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Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: garden, humorous,

A Trail of Destruction

A snail has thousands of teeth No wonder it is such a thief It gobbles my plants You should hear my rants Slug pellets will give some relief! I discovered from a quiz question that some species of snail can have over 25,000 teeth! 02~05~17

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Poem Details | by John Williams |
Categories: children, humorous,


Each morning without fail,
I see my little,brown-shelled snail,
Plodding along with his home on his back,
Leaving a long, tiny, silver track,
I think he likes blazing a trail.

Poem Details | by Randy Imwalle |
Categories: animal, earth day, funny, word play,

The Humble, Brown Snail

Consider the humble, brown snail
He's only a head and a tail
No fingers or toes
Yet, there it goes!
Just follow its shiny, bright trail.

Poem Details | by Michael Wise |
Categories: funny, humorous, hyperbole,

The Snail

I was clean shaven when I
spotted a snail going by
I watched for a while
as he went half a mile
now my beard's reaching down to my thigh

Poem Details | by Mc Mc |
Categories: animals, childhood

My Pet Snail

I had a pet ; it was a snail

It must have dried up,

because I can't find it's trail!

Poem Details | by Anu Nayak |
Categories: animal, funny, son,

My Contst Pom

my contst pom - compliant son!

Oh son, I pity you try but fail
In Biology, lizards, rats have tail
I told, mug up ,vomit words
You'll pass, you'll fly high as birds
In quiz, Madam said, you spit up a snail?!

12th October 2016

Poem Details | by Daisy Ward |
Categories: fun, humor,


She took lessons and learned to sail
But she sailed as slow as a snail
A wave tipped over the boat
She didn't know how to float
They wondered how she had prevailed

Poem Details | by Tim Riding |
Categories: animal, funny,

Wildlife 44

Wildlife 44

A slow moving, slimy old snail,
Was stuck upside down in a pail,
When someone kicked the bucket,
He slobbered "Oh 'flip' it!"
And left them a long snotty trail!!

Poem Details | by Daisy Ward |
Categories: humor,

No Date

He brought candy for his mate
But didn't take her on a date
She left him high and dry
Not even a good-bye
And found a newly snail-mate

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: political,

Trump Vs Snail Mail

Trump has smeared our Snail Mail with slime
Insisting it is not a crime
Ballots need inspection
To win an election
And Biden may die with more time!

Poem Details | by Daisy Ward |
Categories: humorous,

The Tail

He ate a rabbit then grew a tail
Start moving around like a snail
Tried to chop it off
At a very high-cost
He laid his tail onto a train’s rail

Poem Details | by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty |
Categories: fun, humor,

A Slow Demise For a Royal Tale

The king, with a taste quite frail,
Met his end munching on a snail.
It may sound absurd,
But that's what I heard,
A slow demise for a royal tale.