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Poem Details | by Roy Pett |
Categories: fish, vanity, wife,

Mrs Catfish

There's a fishmongers wife called catfish
she's elegant, flamboyant quite swish
expensive clothes she wears
lives her life without cares
but smelling of fish is not stylish.

Contest catfish 
Sponsored by Catie Lindsey.

(Syllable count) 99669

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Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: anxiety, conflict, fishing, insect,

Fisherman and Worm Gon Fishin

FISHERMAN & Worm  Gon Fishin

A Fisherman comes 
Reached on the ground
Picks up Itchy-Bitzy worm
That's texting on his phone
Open mouth Catfish sayin yummy
Go on Fisherman drop him


Written words by James Edward Lee Sr.2018©

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: language,

Jumping Catfish

Is a “catfish” a cat or a fish, let's get this straight Haven't slept since hearing 'bout 'em at age eight How about a doodle sack? Yup! Bagpipes, how about that! Stay tuned for more, there's no sign they'll abate