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Poem Details | by Erich Goller |
Categories: funny,

Big Fart

Big Fart Jack has a bulldogBoy can he fart Phooey, they do not come from the heart Don’t ever feed him beans Or the odor gets mean Never needs a battery to start
Tickle me pinck contest Oct 31

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Poem Details | by Mark Koplin |
Categories: anti bullying,

The Kangaroo Man

I've read the limerick written by you, ol' bloke
Gotta tell ya, Mate, as a limerick it's a joke
I'll throw my lines in the ring
Go ahead and take a swing
A bulldog packs a wallop with every poke

Poem Details | by Robert Gorelick |
Categories: humor,

A Greyhound-Bulldog Blend

An athletic greyhound-bulldog blend
is the pride and the joy of South Bend
Fast and vivacious
Strong and tenacious
At Notre Dame he’s playing tight end

Poem Details | by Robert Gorelick |
Categories: humor,

A Sensitive Bulldog

A sensitive bulldog who lives in Marquette
is not one to forgive or forget
Once left all alone
to mope by the phone
He still growls:  Don’t dare call me your pet!