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Poem Details | by DARREN WATSON |
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Trying something new

Trying something new , If you think you see something or someone you recognise
It is purely coincidental.

I met a romantic queen
and made love to her in a dream 
Her mum said Put him down 
Drive him out of town 
You've no idea where he's been 

I have a friend named A.D.
I adore all of her poetry
Her writing puts me to shame
but when she mentions my name
I feel like she's flirting with me.

A beautiful lady named Nette 
Said she wouldn't be kissed for a bet 
but a gentleman I aint
If I kissed her she'd faint
and she'd be forever in my debt.

Our very good friend Tim
Swore a beautiful woman was stalking him
but since he's been missing 
He's discovered French kissing
Now our chances of finding him are slim.

I know a young lady named SKAT
When she makes love, She purrs like a cat
She is such a cute kitten 
I admit I am smitten
and I wouldn't mind hearing that.

We have a beautiful friend named F.J.
I asked what she knew about kissing one day
I could tell from her wink
She knows more than we think
and a lot more than she's willing to say.

I'll work on it

Poem Details | by James Rasmusson |
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Seven Dwarfs

~Seven Dwarfs~  (limerick sequence)*

There once was a dwarf named Doc,
Who saw patients around the clock.
He hadn’t gone to medical school,
Yet his patients he could easily fool,
For his meds were always chalk.

There once was a dwarf named Sleepy,
Whose wife was extremely weepy.
She wanted to travel
But couldn’t unravel
His hair from the bed canopy.

There once was a dwarf named Happy,
Who ate only fudge and taffy.
His tummy got big.
He looked like a pig.
So he switched to chocolate frappé.

There once was a dwarf named Bashful,
Who’s wallet was always cash full.
Too timid to spend
For fear he’d offend
The peons whose homes were trash full.

There once was a dwarf named Dopey,
Who’s mind was mightily mopey.
His speech was so slow
His belle didn’t know
That he wanted to elopey.

There once was a dwarf named Grumpy,
Who became a little rumpy.
He ran ten miles a day,
But much to his dismay,
His butt just became real lumpy.

There once was a dwarf named Sneezy,
Whose allergies made him wheezey.
He wanted to play the romantic lead,
But instead did the voice of a dying steed,
In a film by Martin Scorsese.

*the real ending to "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
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CYO Hayride Picnic

Note:  The CYO is the Catholic Youth Organization for teens Really enjoyed all the 
activities they held, especially the hayride picnic!
The teenage girls brought baskets filled with food
While the boys braced for a romantic mood
     I packed turkey and some rolls
     But my basket, it had holes
Brushed off my mate’s gestures, not to be rude
The full harvest moon shone brightly above
And other couples were pursuing love
     Pete and I dated for years
     I, a virgin, filled with fears
Erotic moments he felt deprived of
So as I fumbled through my worn basket
Pete saw me as virginity’s mascot
     The turkey, it was still there
     Rolls had fallen out, but where?
I dove into the hay, the rolls to get
Peter dove too and the carriage did sway
Though I wasn’t ready for his “squeeze play”
     I sought only food’s treasure
     This picnic proved a pleasure
That’s how I got my first roll in the hay
Entry for Carol Brown’s “Picnic Time” Contest Some truth to this, but Peter was still 
feeling "deprived" after the hayride.

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
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Earthquake JF

An earthquake size crack down my heart Now that from soup you did depart No more romantic gems To meet those little whims How I long for your awesome art
Sponsor: SKAT A Contest: A Valentine Limerick To The Poet Who Broke My Heart Written: February 2, 2015

Poem Details | by apoorva patrikar |
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My definition of love

Baby, the day I saw you first
Dunno how my heart had a burst
You soon became my friend
Would friendship last till the end?
Staying without you, oh that’s the worst

High time it was, I’d waited so long
You’d finally proposed to me with a song
Ooohh I could hardly wait
You were already my mate
I wished nothing would now ever go wrong

We usually sat together like a dove
Now was that really true love, love?
Sad songs seemed so boring
Romance in full sure seemed luring
Now was that really true love, love?

Your lovely smile was now my smile
Our relationship was not at all fragile
I started drawing hearts and roses
We took photographs in various poses
Without you, I couldn’t even stand a while

One day that was, I wasn’t feeling very well
You immediately rang the nearest doctor’s bell
He had a really bad news
From all the doctors we took reviews
I was about to die, they said from their shell 

That is the day when I realized
Our love was never actually very precise
My love had different forms
Between us, we had no norms
I sure had a soon to be demise

Relating romantic songs to you, was not true love
Electricity racing at your touch, was not true love
Your presence at my last breath, telling me 
You’ll never leave, kiss me, caress me
Making me smile, while I die, now that’s true love...

Poem Details | by CT Duet |
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A Series Of Limericks

We have Poet Destroyer in the lead 
She will take out your heart and make it bleed 
She has a big smile 
Drives all the boys wild 
She is the poet we all do need 

There is a tipsy man named Arthur 
Who tried to get all the girls to purr 
He drew up his sword 
When he gets too bored 
To show the girls his wordly allure 

Tim is the romantic one we seek 
He tells of how life makes him weak 
He is kind and sweet 
Charming and real neat 
The ladies all listen when he'll speak 

There was a young dirty slut 
Who had small boobs and no butt 
She walked like a boy 
Which gave her no joy 
and was teased that she was a mutt 

A beautiful lady with brown eyes 
Had bosoms pointing up to the skies 
She wiggled her waist 
showing off a taste 
of what was between her silky thighs  

A dirty old man lived down the block 
Every night he walked at eight o' clock 
Whistled at ladies 
He spoke real shady 
In his pocket he carried his rock 

A young girl who lived in the woods 
Played with all the cops and the hoods
Big long guns they all had
Making the young girl glad
She let them all play with her goods

Little Timmy could do no wrong 
With the girls he would sing a song 
He was a smart lad 
Making the girls glad 
When he played pocket ping pong 

Poem Details | by RALPH TAYLOR |
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Love Advice - Revised

If it seems your love life's a mess

and you're feeling romantic distress.

        What you have to do

        is find somebody new

which would help solve your problem, I guess!

That may not be easy to do

if you're looking for love that is true.

        But you must keep in mind

       the one you finally find

should be deeply in love with you too!

Your love life should be a success,

don't ever settle for less

       if there's mutual respect

       then you can expect

very little romantic stress.

Poem Details | by Joe Flach |
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The Divorce Club

with rings we were wed
until death do us depart – 
the love died too soon

There once was a romantic wedding
We mistook love for what was in the bedding
But outside the sheets
We were incompletes
So the marriage license we are now shredding

We join many others in the divorce club membership fold
Mistakes so many repeat when the love story is said and told

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
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Romeo Potential

A lady once called me a romantic devil In these sweet loving words, I forever will revel Usually my poems are comedy driven My soft tender side is usually hidden Stay tuned my friends, I have Romeo potential © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Tsotetsi Thabiso Edward |
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Rhyme to recall recapture of romance

Writing relative rhymed rhymes
Rhyming with revival rhythmically rhythm
Is not revue but reviewing my role
To resurrect as requested to revive back romance.
When rhyming my rhymes I can revolve revolutionary robust
Rocking like rocky rocks rolling to the right rendezvous,
but today I recite repose as if I repent,
but rely it you will relish,
because its a rhyme to recall recapture of romance in relationships.

I wrote it to rake up real reign
When raspberries were rasped,
Rationing reverie,
Raucously reading romantic readings regularly.
Becoming a receiver reckon receiving reciprocally gifts,
but this is the recital to recapture  romance to recur.

Read this rhyme to refill,refine,reform and refresh romance.
Regain rarefied of relish rained rich rain
Raining rainy with ravishing red roses reddening a red ring around you.
Relieving yourself by reiterating 'I love you Mrs Right',
and wait for the rejoicing remarkably respond to be relayed
'I love you too Mr Right'.
The respond  that revealed the resourcefully resource for resurrecting.
I rouse you because I'm roused;
Be a roman and go to Rome
To see real romance,
and you will romp of being romantic,
and really its realistically real

Poem Details | by john williams |
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Dangers Of Pensioner Dating

A seventy year old couple on a romantic date,
Were at a bistro eating seafood crepe,
Feeling so good, a kiss they sought,
Locking mouths their false teeth got caught,
And both sets fell onto the plate.

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
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Like An Old Buccaneer

Well how do you do, my name is Lou I'm a normal old chap except for my do Hair down to here Like an old buccaneer A romantic old buggar and quite naughty too © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
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Romancer Number One

Move over young Tim, here I come Going to challenge your title, you better run My romantic side Is gonna whip your hide Your days are numbered as Romancer Number One © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by romeo naces |
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Raging Toothache

                    To be called a romantic is something I just can't take,

             but the faint hint of your smile has kept my nights wide awake;

                                                      I float, I wait

                                                 in a stunned state;

                now your absence torments me so like a raging toothache!

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
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Tulips have a very romantic connotation One lip is fine but the second is for conversation Well there's certainly another No, not kissing your mother Mean smooching and grabbing causes elation

Poem Details | by Tom Cunningham |
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A romantic young man from Sherwood 
Bought a ring for his girl and felt good
He left it on the bus
Air was blue with his cuss
Chased after it as fast as he could.

A chocolate lover from Bangalore
Couldn't get enough and wanted more
She had a big belly
Wobbled like a jelly
Now she cannot get out the front door.

There was a man who got into a lift
Someone before him had left him a gift
He gagged and he spluttered 
Under his breath muttered
Got to his floor and oh boy did he shift.

A Dutchman was wearing new clogs
Got chased by some mean looking dogs
But he could not out run
They chewed his clogs for fun 
And now they look like splintered logs.

A pilot was flying in the sky
Heard both his engines splutter and die
He'd ran out of fuel
And he felt a fool
The moral is fill up 'fore you fly.

On her birthday told hubby don't be late
And with him she wanted to celebrate
With good food and some wine
A posh place they would dine
He forgot and went drinking with a mate.

Written 17th January 2019.

Poem Details | by Mark Elam |
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Time for dessert

At the end of a romantic meal
A sweet glimpse of your breasts I will steal
Bathing soft candlelight
Spicy curves now in sight
Then a rhythmic embrace so surreal

For Sexy poetry contest

Poem Details | by Subimal Sinha-Roy |
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The Smell Of Love

In instant love with this handsome man she fell On romantic date this she wanted to tell He came floating in flair Sat so close on the chair His socks smelled fetid fish, she groaned, what the hell.
August 29, 2018

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
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Romeo Potential

A lady once called me a romantic devil In these sweet loving words, I forever will revel Usually, my poems are comedy driven My soft tender side is quite hidden Stay tuned my friends, I have Romeo potential

Poem Details | by James Horn |
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Marvelous Royal Marriage

Marvelous Royal Marriage

Truly was a marvelous romantic marriage,
Could actually have a  horse and carriage;
Smiling gaily;
Doing dailey;
With honor will have future royal heritage.

They had been married and was elegantly,
With words all truly spoken so eloquently;
Lifetime once only,
And never lonely;
Love they mentioned and said frequently.

We always had wondered whether of not,
When by them love diligently was sought
Morning dove,
Singing love;
And in each other's arms both are caught.

Forever she always will stand beside me,
And our fine love shall find  flowing free,
God cared,
We shared;
He had made and by Him meant to be.

What we always know  about God's fire;
Grow and grow being higher and higher;
While we waited,
Heat regulated;
So surely to glow  and everyone inspire.

What had happened made us all cross;
When we ended up  with a signal loss;
Every way,
Total dismay,
And God soon fixed who is our big boss.

Jim Horn


Jim Horn