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Poem Details | by T Wignesan |
Categories: natural disasters,

Limerick: Once a pregnant Teen saw a Barrister

Limerick : Once a pregnant Teen saw a Barrister

Once a pregnant Teen saw a Barrister
Thought she recognised the future Father
So she set him a trap
He rushed into her lap
Now she’s stuck with Twins, says Solicitor.

© TWignesan – Paris,  2013

Poem Details | by jack horne |
Categories: depression

The Perils of Internet Dating

There once was a granny called Vi,

With dentures, peg leg and glass eye.

Many photos I’d seen,

And expected a teen -

Who says that the camera can’t lie?

Poem Details | by Randy Imwalle |
Categories: halloween, humor, teen,

A Ghoul Named McDimple

There was a teen ghoul named McDimple
Who thought scaring kids would be simple
He'd moan and he'd groan
Just like he was shown
But the children just stared at his pimple.

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: winter,


A teen with his sleigh on the white terrain.
The sleigh up the hill and then down again.
     The sleigh clips a stump.
          The sleigh slays the bump.
The smile of his dreams says “your sleigh’s insane”

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