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Poem Details | by Mystic Rose |
Categories: beauty, night,

Stars Are Our Link To The Great Beyond And God Himself

Title was taken from: Gary Bateman (I thank you Gary)

I watch the splendor of a shooting star 
and breathe the beauty of a hum-guitar   
Her light 
in flight 
is like a million lanterns on a cooling night

I dream awhile beneath the tarp of heaven 
then close my eyes & slowly count to seven 
I wish in true 
for souls renew 
and soon I’m covered in night’s dew 

I loose the mind and pry his realm  
it`s an expedience of God’s mystic dream    
When free 
I see 
the beauty of his creation for all eternity 

I watch the splendor of a bird in flight  
and breathe the beauty of a blessed night 
His wings 
they sing 
to me of freedom, and all a night can bring;

If only we can learn to sing
Like a Cardinal on a string!

Written by: Mystic Rose 
June 24, 2015 


Poem Details | by Owen Yeates |
Categories: people, drink, morning,


I would like to tell you the story
Of a drunken man named Rory
Who liked his pint of ale
Every day with-out fail
In the morning he looked rather gory

He would make his way to the pub
Where he would have a drink and some grub
Then go merrily on his way
Drunk as a skunk they would say
Home to bathe in a tin tub

He would walk the several miles home
Down the country lanes he would roam
Weeing were all could see
Singing the rose of Tralee
While carrying a garden gnome

One night he spotted a man
He spoke to and asked if he can
Give him a light 
No reply so a fight
But it was a tree he battered then ran

Waking in the morning hands sore
Found bandaged fingers all four
He decided that day
No more drink he did say
And he never drank a drop more

Poem Details | by Mystic Rose |
Categories: happiness, love,


She raises her goblet to the moon while standing on a sturdy bridge 
Here’s to you my effervescent friend, we’ll be together till the end 
Way too many heart breaks 
She pulls out all the breaks 
But the moon stays still for she has her own story her own shiny tune
You cannot make her go away, she has way too much panache n’ stay

She closes her eyes to the moon while offering up a cease fire tonight 
Here’s to a solitary way, perhaps there is a new love round the bend?
She drinks the potion 
With mixed emotion 
But the wanderlust of the night gets the best of her, she’s bathed in light 
Yonder dreams come to life and she hopes with all her might 

He arrives carrying a red rose of the truest shade and drinks the remains  
The sky begins to dance with velvet hues of midnight blue as if on cue 

And the moon stays still as she sings her shiny tune 
And the moon has will, after all she is the winsome moon!

Love and Light, 
By: Mystic Rose for our one and only Skat….xxx
May 02, 2015

Poem Details | by Mystic Rose |
Categories: humor,

Pick Your Strawberries By Weight

Pick your strawberries by weight the sign said 
Well Jan charged in as soon as they opened the gate 
I didn’t eat a wee chunk?  UMF!
Oh but she looked like a chipmunk 
O’er the scale they put her, five extra pounds yep! 

Now Jan is in a real jam, 
Cause she ate herself poor 
And she could hardly fit through the door 
But oh did they ever taste good, hot dam!

This limerick is written for my friend Jan, 

Love you girl xxxx

No heart feelings I hope xxx

Mystic Rose 

Poem Details | by Mystic Rose |
Categories: blessing,

A Thousand Years A Thousand Dimensions

The human eye is made to see 
Both concrete and reality
We can’t conceive,
But we can perceive   
The mystery of God’s eternity

We knock on table it’s understood 
It’s hard, firm and made of wood 
But as for faith 
It’s an open gate  
Between God, you, and all that could

I see him clear in my imagination
I need no proof, nor explanation
I know he’s there 
And I’m aware 
That he loves me, with no equation 

We are one…

April 16, 2015

Written by: Mystic Rose 
Quote by: Albert Einstein

I see a pattern, but my imagination cannot picture the maker of that patternI see a clock, but I cannot envision the clockmakerThe human mind is unable to conceive of the four dimensions, so how can it conceive of a God, before whom a thousand years and a thousand dimensions are as one? 

Poem Details | by David Fisher |
Categories: farm, funny, time,

A Farmer Named Brock

There once was a farmer named Brock
Who was proud of his timely cock.
‘Cept it rose too early
Surprising his Shirley
On the day we turned back the clock.

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: imagination, life, love, natureeaster,

Undone Hidden Flaws

There once was a garden in Thomaston
But all the hidden flaws show now in sun
     Bombarded by winter cold
     Delicate Easter dress bold
Became frozen, tattered, falling undone

Now that lovely garden in Thomaston
Back in early spring's golden rays of sun
      Rose blooms, tulips open tips
      Flawless are flowers no thrips
Remember Rose Trellis_ love's embrace spun

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, creation, flower,

To Grace a Pink Rose

It's my desire to grace a Pink Rose Scented attraction, attracts my nose Gardener man in me sees Scents sensed so wonderfully Natures stem to the Rose grows <*>

Poem Details | by Mystic Rose |
Categories: beauty, creation,

Into Nature I Flow

Out of the rat race I go 
And into nature I flow 
I sing 
I dance 
While canoeing I row 

Out to the forest I lurk 
Stepping in on, alert 
I walk 
I talk 
While the birds chirp

Out of this world 
This beauty unfurls 
I impearl 
I uncurl
While I give it a whirl 

Here in blessed nature 
I regain my good posture
No demeanor 
No  intervenor 
Just me and God and his cure 


Mystic Rose 
April 16, 2015

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: fun,

Hazel And Laughter

A bed of rose petals  Hazel sprawls
bed started  collapsing then falls
bridegroom heated with anger
then looked at each in  laughter
she wanted pickles  and ice cream balls


Contest Name: L&H Limericks 
Sponsor: Catie Lindsey

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: funny,

Bawdy bawdy

She watched, as he rose to attention
Her desire was too hot to mention
From pink lips passion flows
She reaches for his hose
A bit short, he needs an extension 

Not a limerick guy, I hope I got it right.

For Roy Jergen's Bawdy, Bawdy, bawdy miss Clawdy contest.

Poem Details | by Mystic Rose |
Categories: humorous, universe,

Hikaru The Japanese Wise Man

One foot before the other up the mountain he goes to meet the great wise Hikaru 
"Focus" he mumbled to himself as he puffed and grunted and rose a little higher 
Use you're chi 
Said the wise one's spirit, and the mountain shook and rumbled still he climbed 

Suddenly the air grew chilly as altitude rose, nature called him loud n' loud 
"Focus" he grumbled to himself as he tucked his cheeks a little tighter up he went 
Use you're muscle 
Go now hustle 
Said the wise one's spirit, the mountain snickered, still he rose with great zest 

When he got to the top he piped "what's the secret to the Universe Hikari?"
ainiku chotto osoi ososugiru "unfortunately a bit too late, you poohed!"
Too foul my man
Tis' a pity you ran  
That's oka my friend the secret of the Universe is, "Everybody Poops"  

Now you go down and wash you're undies by the creek 
Mountain say "only clean men without poop can stay" 
Hikari then shat  
right where he sat 
So together they climbed down to the creek and clean up 

The moral of the story is, do not judge others for stinking 
Pooping is a natural body function, it's everybody's thing!!!


July 25, 2015

Poem Details | by Lori Jean Phipps |
Categories: childhood

Taboo Tattoo

Where her obscure red rose tattoo was planted you would not believe it; near her bright
hazel batting eyes, above her left brow extending down to the tip of her nose 
Her hair was auburn and unruly 
She was daunting in hot pink and everyone stared because of her exceptional beauty
It was startling that she was only four
Luckily the scar was impermanent having come folded in a plastic ball only costing a quarter.

Poem Details | by Mystic Rose |
Categories: blessing,


Another morning has come to open the lids on my face 
I must do my part to rise above, it all begins with "Thee" 
the prayer, the tilt of the head 
the feet, the shuffle out of bed
Without God I think I would disappear without a trace 
I must do my part to rise for it all begins with me;

Another day is calling me I am devoted to the cause 
I must help the ones who need it most cause I am 
his daughter by birth 
sitting round his girth 
Without God I would be nothing by a long big pause 
I must walk the talk and talk of him, cause I am 

Another devotee, God's intende, I am his for eternity 
Another votary disciple that knows HE IS.. ETERNITY,


Mystic Rose xxx

January 16, 2016

Poem Details | by Mystic Rose |
Categories: winter,


I sit by a window and wait for the first snow flake 
and see the tumbling leaves rolling in their quake
a duster breeze 
a window tease 
and I lean on a sea of calm, by the morning lake
the kettle starts to whistle-blow, it's time for a break;   

something real and beautiful is about to happen,    hear? 

The bruising fire of summer days is gone my friend 
and truth be told I'm ready and willing to contend 
to the chill 
the iron will 
of a cheeky Autumn who rumples my leaves, I rend
to the power of the Fall, and no longer fuss or fend   

something real and beautiful is about to happen,    hear? 

I come to the anticipation of a gentle Godly time 
when silver bows hang and angels dress in fine  
show the sign 
to heaven's line    
The snow will fall upon the trees and time will chime 
like a Fenton bell of glass, so dainty oh so fine!   

Something real and beautiful is about to happen,    hear?

Winter is arriving without further ado or fanfare 
as I sit by a hearth and read poems by Baudelaire
Snow squalls
Decked halls
Everything about winter calls, this is a blessed December 
and every memory is good, well at least, those I remember,

Something real and beautiful is about to happen,    hear?

We are going to ring in the winter together,   here  here!!!

Mystic Rose 
November 12, 2015
Contest Name: Write me a winter poem 



Poem Details | by POET. UNDERTAKER |
Categories: humor,

Formula's Spell

Once there was a man called Formula “the mass”
his philosophy changed none: fellow ruled the mass 
“Fragrance your thought for
Sweet rose your heart, dear!”
Bloody how sweet is formula’s spell to rule the mass!

Poem Details | by Funom Makama |
Categories: birth, birthday, celebration, life,

It is another Birthday

Time is driven in a brand new Rose Royce
calendar gives notice with a happy voice
nothing serious at stake
bring and let’s cut the cake
a cycle is covered for all to rejoice.

Poem Details | by POET. UNDERTAKER |
Categories: humor,

Secret Deal

Once there was a dame called Rose Mary”the charter”
“Man with a monkey face, elastic arm” her character
Iron man, He Man, Superman, 
Spider man, are great power men
Bloody patent this character, for trillion dollars sure! 

Poem Details | by Austin Dufur |
Categories: anxiety, best friend, confusion,

Fox Trot Fish

A fish who was once made to serve
served those few willing to nerve.
This great joyous desire
became long term attire
then backfired with a swerve.

The Virgin cast aside Pisces
after he affected her nicely.
But he, all but prepared
still desired, loved, cared
and became his own helpless crisis.

This wound Pisces could hardly endure
for Virgo rose above Pisces pure.
She found new friends in the sky
disconnecting the will to comply
keeping Pisces confused and unsure.

Now Pisces alone must mend that spite
ruining his want, becoming right.
Merry Christmas, my friend
and reckon to descend
to help cleanse this torment I fright.

Poem Details | by Margeret Bailey |
Categories: politicalrose, rose, prejudice,

If Only There Was A Fair Lady

No one seeks the Rose of Sharon,
despite her being declared as the maiden so fair,
by King Solomon,
The truth of the matter is, her complexion is not fair
enough, to give her cross-over appeal allowing the
Knights of the Round Table to "wheel and deal",
Yet, no one would dare say it is really that way,
for fear of being accused of bigotry and prejudice,
Despite her brilliance and favour from God,
The Rose Of Sharon was used and cast aside
as if she were manure or sod,

If only she were a fair lady she would have received
the world and all the help required to succeed,
but the color charts would not permit,
therefore, sensibilities took heed,
and great achievments from a rose colored wit would
not be seen,
because it would be unbearable to watch the raisin
in the sun preen.

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: friend,

A Very Mysterious Flower

There's a mysterious lady here on The Soup Mystic Rose is her name and here's the scoop A neighbour of mine This vision divine Maybe we'll we meet one day over a bowl of soup © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Rainbow Promise |
Categories: cheer up, fantasy, funny,

Man With A Plan

There once was a man
Who was beating a tin pan.
His hands were very sore,
Right down to the core.
He decided to have a good tan.

He made up a plan,
There's not much to really span.
The dog rose up and sniffed
From broiled beef there was a whiff;
A kitty was added to the clan.

Now the dear fellow
Was naught but yellow,
Can't tune up the pans he would beat,
He stacked them up in rows real neat,
And lets out a sound like a bellow

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: drink, humor,

limerick joke IV

My bride and I on a pub crawl
Near a bar my brain can't recall
Mnemonic power!
I'm thinking "thorned flower"
Which spot dear Rose sells the alcohol?

Poem Details | by Mystic Rose |
Categories: beautiful,

Morning Splendor

She sits on the edge a dove of morning 
cooing from my roof, freeing wings inlay 
Pitter patter frolics on my hot tin roof
she's got beauty & she needs no proof 

Of the wear about of butterflies and birds 
or the destination of a roaming pardalote, 
Oh yes 
She's bless
Living high above my world, she sings nice 
while I win a smile and butter down a slice;

Scent of percolating coffee in my kitchen, 
ranging from my window, i see her spot  
she wings it on and glides away content; 
I believe this morning was God sent!

Have a great day
My precious poets  
Make the best of it 
Don't waste time on petty things 
Live       Love       Laugh 
Be in the moment, always!

Mystic Rose 

July 23, 2015

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: happiness,

A Rose In My Hair

Could it be that spring is in the air No worries about the news, not a care Think I'll run naked That'll surely shake 'em Through the streets wearing just a rose in my hair

Poem Details | by Mystic Rose |
Categories: memory,

Mirror Of Memories

I see my eyes but do not understand the blur 
nor the future that will soon devour, incur
is that me
in there?
that stranger in the looking glass,    oh it's her?
where did she go?                           yes, her,

Mystic Rose 

November 14, 2015
Contest: Mirror of Memories Alzheimer's 

Poem Details | by bulinya martins |
Categories: allegory

a rose of indigo

grow up
go through the time archway
away from the omens bay
ahead awaits a rose of indigo

Poem Details | by Franklin Price |
Categories: bullying, political,

There Once

There Once Was 
By Franklin Price

There once was a rich man who spent
His own money to be president 
You can tell when he stands
He has very  small hands
And to the debates he soon went

He found as he started to speak
That the others their noses could tweak
Some came back at him
But there wits were quite dim
Heads were bursting and starting to leak

He did quite well in the polls
Twice as well as the other poor souls
He rose to the top
As the others did flop
They began setting downgrading goals

The media jumped on him too
His opponents  began something new
Came out with rhetoric
That was really sophomoric
Even  green slime they did spew

Then one of them said something grand
Its meaning we all understand
You know what they say
In bathrooms every day
About a man having small hands

With that they sunk lower than low
They contested how low could they go
Much lower than we
Thought we ever would see
Did not take him down and then so

The whole party joined in the fray
To take him down in whatever way
Dig up any dirt
Bring on losers to hurt
Guess that's politics of today

Poem Details | by T Wignesan |
Categories: humorous,

Limerick: Once Steppes Chief Mongol in a loose hose

Limerick: Once Steppes Chief Mongol in a loose hose

Once Steppes Chief Mongol in a loose hose
Tried to jump Great Wall with horse and Rose
Horse kicked hole in hose goal
Chief bored hole in the Wall
Guess who licked Rose red-in-the-nose?

© TWignesan – Paris, 2013

MERRY XMAS to ALL Soupers !

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: art, funny,


Botticelli-the pot-bellied artist For the Medici family was a great activist. His paintings rose him high. For his Venus you know why. He's been claimed such a great artist! Dorian Petersen Potter Aka ladydp2000 Copyright@2006 September.21.2014

Poem Details | by David Caldera |
Categories: lost love


I never had a chance to give you roses,
or lay rose pedals on your bed and maybe,
place them around your feet.

I never lit scented candles for you while
you bathed or had the chance to watch
you as you sleep..

We have never taken walks in the rain,
holding hands or vacationed together where,
we might have, looked into each others eye's, kissed
passionately as, I stroked your hair then said,
"I love you over & over again"...

We were so, lost in ourselves, caught up in worrying for others.
Those precious moments we could have had,  when if, one
of us would have only taken, the time to appreciate the 
other,  maybe then we would have noticed
we first need to be friends before, lovers....

Poem Details | by Angeline Haikutwinkle |
Categories: god, inspiration, philosophy,

Faith --- Answer Me

I gaze at the approaching thunderstorm
and inhale the earthly scent of rainstorm
Her tears
as spears
is like a million blows on human fears

I ponder awhile beneath the lit-up sky
then words start rolling & a prayer is sent up high
I wish for peace
for all fighting to cease
and then the sky beckons with shades of cerise 

I loose the heart and soul on mankind
it's easy to lose faith without God's sign
When lost
we toss
the beauty of his creation for lust and greed

Then I witness the miracles of life stories
coincidences that appear and save lives
His wisdom
for our kingdom
is unfathomable for our limited visions

If only we can soar with his visions
Like an eagle on a wind's rhythm!

A mirror response to Mystic Rose's poem below:

I watch the splendor of a shooting star 
and breathe the beauty of a hum-guitar   
Her light 
in flight 
is like a million lanterns on a cooling night

I dream awhile beneath the tarp of heaven 
then close my eyes & slowly count to seven 
I wish in true 
for souls renew 
and soon I’m covered in night’s dew 

I loose the mind and pry his realm  
it`s an expedience of God’s mystic dream    
When free 
I see 
the beauty of his creation for all eternity 

I watch the splendor of a bird in flight  
and breathe the beauty of a blessed night 
His wings 
they sing 
to me of freedom, and all a night can bring;

If only we can learn to sing
Like a Cardinal on a string!

Written by: Mystic Rose 
June 24, 2015 

Poem Details | by T Wignesan |
Categories: humor, irony,

Limericks croises: Once a Rigolo Tennisman won Wimbledon

Limericks croises : Once a Rigolo Tennisman  
                                 won Wimbledon

Once a Tennisman won Roland Garros
Made a speech drowned in tears of rose
Said : « Of all Tournaments
Love this best – Compliments ! »
Nation enveloped his heart with applause.

Then he won the US tough Masters
Made a speech that sounded like tweezers
Said : « Of all Tournaments
Love this best – Compliments ! »
Nation loved watching twitching whiskers.

Then the Ladies Man won Aussie Open
Made a speech without keeping mouth open
Said : « Of all Tournaments
Love this best – Compliments ! »
Nation kept its Heart all stripped open.

Then Rigolo Tennisman won Wimbledon
Made a speech on Central Court of London
Said : « Of all Tournaments
Love this best – Compliments ! »
Nation rose as ONE : « Git the Hell…Ye Con ! »

© TWignesan – Paris, 2013 

Poem Details | by Shelby Wiser |
Categories: death

dreamin again

If I were to slit my wrist
Your life would be gone 
You see, i can't be your dream

Im more than halfway dead
Your dream is a lie,
Until that last slit across
My vein will draw the 
Blood of hopelessness.
Your rose pricked my tears
And cold night dreams,
Rests ever so softly on my coffin
Still as your lying dream.

Poem Details | by D Bronowski |
Categories: funny,

Last piece of paper

Fragrant fumes rose from my loins
On a porcelain platter, I dropped some coins
I wrote this poem while I sat
Do you realize now where I was at?

I was sitting on this same seat
I wonder, can you still feel my heat?

I know of this roll not much is left
I took the rest you could call it theft

Whether you like my poem is not the issue
You will have to use it as a tissue

Poem Details | by aruna yadav |
Categories: age, beauty, dream, feelings,


I am called splendid rose by everyone
No mean I am says anyone 
They say they are pricked up by thorns to own
Don't they know inbetween thorns I am born 
Ever they understand amidst thorns I am worn.

Poem Details | by bulinya martins |
Categories: faith

the magi rode again

the magi rode again
after the star of David rose to reign
the royal in manger in the stable
lay he ready to enable
but Herode wanted him slain

Poem Details | by Sameera Wafa |
Categories: cute love,

I Am A Rose

I am a rose pretty and red
making two hearts come close
I am a gift so great to give
the colors of my petals so addictive
the smell of my body so fresh,
that brings love in the air
oh so if your loves heart breaks,
I am good use to repair
I am a rose so pretty and red
 a rose so beautiful and rare
I have so much value, 
to me nothing can compare.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous,

From Trump This Do Demand

From Trump This Do Demand

To know from Trump this do demand
Why treat Rose like she is second hand
Food tastes bland touching long tongue
And takes advantage of heroes unsung
For sexist things computer have scanned.

Amazing what you find out about Trump
in his Trumpapedia.

Jim Horn