneeze
 So the snowman says please
 "Give a snowman a nose he can blow!"
 Same Word Winter Limerick Contest
 Sponsor: Charles Messina

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: clothes, death, irony, snow,

As I Was Walking In the Snow

When out walking it started to snow I’d forgotten to take my chapeau With nothing on my head Got frozen, soon lay dead Hypothermia killed me you know! As I was out walking in the snow contest Sponsored by Kevin shaw Dark humour for the contest 2/16/18

Poem Details | by Ralph Protsik |
Categories: animal, dog, humor,

The Dachshund

The Dachshund’s a marvel on skis
Little legs that stop short of its knees 
It can schuss like a pro
Making furrows in snow
(Though its privates are given to freeze)

Poem Details | by Paul Callus |
Categories: fun,

The Crow and I

As I was walking in the snow 
I was accosted by a crow
It did not like my face
I ran and it gave chase
Amused onlookers watched the show.

For a contest hosted by Kevin Shaw
21st February, 2018

Poem Details | by John Lawless |
Categories: irony, winter,


She could do an axel and spin
go higher and do it again
when she heard the crack
she never looked back
as she passed the sign that read THIN


Winter Snow or Ice Limerick Poetry Contest
Tania Kitchin - sponsor

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: humor, love,

Usa Million Aire

The cooings of a snow-white dove
Beseech the wind to bring us love
But pandemics apart
Don't you dare touch my heart
Unless you wear a rubber glove!

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: winter,

April's Been Trumped

April showers bring May flowers and weather breezy This year April snow has brought us all to our kneesies What the hell... Something smells Must be Trumpie, disturbing the scheme of thingsies

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: snow,

Too Early

It's way too early for snow, do my eyes deceive me Must be dandruff from the gods, or Santa's idea of funny Knock it off old man Is this some kind of scam Get back on your sleigh quick like a bunny

Poem Details | by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: fruit, funny, humorous, kiss, lust, sleep, woman,

Snow White

Snow White took an unladylike bite
of a big red apple polished bright
	she snoozed quite a while
	he kissed her with guile
and they shared an afternoon delight

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: appreciation, giving,

an unexpected rescue attempt

In snow and mud stuck off the road
On hill—we killed anti-skid mode
Then cleaned your tire tread
And rocked straight ahead
So now you've no need to be towed! 

Poem Details | by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: snow, stress,

- Snow, No Thanks -

Carl was tired of winter's sharp wars
Heartless and without love, even indoors
"I'm too old to shovel snow"
He bet everything.woe
Rio de Janeiro he adores

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
8-10-7-6-9 syllables

Poem Details | by Chaim Wilson |
Categories: april, baseball, winter,

Oh To Hear 'Play Ball'

Baseball is on my mind more,
When frigid winds freeze to the core,
Opening day,
Seems eons away,
Snow shovels strike out, wood bats score!

Poem Details | by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: humorous,

Snow Job

Washington is to get a foot of snow!

   That is nothin' new as far as I know.

      I will shed no clamant tears.

         They gave us snow jobs for years!

            Methinks that a pertinent quid pro quo!

Robert LHinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: dream, , cute,

Surfing In Hawaii

In spite of the snow, in spite of the cold I'll be surfing in Hawaii, such joy untold Well maybe in dreams Hear girlies cute screams Dreams, my friends are much richer than gold

Poem Details | by Faleshia Murphy |
Categories: seasonsspring, spring,

Spring (Limerick)

Spring spring how nice of you to come
So happy all the cold and snow is done
  Let's enjoy the flowers the birds and the bees
  Fun things to watch like leaves grow back on trees
I love spring and I know I'm not the only one

Poem Details | by Faleshia Murphy |
Categories: funny

Wipe Out

I wish I could erase  some of my past
Make a bigger and brighter future fast
Erase the pain and become whole
Erase the rain and the snow
Erase those days I felt like an ass


Poem Details | by Sandy Tadros |
Categories: conflict, hurt, inspiration, love hurts, metaphor, snow,

Barefoot On the Snow

The sun told me it will rise again;
And send its warmth to the glen,
But it can't soften the coldness in your soul!
So I will walk barefoot on the snow buried in your whole:
Leaving my traces on your heart's lane.

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: winter,

Old Man Winter

He HAS arrived, later than usual But Old Man Winter's lateness is excusable In fact another week or two Would've been appreciated too But we thank the gods for this snow reducible © Jack Ellison 2016

Poem Details | by Ralph Taylor |
Categories: funny, mystery

Snow Job

Got a stupid question, driving me beserk! 

The reason I am asking is, because I'm such a jerk

        When we get lots of snow,

        I'm curious to know,

how does the plow driver, make it in to work?