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Poem Details | by Bill Baker |
Categories: adventure, car, crazy, fun, race, sports, world,

Gumball Rally

We entered the Gumball Rally
My driver was “Backstreets” Tally
With his crazy fast car
We still couldn’t get far
Bad math, no gas, in Death Valley

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Poem Details | by Thvia Shetley |
Categories: funeral, funny, sports,

A Golf Limerick

While a man was golfing in Fife
a funeral cortege was arife,

       his head bowed in prayer
       at this somber affair

to pay last respects to his wife!

Poem Details | by Joe Flach |
Categories: funny

Sports Limerick

There once was an Olympic swimmer
Who accidently ate Viagra for dinner
His Speedo grew tight
He was awarded that night
A gold medal as the pole-vault winner

Poem Details | by Ilene Bauer |
Categories: sports,

Golfers Beware

If a golfer who’s clumsy and falls
Loses grip on the clubs that he hauls
	He'd trip on a trap
	With wood in his lap
And have problems in finding his balls!

for Craig Cornish's limerick contest

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: car,

Silly Lee

“I’m locked out of my sports car,” said Lee
to a cop while he stood helplessly.
“Man, your ragtop is DOWN,”
said the cop with a frown.
“Just reach in there and pull out your key!”

July 2, 2019 for
Tania Kitchin's  Humorous Limerick Poetry Contest
Syllables per line: 9/9/6/6/9

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: humor,

Mass Cure Aid

Tom's facemask sports a charming smile
For Cheerios - that's British style
But Putin's staff
Can't help but laugh
Tom's munching Marmite all the while!

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: sports,

Thump Thump Fault

Determined to see Wimble done
She turned on her TV for fun
Net Assault
Thump Thump "Fault!"
Ilene's air conditioner won!

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: god, hockey, humor, sports,

march 17 hockey holy trinity

They're pagans on ice with wood sticks
And maximum pain each inflicts
But Saint Patrick knows
God prefers trios
Like three-leaf shamrocks and hat tricks

Poem Details | by Donald Williams |
Categories: sports, golf,

Golf Limerick

There was a man from faraway lands.

He held a golf club in his right hand.

He said this to me.

What is that I see?

No club in your mitt, or ball to hit.

-For Contest Golf Limerick

Poem Details | by Wilma Neels |
Categories: sports

'rugby - Chasing the Oval Ball'

the stands are full, one man kicks the ball fifteen men pursue, it becomes a maul referee blow his whistle concluding the tussle a try is scored over goal line he crawl
Contest: My Favorite Sport 9th Place

Poem Details | by Martin Kloess |
Categories: golf, humor, sports,

A Golfer's Tale

Was out playing golf just for fun
With Father O’Toole in the sun
When club from hand burst
Hit priest as he cursed
And I hit his first holy one

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: sports,

Table Tennis Attraction

Most balls people pitch, roll, or fling.
They kick them or strike them with zing.
But for lazy old  me
I like tirelessly
to stand, flick my wrist and go “ping!”

For Joseph Soper's the Sports Shorts Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Daniel Cwiak |
Categories: imagination, introspection, life, nostalgia, sports


There was a time when I stood tall

             Especially in college, playing NCAA Volleyball.

   Oh, the trips we went on to the various meets

             Winning and losing in those much vaunted heats.

   We weren't great then, now I can't jump at all.

Poem Details | by Funom Makama |
Categories: football, life, soccer, sports,

For Football Fans

All emotions and hopes exchanging through a common fax
singing songs of victory and toasting a beer to relax
priding on a rich history
moving in one chemistry
mock us when we lose and face the inevitable axe.

Poem Details | by Chris Matt |
Categories: school, sports

High School Football-Favorite Sport

Under the lights on Friday night.
High school football starting to ignite.
Merciless to everyone.
This is war, not for fun.
Winning state is a beautiful sight.

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: abuse, baseball, basketball, bullying, culture, golf, hockey,


Hyperbole is a sports cast
Announcers have egos so vast
My ears must have rest
From this lambasting pest
Collection of morons amassed

Author's note: Is it getting worse, or is it just me?

Poem Details | by Robert Pettit |
Categories: sports

Horse Racing 100th Poem

Have you been to a race with a horse?
There are many who like them, of course.
Who wins?  We don’t know.
We can win, place, or show.
Any nearby racetrack is the source.

Poem Details | by Kristen Bruni |
Categories: sports

The Love of Hockey

The slice of the skates creates
An atmosphere of greats
They fly on the ice
Not the least bit of nice
A game of ego awaits.

Poem Details | by Roy Jerden |
Categories: sports,

Tiger's Wood

Tiger was a young golfer quite good
But didn't shoot as straight as he should
    He'd stray out of bounds
    While making his rounds
Because he couldn't master his wood.

Poem Details | by Sheri Fresonke Harper |
Categories: caregiving, devotion, funny, health, miracle, passion, sports, success,

Slow Golf

Golfers ahead were really slow
because their dead balls just wouldn't go
     we offered them beer,
     later we found cheer--
 they stepped aside to let it outflow.

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: football, humor, sports,

Eulogy For a Quarterback's Reputation

We're angry!  What sports fan can blame us?

There hasn't been one loss for Jameis

     But off-the-field ruckus

     Makes sportscasters muck us

Once famous, now Jameis just shames us

*Written about former FSU quarterback Jameis Winston's run ins with the law.

Poem Details | by David Fisher |
Categories: funny, sports, golf,

Shout 'Foreplay'

I learned to golf the following way;
That after each stroke you shout, ‘foreplay!’
Then when you get up
You shoot for the cup,
And if asked give an instant replay.

For Craig's Golf Limerick contest

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: football, fun, games, silly, soccer, sports, woman,


A pretty Welsh girl in Caerphilly
Was invited to play ball with Willie
One kick to his ball
Caused Willie to fall
So she thought the game was quite silly!

Poem Details | by Ray Dillard |
Categories: satire, sports,

Let the Ball Lie

The little boy said to his father,
I wish I could drive the ball farther.
    He said to his son,
    By time we are done,
Your ball will "lie" just past the others.

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: philosophy, sports


Coach Belichick must have stumbled
New England gets the Jet’s jumbled
Game signals to read 
All exposed—was this deed
An interception play fumbled?