All Limerick Poems
A Fellow Named Bernie A Flathead -Aussie-Talk A Horse To Hate
A "Brush" with Horror A "Brush" with Horror A ''small'' improvement
A 'Trip' to the Mall - XXX A 14 Bedroom Cottage A 24-Hour A Day Commit
A 27 hour day A 40-Page Magazine A 40-Page Magazine
A 98 Pound Weakling A Back Scratcher Thingy A Bad Diet Limerick
A Bad Finger Flipper A Bad Hare Day A Bad Moon
A Balancing Act A Bamboozler A Banana A Day
A Barber A Barden Garden A Bashing
A Be-Witching Tale A Beach Ballet A beach within my reach
A Bear Care A Bearded Old Fuddy A Bearded Old Fuddy
A Beating Will Ensue A Beautiful Ballet A beer with Shakespeare
A Being Nice to Trump Poem A Belated Birthday Wish For Charmaine A Better Prez
A Better Production A Bevy Of Horny Fillies A Big Bird From Cantoon
A Big Bopper A Big Bowl Of Apricots A Big Fat Fairy
A Big Fat Fairy A Big Fella A Big Fella
A big idea - contest A Big Joke A Big Kaboomer
A big leap A Big Mistake A Big Pain In My Sacroiliac
A Big Problem A Big Sissy A Big Sissy I Become
A Big Sneeze A Big Strong Mouse A Big Strong Mouse
A Big Yank A Bikini Ballet A Billion Seconds
A Bingo New Years A Bit Delusional A Bit Extreme
A Bit Luny A Bit Of A Crook A Bit Of A Quack
A Bit Of A Quack A blessing for 2014 A Blockage In My Cottage
A Bluegrass Banjo Bozo A Bluegrass Banjo Bozo A Bluegrass Banjo Bozo
A Boatload Of Lims A Boatload Of Lims A Bond So Tight
A Bone Test A Booger A Boot Up The Ass
A BORN BLIND BOY A Bossy Old Cow - For Contest A Bottle Of Booze
A Bowl Of All-Bran A BOWL OF LUCKY CHARMS A Box Full Of Yummies
A Boy from Spain a boy named Harley A Boy Named Steve-
A Boy Named Timi Sties A Boy Or A Girl A Brain Scan
A Brain Station A Brain Teaser A bright young fellow named Ernest
A Brighter Future A Brilliant Brain A Broadway Show
A Broadway Sizzler A Broken Picture A Buffoon Of A Tune
A bug in brain A Bulbous Nose A Bulbous Nose
A Bulbous Nose A Bullet To The Heart A Bully Named Mean
A Bully named Whim A Bum Copier A BUM FISHERMAN
A Bumper Sticker A Bunch Of Dingdongs A Bunch Of Gobbledygook
A BUNCH OF MUPPETS A Busy Business Man A calabus loved a calaboose
A Camel in Egypt with Mumps A camera on a walk to clear writer's block? A Can Of Spam
A Can Of Tuna A Can Of Tuna A Canadian Benny Hill
A Cap And A Belt A Career In Silliness A Carnal Eclipse
A Carnal Eclipse A CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY A Case of the Blues
A Case of You A cat is a misunderstood creature A Cat On The Bed
A Celeb's Granny A Cell Phone OD A Cereal Killer
A Certain Actress A Certain Lunatic A certain poet - his name Darren White
A CHANCE FOR ROSES A Chateau A Cheap Night Out
A Cheese Amendment A Cheese Plant in Paris A CHEESY TALE - BAWDY
A Cherry On Top A Chicagoan A Child of Nine
A Child Of The Thirties A Child Of The Thirties A Child's True Tall Tales
A Chimp Named Francisco A Chinese Limerick A Chipmunk
A Chivalrous White Knight A Christian Affair A Christmas Wish
A Chuckle A Day A Circular Affair With Care A Class Action Suit
A Clean Hacienda A Clever Endeavor A Clone
A close escape LOL A Clown I Am A Clown I Am
A Clown I Am A Clowns 'Defeeted' Life A Club Sandwich
A Cold Winter A Colorful Adult Tale of 007 A Come Hither Cunningness
A Coming Out for Trump A Common Transaction A Computer Whiff
A Confectioner A Confession A Constituent
A Controller A CORNY LIMERICK A Couch That Burps
A Couch That Burps A Couple In Love A Couple of Charming Ladies
A Cow Named McKuen A Cowboy is contest: Deanz A craven Raven
A CROOK MAN A Cuppa At Starbucks A Cur
A Cute Little Pecker A Cute Little Pecker A Dalai Lama Quote
A Dame from Brisbane A Damn Condiment A Damn Condiment
A dancer who danced himself lame A danger Boss A Dangerous Old Duck
A Dangerous Old Duck A Dangerous Old Duck A Day At a Zoo
A Day At The Track A Day Cometh A Day I Remember
A Day in the Life A day in the near future A DEAD BORING GIFT - THE WORST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER
A DEAD CAT BOUNCE A Deal with the Chief Campaigner A Debtor's IOU
A Debtors Last Laugh A Dedication To John John A Definite Love Triangle
A Delicious Day A Desperate Dilemma A Desperate Housewife - in limerick form
A Desperate Housewife - in limerick form A Desperate Housewife - in limerick form A Desperate Housewife - in limerick form
A Desperate Housewife - in limerick form A Desperate Housewife - in limerick form A Devious Deception
A Devizes Quimmerick A Devlish Tick A Diamond In The Rough
A Different Chapeau A Different Collaboration A DIFFERENT PERSON
A Different View A Direct Correct Connect to Select A Dirty Joke
A Dirty Old Man A Dirty Old Man A Dirty Old Man
A Dirty Old Man A Disgruntled Recruit A Disgusting Shame
A Disillusioned Man A Disruptive Epoch A Dissertation On Nose Picking
A Distempered Horse a distinctly unparliamentary word A Dog
A Dog And A Cat And A Flea A Dog And Pony Show A Dog named Boo
A Dog Named Harry A DOG NAMED MISTER STONES A Dog's Life
A Dog's Tale A Doggie Box A Dollar Will Do
A Donnybrook A Dork From New York A DRAG QUEEN
A drink to the cold A Drunken Spider A Drunken Tale
A Dual Personailty A Dude Named Dudley A Dude's Worst Nightmare
A dull three - aka Adultery A dumb mistake A Dumb Squirrel
A Face Time Call A Facsimily A failed trip to the sky
A Fairy Or A King A Fairy Type Being A Fairy-Like Mind
A Family Of Rolely Poleys A Family Of Roley Poleys A Fan of Television
A Far-reaching Limerick A Farm Yarn A Farm Yarn
A Farmer Named Brock A Fat Lip Horn Limerick A Fat Psychic
A Fat Psychic A Fathers Desire A FATHIMA - LIMERICK .
A Favorite Soda A Favour A Favour Is A Favour
A Favour Is A Favour A fellow named Bill A Fellow Named Jack
A Fellow Named Jack A Fellow Named Jack A fellow named Joe
A Fellow named Taz A FELLOW NAMED TIMOTHY TERNA A Female Butcher
A Fight to Delight A Fire Under Me Bum A Fish Named Ben
A Fish With No Eyes A Fish With No Eyes A FISHERMAN'S DOUBT
A Fisherman's Tale A Fishy Comparison A Five Minute Poem
A Flame About Ass High A Flame About Bum High A Flame About Bum High
A Flood of Poems A Floridian's Pet of Choice A Flour Sack
A Flowered Nightgown A Fly on the Wall A Follow Up
A Fondness for Flowers A Fool A Fool and His Money are Soon Parted
A Footlong A Form Letter A Formidable Triumvirate
A Foul Air Stinker Parolee A Frail Man from Japan A Freak Of Nature
A Free Spirit A Friend Defined A Friend For Dinner
A Friend For Dinner A friend named Sue A Friendly Cashier
A Frown On Me Bum A Frustrated ET A Fugitive's Life
A FULANI MAN A Full Frontal Attack A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Bar-B-Que
A Gal Named Georgina A Gal Named Katrina A Gal Named Trudy
A Gallon A Gated Limerick A Generous Benefactress
A Gentle Prod A Gentle Smile A Gentle Touch
A Gentle Touch A GENUINE EXCUSE A Ghoul Named McDimple
A Gift To The Ladies A Giggle Degree From MIT A Giggle Maker Elite
A Giggle Provoker A Gigolo A Giraffe That Once Swallowed A Ladder
A Girl Fom Nantucket A Girl from france A Girl Named Georgina
A Girl On A Mission A Girl That Lived In Brussels A Girl With Backward Feet
A Girlie Named Guiseppi A Girlie's Cute Rear A Girlie's Cute Rear
A Girly's Buttock A Glamorous Duff A Glass We Raise
A Golden Purse A Golden Purse A golf limerick
A Golf Tale A Golfer Named Rolf A Golfer's Tale
A Golfing Lover A Good Day A Good Livelihood
A Good Mother-in-Law Poem A Good Solution A Good Wife
A Good Wife Is Hard To Find A Good-For-Nothing Lout A Gordon Lightfoot Tribute
A Gorgeous Hunk A Gorgeous Summer's Day A Gorilla Face
A Government in Need A Grand Canyon Mouth A Grand Canyon Mouth
A Grave Marked By Flint A GRAVY TRAIN A Great Bod
A Great Bod A Great Critique A Great Fall
A Great Group A Great Lover A Great Philosopher
A Great Philosopher A Great Philosopher A Great Pick-up Line
A Great Teacher A Green Christmas A GROUCHY GROUCH
A Group Of Hippies A Grunt and a Push A GUN IN HER POCKET
A Guy and His Pig A Guy Named Flo A hair-raising tale
A hair-raising tale A Hairy Ass Banshee A Hall Of Fame
A Halo A Handful of Wheat A Handsome Hulk Parolee
A Handsome Hulk Parolee A Handsome Neanderthal A Happier Clan
A Happily Ever After Marriage A Happiness Badge A Happiness Chord
A Happiness Flinger A Happiness Law A Happiness Loaner
A Happy Bard A Happy Club Emcee A Happy Dissertation
A Happy Drummer A Happy Ending A Happy Fellow Named Jack
A Happy Fellow Named Jack A Happy Fellow Named Jack A Happy Omen
A Happy Retirement A Happy Sad One A Happy Sad Story
A Happy Set To A Happy Six O'Clock News A Happy Young Pup
A Hardcore Limerick A Health Nut A Healthy Old Hooter
A Heart Broken Past A Heart Misleaded A Heatwave Doth Cometh
A Heavenly Choir A Heavy Heart A Heavy Heart
A High Pitch Squeal A Higher Pitch A Highway Halloween
A Hit In The Groin A Hit In The Groin A Hole In My Noggin
A Hollywood Blockbuster A Homeless Man King A Hoo Haa Transplant
A Horrendous Act A Horse Of A Different Color A Horse-A Horse: My Kingdom For A Horse
A Horsey Type Grin A House/A Home A Howling Session
A Hug, A Squeeze, And A Great Big Kiss A HUGE MOON A Human-Size Chicken
A Hungry Bird A Hypnotic Ballet A Jack-Of All Trades
A Jan Allison inspired Limerick 'SWEARING' A Jar of Olives in Brine A Job for Life
A Joke on Ellie! A Jolly Old Gent A Jolly Old Leprechaun
A Jolly Old Leprechaun A Joyous End A Kangaroo Named Joe
A Kentucky Cowgirl A Kind Of A Mess A Kiss and Tulips
A Kiss In The Dark A Kiss With A Rush A Klepomaniac
A Knight A Kodak Moment A Lad from Chile
A Laddie named Paddy A Lady From Bangladesh A Lady From Beirut
A Lady From France A Lady From France A Lady From France
A Lady From Greece A Lady From Greece A lady from Lincs
A Lady From Nantucket A Lady from Norway A Lady From Pawtucket
A Lady From Pawtucket A Lady From Shoals A Lady From Shoals
A Lady Named Jane A Lady Named Liz A Lady Named Liz
A Lady Named Mary A Lady Named Mystic Rose A Lady Named Vickie
A Lady With More A Lancashire lad A Lass Called Bogger--A Limerick
A Leader They Were Proud Of A Leap Day Limerick A Learned Behavior
A LEGEND IN HIS OWN MIND A Lemonrick A Length of Pipe
A Leprechaun Named Arnie A Leprechaun With Drunken Lips A Lesbian Named Mary Lou
A Less Fictitious Life A Letter From the IRS A Letter From The IRS
A Librarian Named Dowd A Life Game: Greed A Lifestyle Shitty
A Limbug A Limerician's Shrift A Limerick
A Limerick A Limerick A LIMERICK CHRISTMAS THREE (3) .
A Limerick Comment to a Talented Poetess - Jan Allison A Limerick Composed In My Head While In The Head A Limerick For A Friend
A Limerick for Eileen Manassian A Limerick for Lara A Limerick for Monkey
A Limerick for the King A Limerick for the Media A limerick for the Raiders
A Limerick For The Wulf Man A Limerick Obsession A Limerick Reply to Tom Cunningham's ref: Jan Allison - this Limerick below IN FUN
A Limerick to Dave A Limerick To Those Who Can Not Acknowledge The Evolution Of Poetry: a little 'white' lie, wink wink
A Little Bang A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME A Little Bit Less
A Little Boy Image A Little Known Fact A Little Lying
A Little of Life's Struggles A Little Off Kilter a little old lady named kate
A Little Problem a little spook A Little Star Wars Autumn
A Lobotomy A Lollapalooza A Lone Megaphone
A Lonely Old Man A Lonely Owl A Lonely Throne
A Long Limerick Planned for Poems A Long Lost Cousin A LONG Night
A LONGER LIMERICK. A Loofer and Some Soap A Lookalike
A Lot Of Moxie A Lot Would Rot A Lousy Affair
A Love Poem A Love Revolt A love story
A Love Story A Love Story A Lovely Firm Bootie
A Lovely Firm Bootie A Lovely Lobotomy Horn Limerick A Lovely Midnight Blue
A Lover Not A Fighter A Loving Mate A Lump In His Skirt
A Lump In My Jumper A Lump On Her Bumper A Magical Pill
A Magical Soiree A Magical Soiree A Major Funk
A Major Heat Advisory A Male Goddess A Male Goddess
A Man And His Chair A Man Called Bill A Man Called Gilsn Gulp He Likes to Play Golf--
A Man Called Piano Miceal--- A MAN CALLED RAFFERTY A Man from Australia
A Man From Bath A Man from Duluth A Man from Duluth
A Man From Kentucky A Man from Korea A Man From Rome
A Man from Sweden A Man From Switzerland A Man in the Nave
A Man Name of Trump A Man Named Bill A man named Dan
A Man Named Dan A Man Named Muldoon A Man Named Worm
A Man On Crutches A Man quite Depraved A Man they called Brave
A Man who liked to pun A Man Who Loved To Eat A Man with a Passion
A Man with a Plan A Man with a Stave A man with happy hands
A Man's Desire A Man's Desire A Man's Wife
A Marine Called Gunny A Marry Time Tale A Martian Fright
A Master Chef A mathematician named Stanley Quist A Matter Of Choice
A Mature Beaver A Meal at Mickey D's A Mean Giant Came To Hear Me Speak
A Mean Old Grouch a med-it-ation A Medical Mystery
A Mere Speck A Mermaid A Mermaid Named Pam
A Mermaid Tale A Mermaid's Tail A Milder Winter
A Military Brat A Million Big Ones A Million Dollar Bill
A Million-Dollar Dream A Mini-Stroke A Minister Of Joy
A Minor Bump In The Road A Minor Glitch A minor spectacle one night in Arabia
A Mirror Image A Mirth Giving Goddess A Misdeal
A Mistaken Steak A Mocha Popsicle A Model Named Connie-For contest
A MODEL'S DILEMMA A moment too rapt A Monk with a Wave
A Morning Ritual A Mossy Bob A Mouse named Virginia
A moving limerick A Mundane Pain A Mutiny
A Mysterious Red Invasion A myth and proverb united A Naked Dream
A Nasty Young Thug A Natural Woman A Naughty Man
A Need to Succeed A Negative Reacton A neighbor named Jody
A New Alignment A New Car For My Wife a new confederacy at long last
A New Dawn A New Direction A New Face
A New Ford A New Hobby A New Lease On Life
A New Limerick Aficianado A New Limerick King A New Monster in Loch Ness
A New Password A New Perfume A New Pick-Me-Up
A New Toilet Seat A New World A New World Order
A New Year's Limerick A New Years Toast A Nice Touch
A Night On The Tiles A North Korean Yo-Yo A Nose Condom
A Nostalgic Gettogether A Not So Good Thanksgiving A Novel Use For A Plumber's Snake
A Nuclear Blast A Nuclear Holocaust A Nudey Picture
A Nymphomaniac A One Act Play A One Act Play
A One Hundred Dollar Tip A Paddy Wagon A Pain In The Souffle
A Pastime Of Mine A Pastime Of Mine A Pat On The Bum
A Pat On The Bum A Path To Your Door A Patient and A Nurse
A Patriotic Idiotic Pig Out A Peachy Impeachment A Peachy Impeachment
A Pedestrian Bridge Fell A Perfect Metaphor A Pick Me Up
A Picker Of Note A Picker Of Note a pie in the sky
A Piece of My Heart A Pig in a Poke A Pig In Poop
A Pilgrimage A Pill Fits the Bill A Pink Chemise
A Pink Leather Suit A Pink Oops A Pink Thong
A Pirate A Pirate CV A Pirate Name of Jeeves
A Plateau A Pleasant Trip A Pleasure Beyond All Measure
A Plethora Of Responses A Poem For Jan A Poet Named Bob
A Poet Named Clair A Poet Named Dave for contest A POET NAMED JON A
A Poet Named Nina A Poet, Named Robert Dufresne A Poetic Legend
A Pole Jumped Out In Front Of Me A Poo Christmas A POODLE NAMED JAVA
A Poop Museum A Porsche SUV A Port in the Storm
A positive line A Pot of Gold A pragmatic VP
A Prayer A Prayer A Priest Feast
A Private Dick A Privilege Trump Has Is Pure Sacrilege A Profound Predator
A Prophet : Defining the Term A Proposal At Your Exposal A Proud Canadian
A Provocative Glance A psychiatrist said to his patient A Punch And Judy Judy
A PUP NAMED SCOOBY-DOO A puppets Pet A Quandary
A Quandary A Query With Fury A Question
A Question of Ethics A question of value A QUICKIE
A Quickie A Quickie A Quickie
A rabbit's luck A Racial Slur A raft made of bones
A Rambunctious Teen A Rash Act A Rash On My Dinghy
A Real Big Flop A REAL COUNTRY 'BUM-KIN' - FOR LIN LANE A Real Crackerjack
A Real Grabber A Real Long Sentence A Real Puzzle
A Real Souper Poopper A Real Traffic Flop A really bad poem recidal
A Really Big Issue A Really Small Dog A Recent Discovery
A Recent Overhaul A Recent Ovwehaul A Reel Deal
A Refrigerator Salesman A Refusal To Believe A Reindeer Limerick
A Remarkable Occurrence in an Unknown Location - see poem for full title A Remorseless Battle A Resolution
A Restaurant Discount A Restless Breed A REWARDING LABOR
A Rhyming Lout A Rich Woman's Toy A Rich Woman's Toy
A Ridiculous Out-Of-Date Habit A Right Happy Old Elf A Right Happy Old Elf
A Ringer and Hum Dinger A Rising Tide For Contest A Risque Limerick - WARNING
A Robot-Like Future A Role In A Naughty Movie A Roll In The Hay
A Roll Of The Dice A Romantic Endeavor A Rose In My Hair
A Rose In My Hair a rose of indigo A round of golf
A Royal Dream A RUSSIAN NAMED IVAN A sad old flea
A Salad Aficianado A Sassy Potty Mouth Bird Has Changed Her Ways A Scary Bushman
A Schmoe A Schmoe A Scolding from My Muse
A Sea Of Heart Felt Emotions A Seagull Named Steve a second limerick joke
A Secret Life A SECRET PLOT A Seesaw
A Series Of Limericks A Series of Unfortunate Darwin Awards A Serious Dissertation On Nose Picking
A Serious Dissertation On Nose Picking A Serious Limerick A Serious Limerick
A Sex Kitten A Sex Machine A Sexist Crime
A Sexual Ballet A Sexual Ballet A Sexual Ballet
A Sexual Ballet A Sexual Fowl Ballet A Sguirrel Named Merl
A Shady Lady's Tactics A Shark in the Soup A Shark is Lurking
A Sheepish Getaway A Shining Star A Shrewd While Rude and Crude Dude
A Shrink A Sick Leprechaun A Sight Extraordinaire
A Sight Extraordinaire A Sign Of The Times A Silly Limerick
A Silly Limerick A Silly Mistake A Silly Old Clown
A Silly Old Clown A Silly Old Kook A Simple Bard
A Simple Solution A simple truth A Six Foot Ballerina
A Skinny-Ma-Link A Skinny-Ma-Link A Skiny-Ma-Link
A Slamerick A Slave To Technology A Slave To The Giggles
A Slave To The Giggles A Sleigh Bell Named Jingle - A Christmas Limerick A Sloth's Life
A Sly Teaser A Small Beach Full Of Bleach A Small Penis
A small white deer A SMART BEING A Smart Fart Smeller
A Smash Hit A Smidgeon Too Much Rum A Smile On Your Brain
A Smirk A Smutless Limerick A Snowdog
A Soft Ball A Soft Sweet Momma A Solo Ballet
A Somewhat Darker Santa A song to erase A Sonic Screwdriver
A Sonic Screwdriver A Sonic Screwdriver A Space Warp
A Spade Ain't A Spade A Special Birthday A Special Gift
A Special Knack A Special Touch A Special Who-Ha
A Spice Paradise A spider will crawl on the floor A Spotlight Performance
A Spring Ballet A Spring Ballet A Spritely Fellow
A Spritely Fellow A Spy Named Cy A Square Pizza Box
A Squeaky Toy A Squeaky Toy A St Paddy's Day Limerick
A Stagnant Condition A STAR IN HIS OWN MIND A Starling Pecker
A Stitch In Time A Stitch In Time A Stolen Kiss
A Stone Age Transport Woe A Stone's Throw A Strain On The Brain
A Strain On The Brain A Strange Orange Ball A Strange Thing
A STRIKING LLAMA A Strong Sweet Momma A Struggle to Behave
A stubborn fly A Study In Brilliance A Study In Grey
A Study In Grey A Study In Grey A Stunning Rear Deck
A Stunning Stag A STUPID AND FUTURELESS WINO a successful resuscitation
A Sunburned Eye A Super Hero In Dress A Supple Couple
A Sure Lock on the Case A Sweet and Puffy Profiterole' A Sweet Casserole
A Sweet Cherry Topping A SWEET FELLA NAMED PATAK A Sweet Young Girl
A sweet young thing named Maddie A Sword Word A Talented Dude
A Tall Glass Of Kool-Aid A Tall Glass Of Kool-Aid A TALL TALE
A Taste of Honey A TAXING SITUATION A Taxing Situation
A Teasing Christmas Elf A Techno-Nightmare A Teenage Kiss
A teenagers life A Ten Again A TESTING TIME FOR TESS
A Text A Thankful Turkey A Thirst Quencher
A Thong for Tom A Three Act Play A Three Act Play
A Three Hour Tour A Three Minute Thunderstorm A Three Wheel Bike For Oldsters
A Threesome A Thrill A Time For That
A Time Of Goodwill A Tiny Heinie A Tiny Heinie
A Toast To Scorpios! A Toast To The Bride A Toddler Girl Named LeiNah
A Tom Cruise Lookalike A tooth for the truth A Toronto Tragedy
A Tortilla Dream A Tortilla Dream A Tortilla Dream
A Travelling Sage A Tribute to a Major Appliance Dishwasher A TRIBUTE TO TOM
A Trifle Bit Creeple A Trini Abroad A Trip to the Dentist
A Triple Limerick About Harry A Triple Lutz A Tropical Winter
A Troubled Christmas Ornament Faces Therapy in the Coming Year A True Leader's Thoughts A True Optimist
A True Optimist A Truly Great Preacher A Trump Escapade
A Trump Triglyceride A Turbulent Tongue A Tussle In The Hay
A Twenty-Seven Hour Day A Twenty-Seven Hour Day A Twerp Who Did Usurp
A Two Fairy Coercion A Two-Timer From New York Town A Twuck Dwiver Named Lars
A Valentine Card A VALENTINE DUMP. A Valentine Housewarming
A Valentine Limerick A valentine Limerick A valentine reprise
A Valentine's Day Unwish A Vampire Nurse A Vee Pee
A Very Bad Cadet A Very Bad Man A Very Forward Cashier
A Very Limited Panorama A Very Mysterious Flower A Very Naughty Man
A Very Naughty Man A Very Naughty Man A Very Strange Casserole
A Violent Sneeze A Virtual Ritual A Voluptuous Young Waif
A Voluptuous Young Waif A Walk Down Lover's Lane a walk in the darkness
A Walk-Off Homer A Warless Year A WARM BLOODED SNOW WOMAN
A WEASEL A Weaver Of Dreams A Wee Bit Sassy
A Wee Bit Sassy A Wee Bit Sassy A Wee Bit Vain
A Wee Jog This Morning A Wee Schnauzer A Wee Schnauzer
a weird cooking misadventure A Weird Man from France A Weirdo Poet
A Wet Fish Kiss A Whale of a Tale A wheely bad night out
A White Pumpkin Family Review A Whole New World A Will Power Queen
A Will To Kill A Willing Partner A Winner at Last
A Winners Statistic A WINNING PHONE CALL A Winter Wind
A Wise Old Owl A Wise Old Owl A WITCH NAMED MAE
A Woman A Woman Named Flo A Wonderful Book
A Word From the Sty A word in your praise A World At Peace
A World Fireplace A Worldwide Jamboree A Worry-Free Life
A Worthy Question A Wrestler Named Billy A writer of flowery verse
A Wrong Turn A Yankee Cap And A Belt A Yellow Yield
A Yo-Yo In Tokyo A Yo-Yo In Tokyo A Yogi Berra Tribute
A You Are Adorable A Young Bully Named A Young Cowboy Named Homer
A Young Fellow Named Lizzie A Young Girl From River Front A Young Lass Named Mary
A young man from Paris a young man named barry A Young Man Named James
A Yummy Sundae Topping A Yummy Third Eye A Zulu
A-Plus AAAARGH Aardvark Limerick
Aaron Judge ABBA Abbott And Costello
Abbreviated Slide And Crawl ABCDE: Doctor, Leave Me Be Abe Needs a New Barber
Abide In God and Not Lied Abide of Love tide Ability Not Implied
Aboard the Pequod Abortion as a Choice Abortion Called Meditation and More
Abortion is Form of Abberation Abounding and Surrounding About A Point of View
About A Stutter About Accepting Blame About Birds and Bees
About Had Replied About Lovely Wife About Marbles Are Many Theories
About Republican Business About Strip Poker About three seconds before the slap
About To Behoove About To Embark About To Launch A Sputnik
About Trout About Trump Admitted About Trump Am Anti
About Trump Am Inquisitive About Trump Could Hardly Wait and More About Trump Foundation
About Trump Have Concluded About Trump Refuted About Trump Should Share
About Trump Started Surmising About Trump We Must Be Admitting About Trump We Want To Repeat
Above All Abseil Bride Absent Without Leave
Absent-minded Hank ABSENTEE MOTHER Absolute Genius
Absolute Stupidity Absolute Torture Absolutely No Malice
Absolutely Sublime Absolutely Sublime Absolution and Conclusion
Absurd computer nerd Absurd little people Abundant and Redundant
Abundantly Believe Trump Abuse of Soul Power Abused
Acapella Accept my Apologies Accepting the Bulge
Accepting the Bulge Accepting the Bulge Accesible and Acceptable
Accidental Washings Accolades Accolades
Accolades Accountable and Unsurmountable Accounts
Accumulation of an Accumulation Ace in the Hell Achieving After Conceiving and Perceiving
Achieving Perfection Achooooo Achooooo
ACIU Acknowledge Acme To The Rescue
Act Enact Then Remain Intact Act of cruelty Acting
Acting Kinda Goofy Acting Kinda Goofy Action
Action, Not Words in a Singles Bar ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS Active macho sperm
Acts murder Ad-verse Adam and Eve
Adam's Apple Of His Eye . Added To Mount Rushmore Added To Mount Rushmore
Addiction Adding Clarity to Ray Gridley's Limerick Adding Limerick: From reply to April 2 Jan Allison's Wee Man
Adding to a Cat's Diet Address Stress Adios Roseanne
Adios Roseanne Administrator and A Legislator Admit Hate Crimes Exist and Persist
Admitted and Committed Admitting Than Quitting Admonished Today
Adonis Adonis In The Making Adonis In The Making
Adonis Stuff Adonis-Like Stuff Adoration For These Heroes
Adrenaline Is Brown Adrift Adult Jack And Jill
Adult Jack And Jill Adventures of the Wee Three Adverse To A Person
Advice Advice Adviser Advice Take It or Leave It
Aerosol Cans Affairs Scares Affected By A Quote
Affronted Afraid of Trump Afraid of Trump Golden Showers
Africa After Breaking Out After Christmas Driven Insane
After Christmas Let Down After Church Have Reception After Crime
After Flynn Was Fired After Forgetting To Fret After Latest Observation
After Much Confusion After Six Days of Work After Taxes
after the argument in heaven After The Fast After the Game
After the Play After Trump Taking Long Hike After We Already Realized
Aftercare Afternoon Afterthought AFTERNOON TEA
Afterwards Again Am Totally Utterly Amazed Again Never Be the Same
Again Off the Bat Age Humor Age Of Technical Wizardry
Age Rage Age softens Aggravated With Trump
Aging with Flare Agnetha's Bum Ago Short Time Wrote a Rhyme
Agree Again and Again AH, IF COLUMBUS Ah-Choo!...just for laughs!
aHa: a poetic noetic instantiation in three acts AHEAD OF HIS TIME Ahh Me And The Ladies
Ahhh Retirement Ahoy Mate AIDS
Aiming for the Green Aimless Juggernauts Ain't
Ain't Done Yet Ain't Done Yet Ain't No Dummy
Ain't Nuthin' Diviner Ain't Quite a Saint Ain't that the Way Fat Goes
Aint Love Wonderful AIR BENDER - AIR BALLOON Air Dry
Air Force II Air Force One Air Force Two
Air from Sail of Trump Air Head Air Head
Air Head Air Lift Air Out of Each Tire
air traffic control radar Airborne Airplane
Airplane Silly Airwave Pandemonium Akkina Rosario Downing
Al Alec Al ask uh - Al at the Locale
AL THE REINDEER Aladdin without paddin' Alarmed By Bodily Harm
ALAS, DORCAS REILLY HAS DIED Alcoholic Reindeer Ale Sale
alfred coleman ALICE Alice in Wonderland
Alice Mulligan ALIDA Alien Beings
Alien Beings Alien in atmosphere goes human... ALIEN INVASION - FOR CONTEST
Alien Stripper Aliens Aliens
Aliens Aliens Aliens
Aliens Aliens Aliens All
Alive In My Genes Alive In My Genes All Around South Had To Hike
All Ass All Becauseof a Basket All Bran
All Bran to the Rescue All Crushed All Day Brekkie
All Day Tomorrow All Democrats Do Like ALL FOR LOVE
All for Show All Groan Up All Hallows Eve
All Hands All Hell's Breaking Loose All I Have Left
ALL IN A DAY'S WORK All in the Family All In The Family
all is fair All Is In Rhyme All Life Is Sacred
All Night Epic All of All of All the Rest All Of God's Help
All of My Patience All of Our Bills ALL PIRATES NOT CREATED EQUAL
All shook Up All Stove Up All the Days We're Apart
aLL THEM tHeRe CHARLIES All They Wanted Was A Drink! All Things About South
All Three Standing There All Tickley All Together
All You Can Eat All You Hear About Is Obstruction All You Newbies
All's I Want For Christmas All's Well That ENDS Well All's Well That Ends Well
All's Well That ENDS Well All's Well That ENDs Well Exam Allah Time
allez hop Alligator Tale Allison-Ellison
Alluding To Colluding Alma Mater Alma Mater II
Almost 60 Degrees Almost a Great Limerick Almost Broke Jack's Crown
Almost Divorced Almost Eighty-Three Almost Extinct
Almost Out of Stock and More Almost Totally Disable Aloe Vera Oil
Alpha Centauri Already Admit ALTOID SALES ERRUPTED
Alumish and Alumina Always a Loser Always A Widow
Always Appears Atrocious Always broken Always Do Depend Upon
Always Everlasting Always Half-Full Always Have Been Believing
Always Knew I Could Astound Always More To Be Said Always Preffered A Priest Who Is A Pro
Always Remember What We Had Heard and More Always Suspicious About Always Upbeat
Always What Is Inside Counts Always Will Wonder What If and More Always Worth Seeing
Alzheimer's Am A Distraction Am Able To Afford
Am Absolutely Positive Horn Limerick Am Already Available Am Confused and Confessed
Am Looking Toward Am Needing Bible Reading Am Never Buying
Am Now Praying Am Still Alive AM WHO I AM
AMA Anthem Amanda Panda Amazing
Amazing Ancients Amazing Facts From Happy Jack Amazing Facts From Jack
Amazing Facts From Jack Amazing Facts One Amazing Facts Three
Amazing Facts Two Amazing Feat Amazing Human Mind
Amazon Holiday Amazon Women Amen Again and Again
America Feared Trump Was Weird America's Shame American Ethics
American Idol American in thoughts American Voters
Americans Can't Spell Americans Can't Spell Americans Can't Spell
Americans Can't Spell Among Crowds Mingle Among Each Tongue That Had Sung
Among the Stars Amorous Amount of Sins Increases
Ample Example of A Sample An Absurdity An Abundance Of Turds
An Abundance Of Turds An actor auditioning for Lear An Adjutant General
An Adonis like Me An Adonis Like Me An Age Old Axiom
An Age Old Story An Albatross Before An Alien Observation of Cell Phone Use
An Amazing Healing An Ambassador my first car An American in Paris
An Ancient Moth An Andromeda Strain for Andrea An Angel
An Annoyance An Annoyance An Annoyance
An Apology An Argument With The Floor An Arm And A Foot
An Army Of Optimists An Arrogant Cad An Arrogant Ego
An Artist Who Does Not Abscond An Astronomer Named Boone An Atomic Blast
An Atomical Date An Aussie Sweetie An Eagle's Wise Decision
An earnest young student of Greek An Easy Quiz An Ego of Buzzards
An ego to brag about An Electric Rub Board An Elf From Nantucket
An Emergency She Did Entail An Eternity An Expansion of a Question
AN EXPLICIT VISIT An eye for an eye An Eye For An Eye
An Horological Dunce an icon of NY An Icy Ballet
An Icy Ballet An Ill Wind An Immaculate Conception
An Impartial Marshall Harsh Will Be An In-Y Or An Out-Y An In-Y Or An Out-Y
An Inconvenient Mistake of Fact AN INDIAN MAN An Indian Giver of the Heart
An interesting cut of meat AN INVITE An Irish Courtship
An Irish Leprechaun An Irish Leprechaun An Irishman From Limerick
AN ISLAND NAMED OAHU An Italian Limerick An Occasiona Fart
An Occasional Fart An Odd Couple An Ode To A Tree
An Old Crow An Old Fashioned Guy An Old Fecker
An Old Fellow An Old Gal From Nantucket An Old Mammal
An Old Plantation An Old World War II Injury An Old World War II Injury
An Old World War II Song An Oncoming Asteroid An Onslaught
An Optimist An Ordeal An Ornament Named Al
An Ostracized Ostrich An Out-Of-This-World Vacation An Over Zealous Control Freak
An Over Zealous Control Freak An Over-Sexed Crocodile An Overhaul
An Overpowering Temptation An Oversexed Crocodile An Oversexed Crocodile
An R-rated limerick for laughs An SOB An SOB Day
An Un-Bawdy Limerick An Un-Bawdy Limerick An Unappreciated Housewife
An Unearthly Howl AN UNEXPECTED DELIVERY An Unfortunate Man Of Bangladesh
An Unhappy Rooster An Unsavoury Part Of Town An Unusual New Year's Resolve
An Unwanted Guest An Unwanted Guest An Upside Doen Lassie
An Upside Down Frown An Upside Down Frown An Upside Down World
Anabelle Anal Analysis Should Be Strict
Anapestic Pentameter Predicament Anatomy of Goats Ancestry
Anchored Ancient Architecture Ancient Turtles
And Jill Came Tumbling Down AND MOTHER CAME TOO - EXCESS BAGGAGE And Now
And Now For The Next Half A Century And Now, For the REST of the Story - 'NR' And She's Not Bad Lookin Either
And So It Begins And The Battle Begins And The Drooling Commences
AND THE OSCAR GOES TO And Then There Was Nun Andie grew up
Andie thrummed a guitar Andrea Dietrich and Dunkirk Andrea Marcovicci
Andrea's Poem Buffet - Tribute Limerick Andreasnackosaur ANDREWACHILLOBATOR
Android Andy got no Candy Andy's Limerick
Angel singing Angel versus Devil Angela Merkel
Angels and Each Saint Angels Wearing Sox Anger
Anger Anger Mismanagement Angle Did Dangle
Angry Ain't Nice Angry at Nigeria Angry Bird
Angry People Ain't Nice Angst Of A Struggling Poet ANIMAL AMBITION
ANIMAL ANTICS Animal Antics Animal Antics
Animal Attraction Animal crackers Animal Crackers
Animal Friends Animal limerick Animal limerick
Animal Limerick Animal Limerick Animal Magnetism
Animal Magnetism Animal Magnetism Animal Magnetism
Animalistic Anita Joyner Ann
Ann's Rude Awakening Anna my daughter Annette Funicello
Annie Our Golden Annie Our Golden Annihiliated and Decimated
Anniversary Woes Anno Anno
Anno Annoyed Annoyed By An Opioid
Annoyed With Opioid Annoyed With Self Worship Annoying and Toying
Annoying Image Anomaly About A Trump Monopoly Another banana for D.C.
Another Birthday Another Bloody Mary Another Bloody Mary
Another bucket please Another Columnist Another Compunction
Another Dose of Trump Another Freaking Cold Day Another Freaking Cold Day
Another Gin and Tonic Horn Limerick another girl from france Another Kerr Eruption
Another Limerick Another Loss By Hillary Another Lottery Dope
Another man from Nantucket ANOTHER POOH POEM Another Round Bartender
Another Sailor's Tail Tale Another Sailor's Tail Tale Another Session Now Nearing
Another Silly Another State of Shock Another Talent Arrives
Another Time, Another Place Another Trump Albatros Another Trump Crony
Anoying Buggers Answer Me Answer Please
Answer The Day's Call Antacid Anthony Truth Portal
Anti Anti Anti-carnal Psuedo-arsenal Anti-ode to rain
Anticipated and Antiquated Anticipation Anticipation of Participation
Antics Dealer 1 Antique Fair ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR
Antoine Antrim Glen Ants With Flaws - Flawless Spray
Antsy Chicks Anxious To Smooch Anxious To Smooch
Any Ole Poem ANY POEM FOR PD Any Port In A Pinch
ANYTHING GOES Anywhere On Earth Anzac Day
Anzacs Ap-pall-ing Apache Moon
ApatosauRussell Apes Love Grapes Apetite Try To Satisfy
Aphrodite as an Anthropomorphic Map Apocalypse Apollo's Stars
Apologies Apologies Apologies
Apologize and With Sympathize apology to misguided feminists Apology Unaccepted
Apostle Who Was A Fossil Apparent Apparitions
Appear Like Little Plants Appearance and Adherence to Security Clearance Appeared Young Laura
Appearing On The Telly Appears To Be Morose Appears Trump Is Only One
APPLES ON OUR ROCK Apppeal By Being Aromatic Appreciated Words of God
Appreciation APPRECIATION Apprehension About Ammunition and Repetition
Apprehension About Pretention Apprehension Appears Approaching and Almost Winter
Approaching Thunder Storm Apricot Brandy April Fool
April Fools April Gave Herself to Me April Magic
April The Giraffe April's Been Trumped April's Been Trumped
Aqua Sonata Aquarius Aquarius
Aquatic Version 2 Archie and Edith Archie Bunker
Archie Bunker Archie Bunker Archie Bunker
Archie Bunker's Chair ARCHIE'S FRUMPY LIFE Archie's Toupee
Architect Arctic Antics Arctic Winds
Are All Sports A Load of Balls Are Dinner Rolls Involved Are No Longer Here
Are You A Ding-A-Ling Are You An A-Plus Are You Expecting
Argyle Socks Aries Aries Lady
Arise Arizona Arizona Glare
Arm Bilateral Amputation ARMAGEDDON Armageddon over Gentile U.S.of A
Armandia Foolia Arms As Long As A Gorilla's Arms Like An Octopus
Arms Like An Octopus Army Chef - Sergeant Schmo Army Dog
Aroma of Harm In Tacoma Area Around In Circles Around Town With No Pants
Around Was Bumming Arouse Cows Arrogance Simply Astounds
Artifact Not Intact artificial beauty ARTIST WITH GREEN HEART
Artistic Justice As A Girl As all time's in short supply'
As Angels Appear As I feverishly Write As I Play My Sitar
As I was Walking In The Snow As I Was Walking In The Snow As I was walking in the snow
As I Was Walking in the Snow AS I WAS WALKING IN THE SNOW As I Was Walking in the Snow
As I was walking in the snow As I Was Walking in the Snow As I was walking in the snow
As I was walking in the snow As I was Walking in the Snow As I Was Walking In The Snow
As I Was Walking In The Snow AS I WAS WALKING IN THE SNOW As I Was Walking In the Snow
AS I WAS WALKING IN THE SNOW As I Was Walking in the Snow As I was walking in the snow
As I was Walking in the Snow AS I WAS WALKING IN THE SNOW - As I've Grown Older, I've Found
As I've Grown Older, I've Found As Jack was walking in the Snow As Kooky As Me
As Lenin Once Infamously Said... As My Desire Does Grow Higher As Naked You're Caught
As Santa Leaves Slab City As Santa Leaves Slab City As They Frollicked
As They Frollicked As Things Had Happened As Usual Again
Asighd from Sighence Ask Marugu Mo Ask the Sheep
Aspirin Bottle Warning Aspiring Parrot Assessed and Blessed
Associate With McCain Assumption With Much Gumption ASSUMPTION, PRESUMPTION , GUMPTION
Astute Sales At Age Thirteen At Dandee Donuts Cafe
At Expense of Another At first Chat AT FIRST SIGHT
At Helm of Food Realm At last At Sunset
At The Age Of Thirteen At The Age Of Thirteen At The Barber's
at the bitter end At the Central Park Zoo At The Dentist
At the Risk of Condescension At The Tulip Parade At The Wal-Mart
At Times I Wear A Tutu At Times I Wear A Tutu At Times Just Gibberish
At Times Lay An Egg At Times My Spunk Is Junk At Trump People Balk
At Trump Took A New Look At Trusty Trump Take Aim Atishoo
Atishoo Attacked By A Drone Attic Salt
Attic Salt Atticus Attitude Adjuster
Attitude Being By Majority Attorneys and Online Games Attracted to Him
Attractive To Others Auctioneer Did Disappear Audible Snorts
Audible Snorts Augmenting the smile AUGUST ANDY
AUNT ANDREA GOES TO TOWN aunt in jail Aussie in the White House
Aussie kilt Aussie Land Aussie Snow
Austin On Jeopardy Australia Australian tour
AUTO HAVE MORE WINE Auto Shop Auto-Flushing
Auto-Rhyme Autocorrect Inventor Autocorrect Inventor
AutoCorrect Inventor Autocorrected Autumn
Avalanche Blanche Avalaunch Avast Ye Limerick
Avocados Avoid People Who Are Paranoid Avoid Susspense With Common Sense
Avoiding Amputation Avoiding the IRS Aw Summer
awake Award Winning Levels Away and In Closet Will Stay
Away Far Was A Rising Star Away From Trump Shied Away Have Been Slaving
Awkward space Ay Caramba Aye, 'Tis His Brogue