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Poem Details | by Joe Inka |
Categories: nature

Plight of the Pickrel

There was a fat pickrel from Perth.
Saddled with little self worth.
He befriended a perch.
Who lived bye a birch.
Then ate him ,increasing his girth.

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Poem Details | by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: bird, humorous,

Musings of a Wise Old Owl

Mused the owl roosting on a pine tree shoot,

   "My colleagues think I'm not very astute,

       But I wisely perch in pines,

          Not on hot transmission lines!

             If they singe their butts I don't give a hoot!"

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Spirale Did Go Virile

Down Spiral Did Go Virile 

Not only did we see a downward spiral,
Verbally reported that it has gone viral;
Started to search,
For place to perch,
And come up with chances for survival.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Connie Pachecho |
Categories: humor, political,

President Clinton's Headache

President Clinton's Headache

Monica and Bill had owls in their eyes
Yet Bill fell from his perch onto what lies
Both stained the White House bowels
Hooting exchanges of vowels
It had been worse had he gone past her thighs

connie pachecho