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Clean technique

Once there was a man called Clean"the modern"
His philosophy “Catch the new words, you are modern”
Dressing sense, eating etiquette - nonsense 
Healthy thoughts, personal hygiene- nonsense
Bloody this modus operandi is very catchyModern!

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pain killer

Once there was a wise man called Dr.Dates"the truth",
preaches “love, a great cure for all pain”great truth.
Tender affection from others surely,
removes unpleasant sensations nicely.
Bloody, this fellow preaches filthy philosophy as truth!

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A song to erase

Once there was a man called Alex, the goose
His philosophy “Daddy daddy oh my Daddy” base?
“Don’t, na na” “Don’t na na”
“Don’t na na” “Don’t na na”
Bloody what a song to erase! 

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Once there was a man called Jenish “for objectivism”
Fascinated by the philosophy of rational individualism
With moral integrity and respect for right for -
others create art, ideas, technologies, more… 
Bloody this philosophy of Rand surely motivates the meek!

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Good Thief

There once was a man called Good Thief,
Soul robbery his expertise, tried no knife,
his disciples even worse,
rob souls of animals, ease!
Believe me, sacred the philosophy of this thief!

Written on 17-08-2013.
For the contest “any New limerick”  by “Black Eyed Susan”

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Hot,the thief

Once there was a philosopher called hot, the thief
authored his philosophy titled “bible of the thieves”
"brand a gentleman thief,
all thieves are good"
Bloody this code is really hot!great thief.

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Formula's Spell

Once there was a man called Formula “the mass”
his philosophy changed none: fellow ruled the mass 
“Fragrance your thought for
Sweet rose your heart, dear!”
Bloody how sweet is formula’s spell to rule the mass!

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Categories: humor,

Technically right

Once there was a man called Blabber, the horn
gears forward uncompromising in his philosophy to drown
"All are wrong,I am right"
"All err, I am perfect"
bloody could blabber be technically right? no crown.

Poem Details | by Brian Reynolds |
Categories: black african american, day,

MLK's Way

You see I say things in segments 
or incramentsThe word usage
that rhymes and makes sense it's

I still remain a participant to an
extent of the Black focus even though
many think that we remain hopeless

Human beings make a scene to try
to define me, but I remain unseen
like the sixth man on an Indina Pacer
team, but I hope one day that this will
all just be a dream

I caught up to my pedestal to adopt
the hard rocked hip-hop, jumped to 
the top of the game like a juggernaut 
so maybe I better stop

The real lyricist slash spiritualist 
transferred his heart with a dart by 
his cleverness

I pray one day that my philosophy has 
gotta be the truth within the making 
rather than a dream to become a reality,
but the black experience needs more 
camaraderie, because right now we are 
stereotyped as a mockery

I sense a pain far more worse than a 
mental illness, so low that a solo artist 
couldn’t fulfill this

Subside from the anger building deep 
within the introverted stranger

Yeah, I’m making blatant statements to 
save us from hating the fact that the 
righteous suffer, ain’t it complacent?     

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: uplifting,

A Free Spirit

Always been a free spirit can't change me now What will be will be, my philosophy since milking cows Sounds like I was a farm boy Nope, was a lad with all the toys A wee bit spoiled, but to be sweet I've learned how

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Writing this joyous uplifting limerick to myself Need a kick in the ass at times to be a jolly old elf Basically who I am My philosophy is I believe in me, alive and in really good health

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Flaming Parts

The more things change, the more they stay the same A bit of philosophy that still rings true, same old game Sometimes we win But much to our chagrin Things can turn out bad and parts burst into flames

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Go Ahead and Give Trump the Blame

Did Turn and Toss Like An Albatross

Last Sunday was first Sunday
for our new priestSaw his
name on program which was 
creasedHeard his sermon 
and  were pleasantly pleased

During our dreams we did turn and toss;
What if new priest had been an albatross;
Great sermon gave;
Now is latest rave;
Are fortunate that him we came across.

Priest possessed a potent potential;
His sermons to hear were essential;
Further pried;
Never lied;
Practiced philosophy of existential.

By God new priest was properly wired;
Way up high, he really had been fired;
Temptation fought,
And we got caught;
Now know why we became so inspired.

When a new priest to our church came,
He and I would always think the same;
Is running rabbit,
Creature of habit;
Go ahead and give Trump all the blame.

That is what he kind of was saying in
his sermon without mentioning Trump's 
name and claim to fame which was 
such a shame.

Priest said that when we had talent
we were supposed to spread it all
around like I am doingWhy would 
I want to be called a sinner for not 
doing itSo am I sinning to be
sinning from the beginning or
out have they started thinning;
When God saved me from them
I will be winning.

How about this one

Once knew a benevolent Bedouin
Only drank water and ate gelatin;
Skinny did seam;
No ice cream;
So started looking like a skeleton.

For now know this should be enough;
Were well aware had been a big bluff,
Ideas did form;
Another storm;
Had naked thoughts when in the buff.

New priest came after his predecessor,
He sure did seem to be a sin stresser;
When pleased;
Sins squeezed;
Went out and bought a big compressor.

New vocal priest would play a violin;
Did so he could free himself from sin;
Saw new dawn;
Sins all gone;
Finished and said give me some skin.

Great Scott and then guten morgan;
From all around world and Oregon;
Keys did tickle,
While in pickle,
When we heard Marg play the organ.

Things have really become the pits,
So guess quietly should call it quits;
Hard to explain;
Brain did drain;
Horrible poems are everyone admits.

Jim Horn

Jim Horn

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Categories: kiss,

The Great Abyss

My philosophy on life goes something like this In spite of the hassles, end each day with a kiss If no one's at hand Send a kiss to the land Appreciate the good stuff but avoid the abyss

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Was Proverbial and Variable

Was Proverbial and Variable

Was no doubt philosophy is proverbial;
Determined to vacillate and be variable;
Not sure;
Part impure;
We found final results totally terriable.

Jim Horn


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Categories: allegory, analogy,

Potential of Being Quintessential and More

Quintessential represents most perfect 
or typical example of a quality or class.

Potential of Being Quintessential

Problem had been measuring potential,
Of things considered to be quintessential;
Yet obsequious,
Or part of philosophy being existential.

Jim Horn

Heated Then Repeated and Repeated

After continually repeated and repeated,
Debate became bewildered and heated;
We knew from start,
He broke our heart;
Again by Trump had been mistreated.

Jim Horn