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Poem Details | by Hannah Everett |
Categories: art, dog, food, sister,

Not A Noodle, A Poodle

My sister likes to doodle
I thought she drew a noodle
She gave me a glare
And tugged at my hair
And told me t'was a poodle.

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Poem Details | by bill frew |
Categories: animals

"pugnacious pooch"

I am a pugnacious old pooch-
with prowess I guard my man's hooch,

     when the master comes home
     he throws me a bone-

but I'd prefer a poodle to smooch!

Poem Details | by Jeremiah Poodle |
Categories: addiction, dog,


There once was a poodle named Bradley,
And he liked to eat shoes very gladly,
How much footwear he'd destroy,
"Bradley! Shoes are not a toy!"
No other dog in this world acts so badly.

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: dog, food, hair, romance, sick,

Lost Her Appetite

               ~ Warning ~

  This limerick is not recommended
    reading before tackling dessert.

Miss Dipsy Doodle loved to canoodle
Though she'd never done it with a poodle
   The thought of all that fur
   Sent a shiver through her ~
Why couldn't she eat her apple strudel?

Poem Details | by Wendy Watson |
Categories: dog,


My poodle once had a flirtation
With 'Dotty', my neighbour's dalmation.
Their pups wear topknots
Are sprinkled with spots
And walk with a marked ostentation.


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Poem Details | by Robert Gorelick |
Categories: dog, humor,

All The Rage

My toy poodle just loves to dance

She'll tango and cha-cha and prance

When I fell back and sighed

she arfed and replied

it's all quite the rage in France

Written 12/26/21

Poem Details | by Regina McIntosh |
Categories: cute, dog, fun, funny,


I once had a poodle name sam He was such a cute little ham He was a curly delight Such a surly little sprite Sadly, he decided to scram Limerick Fun Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Tania Kitchin August 28, 2020 I Used: