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Poem Details | by Erik Savage |
Categories: grandmother, nonsense, silly,

Grannys glass eye

My grandmother lost her glass eye
She sneezed when she breathed in a fly
As her eyeball flew by
She exclaimed my oh my
My glass eye has learned how to fly

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Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: beach, funny, giggle, grandmother, happy birthday, humor, humorous,

Beach Birthdays

To the lake to the lake
Fish to fry clams to bake.
This has been grandmother's cry
Now on birthdays she brings rye,
If just once she'd bring a cake.

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: drink, farm, grandmother, horse,

Grandma can hold her liquor

Grandma Gertie knocked back more than a few
When, of a sudden, she heard herself 'moo' --
   I can hold my liquor!
   She burped, and then snickered --
She 'neighed' ~ Off to the factory for glue

Poem Details | by PAT Adams |
Categories: boy, grandmother, humorous, innocence,

Enquiring Minds

"How old are you Granny?", her grandson wants to know
Said with a yet to be learned, decorum to show
She said, "Thirty and holding!",
With a smile and not scolding
He asked, "How old would you be then, if you let go?"

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: grandmother,

Just My Size Grandma

There's a grandma who just wears Just My Size
Her teenybopper cloths catches shock eyes
As she walks in sassy heels.
In hot pink spots wear she reels
She's so cute, whispers when she exercise.


Poem Details | by PAT Adams |
Categories: grandfather, grandmother, word play,

Elderly Team Work

Pa could not bend over to the stove like he should
The wood is too heavy for Ma is understood 
To ease this plight
And make it right
Mama bent over after Papa got wood!

Poem Details | by Kaveesha Ruwindi |
Categories: celebrity, grandmother, grandson,

A Celeb's Granny

Once was a celeb’s old Granny:
She bragged ‘bout her little sonny.
He asked her to stop:
It’s better to hop,
Than to make yourself a ninny


Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: grandmother, perspective, planet,

Grandma Janet Takes a Chance

The thought of life on another planet
Held no appeal for Grandma Janet
  But the COVID lockdown
  Made Grandma fret and frown
Masks banned there? ~ I think I can stand it

Poem Details | by G. Jay |
Categories: funny, grandmother,

The Small Doll Tall Fall

Opening the nesting doll was an ache           
Overturning it and began to shake    
Was all full of dirt
Got all over my shirt 
It was the urn of grandma, my mistake