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Limerick Poems About Water | Water Limerick Poems
Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: humorous,

One Mermaid's Lesson

A merman had one stubborn daughter who rebelled against what her dad taught her. When she swam to dry land, she could then understand she was just like a fish - out of water! For the Out of Water Poetry Contest of Sheri Fresonke Harper

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Poem Details | by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: funny

Hot Jalapenos

Eating jalapenos, boy did I sing
Mouth was on fire so was my ring
Burnt going in one way 
And out the in the same day
Which end do I cool first in the gushing water spring

Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: animal, dog, earth, nature, water,

Ruined Fur Coat

Cassidy was a curious dog; One day he walked into a bog, Coming out, he looked about, He couldn't see and began to pout; Because he’s a sludge caked dog!

Poem Details | by kayla fielding |
Categories: anxiety, blue, bullying,

who am I

Who am I?
My heart, it always cries
I guess I will never really know
which way does water flow?
who am I?

Poem Details | by john fenn |
Categories: daughter, funny, wife


A cockney from over the water
Had a wife and a tasty young daughter
They would lead him a dance
And he stood not a chance
Cos they both never did what they oughta

Poem Details | by Lindsay Laurie |
Categories: humor,

Call the Midwife

T’was her ninth month and early summer,
My wife said she’d heard nothing dumber,
After she had spoken,
Her water had broken...
And me ringing up for a plumber.

Poem Details | by sherif goda |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, nature,

Natural Beauty

The nature surrounds us everywhere
In deep running water or high flying air
So we need not to complain
We have to forget our pain
Let's look at natural beauty and stare

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: adventure, funny, satire,

The under water solution

When the money is mostly spent
Find the lowest terms for the rent
A car on a train
Protects well from the rain
But better yet let's get a tent

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: funny, humorous,

Late For Work- Forgot To Spring Forward

There once was a gent named Springtime Ned Who on that March morning sprang from his bed In amazement and shock He forgot to set his clock Now with his boss on thin water he'll tread

Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: funny,

I Prefer a Little Water with My Tea

Head straight to the coffee pot after I pee
What happened this morning? Good god mercy me
Empty Folgers can
Was I pissed? Yes ma’am
(Four extra-large bags make a fine cup ‘o tea)

Poem Details | by Viv Wigley |
Categories: humor, pain,

The zipper

 (my tribute to Limerickmeister Jack Ellison, smile engine extraordinaire)

I remember the time when I caught a
bit of my body parts where I oughtn't a
in much pain did I struggle
with my bits I did juggle
it really did make my eyes water!

Poem Details | by Shane Cooper |
Categories: humor,

The Shower

There was a pretty girl called Charlene
Who showered all day to stay clean
The hot water ran out
She gave a loud shout
And started swearing like a marine

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: funny,

Naughty Words

Never test the water with BOTH your feet To determine the temperature or if it's deep One pinky at a time For testing the brine It's over my head, words I screamed I had to bleep © Jack Ellison 2016

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: humor,

Unwanted Gaze

At a water slide a man eyed me
He stared at a spot above my knee
   ‘Twas later I learned
   His gaze I had earned
My swimsuit revealed a strange goatee 

*This really happened!  Written April 25, 2015 for Jan’s contest  

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: funny, nature,

Now this is real pressure

Doctors spread this message about
Drink gallons of water they tout
To soften this dose
Know where bathrooms are close
Since what's in must often come out!

Poem Details | by john williams |
Categories: children, funny,

Teaching Pussy To Swim

I was teaching my cat to swim,
His pussy face looked so grim,
Dad said, "Make the lessons shorter,
you see cats just don't like water,
even so, I rate your chances slim."

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: words,

To Sail Seven Seas

The first water bed Sammy sees he says he is going to seize. He believes on this bed, when he lays down his head, in dreams he will sail seven seas! Posted March 23 for a contest judged March 2016 Now used for The Second Chance #2 Poetry Contest of Broken Wings

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: love, smile,

She - A Loverick

She walks on water or so it seems She's in my every thought and dream Sweet and kind No better you'll find When she smiles my heart sure beams

Poem Details | by Lindsay Laurie |
Categories: humor,

Biological Formula

A mathematician once stated to me,
That H-2-O is water you see,
So in a sly whim
I barked back at him
Can you tell me what is K-NINE-P.

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: life, loss,

Nature Calls

A place where gas and flame ignite Mount Vesuvius spews in morning light as I rocked and rolled in a motion uncontrolled hot embers hit the water with fright !! ------------------------------------------------------ A Gift For P.D.

Poem Details | by Jack Clark |
Categories: abuse, corruption, environment, humor, humorous, political,


The “Bad Witch of Oz” lost her throne
They weren’t gonna’ leave her alone
… the water was Fracked
… it’s how she got whacked
But … how many others aren’t known!

Poem Details | by Ralph Sergi |
Categories: humorous,

Such a pail

Such a pail 
I have a sweet beautiful daughter
Who is always fetching me water
Each day without fail
she has such a pail
When my daughter brings me the water

Limerick  Contest  December 24, 2015
Sponsored by Jan Allison

Poem Details | by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: humorous,

Solace Behind A Tree

After guzzlin' beer Gus needed to pee.

  He sought solace behind a nearby tree.

     Before the judge he was fined,

        To which Gus gravely opined:

            "Where e'er you be let yer water flow free!"

Robert LHinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired

Poem Details | by Theresa CW |
Categories: humor, nonsense,

Old and Cranky

Old and Cranky

When I get old and cranky
I'll never phone old Hanky
I will water plants
I won't pee in pants
Cause sometimes get cranky

Written: Nov17, 2015
Theresa W-C

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: life, uplifting

Fish Out Of Water (Pisces Dude)

I once knew a compassionate man
who couldn't survive on dry land

    he was sensitive and kind 
  helped me find peace of mind

with him a spiritual quest began 

Pisces Freak I Am 

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