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Poem Details | by Robert A. Dufresne |
Categories: adventurefish, fishing,

A Farm Yarn

When we were young boys on our farm.
A fish tale never meant any harm,
We oft were given a look,
When from such a tiny brook,
We claimed a fish as long as your arm.

But then our neighbor named Meg,
Beat the fib and put us down a peg,
By claiming from the same brook,
With not a worm on her hook,
She caught a fish as long as your leg!

Well that truth was quite hard to beat,
Then Summer beat a hasty retreat
Winter changed the fishing world,
Meg turned from tomboy to girl.
And now this fishing tale is complete!

For John Freeman's "Fishing Limericks"

Poem Details | by Daniel Turner |
Categories: autumn, beautiful, change, nature,


September lovely September
Immerse us in colorful splendor
The next thirty days
Please thrill and amaze
With beauty we'll always remember

September lovely September
Embrace Mother Nature so tender
She may blush bright red
Turning down flower beds
While summer honorably surrenders

September lovely September
Full moon of harvest you'll render
Though lovers may stare
And dreamers may dare
You'll always be autumn's defender

   original poem by Daniel Turner

Poem Details | by KP Nunez |
Categories: funny, humorous,


On this tropical beach, one hot summer day
Jim the Trim came, his bod to display
Been workin’ out day and night
Made the girls' eyes burn bright
Next, he's running from muscles that sashay

10 April 2015

Poem Details | by Marugu MO |
Categories: silly,


Once upon a hot midsummers night 
walked a King who was fond of moonlight
Along came a hungry fox 
the King had no guards such a sock
The king loved to moon in the night


Once upon a hot midsummer’s night 
Walked a naked king in the moonlight 
He was caught by a fox 
Who nipped his huge lunchbox 
There’ll be no nookie for him tonight! 


Once upon a hot midsummers night 
walked a King who was fond of moonlight
Along came a hungry fox 
the King had no guards such a sock 
his jewels were at risk, what a plight 

The sovereign then took off his crown 
carefully placed it upon the ground 
A mighty battle ensued 
his royal jewels got chewed 
The king whimpered a sad mournful sound 

The Fox had his appetite sated
The King sat by the road and waited
He surely felt like a klutz 
for losing his precious nuts 
and his regal bearing abated


Once upon a hot mid summer night 
walked a King who was fond of moonlight 
along came a very hungry fox 
the King had no guards such a sock
he was waiting for his silver beau; 

Along came Dandy wearing bits of sashay 
he gave the King a kiss, and a lay 
he was a sly slinky fox 
who thought out of the box 
so the King, made him guard for a day.


Once upon a hot midsummers night 
walked a King who was fond of moonlight
Along came a hungry fox 
the King had no guards such a sock 
And kissing his sword made him a knight 


Once upon a hot midsummers night 
walked a King who was fond of moonlight 
Along came a hungry fox 
the King had no guards such a sock
Frightful sight got rabies from fox bite


Once upon a hot midsummers night 
walked a King who was fond of moonlight 
Along came a hungry bear 
The king was walking quite bare
Being bears dinner was his plight


Once upon a hot midsummers night 
walked a King who was fond of moonlight 
Along came a hungry fox 
the King had no guards such a sock 
And the bats have signalled through their flight 

Fox turned into mermaid by magic 
The king saw the beauty pelagic 
He got charmed and felt the heat 
Fox saw him as lump of meat 
When they got close – the end was tragic 


Once upon a hot midsummers night 
walked a King who was fond of moonlight 
Along came a hungry fox 
The king tried to throw large rocks 
The fox, tail down, escaped in great fright

A fairy came out in the dark night 
And sadly thought "What a sorry sight", 
The fox with others to help 
Came with a great ugly yelp 
The fairy pitied and helped his plight.

Categories: fun, nonsense,

Dolly had a scarlet doll

                                          Dolly had a scarlet doll
                                        In the summer it could roll
                                             Last fall a blunder
                                           Doll gulped a thunder
                                       She messed up all in a ball

        Dolly had a scarlet doll: Limerick: Copyright © Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty
                                           17 November 2014

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: family, happiness, nature, places,

Barefoot on the Beach

The days of Summer are here
On this beautiful earth sphere
This season of shine
The beach we do pine
Our time to appear draws near

The day we have awaited has arrived
To the seaside we carefully drive
The kids and their daddy
Singing Showaddywaddy
The excitement in us now thrives

In adventure they play on the dunes
Through the reeds the breeze plays a tune
A symphony so grand
As I'm barefoot on the sands
On this glorious sunny afternoon

For these days of Summer cheer us all
As the sounds of happy kids en-thrall
Our day is now ended
As darkness has descended
My kids and I had a ball

Poem Details | by Vince Suzadail Jr. |
Categories: funny


On a summer day so hot and sunny
I watched a bee in a hive make honey
And as I went to pass 
He stung me in the grass (fooled you, didn’t I)
And I said hey man, that isn’t funny

Poem Details | by David Fisher |
Categories: fruit, funny, math,

Gross Fruits

We planted a gross of strange, cube shaped fruits
Below the soil, then waited for shoots
When summer was through
Only twelve grew
Which is what you get when you plant, square roots

Poem Details | by Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick |
Categories: childhood, for children, funny

Pretty Little Ladybug

See the pretty little Ladybug
In summer she'll sit on your mug             
Pose in her polka dots                 
Delighting tiny tots
Play a tune and she may cut a rug


Note: Nor for a contest...just fun : )

Poem Details | by Miss Wattle |
Categories: humor,


ADAM AND EVE There was a young couple they named Adam and Eve They walked around naked - oh my, can you believe! In Summer it was bold But Winter was too cold So they donned large fig leaves - now ev'ryone's relieved! © ELR 2013

Poem Details | by Sandra Haight |
Categories: beach, clothes, funny, humor,

Embarrassing Moment

Embarrassing  Moment

In 'Sixty I went to the shore
A hot summer day, so I wore
My handmade swimsuit
It was very cute
Expecting I was, and I swore,

It looked just as nice as can be
My tummy was covered, you see
The shorts were cut out
For belly to sprout
Top flared over shorts demurely.

At once came along a great wind
My top flew right up and chagrined
By this great surprise
To see with my eyes
My tummy exposed as bare-skinned!

But now in these new modern days
No problem with bumps that amaze
Those covered or bare
Don't bring on a stare
When dressed up in clingy arrays

Back then we were less indiscreet
Maternity clothes for the street
Were tents that flowed wide
To hide what's inside
Our bumps took a private backseat!

So when my bare belly stuck out
So shocked, I spun round with a shout
Grabbed towel up fast
Embarrassed, aghast!
I covered it up without doubt!

Sandra MHaight

~1st Place!
Contest: Humor Contest
Sponsor: Carol Eastman
Judged: 06/08/2016

Contest: Most Embarrassing Moment
Sponsor: Mystic Rose
Judged: 10/20/2015    

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: political,


A small temporary summer crush Hillary and Donald's traits makes one blush Media gives each a free ride On all TV screens can not hide Summer flees, winter leaves, spring flushes

Poem Details | by Bernard Barclay |

Kids are like the summer dew

kids are like the summer dew
they grow they cling they wet on you

Poem Details | by john williams |
Categories: humorous,

Pete's Dirty Feet

Peter a farmer from Scrubby Creek,
 Seldom washed his great big feet,
  His fed up wife would complain 
      About the odorous strain
When in summer it reached its peek.

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: imagination, nature, seasons

Rock - Paper - Scissors


Paper Snowflake


Upon the rock of summer that teem
with scissors I forge a winter dream
with paper of white
and visions of flight
each snowflake dance with sunlight gleam


Poem Details | by Mel Merrill |
Categories: humor,

April Gave Herself to Me

Dear April gave herself to me;
May probably will as well--
Although neither know the other
And sweet June will never tell!

But Summer cannot know of them,
It would put me in a spot.
Besides, my heart does long for her--
For summer's really hot!

M :-)

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: happiness, sea,

Chilling on the Coast

Life is pleasant on the Atlantic coast
Fishing is surely what I enjoy most
     Songs of gulls surrounding me
     Colorful shells line the sea
And of my exploits I feel I must boast

The breeze is refreshing as winds pick up
I cast out hoping for something to sup
     Though the tides aren’t moving
     I am always still grooving
Then with a smile I spy a fish close up

It’s just a tiny minnow swimming past
Oh yes, he’s small, but he might be the last
     So I reach down with my net
     He splashes and gets me wet
On a summer day I have chilled out fast

*Entry for Yasmin’s “Letting Your Hair Down” contest by Carolyn Devonshire Written 6/19/2012

Poem Details | by DrJim Martin |
Categories: hope,

Cold Days

Cold Days
DrJames EMartin
©January, 2014

Days of summer are now gone.
Cold winter days we’re shown.
My great desire,
Is to sit by the fire,
Until greatly warmer I have grown.

Poem Details | by Mark Goodson |
Categories: childhood, for children, happiness,

These Coming Summer Days

Tis splendor in the grass these coming summer days
America’s youth can have their privileged adolescent ways
Swimming and playing or simply being laid back
They have little worries without any teacher’s flack
Enrich they youngish self before the inevitable groans of early Mondays

Poem Details | by Broken Wings |
Categories: childhood,

Mathematical Equations

My homework has many an equation, Teacher says math is a good foundation; It all seems like a puzzle, Squiggles that make my mind frizzle, Oh please tell- when is summer vacation? ___________________________ March 8, 2026 Limerick For the contest, Equations, sponsor, Anthony Slausen Did not place in Contest.

Poem Details | by Mystic Rose |
Categories: winter,


I sit by a window and wait for the first snow flake 
and see the tumbling leaves rolling in their quake
a duster breeze 
a window tease 
and I lean on a sea of calm, by the morning lake
the kettle starts to whistle-blow, it's time for a break;   

something real and beautiful is about to happen,    hear? 

The bruising fire of summer days is gone my friend 
and truth be told I'm ready and willing to contend 
to the chill 
the iron will 
of a cheeky Autumn who rumples my leaves, I rend
to the power of the Fall, and no longer fuss or fend   

something real and beautiful is about to happen,    hear? 

I come to the anticipation of a gentle Godly time 
when silver bows hang and angels dress in fine  
show the sign 
to heaven's line    
The snow will fall upon the trees and time will chime 
like a Fenton bell of glass, so dainty oh so fine!   

Something real and beautiful is about to happen,    hear?

Winter is arriving without further ado or fanfare 
as I sit by a hearth and read poems by Baudelaire
Snow squalls
Decked halls
Everything about winter calls, this is a blessed December 
and every memory is good, well at least, those I remember,

Something real and beautiful is about to happen,    hear?

We are going to ring in the winter together,   here  here!!!

Mystic Rose 
November 12, 2015
Contest Name: Write me a winter poem 



Categories: bird, fun, may, summer,


                                         DARLING BIRDS OF MAY
                                Chirrrrup chirrrrup  darling birds of May
                           Peep, cheep, peepy cheep please hit the hay
                                            We are summer birds
                                            Say no empty words
                                    Rising sun is bathing us with ray

Poem Details | by Mystic Rose |
Categories: art,

Beach Dreams

She feels the sand between her toes 
Hears the waves the crash of shore
She waits for a star fish 
Or a jelly glow fish 
Whichever one lands near her toes 
Beach dreams of summer throes 

November 26, 2015

Oil painting number 5, for Eve's contest

Poem Details | by Olusegun Akanbi |
Categories: animalssummer, summer,


Once there was a little butterfly
Once there was a little butterfly
Which flew up to the sky
And descended low
On  a chocolate cream pie
Away little butterfly
And away she goes
Over the hilly valleys
As the summer wind blows
To a place that is far
And nobody knows
Flapping her bright wings
With purple and blue rings
And disappears again
Like a mid summer dream

Poem Details | by Jesse Rowe |
Categories: friend, friendship, seasons,

Two Leaves

Two girls lived upon Sycamore.
Close as any friends were before.
Despite rainy, spring day
They'd laugh and they'd play
In matching green dresses they wore

Said one to the other in May,
"My dear, you look pretty today
In your beautiful dress
What a grace you possess
Forever will we be this way!"

But as time went by and they grew
The winds of change came blowing through.
Though neither knew why
And they still lived nearby
The times that they shared became few

As dog days of summer lolled by
The ground like their friendship went dry
They both suffered alone
Thinking,  "Now that I've grown
She has long since cast me aside."

At last on one September night
Beneath a pale harvest moon light
When neither expected
They both reconnected
She said,  "My dear,  aren't you a sight!"

"Your dress, oh the color transcends
Though wrinkled and curled at the ends,
And see, mine is the same."
And once more they became
The closest and dearest of friends

But each colder day that went past
Twas shorter the rays the sun cast
Soon their generation
Succumbed from their station, 
But they and their friendship held fast

Together on winter's first freeze
They exhaled the autumn's last breeze.
With their stems intertwined
If you search you can find
Lightly buried in snow: Two Leaves.


Poem Details | by deb radke |
Categories: native americanpeople, summer, people,

Indian Rock - And How It Was Taken


They came to the hills with intent,
Offering worship and praise as they went.
The rock with two hands
On my grandparent’s lands
Held a mystical song, most reverent.

One year the museum man came
From a place with a big, fancy name;
He ordered the stone
To find a new home,
So east went the rock with acclaim.

My Grandma, both worried and stirred;
To the people, she couldn’t send word.
In the spring they appeared
Holding gifts as they neared,
‘Imminent Domain’ a term they’d never heard.

That summer, when she heard their soft knock,
She told them how she tried to block,
But the men most insistent,
And oh, most persistent
Served papers to take charge of the rock.

Now the rock sits away from the sun;
Children gaze at the hands, but no one
Kneels before it in praise
Feeling summer’s full rays,
Giving thanks for all that God’s done.

[This is a true story In the early 1970’s, a rock of pink granite, with two carved hands facing 
the rising sun, was removed from my grandparent’s pasture by people from the Museum of 
Natural History It was to be part of an exhibit on Indian Culture And yes, they had papers 
Grandma cried the following summer when the people appeared on the day before summer 
solstice She cried when she told them of the rock’s removal They did not cry They held 
out gifts, insisting Grandma accept Then they left They did not return again.]

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: weather,

Summer All Winter

The summer is reaching an end so it seems Just started I thought, when everything turned green Not fair I declare I'm filled with despair Would love summer all winter, I want to scream © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by DrJim Martin |
Categories: fun,

Vacation Blues

Vacation Blues
DrJames EMartin
©July, 2013

I went on my summer vacation,
It brought me great elation.
To return back to home,
Is a thought far gone,
It should be my permanent location.

Poem Details | by patricia ondish |
Categories: funny, happinessmom, mom, giggle,

"Rockin Ride"

I start my life out everyday ,Often in the same ol' way,
I eat , 
I smile, 
I bathe and crawl back n forth, Some days , I ride my rocking horse,
But nothing prepares for mt goal,
Oh my !! Do hurry I want to roll,
My wheels are the whitest , I have  seen,
My spokes are the shinest , Oh how they beam,
I do love summer time,,
My shocks are the raddest, They bounce and they bounce,
My ride is way to cool,
I can't wait till ,I get to school,
I have to check my get and go,
Sometimes, Mom is kinda slow,
I coo and I coddle so she gets some gas,
I really want to get there fast,
My diaper bag packed and ready to go ,
We are the hippest , I want to roll,
We stroll right by the other rides, Mine is the Coolest mom confides,
I bounce and I giggle all the way to play !
OH My , what a wonderful day,!

Poem Details | by Mystic Rose |
Categories: best friend,

A White Horse Named Fairuz

I was his prize and glory back in the days when I owned the softest mane 
he'd come into the stable with a smile a mile long, bright as morning rain
with a tender stroke on my forlock
he'd call me his superior stock 
then he'd saddle for a gallop through a field of golden lace 
and together we raised thunder by a creek named Cartwright place 

Soon I traded racing limbs for trots and focused gait  
still he brought me purple cornflowers as he met me at the gate 
the artist drew me up immortalizing  me      
then he hooked me on the wall for everyone to see 
I was his beautiful stately horse with eyes of ebony , 
inside a gilded frame I was Helen of Troy, a beauty spree  

The summer came and went with Autumn rousing fast in toe  
dusk in-swept saddled up and the barn winds blew below  
then I died,
and the jockey cried, 
for a white horse named Fairuz, yes he did love me like a wife 
and every night before he slept he watched with tender strife 

the flowers that festooned around my silky white mane, 
and all the rides he took, that helped to keep him sane   
I was the cargo of his youth 
together we bore like sleuths 
back in the days when racing limbs were fast n' straight 
back in the days when he brought me flowers at the gate

The End.

Contest Name: Within A Gilded Frame

Artist: Daniella Arteaga Vallarino
Painting Of A Horse: Named Fairuz 
Meaning of Fairuz(it's an arabic female name)
Date: May 06, 2016

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: pride,

It's Only A Myth

A survey says Canada's a great place to live I'll vouch for that, my bias, please forgive Except for our winters Creating white whiskers And the rumour we have summer is only a myth © Jack Ellison 2015

Categories: fun,

Billy was a silly man

Billy was a silly man 
Run over by neighbor Anne 
He barked barked and barked 
But nobody harked 
His cry in the summer rain

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: fun,

At The Age Of Thirteen

Used to look up at the clouds and dream Shapes reminded me of mounds of whipped cream Delightful summer days Dreaming life away As the pretty fillies caused my ears to emit steam (They still do!) © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by RALPH TAYLOR |
Categories: funny


Losing weight is a Summer tradition
To get myself in good swimsuit condition
        But it seems that my fate
        Is I start it too late
so instead of a loss - there's addition!  

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson |
Categories: people, social,

The Lover

As I lay up treasures in the summer of my youth.
Counting coup on censure, random acts uncouth.
Defenseless maidens hover,
searching for the lover
they find not in me, neither compassion nor truth.

Forbid me not to boast my many conquests done.
The bragging rights mount as I subdue one by one.
In lonely solitude they weep.
Dreams fade, they cannot sleep,
wasting their gift on a fly by night just out for fun.

While I make no promises which I can not fulfill.
They expect to interject a language of love at will
A mental walk to the alter,
then afterwards they falter.
When any hopes for further cohabitation I kill.

Poem Details | by John Monteblanco |
Categories: adventure, life, school, seasons


Summer why can't you come faster?
The only thing I praise is that I'm able to see the sun's shower.
I play through the days and nights.
Hoping June will come and be my Knight.
I don't think I'll make it past this year, without the Summer getting queer.

Poem Details | by Sabina Nicole |
Categories: life, loss, teen,

My first ride quickly died contest

The day I was liberated and free,
After a hard summer job finally,
I picked up my used, “new car”
I did not park it that far
Suddenly there was a catastrophe

At sixteen, tears came pouring down my face
Through the window I watched in sheer disgrace
A man smashed into my baby
I ran out of work CRAZY
My Honda, short lived, was now a big mess.

By: sabina nicole
contest: my first ride

Poem Details | by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: love

Lover's Gin

While I was sat drinking lemonade
the winter’s chilling sun started to fade
the calm before the storm 
perhaps another dawn
found in fizzy dreams of lemonade.

A hazy moonlit beach then appeared
my senses numbing as I had feared
as a pretty girl winked
at me, I dare not blink
in case she then went and disappeared.

The summer bronze reflected on her skin
her jewel like eyes just drank me in
an orchid in my gaze
to banish winter days
and I was caught in a lover’s gin.

Poem Details | by romeo naces |
Categories: nostalgia, people, places, seasons,

Chilled Chaser

               back then, younger summer evenings,

                we ate crabs, oysters, shrimp fillings

                    chased and downed, my dear,

                              with Mexican beer,

                  shortcomings, but no misgivings !

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: life,

Life's Zing

It's the beginning of spring when robins sing We're aware of our oncoming summer fling With sunshine galore Happiness to the core The best time of year, we can feel life's zing

Poem Details | by ilene bauer |
Categories: me, nature,

My Planters

Each year when the summer is nigh
I drag out my planters and buy
     Some flowers to plant
     But somehow I can't
Make them grow, though I really do try.

I gently tamp down all the soil.
With watering, I am quite loyal.
     While others' plants thrive
     Mine are barely alive;
All my efforts Ma Nature does foil.

Still, just planted they look pretty good.
If they lasted, the way that they should,
     I'd be shocked as they come
     'Cause my never-green thumb
Would have done what I'd hoped that it would.

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: memory,

At Age Thirteen

Used to look up at the clouds and dream Shapes reminded me of mounds of whipped cream Delightful summer days Dreaming life away As the pretty fillies caused my ears to emit steam

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: dream,

At The Age Of Thirteen

Used to look up at the clouds and dream Shapes reminded me of mounds of whipped cream Delightful summer days Dreaming life away As the fillies caused my ears to emit steam