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Poem Details | by Gail Debole |
Categories: animals, funny,

Hotter Than Heck

Written in the late 1970's
Updated on June 12, 2012

In the summer, a zebra exclaimed,
"That sweaty lion can keep his mane!
     It's a pain 'round his neck
     When he's hotter than heck.
My white stripes will reflect the sun's rays!"

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Poem Details | by Jimmy Anderson |
Categories: animals, music, song-lyric

Zebra Star

There once was a zebra from China.
Who liked to sing songs in D minor.
    His voice was the rage
    When they put him on stage.
He rode out of town a headliner!

For Deborah Guzzi's Limerick II Contest

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: poetry, words,

The Funniest Typo

A poet who was very late for a contest,
submitted a long poem on line, but
misspelled Zareba for Zebra!
Darn it, he was thinking of wild Africa!
Didn't it cost him points and a pain in the chest?

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: silly,

Rolling On the Savannah

Here's a puzzle, what's black, red, black, red, black, red? This one's a challenge, is it several pieces of jam and toasted bread? No points did you earn 'Twas a zebra with a sunburn Rolling on the savannah, trying to get relief before bed!