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Poem Details | by Sotto Poet |
Categories: appreciation, valentines day,

The Rose

In crimson its beauty would show A symbol of love, pure and true With thorns it would swarm Love's not always warm But worth every prick that we go through

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Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: celebrity, humorous, music,

Celebrity Limerick - Bawdy

MICHAEL JACKSON As Michael performed his routine and belted out hit ‘Billy Jean’ When he grabbed his crotch His voice rose one notch Some critics deemed his moves obscene! Limerick Contest 8/20/18

Poem Details | by Jennifer Proxenos |
Categories: friendship, rose,

Great Neighbours


Yesterday as the afternoon was coming to a close
The doorbell rang, it was Vanessa holding a beautiful rose,
For you I have just snipped it,
Still communicate, two metres apart seems fit,
Was touched, Vanessa and Neel’s, best neighbours, it shows!

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: humor,

Flash Flood Warning

Terry's Rush Hour Tube Trauma

A voice rose from a burning bush,
"O feel the contours of my tush!
Ounce for ounce
Cheeks will bounce
With just an itty-bitty push!"

Poem Details | by Deb Wilson |
Categories: funny, garden, sexy,

The Cougar With the Green Thumb

There once was a cougar named Rose

who kept the young men on their toes.

Working in her garden

they'd say "beg your pardon

I'll bet you could use a good hose!"

for Bawdy Limericks Two contest
sponsored by Roy Jerden

Poem Details | by David Fisher |
Categories: farm, funny, time,

A Farmer Named Brock

There once was a farmer named Brock
Who was proud of his timely cock.
‘Cept it rose too early
Surprising his Shirley
On the day we turned back the clock.

Poem Details | by Diane Lefebvre |
Categories: character, girl, humor, nonsense,

Hosie Rosie

There was a young lady named Rose, who developed a run in her hose. When her big toe stuck out; she got zapped with the gout: Now what Rosie does best, is to limp all about.

Poem Details | by S.Jagathsimhan Nair |
Categories: love,

Blowing a Kiss

Blowing a  Kiss 

When irksome day, off tangles, comes unstuck
As  the  sun, behind a blushing sea, ducks 
Thoughts  of you I sorely miss
Pep  me up to blow this kiss
To find you stooping , a red rose, to pluck.

S.Jagathsimhan Nair
For: PD's 'Any rose' Contest

4th Aug 12

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, creation, flower, garden, love, rose,

To Grace a Pink Rose

It's my desire to grace a Pink Rose Scented attraction, attracts my nose Gardener man in me sees Scents sensed so wonderfully Natures stem to the Rose grows <*>

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: drink, humor,

Limerick Joke Iv

My bride and I on a pub crawl
Near a bar my brain can't recall
Mnemonic power!
I'm thinking "thorned flower"
Which spot dear Rose sells the alcohol?

Poem Details | by Paul Schneiter |
Categories: humorous,


There was an optician somewhat blind
Whose patients found him easy to malign.
So he gave rose-colored glasses
A move that calmed the masses.
Now his practice has become sublime.

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: fun,

Hazel and Laughter

A bed of rose petals  Hazel sprawls
bed started  collapsing then falls
bridegroom heated with anger
then looked at each in  laughter
she wanted pickles  and ice cream balls


Contest Name: L&H Limericks 
Sponsor: Catie Lindsey

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: poetess,

A Lady Named Mystic Rose

there was a lady named Mystic Rose she kept people upon their toes don't’ try to get in her head her thing is hidden it’s said your curiosity will only grow 3/2/2016

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: nonsense,

John's Little Girl Limy

Poor little girl couldn't smell the rose
She was clogged up blocked in her nose
picked it clean
wasn't seen
What nobody sees nobody knows

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: fun, mystery,

The Mystique of Mystic Rose

Gonna find out the mystique of Mystic Rose Meeting for coffee, will let you know how it goes Her deep down secrets And her plans most recent To do her bidding as she administers mind control © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Robert Pettit |
Categories: poetess, poetry, poets,

Limerick For Mystic Rose

This Canadian lady’s name is Vienna. It’s the same as the largest town in Austria. Where she comes from up north, her writings are brought forth. They are among the best in North America.

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: beautiful, lonely, moon,

Without You

Staring at the shy pale moon*  
I came to realize rather soon  
That without you on my side 
My sorrow wasn’t able to hide      
That bright night of month June!


© Demetrios Trifiatis
    27 MARCH 2014

*Inspired by a Limerick written
  by Mystic Rose!

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: friend,

A Very Mysterious Flower

There's a mysterious lady here on The Soup Mystic Rose is her name and here's the scoop A neighbour of mine This vision divine Maybe we'll we meet one day over a bowl of soup © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: funny,

Bawdy Bawdy

She watched, as he rose to attention
Her desire was too hot to mention
From pink lips passion flows
She reaches for his hose
A bit short, he needs an extension 

Not a limerick guy, I hope I got it right.

For Roy Jergen's Bawdy, Bawdy, bawdy miss Clawdy contest.

Poem Details | by Poet. Undertaker |
Categories: humor,

Formula's Spell

Once there was a man called Formula “the mass”
his philosophy changed none: fellow ruled the mass 
“Fragrance your thought for
Sweet rose your heart, dear!”
Bloody how sweet is formula’s spell to rule the mass!

Poem Details | by Funom Makama |
Categories: character, emotions, life, self, perspective,

Not Always Your Way

Your attention is on rose, mine sticks to the sunflower
you long to reap my tenderness without being the sower
I respect letters not the internet
I demand limericks not just sonnets
my perspective to you is clever but lacks much power.

Poem Details | by Poet. Undertaker |
Categories: humor,

Secret Deal

Once there was a dame called Rose Mary”the charter”
“Man with a monkey face, elastic arm” her character
Iron man, He Man, Superman, 
Spider man, are great power men
Bloody patent this character, for trillion dollars sure!

Poem Details | by Noman Hamza |
Categories: beautiful,

A Prayer

It hurts if canker cuts a rose
Or the moon behind  cloud's kerchief goes'
We are that sensitive.
Therefore o God why give
Any pretty girl a runny nose?

Poem Details | by Funom Makama |
Categories: birth, birthday, celebration, life,

It Is Another Birthday

Time is driven in a brand new Rose Royce
calendar gives notice with a happy voice
nothing serious at stake
bring and let’s cut the cake
a cycle is covered for all to rejoice.

Poem Details | by Noman Hamza |
Categories: beautiful,

A Prayer

It hurts if canker cuts a rose
Or the moon behind  cloud's kerchief goes'
We are that sensitive.
Therefore o God why give
Any pretty girl a runny nose?

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