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Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
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Old blabber mouth gets on my wick His attitude makes me quite sick He plays to the crowd Is brash and so loud My husband thinks he's an idiot! Inspired by Stevie Wonder Song on the Radio today - He's Misstra know it all' WRITTEN BY JAN ALLISON Impolite blabber mouths and know it alls completely ignore rules and protocols nasty comments they impart from the pit of a black heart Jackasses like that should be kept in stalls From that mouth erupts volcanic dribble He taunts with words until there's a quibble But runs with tucked tail With a cry and a wail! When he's bitten with more than a nibble WRITTEN BY LIN LANE His ego keeps growing up top Mouths opinion not gonna stop No poet nor bard He's such a blow hard Can't wait for his bubble to pop WRITTEN BY TIM SMITH A video was made for a surprise partyEach person, including children, pretending to spoil the surpriseWeebles were a type of toyLittle people that would wobble and not fall downHERE is the limerick: Who can stand them, blabbermouths in the know? Watch those weebles wobble and watch them go! Wee foibles whisper into ears. It’s for a surprise party, dears. Acting their parts, turns out it’s all for show! WRITTEN BY Kim Rodrigues © 7/2/2018 If your “wit” doesn’t get you that far, And all you’ve got’s blah blah blah blah, I’ll give you advice Cos I’m terribly nice... If you zip it, we’ll all shout “hurrah!” WRITTEN BY NINA PARMENTER There's nothing more infuriating than a know it all Who loves nothing more than to make you look small But its so lovely when they come up Against someone who knows their stuff And like old Humpty Dumpty they have a great fall WRITTEN BY TOM CUNNINGHAM He always sings the same boring song With a foot in his mouth, and a thong He thinks he knows it all But I will make him fall Let me google it and prove him wrong WRITTEN BY TEPPO GREN He talks fast and has a huge head I’m sure he thinks of “bull” in bed His words are empty He gets no sympathy That’s all I have to say, enough said WRITTEN BY ALEXIS Y I once met a man from Peru Who said he knew better than you He was a huge phony And full or balony He knew nothing, that he thought he knew WRITTEN BY CHARLES MESSINA I once knew a man from Brazil A know it all with looks that could kill once he opened his mouth it was like a babbling spout He was no longer much of a thrill WRITTEN BY TANIA KITCHIN His horse races wearing no shoes Counts by fingers and toes by two's His life sick and sad Wants to be so bad Friends happy when he has the blues FIRST EVER LIMERICK WRITTEN BY ROBERT LINDLEY I know someone on poetry soup. Opens their mouth and words fly the coop. Tries so very hard to write, Condemnation is their plight! A name? I cannot that low stoop! WRITTEN BY MICK TALBOT PLEASE FEEL FREE TO JOIN IN AND WRITE A POEM ABOUT BLABBERMOUTHS THEN PLEASE SOUP MAIL ME YOUR LIMERICK AWARDED POEM OF THE DAY 3RD JULY - THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED AND IS SHARING THIS HONOUR 7/2/18

Poem Details | by Lin Lane |
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Muppets in the Soup - Join In

Write a limerick of your own about a Muppet
If you post it in a comment or in soup mail to me, 
and I find it appropriate, I'll add it on;-)

Sesame Street's Count von Count is dressed in black
He spends his time counting bats and talking smack
This vampy Muppet wears a cape
Skin the color of a ripening grape
Pointy teeth bite your neck when he's ready to attack

There's a Muppet who always wears a striped shirt
So does Ernie, but the one I'm talking about is Bert
He loves Bernice, his pet pigeon 
Bert's nose is crooked, just a smidgeon
He's the more serious of the two: Bert the introvert

Tell me more about that messy muncher
who crunches cookies like a real monster!
He talks while he eats,
spurts crumbs round his seat...
Is that why he does not grow much larger?
                                                taai tekai

Here’s a tale about Kermit the frog 
When blind drunk he slipped off a wet log
Miss Piggy was forlorn
Her dear ‘Kermie’ was ‘gorn’
Now he’s buried deep in a peat bog

The Swedish chef landed up in jail
In bad trouble no one would pay bail
He’d got a big knife
And butchered his wife
No parole until he's old and frail!

Cookie monster was in a foul mood
She’d found something so bad on her food
A black and white turd
Produced by big bird
When she saw him she said something lewd!

Cookie Monster was curt and concise
She don’t give folks impartial advice
My word she’s a bore
Her word is the law
I don’t think she is really that nice
                                     Jan Allison

Lin had a crush on old Mr Hooper
Said he was fine when he shook his pooper
In his glasses she'd see
A hidden mystery
behind closed doors said his puppet was super 
                                       Tim Smith

Big Bird got a bit over-zealous 
In checking out Miss Piggy's trellis
Oh! Kermit was pained 
And thus he remained 
Quite furiously green and jealous
                               Doug Vinson

Miss Piggy was visibly shaken, 
In the café where Kermit ate bacon
So she filled him with grog, 
Put grease on his log, 
Where he fell in the bog and was taken
                                       Ray Gridley

Have sympathy for poor old Beaker
Was given away by his squeaker
     Miss Piggy he'd kissed
     "You're dead!" Kermit hissed
So raced through the set like a streaker
                                     John Michaels

Not a limerick, but welcomed anyway is this:
Lin Lane, is visibly smart
Sharp as an arrow or dart 
Witty and skilled with her art 
These Muppets with humor and heart 
Encouraging them all to take part
                             Klio Tsitsikroni

Poem Details | by John Michaels |
Categories: childhood, humor, humorous, nostalgia,

Beaker the Muppet

Have sympathy for poor old Beaker
Was given away by his squeaker
     Miss Piggy he'd kissed
     "You're dead!" Kermit hissed
So raced through the set like a streaker


16th April 2017

Inspired by Lin Lane's poem:

Poem Details | by Funom Makama |
Categories: depression, horror, pain, sad,

Course of a terminal illness

Outlook travels farther from being groovy
attracts human sympathy not envy
at it, illness nibbles
getting the more feeble
wall slowly climbed by the deadly Ivy.

Poem Details | by Lindsay Laurie |
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Easter Thrill

Senility for sympathy begs,
but for me, being senile has legs,
for when Easter time,
I find it sublime -
I can hide my own Easter eggs.