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Poem Details | by lim'rik flats |
Categories: veterans day,

one veteran's day

firkins and gherkins and whistles and shoes
cluster bombs, punji stakes, death in the news
choppers chattering
napalm splattering
a carpet bombed mind with asian war blues

cracked vinyl records and medals unworn
black and white photo, ex-soldier unshorn
wheeling chair
graying hair
a beaded necklace with peace sign well worn

tobacco stained fingers shake with a curse
lips pull a drag with help from a nurse
flares ignite
will he fight?
a battle goes cold, memories submerse

wheeled to a corner, he stares at a wall
that others can’t see, for him it is all
locked within
he can’t win
a war without end..unspeakable gall

Poem Details | by alan balter |
Categories: animal,

Harvey the Hippo

Harvey the Hippo

Harvey is a huge hippopotamus
Who bathes in a bay that is bottomless
HIs mouth is as large as a riverboat barge
And he weighs ten times more than a lot of us

Big Harvey isn’t nasty or troublesome
Nor like other guys who are double dumb
He just wanders around stomping the ground
Looking for pieces of bubble gum

Harvey owns a fine yellow cummerbund
And sewn on the back is the number one
He wears it right proudly and bellows quite loudly
While playing outside in the summer sun

Once Harvey met up with a crocodile
Together they decided to walk a mile
Near the shore they strolled, but the water got cold
So they sat down to talk on the dock a while

Eating Oreo cookies about four apiece
They talked about matters of war and peace
They discussed the economy, art, and astronomy
And the huge immigration of foreign geese

Then walking back toward his new shiny house
Harvey stopped for a chat with a tiny mouse
Her name was Du Barry; they decided to marry
And soon come a baby named Stanislaus

A handsome young child was Stanislaus
Dressed up in his fine silken Spanish blouse
They all had made history; this was no mystery
For Stan was the first Hippopotamouse

Huge Harvey adored his sweet ladylove
From her wee little feet to her head above
He brought her some strings and other fine things
Including a snowy white turtledove

Harvey has grown really mellow now
He seldom produces a bellow now
But if you’re down by the bay, you can still see him play
This wondrous and gentle old fellow now

Poem Details | by Rob Bettridge |
Categories: humorous,

PEACE AT LAST - A collaboration with JAN ALLISON

There are women who feel a strong need To nag men until their ears bleed In a war of attrition With relentless petition Is a cruel way to make men concede Men wish for a life of peace But get nagged by a tongue that won't cease Men will just say It's the female DNA That must out in it's need for release We can’t help it; we just HAVE to nag Guess some folks would call us 'an old hag' Men get on our nerves When you paw at our curves You should give up and wave the white flag We can suffer from bad PMT, Become ogres that men want to flee We Scream and we Shout Say We’ll throw you out But for some reason you wont let us be Better by far, we should try this next time It's effective and will prove sublime By wearing Earplugs In each of our Lugs We'll be laughing, whilst nagging - in Mime Laughing together will lighten our day It's a tonic to chase all our problems away For a really Big Smile Can last a long while And we'll both get on better that way

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: funny, seame,

Offshore Fishing Adventure

So far offshore, but nothing was biting

Six-pack behind me looked so inviting

     New rod I placed on the deck

     Though it was just for a sec

‘Twas then an amberjack hit like lightning

The buoyant rod bounded over each wave

Determined, I vowed that pole I would save

     Spun my boat in fit of rage

     Against this fish, war I’d wage

An Ahab-like victory I did crave

With a gaffing hook, I retrieved the pole

To catch amberjack, I’d be on a roll

     Barracuda caught it first

     Fell overboard, then submersed 

The ‘cuda eyed me as his dessert goal

*Entry for Frank's "Summer Memory" contest

Poem Details | by Terry O'Leary |
Categories: science,

The Probe 2

The scientists flung the Rosetta      
like spinning a ball in rouletta.
      The nerds were annoyed
      when their progeny buoyed.
All was saved with a back turbojeta

Settling down on an icy ast'roid,
which was neither oblong nor spheroid,
      they said "Philae be grounded",
      instead she rebounded
and almost was lost in the void.

With war games and money misdealt
the project was left needing gelt.
      And cells lacking power
      sent nerds to the shower
while watching the meteor melt.

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: memory, world war ii,

Vitamin B-12

Started taking Vitamin B-12 for my memory Reminding me of the B-29, a question for Jeopardy A bomber during history's dark time World War II, a disgusting crime We must all be sure so as not repeat this treachery © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Keith Trestrail |
Categories: funny, humorous,

Hemingway and Wilde

The playwright poet and war journalist
for whom the bell tolls to life returnest!
  Oscar was Wilde it's true
    but Hemingway knew
the importance of being Ernest!


        Written May 2015


Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: confusion, lifewords, me, world,

Slam Hurts!!!!!....

                 Slammed by

            A MOTHERS LOVE
Mother always called me a lousy kid, with a shove
I was the only kid she wanted to get rid of
On my head she always smacked me hard.
She would always slam me calling  me a retard
My mother gave me the best slamming love.

((( my mother the best slammer there ever was)))
           WE ARE THE WORLD
Slam back at any country, at any given event
I feel bad for any so called President.
"WE THE PEOPLE" the Republic and the Democrat.
Slamming each other talking crap
In a world full of slam and argument.

((( The world toughest fight is slam not war )))
              TEACHERS PET
Our teachers kept on and on how we where wrong with a fuzz.
She just stood there and slammed each and everyone of us.
Making us write an essay on broken rules.
Kept us all after school calling us stupid fools
Who knew teachers where allowed to slam and cuss?

((( Teachers words of slam can ruin any future )))
             ROAD BLOCK
Have you ever heard of a poet blocker.
All they are is a slam stocker
They over abuse their blocking right.
Trying to make other poets fight.
Always trying to slam a point across, like a mocker.

((( Hating against any form of poetry is a slam it self )))
Can you guess that slam is just a risky business
Picking out the best slam words from the rest.
Testing out a form we don't know how to let it  flow.
Darn the soup for putting slam on the box below.
Even the best have join my slamming contest.

((( Thank you Soup for SLAMMING us with your A-Z list-form)))

Poem Details | by Gerard Keogh Jr. |
Categories: funny, introspection, people

Gemini ( Male.)

All my friends say they can not abide
these two people I have deep inside
Let the first one insist,
feel the other resist
while I wait for their war to subside.

Poem Details | by Martin Kloess |
Categories: funny, humor, war,

A Leader They Were Proud Of

Soon we all must enter the fray
And keep this injustice at bay
Thus said the major
Who tripped on the floor
Thus ending the war for that day 

Poem Details | by Earle Brown |
Categories: political

Stereotyping a poem

The Al-Qaeda is a blatant lie,
Are all Muslims terrorists and spies?
Eyes shift from the black man,
Now fixed on them Afghans,
But in war harmless people die.

Poem Details | by Steven Fraser |
Categories: deep, passion,

If I Had a Wish

When making a wish people ask for Riches and Fame, A selfish decision, deluded brains

In a world full of Poverty, war and disease, If I had a wish I'd ask so with easeEnd all Hunger, Sickness and ViolenceFor too long these issues have suffered in Silence.

As we progress into 2015, Dramatic changes remain to be seenStand and up be heard for a cause too great, and improve on these issues before it's too late.

Poem Details | by FABIYAS M V |
Categories: life,

Life in a Liquor Bottle

He dives into a liquor bottle, and
Zigzags like a snake on the sand.
A wife waits for her hero,
But who comes as a zero.
Obscenities ooze from his ‘stupor gland’.

(My limerick which was selected and  published in Selected Poems Anthology 2013 by  Pendle War Poetry, U K)

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: political, social

Down In Dunkirk

The once was a man from Dunkirk.
The war came and he went berserk.
In the French battle field,
Local harlots did yield.
Escape came by fancy footwork.

© January 16, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: humor, world war ii,

An Old World War II Injury

Well how do you do, my name is Jack Brain's still working but it's got a big crack It's a World War II injury Watching the war on TV Munching on chips put my back outta whack © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: for her, for him,


There are women who feel a strong need To nag men until their ears bleed In a war of attrition With relentless petition Is a cruel way to make men concede Men wish for a life of peace But get nagged by a tongue that won't cease Men will just say It's the female DNA That must out in its need for release We can’t help it; we just HAVE to nag Guess some folks would call us 'an old hag' But men get on our nerves When you paw at our curves Men should give up and wave the white flag We can suffer from bad PMT, Become ogres that men want to flee We scream and we shout Say we’ll throw you out But for some reason you wont let us be Better by far, we should try this next time It's effective and will prove sublime By wearing earplugs In each of our lugs We'll be laughing whilst nagging - in mime Laughing together will lighten our day It's a tonic to chase our problems away For a really big smile Can last a long while And we'll both get along better that way 24th January 2016-01-24 Collaboration by Jan Allison and Rob Bettridge

Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: dedication, funny

Daver Austin

                                             A wanna be Limerick

Limerick ride needing no joystick.
Daver your comments get me homesick.
Wishing I was with my homeboys in Boston!
Lace Maryjane, a condition you gave me, Mr.Austin!
Hope my riddles never get you brainsick.

                                            A wanna be Haiku

                                              Contract on P.D.
                                       Go get a hold of Don__?___
                                            GOOD spirit DAVER

I also confiscated an old antique or two.
Unique skills found in their retired war shoes.
(awe you where in my poetry police #1)
From: P.D.
Dedicated to:Daver Austin

Poem Details | by Sandra Haight |
Categories: anxiety, crazy, friend,

We Flew the Coop

We meet with some friends once a week
One couple makes war when they speak
He can’t do what’s right
She starts a big fight
Our dinners with friends end up bleak!

This happens a lot I must say
Each time we go out we all pray
These two will keep still
Not each other kill
And ruin our fantastic day!

Last time we went out with this group
The waitress came by with our soup
Our friend with a snap
Poured it on his lap
Embarrassed we all flew the coop!

Sandra MHaight

~4th Place~
Contest: The Pigeon Who Flew the Coup
Sponsor: Tammy Rams
Judged: 06/01/2015

Poem Details | by John Monteblanco |
Categories: lifeme, me,


Astrologists were wrong when they said I never show my emotions.
I've always been the outcast and the crybaby of the family but poetry is my devotion.
I don't care who knows or finds out about my secret love.
My emotions can't set me free from this cage like the whitest dove.
Should I keep going or stop my writing motion?

God was wrong when he sent me to be born on September Eleventh.
I'm nothing like a Virgo, please just call me an Amaranth.
War, love, and hate describe me on any given day.
When I look at her, the war ends and I'm tempted to stay.
In my mind I'm another ordinary kid that arrived the umpteenth.

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: political,

The 1 Percent Solution

This country's wealth is owed to loans
A debit the public now owns 
We're told there’s no cost
But old lifestyles are lost
Over war and pork barrel bones

The public’s frail pockets they pick
Politicians and banksters trick    
And prime the nation  
With graft and inflation 
Thus making the middle class sick

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: funny, political

Baa-lair and His Lost Sheep

There once was a leader called Blair To the Iraqi war he declared Like little lost sheep None of his party did weep Not one was found dead lying there

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: history, inspirational, life, loss,

To Patrick, I thank

When I was just a little boy
Aged seven I had so much joy
In Commander Job I was so fond
He was Ian Fleming's James Bond
A war hero, he's the real McCoy

* When I was seven years old, I had the privilage of staying with
   Patrick Dalzel-Job, feel free to copy and paste his link *

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: tribute,

The Glen Miller Band

Attended a performance of the old Glen Miller band You younger folks might not remember this man Back in the war years We all shed a tear Missing over the Channel, but we all remain fans © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: miracle,

A Warless Year

Maybe this year will see an end of hostilities The world needs a break what are the possibilities Probably zero to none Putting war on the run Us humans certainly have the capabilities © Jack Ellison 2016

Poem Details | by Chris Matt |
Categories: introspection, life

My own worst enemy

Battled the mirror since the age of eight.
This on going war inside me I hate.
We all act like its a sin.
I have a slim chance to win.
Today the fight starts to lose weight.

**By Chris Matt
**”Me Against Myself Contest.”
**June 28, 2011

Poem Details | by elizabeth lepapa |
Categories: loveme, heart, heart, me,


Stared me with eyes of gold......Sun radiated from my heart

Two hearts crashed towards each other

A  heaven was created

"I never want to see you ever again"

My heart weeped,

Terror and war,

Suddenly disastrous floods attacked;

aching nerves.......dust turned to soot,


in the desert of my solitude;

Reflected my heart to find you fertile plated;

The shadows of your voices....The mirage of your lips

"Self Denial"

The only true love written on my heart,

My heart fought with my soul

I don't need you

The war have to end

The truth..Inside i know you are the painkiller,
You are the plague in my heart

Elizabeth Lepapa for Me against me contest by

Poem Details | by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: political

Masters versus masses

If the masses works a slaves and servants
For these politician… great and giants
       Poverty will prevail
       More families will fail
There will be a war of the plants and ants.

For follow the leader contest

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: humorous,

An Old World War II Injury

Well how do you do, my name is Jack Brain's still working but it's developed a crack It's a World War II injury While watching it on TV Munching on chips put my back outta whack

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Opportunity for Unity

Opportunity for Unity

What we saw after so much scrutiny;
Minds must not meddle with mutiny;
Racial bias no more,
Or try to even score;
Seek a perfect opportunity for unity.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet
Bolivia, NC

Trump was ambiguous and avoiding
and putting off making decisions last
night as usualHe must come to the
conclusion that he has to face facts
and be realistic and remove himself 
from the Trump dream worldHe does
dislike teleprompter and is like a child
rebelling against his parentsMission
and goals must equal each other.
Afghanistan is a war of attrition not
designed for victory but Trump
said that we would be victorious.

Poem Details | by Celine Tran |
Categories: life

Yes or No

It’s the silence war that’d always been fought
whether to say yes or no to the thought
Give it a try? It might hurt…
Stand stock-still? Nothing will divert
but at the end its experience they’d brought.

Categories: fun, nonsense,



                               Harry yelled out "aut pax aut bellum"
                                   Indeed he lost his cerebellum
                                       He kept the piece in dish
                                        And the peace on a fish
                                  The next war he lost his flagellum

                         aut pax aut bellum (lat.)= either peace or war

copyright (C) rajat kanti chakrabarty

Poem Details | by romeo naces |
Categories: peace, political, war,

The Pacifist

            They have kicked and kept him out of the military;

                  with the brutality of war he could not agree;

                                          ah, but you see

                                              what irony,

                now he's leading a batallion of a rebel army !

Poem Details | by Israel Cohen |
Categories: africa, body, imagery, language,

Aphrodite as an Anthropomorphic Map

The goddess we call Aphrodite
Is not just an old Grecian deity.
  The Phoenicians did make
  Her a mapIt's not fake.
Her body is cartograffiti.

The Punic war destroyed her face, 1
The Romans left nary a trace.
  But her hair is still there,
  In Sahara, that's where2
And her chin's a Tunisian place3

MtAtlas is her first verTebra4
Her backbone is now Gulf of Sidra5
  Her heart is in Libya, 6
  Her left leg, Somalia7
Her breast is in Chad wearing no bra8

The Greeks called her liver Egypt, an' 9
Her kidney was Biblical Goshen10
  She's bent at her waist,
  Now Misr-ably placed11
The Red Sea was her menstruation12

As a kid I did think the Red Sea
Was an English map typo: lost E,
  From Reed Sea in Hebrew.
  But that could not be true,
Mare Rubrum 'twas Latin, B.C.

Aphrodite with Hermes did sin,
We know this is true 'cause within
  Her "snatch" we call Sinai 13
  His "zaiyin" does still lie14
It's known as the desert of Zin.


Anthropomorphic maps were generated by configuring the body of a god or goddess over the area to be mappedThe name of each body part became the name of the area under that partThis produced a map-without-paper on which each name indicated its approximate location, direction & size with respect to other places on the same map.

  1 The Romans destroyed Carthage during the 3rd Punic WarIn Hebrew, 
     "face" is PaNim.
  2 In Hebrew, "hair" is Sa3aR (using 3 for the letter aiyin).
  3 Tunis is a reversal of SaNTir, the Hebrew word for chin.
  4 The Atlas is the first cervical vertebra that supports the skull.
  5 In Hebrew, SHiDRa is spine, backbone.
  6 The Semitic term for "heart" is LeB.
  7 In Hebrew, "left" is S'MoL.
  8 In Hebrew, "breast" is SHaD.
  9 As in ancient Greek hepato- (liver).
10 The ancient shin had a T-soundGimel often has a K-sound in other 
     languagesSo, GoSHeN sounded like QiTNiot (beans)Goshen was her 
     bean-shaped kidney.
11 Arabic Misr & Hebrew MiTZRaim are derived from  Semitic TZaR (narrow).
     The waist is the narrow part of the body.
12 The Red Sea was Mare Rubrum in LatinIn Hebrew, it is Yam SooF = 
     Sea of ReedsSooF reverses the sound of PoS (female pudenda, p_ssy).
13 In Hebrew, Sinai sounds like it had an aleph after the nunGiving the 
     aleph its ancient CHS sound makes Sinai sound like "snatch", a reversal 
     of K'NiSah = entrance (to her body).
14 Zaiyin means weapon in HebrewIt is a euphemism for the male member.

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: art, history, ireland, journey,

Irish war pipes

There was an old man who piped a war                                                                               Do to unfair ban skirls voices of no more                                                                                          Take the war pipes if you can                                                                                                         I’ll lilt with gob until they stand                                                                                         Just before the mob is hyped the victor

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: appreciation, bereavement, dedication, eulogy,

only half a Memorial Day 2017

Politicians laud praise and beam
About our heroes’ gift extreme
Oh-so-young they died!! 
But the dream they’ve denied
Is no more war as this day's theme    

Author's Note: I heard a lot of homage, but nothing that makes me believe that the significance of the sacrifice is understood by our leaders and many former soldiers who were interviewed There is little hope for us if we haven't learned by now.

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: education

Who Are They?

Are they coming as friends or as foes,
Those mysteries we call UFOs?
They could be teachers of Peace,
Showing how war to cease.
We can't have too many of those.

won third place in ufo contest

Poem Details | by Terry O'Leary |
Categories: humorous, political,

Lotsa Limericks--- Politicians Per Verse

Our prez is now Donald J Trump
Who has promised to clean out the sump
      Well he's certainly no wussy
      When groping a pussy
What more to expect from a gump?

In charge of the Vice, Michael Pence
Said some things that embrace little sense,
       "Global warming's a myth"
       But's now taking the fifth
In attempting to straddle the fence

We all recall general Flynn
Put in charge of security spin 
      A trained atomiser
      No more Trump's advisor -
His deal with the devil's his sin

The billionaire Betsy Devos
Making plans for a school albatross
      Hating free education 
      Backs private castration
And kids will be bearing her Cross.

The Congress approved Jeff BSessions
Ignoring his racist obsessions
      He seemingly cares
      More for foreign affairs
While forgiving Klan's toxic transgressions.

Chief strategist Stephen KBannon
Develops the Great Again Canon:
      The Goldman Sachs Bankster
      Turned yellow rag gangster
Flings crap from the New Order cannon

Says EPA ruler Scott Pruitt 
"Instead of dry facts, we intuit..."
      (His work as denier
      Keeps profits much higher) 
"..If everything dies, well, just screw it"

The war whoops of Mad Doggy Mattis
Awaken the death apparatus
      With boundless expense
      For a doomsday defence -
Armageddon administered gratis

The magnates no longer need lobby
Or fight regulations thought snobby -
       Now set in the saddle 
      They're herding the cattle
And pulling the strings as a hobby

Now the Don can start wielding the axes
Truncating the tariffs and taxes
      The Mafia boss
      Is dismissing the dross
And poverty's pain as it waxes

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: abuse, love, peace,


There was a man the world wanted to change

Whose heart was filled with a terrible rage

For every effort he made

Pain enforced with his pen's blade

In the end managed all friends to estrange!*

(c) Demetrios Trifiatis
        29 June 2016


*Observing the war of words that is unleashed within our poetic family I beg all involved
parties to declare a truce and let peace and love reign in our heartsGod bless you all!

Poem Details | by lim'rik flats |
Categories: war,

Too Much Is Plenty

Documentary on The War *
More and more and more!
America the Great.
Nam to Watergate,
With plenty more in store.

Don't know if I'm pessimistic
or just a shade realistic.
Politicians lie.
Easy salesWe buy!
Perhaps a bit simplistic.

It was "way back then."
Sam took it on the chin.
I'll watch it all.
I did my call,
But I wouldn't do it again

*18 hour (!!!)  television series about the Vietnam War currently showing on PBS

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: memory,

Biddity Bobbity Boo

Biddity, bobbity, boo..this tune's hanging round in my psyche A hit when I was a wee tike running around in my nightie How old was I? Allow me to clarify The Second World War hadn't begun and Mickey Mouse was almighty

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Andrea Dietrich and Dunkirk

Andrea Dietrich and Dunkirk

Sure seem to be so many similarities,
Along with varieties and familiarities;
When compared,
And also shared;
Sometimes disturbed by disparities.

Do take awesome Battle of Dunkirk,
And way out everything would work;
Harvey hurricane,
Sadness remain;
Much love was there as it would lurk

There are so many similarities between
Battle of Dunkirk, Hurricane Harvey,
MrsMiniver's Rose and Gwaltney
IslandAll of the children had to be
removed and taken to the English
mainlandThe island knew that they
would be overtaken by the Germans
during World War IIEnglish people
went over to Dunkirk in boatsThe
Battle of Normandy also reminds 
me of much of this      Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: history,

But Fear Itself

During World War II, Winston Churchill said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” nothing to dread A nasty time it was For a totally insane cause Thankfully the world rose up and on Hitler's plans they tread

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: war,

Enough Is Enough

Will we ever stop hearing 'bout the war every day I've certainly had enough, time to put it away Enough is enough Enough of this stuff Will there be a different ending..maybe Hitler was gay

Poem Details | by Brian Johnston |
Categories: love, philosophy, science,

'Mai' Limerick Logic

Kimmy Mai has my 'heart' in her pocket, (1)
Does not need either ring or a locket,
Love like beer, always loan, (2)
Less fun drinking alone,
And a blast when you're riding a rocket!

Kimmy Mai "owns the market" on care
And she's fearless when called on to share,
Those who treasure "withhold,"
Don't know value of gold,
Grow up crippled when adults aren't there!

Kimmy Mai knows my heart is just mine,
And thinks sharing is better than fine,
To "lose heart" means you die,
To pretend is to lie,
Heart in chains (on its face) asinine!

Kimmy Mai says she'll love me "forever,"
Thinks I'm tall, handsome, naive, and clever,
Such gifts inborn not learned,
(So they can't be returned),
Still, her words move my world like a lever(3)

Kimmy Mai knows my word is my bond,
Though there are bigger fish in the pond,
And she still chooses me!
"Oh, say can you see," (4)
"Over hill, over dale," (5) "and beyond?" (6)

Brian Johnston
August 1, 2017

Poet's Notes:
(1) This line is a little misleadingYou don't have a firm grip on something that is in your pocket, but you certainly have access! I like to think that my love is a gift that must be given daily for it always reverts to me when I sleep and must be consciously given the next morning again! No one can own another's love, nor is it possible to in fact give your love to anotherThat concept of love I think is a lie! It is clear why there are so many broken hearts!
(2) I have always enjoyed the witticism, "You cannot buy beer, only rent it!" I apply a parallel logic to 'love' as well in this verse!
(3) "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." - ArchimedesRead me long enough, and I will expose you to a little science sooner or laterI may not believe in Donald Trump, but I believe in my readers!
(4) "Oh say can you see!" I compare Kimmy to the American flag and the best that it can stand for..immigrants united in one nation.
(5) "Over hill, over dale" from the Army Caisson Song...I would go to war for Kimmy!
(6) "and beyond!" Quote from Buzz Lightyear"To infinity and beyond." The only value beyond Kimmy (for me) is Science, (a gift from God), and God Himself!

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Military Will March

Military Will March

Always into victory military will march;
Nice and neat in a uniform with starch;
They were proud,
Before big crowd;
Was done triumphantly under an arch.

Can you imagine Arche de Trump.
Because Trump was victorious he
thinks that he deserves a parade.
Parades are to honor a war victory,
having been part of our history.
Trump defies the true meaning of
a parade.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Edwin Alluso |
Categories: imagination,



Imagine the world with no fear
All hatred and conflicts disappear
No war weapons and spear
Kingdom of heaven is near
Let’s have faith in God, oh dear

Imagine the world full of fun
Play together under the sun
No violence and gun
Peace in all human
Show happiness to everyone

Imagine the world with no sadness
Free from harm and realm madness
No more loneliness
Love of God caress
Filled our hearts with joy and kindness

Imagine the world a safer place
Nurturing culture is now embrace
No danger must face
Received our God’s grace
He is right to give thanks and praise

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Categories: allegory, analogy,


Son of God and My Lord

When I want to be bold and much braver,
Always bright being on my best behavior;
Looked all around;
Guess who I found?
Jesus Son of God also my Lord and Savior.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet

And once a War Orphan because 
my dad died on Carrier Intrepid
while on active dutyHis body is
buried off of SicilyAmen

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Categories: allegory, analogy,

Anita Joyner

God Our Talents Is Aggrandizing

On my pillow that did billow was lying;
Tears poured and we had been crying,
About the wounded  and those dying;
To win war how hard they are trying;
Effort did appear to be death defying;
What is done the people were denying;
More sins to us devil started supplying,
And now up again tears we are drying;
God our talents He now is aggrandizing.

James Serious Mysterious Horn

Anita Joyner is another Maya Angelo

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Categories: war,

Great Again


We've not fought a war since WW 2
But deadly skirmishes haven't been a few
Whenever we fight a war and win
And make America great again
We'll preserve the Red, White, and Blue

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Categories: death,


Stories about the horrendous World War II Bout the atrocities committed as domination they pursued The Nazi machine striving For a master race surviving Will we ever hear the end of these tales so lewd