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Poem Details | by Nate D. |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend

.~69~. /Zodiac.Race/

~69~ /zodiac sign/

There once was a hermit crab named Nate
Who enjoyed the solitude of his hate
   Meeting a lovely lady
   A sexy Texan, name P.D.
Finding true hate, trying to online date 

(Zodiac Sign Contest)

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Poem Details | by Sue Mason |
Categories: sea

Lobster Tales

There once was a crab in the sea
who always wanted to be
a lobster you know
so he had to grow
a tail almost as long as he.

    ...ooops, Carolyn's contest is gone..I missed it...

Poem Details | by Brooke Clark |
Categories: sea

Wayne the Whale

There once was a whale named Wayne the Whale,
In his fin there was a rusty nail,
Then he met the crab named George,
Who got the nail out of it's gorge,
Wayne the Whale left with a flip of his tail.

Poem Details | by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty |
Categories: fun,

Roasted Crab

Sullivano  asked the roasted crab
                             Have you come from biology lab?
                                           And If you do
                                         Put on your shoe
                               Go to the sea you need a rehab

Poem Details | by Susan Viscione |
Categories: sea


They say that the crab, is crabby,
but most days, the crab is happy,
into the shell,
oh, what the hell,
crabby comes out, and starts snapping

Poem Details | by John Anderson |
Categories: fun, kid,

Limerick Contest

Crabbing Ahead in Topples

Creepy the crab longed to walk straight ahead
But his lanky legs spread, side to side led.
The skips he tried were all flops
The same can be said for his hops.
But with his topples, he tumbled ahead instead.

Poem Details | by Sandra L. Weiss |
Categories: beach, confidence, fun, ocean,

Skinny Dip

There was a woman who thought she was hip.
She went to the beach to skinny dip.
When she arrived there.
She stripped down to bare.
The crab had a very strong grip.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Pensacola and Grenola

Pensacola and Grenola

What we had presumed was Pensacola,
Did know was highly related to granola;
Apalachicola saw
With a crab craw,
And about their women said ooh la la.

Jim Horn

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Realized Trump Had Tantalized

Realized Trump Had Tantalized

What about Trump,  we had realized,
Women tempted and then tantalized,
And was a crab;
Bodies did grab;
Like moron found him to be disguised

Jim Horn