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Poem Details | by Lim'Rik Flats |
Categories: love, parents,

No Greater Love

After she was born, daddy called her “little possum” 
Mama said, “Don’t listen child, you are gonna blossom” 
they never saw her smile 
they said, “It’s not her style” 
When they placed her in the ground, both whispered, “You are awesome”

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Poem Details | by Mark Elam |
Categories: funny,


When the possum met with our tire tread
He lay still and we thought he was dead
So we scooped him right up
In a pot for our sup
Let’s just say we were gravely misled

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Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: animal, color, satire,

Peter Possum -- Mp

Peter Possum had a nasty rep
He was so white, he couldn't be hep
  He got him some brown paint
  Said, "I am what I ain't!"
If he'd only unlearn that goose step

Note: MP in the title stands for Military Police

Poem Details | by Tom Wright |
Categories: girl,


Blossom Limerick By: Tom Wright 2004 There once was a girl named Blossom, Whose complexion was really awesome. When I asked for a date, She returned looks of hate, Saying, before dating you I’d eat possum.