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Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: humor, sea,

Baptism of Ducks


Waves shake little boat, smug ducks out at sea.
They sing drinking songs, rambunctious with glee.
Rising waves, quicker,
with more downed liquor.
Unloaded ducks drink The waves set them free.


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Poem Details | by Reay Mackay |
Categories: baptism,

In the Family

a lady with lust in her eyes
reserved her most valuable prize
for men who were ample
her sons for example
they couldn't contain their surprise!

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: humor,

Sin G

My neighbour was out on her porch
Reciting the Bible by torch
When up flew a moth
As big as a Goth
Baptism by fire is just, "scorch"