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Poem Details | by Wendy Watson |
Categories: faith,

Beata Agustin

You certainly know where she stands
She's placed her whole life in God's hands
Whatever the form
Her faith is the norm
She builds on the rock not the sands.


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Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: faith, nature

Face It!

The forces of nature are odd
So is that why we invent god? 
Our deity’s norm
Seems to be human form
And reflects this silly facade

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: faith, life, on writing and words, people, places, religion, social

Another Time, Another Place

I'm for all people and their faith
It's for them and not others to deface
     They'll have their moment to preach
     On poetry sites the words teach
And leave for another time, another place

Poem Details | by John Freeman |
Categories: faith

"the Mercy Seat"

Mercy Christ, I needed the sacrifice
My mind had need, of Agape advice
  I needed Christly project
  Of higher Cosmic logic
Revealed mind's carnal and sweetness, Love's spice

For: Poem of Faith Contest
In Honor of: Brian Strand

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: faith, funny, humorous, religion,

The Gun and God Combo

"The peacemaker" is Glock's new gun
Its spent rounds are rapture and fun
Yes killing's a thrill
Since I'm mentally ill 
And need to own more than just one

A gun for me is like prozac
The bullets clipped pills in a stack
I'm not paranoid
But have weapons deployed
In case I should have an attack

Poem Details | by Verlena S. Walker |
Categories: character, christian, culture, depression, emotions, feelings, funny,

Laugh Out Loud Brawy Limerick

sip your coffee and smoke cigar
you the ass holy and mob boss 
catholic faith noth
protestants’ hybrid
StJohn the Baptist spurious

Poem Details | by Funom Makama |
Categories: blessing, fairy, faith, fear, life,

Unlucky Or Cursed

A blessed appointment so crucial, but missed the date
all things done so perfect but arrives at a closed gate
ill beyond any medicine
living like hell’s cousin
always on the wrong side of a rare misfortune's rate.

Poem Details | by Renee Kelly |
Categories: faith, funny

Door-To-Door Snake Oil Salesmen

"Let's spread the word of the Lord!" they exclaimed
"Knocking on doors - surely none could be blamed!"
   It's simply a matter of time
   Up the walls we will climb
Our inevitable ire will thus be inflamed

Poem Details | by Poet. Undertaker |
Categories: humor,

John Biscuit, the Faith

Once there was a man called John biscuit, the faith
“What you believe you are, you are” biscuit’s great faith
Come hell or high water
Shame, redicule no matter
Bloody biscuit what do you believe? Tell the truth.

Poem Details | by Shirley Sibley |
Categories: faith, forgiveness, happiness, hope, inspirational, peace, uplifting,

I Once Met a Man From the West

I once met a man from the west
And invited him home as my guest
I told of the cross
He cried, "I am lost!"
Then repented and God gave him rest

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: faith, religion, science

The Creation Mystery

Creation is an unsolved mystery.
Men have pondered it throughout history.
Some say it is evolution.
What a logical solution!
But faith shows God is more than a banshee.

Poem Details | by Renee Kelly |
Categories: faith, religion

A Less Fictitious Life

There once was a gal most religious
Whose love for her god was prodigious
   She looked deep inside
   Found fallacies most wide
She now lives a life less fictitious

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: faith

Fa, La, La

The forces of nature are odd
So is that why we invent god? 
Our deity’s norm
Seems to be human form
And reflects this silly facade

Poem Details | by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: angel, caregiving, faith, friendship,

For What Purpose

Contradictory remark consists of abusive material.
destruction in relations to develop blaming serial.
Love and trust fires hate and jealous for what purpose!
good friend or partner become enemy with anger dose,
relation cracks as earthquake disaster a concrete building.

Poem Details | by Brenden Taylor |
Categories: death, faith, life


Fulfilling desire can toll A sense of relief for the soul; But death will begin With the meaning of sin: Desire that’s out of control.

Poem Details | by Khalid M Raza |
Categories: faith, happiness, love, care, me, care, me,

Above All

I care for you 
You care for me 
I think of you 
You think for me 
I feel for you 
You feel for me 
Until then you kissed me and loved me 
We felt above all that we love each other

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: faith

The Way

This world was shrouded in dark sin
Until God sent his loved Son in
To shed the blessed light
That all of mankind might
Learn how eternal life to win.

Placed 2nd
For John Freeman's limerick contest

Poem Details | by Mark Goodson |
Categories: death, devotion, faith, life, philosophy, may,

Sediments of Life

Sediments of life experiences may seem precarious
One’s faith and hope that they may be found meritorious
As one lies six feet underground
The hereafter will only be compound
If the Creator’s judgment finds you sinfully nefarious

Poem Details | by Syamala Tadigadapa |
Categories: depression, devotion, faith, prayer,


May I humbly say a word
Why you make my life so hard
Though I pray for your mercy
Never you send returns I see
Is it not quite unfair my Lord

Poem Details | by Dominique Webb |
Categories: community, faith, god, prison, religion, remember, world,

The Trick of St Patrick

Patrick lived in Great Britain, his wick,
But when he was sixteen and quick, 
Was captured by pirates horrible, 
Taken to Ireland adorable, 
Where he found god, his walking stick.

Poem Details | by Daniel Cwiak |
Categories: faith, love, religioncare, care,


Our lives are one of constant care,

    As we are always running from here to there,

    Yet the care we show is no care at all,

    Except for ourselves since Adam's fall,

    And still He came, His death and life for us to share.

Poem Details | by Dawn Gordon |
Categories: faith

The Dark Prince and Gods Darkest Whore

The dark prince and the almighty Gods' darkest whore,
The prince defies God so he is going to even the score,
He's crowned with disloyalty and encouraging her lie,
Sitting by her darkened throne and views the lashings go by,
The Lord then slams and then seals heavens' eternal door.

Poem Details | by Joshua Lacey |
Categories: faith

Need To Escape

How is my soul
Stuck in black hole?
Am in God's hands
Pass testing lands
No longer blind like mole!

Poem Details | by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: devotion, faith, forgiveness

Immortal Image Versus Cruel Cage

Men were made in God’s immortal image
But were lured into serpent’s cruel cage;
    Christ bought redemption
     From eternal damnation,
For the sinner who wants to be a sage.

Poem Details | by Renee Kelly |
Categories: faith, people


There once was a man most pious
Who felt his predictions had no bias
  Of rapture he spouted
  While the world simply doubted
He simply ensnared the more gullible of us