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Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: celebrity, funny,

Beatle Mania

Beatlemania (The Fab Four As Lovers) Once a choir boy, John turned to romance, Fell for Yoko almost at first glance. In full public view In bed with her too - Showed the world how to “give peace a chance.” Quiet George played much more than guitar. Lost his wife to another rock star. Layla left him because Of how hung up he was On the music he made with his sitar! Ringo acted in “Caveman” and met His wife Barb (once a Bond girl) on set. Though the film of this drummer Was dumber than dumber, Wise in love, he’s not left his Barb yet! A heart breaker, Paul left Wife "One" For Linda, and made her a vegan! On their farm smoking pot, They made money (a LOT)! He’s a genius whose life sure seems fun! written Oct13, 2013 for the BeatleMania Contest of Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

Poem Details | by lim'rik flats |
Categories: veterans day,

one veteran's day

firkins and gherkins and whistles and shoes
cluster bombs, punji stakes, death in the news
choppers chattering
napalm splattering
a carpet bombed mind with asian war blues

cracked vinyl records and medals unworn
black and white photo, ex-soldier unshorn
wheeling chair
graying hair
a beaded necklace with peace sign well worn

tobacco stained fingers shake with a curse
lips pull a drag with help from a nurse
flares ignite
will he fight?
a battle goes cold, memories submerse

wheeled to a corner, he stares at a wall
that others can’t see, for him it is all
locked within
he can’t win
a war without end..unspeakable gall

Poem Details | by kasim ishmael |
Categories: dedication, depression, devotion, forgiveness,


I search for happiness
But never found it again
Though it will be pursued
It will never be attain

I got lost a long time ago
And I give my heart away
It’s been broken to badly
It didn't mend up till today

She left me alone in the dark
Didn't wait to see if I was alive
alone i suffered everyday waiting
For peace of mind to arrive

And it never did came
I would lookout the window
Asking god to please help me
And just make my misery go

But the goodness in life
Has turns his back on me
And left me stuck in a time
To suffer for eternity

Why she walk out the hospital
Why couldn't she see my pain? 
Didn't she care that she might?
Never see me alive again

Now I’m scared for forever
Domed to face the world alone
Never will find a resting heart
And for ever my soul will roam

My heart is empty 
But fill with love to give
But who is going to love me
A man who’s badly defective

So the long road of life
I must travel without love
I know my mother loves me
That the only love, I’m sure off

I wish to find love again
But afraid to get rejected
Then my heart will be broken
And die when it gets infected

Right now I love some one
And keep it secret
And talk to her everyday
But will never reveal it

Will always keep her in my heart
But can never have her in my life
And I know one day I will die
If she becomes another one’s wife

And through this lonely journey
Will have lots of obstacles
Some times when I get tired
I have an ice cream Popsicle

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: allegory, angel, business, funny,

Hark--an Angel--The harbinger of all things good

What flies though the air up above
Disguised as a peace seeking dove
For those who've not heard
Drones can send you the bird
From the land of brotherly love

Author's note: Is this really how to win friends and influence people (for the long term)?

Poem Details | by Godfry Shivolo |
Categories: peace, peace, peace, sun,

Peace and happiness at last

The tumultuous whirlwinds had now ceased
The roaring, nettlesome sounds have dried away
The tide is now silent
The clatters and jangles,
now dead, they are.
Far and wide, the drumming sounds, ululations...
For the happiness, peace and calamity, found again
All is being born again.

The sky is blue
The dark-dark, huge, cumbersome and petrifying clouds
Have faded away
And now, white clouds are to be seen hither and thither
In the blue sky-scape, congregating
For the new rain of the new
the new downpour of joy and peace of nature.

With my hands, 
I rubbed away the hot tears, at last
With a smile, i looked out
The thudding of my heart, had stopped, but gone
Relieved i felt, for the tempests, had flied away
I yawned, stretching my arms
Bad times, had reached their edges
At last.

The birds fluttered and warbled
Their sounds anew
Tickling my fancy
The swiping of the trees
buzzed with the cool breeze
and then, the sun showed up
with new lively alight, and 
with the moon
they all smiled cutely.

All got in full swing
For the peace, and happiness had at last been restored
I danced along with the birds, soft wind and the trees
Dancing, to their tune
And with all the peace and happiness
Smiled back to the jolly sun and the moon.

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: for her, for him,


There are women who feel a strong need To nag men until their ears bleed In a war of attrition With relentless petition Is a cruel way to make men concede Men wish for a life of peace But get nagged by a tongue that won't cease Men will just say It's the female DNA That must out in its need for release We can’t help it; we just HAVE to nag Guess some folks would call us 'an old hag' But men get on our nerves When you paw at our curves Men should give up and wave the white flag We can suffer from bad PMT, Become ogres that men want to flee We scream and we shout Say we’ll throw you out But for some reason you wont let us be Better by far, we should try this next time It's effective and will prove sublime By wearing earplugs In each of our lugs We'll be laughing whilst nagging - in mime Laughing together will lighten our day It's a tonic to chase our problems away For a really big smile Can last a long while And we'll both get along better that way 24th January 2016-01-24 Collaboration by Jan Allison and Rob Bettridge

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: life, uplifting

Fish Out Of Water (Pisces Dude)

I once knew a compassionate man
who couldn't survive on dry land

    he was sensitive and kind 
  helped me find peace of mind

with him a spiritual quest began 

Pisces Freak I Am 

Poem Details | by Dolly Bhaskaran |
Categories: father,

God Awakens

When we look outside 
we can see many things
 Money ,material,luxury,
 fashion,people, celebrities
 We dream about what we see
 We try to get the things we see 
There will be competition and envious 
to get the things and we aim high
 and we forget about who we are.
 When we look inside we just see
 the opposite of what we see outside.
 When we look into ourselves it is easy to find 
who we are and what is our purpose of our life.
 When we look inside we see the good and bad things,
 right and wrong things clearly and able to distinguish.
 We are in peace and love when we look inside,
 when we look outside we do not have the time,.
 because we are rushing to get the external things
 When we are really awaken we try to look inside,   
and lead a healthy peaceful  and happy life.
 Adikaran 15/10/12

Poem Details | by Robert Pettit |
Categories: nonsense, people,

Nag Nag Nag

All the old woman does is nag, nag, nag.
How do I get rid of the old windbag?
There is a bumper crop
when she goes nonstop.
For peace and quiet, is there a price tag?

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: urban,

The right turn

Noxious noise too loud is absurd
What's the point of saying a word?
Some bikers adore
A Harley's revved-up roar
And tread on my right to be heard!

Author's note: How about a wedding band so loud that there's no chance of a conversation at the table?  Why do the people generating the noise have no idea?  Who is shunning gentleness and subtlety for the sake of shock and awe?  What happened to democracy's sense of empathy and fairness?  Where is the government regulation to assure peace and quiet?  When will my ears get a break?

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: anger, anti bullying,

blow back happens

The bastards who dole out abuse
Like seeing my neck in a noose
But they've only sewn
A razor-edged kidney stone
Which for them has pain to induce

Author's note:  Abuse can be enforced poverty and economic unfairness, forced relocation, racism and discrimination, religious intolerance, rape, forced labor, abduction, a lack of peace (of mind) and numerous other things Life shouldn't seem like it's happening in a concentration camp People need to have dreams and hope and know that they can have a job and that work will pay off Are these the root cause issues of unrest we should address, or do we just build a bigger set of fences everywhere and see what happens?   

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: peace,

Peace In Our Time

Eighty years old and can't remember a time When peace ruled the Earth and freedom bells chimed Maybe 10 years or so Remaining but whoa The odds are not promising for a different paradigm © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: adventure, happiness, love, romance


Sky as infinite as deep thoughts,
foaming sea emitting sparkles,
glances brightened by romance,
a sweet urge to dance...
enjoying the peace of late hours.

Inspired by Linda-Marie's photo ps.JT76945.jpg
written by Andrew Crisci

Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: angst, bible, conflict, military,

The Army Chaplain

Tooled up, the army chaplain
Is wielding the words of God
Straight in for the kill
With ‘The work of His will’
And ‘He came not with peace but the rod’

The sixth commandment is tricky
A most inconvenient law
For the turn of a cheek
On the battle field bleak
Is far from conducive to war

So, pity the army chaplain
And the conflict that rages within
As the ranks of the dead
Tramp a march through his head
And he murders his conscience with gin

by Gail

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: happiness, planet,

Gaiety And Mirth

The original purpose of Planet Earth Over four billion years ago since its birth Was peace and harmony Without conflicts constantly Only extreme happiness, gaiety and mirth What the hell happened??? © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: funny

Wine Haha

I..don’t mean to waste your time,
But..boy dose me wife bloody whine.
Do this, do that,
The miserable old bat
I found peace when I pickled her in brine

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: peace,

A Worldwide Jamboree

The world is corrupt, why can't we see Our time here is limited, tolerance is the key Too many have have died Need to live side by side Get together for a worldwide peace jamboree

Poem Details | by Abdulhafeez Oyewole |
Categories: adventure, depression, devotion, lonely,

Letter to Home

When I look around..I See that It's abound
 Whatever it Is..It wants Peace 
 Peace of mind..An everlastingly Bind
 No racketeering..It isn't Blind
 It Sees More than what you see.

Poem Details | by POET. UNDERTAKER |
Categories: humor,

Peace Lovers

Once there was a man called Vetti Nayagam, the speaker
This speaker knows history, geography, epics, ethics, linguistics and more
How to run a family? Author speaker
How to win an election? Author speaker
Bloody Nayagam gentlemen are no cold fish, peace lovers ! 

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: marriage,

Crumbs On The Counter

Man and wife are at opposite ends of the scale When it comes agreeing on what's important in life, we fail Obsessed with crumbs on the counter Berates him till into a battle they flounder Life's too short to worry about crumbs for peace to prevail

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: discrimination, money, political,

a new confederacy at long last

Only now coming down from its mast
The flag of a terrible past
What pain we endure
To see racism’s cure 
So will we have peace at long last?

Author's note:  There will be much more to do before we have economic fairness for all Racism is (unfortunately) alive and well in this world of ours At some point, people may realize how foolish they have been Racism is a sign of a small and closed mind and doesn't jive with reality.

Poem Details | by Miss Wattle |
Categories: friend, fun,


ODE TO BARRY There was an old codger named Barry For our firm daily, he'd drive and he'd carry With a grin and a wink, he'd tell jokes galore We'd moan and we'd groan and fall on the floor Many names he's been called - but none of them hairy! 'Twas "Dee's" Transport who paid for his fuel and oil But our firm all day was for whom he did toil He wrapped and he strapped and would load his own truck He'd even been known to clean up our muck A team player for sure - and the salt of the soil! From Trent to Toronto, many towns he resided Why was this gentleman so undecided? A good woman he needed, to love him and care Along came Leanne, a Winnipeg gal so sunny and fair She's the girl of his dreams and NOW he's decided! They moved to T.O- 17 years would pass and they marry at last A good man to be sure - but not very fast! Then it's time to pack up and move out to Trenton A new house they've bought, 'tis peace they are bent on But he has to resign - and we're all so aghast! We'll miss this guy who neither shirked nor did tarry And what will we do with no puns now to parry? He's a friend we'll remember with memories so fond We wish him good times and good health on old Quinte Pond. Yes, this fellow we'll miss - this old codger named Barry! c ELR 2013

Poem Details | by POET. UNDERTAKER |
Categories: humor, endurance,

The Republic of Jenish, the lost resort

Once there was an intellect called smoke, the philosopher
Architect of a new republic of peace by dare
Shunting viruses by tolerance
Eliminating interferences by endurance
Bloody this domain is for gladiators

Poem Details | by Connie White |
Categories: life, life, me, pain,


As I sit here in the shadows of what my life should be, I wonder if this pain I feel 
will ever set me free
The struggles I have felt so deep are carved within my soul the torment of the 
years gone by will forever take their toll.
 Upon this world, there has to be a greater force then fate, for when my days are 
here and gone will I knell beneath the gate?
 Is there really someone who looks over all of human kind, if there is then why 
within my being the peace I cannot find?
 My hands they shake and my bodies numb from the hurt my heart does bare, if 
this is how my life should be, it does not seem quite fair.
They say life is what you make it; well then, I guess I made mine hard, for this I 
will pay the biggest price, a mind and soul that’s scared.
I will look up to the heavens for the strength that I will need to try to face the days 
that lay ahead, for the mercy I will plead.
Dear lord if you are really there please here these words I pray, grant me strength 
to face
this world with courage each new day.
 I am asking for salvation for all the things that I have done, please grant me just 
the peace of mind to feel a bright new sun.
The sun that shines on those with peace, who feel no pain within.
If you grant me this I ask I plead, my new life can begin.


Poem Details | by Keith Bickerstaffe |
Categories: funny

Dressed For Success!

...for Juvie's 'moose'

Her moose is loose and wanderin',
her peace of mind he's squanderin',
if he don't get back here
sometime later this year,
she'll just hafta do her own launderin'!

Categories: fun, nonsense,



                               Harry yelled out "aut pax aut bellum"
                                   Indeed he lost his cerebellum
                                       He kept the piece in dish
                                        And the peace on a fish
                                  The next war he lost his flagellum

                         aut pax aut bellum (lat.)= either peace or war

copyright (C) rajat kanti chakrabarty

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: betrayal, conflict, evil, goodbye,

life with Trump III

A sensation with ratings so high
Donald lulls the press who stand by
Even gods cower
In front of Trump Tower
Which will be our future Versailles

Author's note:  We know that he really cares about all of us normal folks from his time spent working in agricultural fields and factories and his time spent living with the poor in Appalachia This man has--through his selfless acts of charity--such as working with aids victims internationally and setting aside apartments for low income tenants in his buildings--shown just how much empathy and compassion he has His concern for the lives of the ordinary has also been well documented by his friend and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Vladimir P With such a stellar individual as commander-in-chief, what could possibly go wrong?  

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: future,

A New Dawn

Another whole year has come and gone Perhaps this year we'll awake to a new dawn Where world peace will reign We'll throw away the chains And the map of the world will be redrawn © Jack Ellison 2016

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: history, sin,


I'm a prehistoric dinosaur
And I lived millions of years before,
God created man,
By ongoing plan.
I was destroyed by a meteor.

They lived long ago when the world was young
and in peace and plenty abided.
Some roamed the land dressed up in fur.
Hard armor for some was provided.
They did not ask from where they came
nor question the where of their going,
They were quite contented with their lot
and had no need of knowing.
The meat eaters didn’t waste their food,
they killed only what they could eat.
They lived by God given instinct,
with no lying and no deceit.
It went on like this for eons,
God created and then refined.
He wanted to populate the Earth
with these beings of every kind.
It was after He created Man
from a handful of dry sod
that sin descended on the Earth.
Man broke the laws of God.
Given free will, Man took the reins
and traversed the whole of Earth.
And that is how Sin came to be 
given unholy birth.

dinosaurs vanish
replaced by man…
sin enters

By: Joyce Johnson 3/17/12 Limerick---old poem---haiku Won a 3rd
For pd's Dinosaur lLQuestcontest

Poem Details | by Keith Bickerstaffe |
Categories: humor,

Dressed For Success

Her moose is loose and wandering,
her peace of mind he's squandering,
if he don't get back here
sometime later this year,
she'll just have to do her own laundering!

                  ******** friend Juvie and her missing muse!

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: social,

Poetry Soup

Poetry Soup makes the world a much smaller place As we talk with people with different origins, different race What a wonderful opportunity To experience a world community Where people of peace congregate and embrace © Jack Ellison 2016

Poem Details | by john chizoba vincent |
Categories: art,


As men bring their broken marriage
To be reorganize to good
So i brought my broken dreams
To God, because he was my friend

But then instead of leaving him
In peace to work alone

I hung around and tried to 
Help with the ways that were my own

at last i snatched them back and cried
"How can you be so slow"

"My child" he said "What could i do?
You never did let go"

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy, political,

Pains In Health Plan

Jimmy Kimmel talked about his son
who was born with a heart disease
Representative John Vaso voted
against Affordable Care act that
would have supported a woman
with a brain tumorPeople on a
retired fixed income are having 
a hard time keeping up with the
increases in health insuranceI
wrote these poems after thinking 
about this.

Pains In Health Plan

Our Congress members on are concentrating;
Pains in health plan they can be creating;
Bill not ever read,
Or have heard said;
What took place was plenty of prevaricating.

From us health benefits will want to rob,
By someone with big mouth or a fat slob;
From where I sit,
Are dumb dimwit,
And hope next election will lose their job.

There are things that we must confess;
Health Care plan has become a big mess;
Think of self only;
Leaving us lonely,
We are under duress causing so much stress.

Congress is not nice, courteous or ever kind;
Never leaving us with any peace of mind;
Sold us short;
Lent no support;
Even took advantage of deaf, dumb and blind.

All politicians we should learn how to avoid
Making all of us annoyed as well as paranoid;
Sure are sarcastic;
Doing things drastic;
Should flush them down toilet like a big void.

Constituents are being taking advantage of,
And with us won't share any of their love;
What's wrong with them?
Made our lives look grim;
So we have to pray to God in heaven above.

They never treat is like one of their own,
And soup given to us only had a big bone;
Pain in know where;
Not treat with care;
What they know nothing about leave alone.

What Congress really needs is to be officiated,
So that things will be successfully legislated;
Goals be met;
Not fool around or fret;
Or a successor to them will be contemplated.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet

PSWhich one do you like the best?

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: earth,

Our Minds And Spirits Coalesce

Sharing is one of the greatest gifts we all can ever possess The smiles on faces of those whom we share is an absolute joy to assess It lifts our spirits to the skies above As we soar o'er the countryside like a dove A dove of peace flying beside us as our minds and spirits coalesce G Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by James Marshall Goff |
Categories: funny

Stellar Lady

Stellar Lady

from Pleiade's Moon 9 she materialized
goodwill and peace she sermonized
we asked her to lunch
poached pears she did munch

then spun like a top and vaporized!

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: abuse, love, peace,


There was a man the world wanted to change

Whose heart was filled with a terrible rage

For every effort he made

Pain enforced with his pen's blade

In the end managed all friends to estrange!*

(c) Demetrios Trifiatis
        29 June 2016


*Observing the war of words that is unleashed within our poetic family I beg all involved
parties to declare a truce and let peace and love reign in our heartsGod bless you all!

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: crazy,

No Grabbing And Clutching

Let there be peace all over the land Where folks of every nation join hands But no naughty touching No grabbing and clutching Unless you get permission, then you can © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: patriotic, political,

Have To Go Vote

Have To Go Vote

Have to go vote than unify
Even though county is dry
Things became complicated
While in long line I waited
Had one more drink with a sigh

Here's to you with many cheers
All our hopes and also fears
Finally came to fruition
When beans became my ammunition
Started passing gas with many tears.

Discovered we were at day one
Did not start and had not begun
Had looked into my cereal bowl
Image said can you cajole
Some who are abusive men.

To vote up people had all lined
Trump many he has maligned
Also us taken advantage of
Never shared any of his love
Hillary causes peace of mind.

Battle, Saddle Tattle

About to be in a big battle
Up on horse will have to saddle
When you do ride his
Look down and see him pass by
Trump telling tale he did tattle.

WowJim Horn

Just wrote all of this from 0700
to 0800 on Voting DayThe challenge
is hearing things on the television
and turning them into poems.
Try it sometimeWhich one did
you like the best and with you 
mind had messed and by God
had been blessed while they 
live in my love nest.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous,

Observations after Third Hillary Trump Debate

I wrote these limericks after last
nights Hillary and Trump debate.

Democracy will determine where we go
And more about it you start to know
More certain and sure are bound to feel
When of approval give it a great seal
Carry with wherever you decide to go.

Trump had gone on an exotic excursion
Of Hillary's mind and its dispersion
As usual again he became belligerent
About things that are insignificant
And accept results voters are urging.

Women in front of Trump did parade
None ever received a passing grade
And Hillary was great with generosity
He was full of lies having animosity
Run for President should have forbade.

Support for Hillary was over whelming
She was successful after storm calming
Again at peace to America she brought
After Trump and very terrible onslaught
His body should experience embalming.

Now come onThis should have reaised
a few eyebrows and created chuckles.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Ako Henshaw |
Categories: art, beautiful,


Alot of feelxs I get these days.

The peace when I pray

The smile when its you

The fear of going astray

And of course the back breaking desire to make you stay.

©Ako NHenshaw

Poem Details | by Enik Fox |
Categories: war

Invisible evil

We fight, we war
 With disregard for the gore

Horrible tragedies ignored
 Is any peace restored?

Attacks on innocents proceed
 While no warnings do we heed 

While we focus on what does not matter
 Our enemies hide and scatter

They are free to fight another day
 With our heads the price to pay

We fight an evil without a face
 They operate silently without a trace

Plotting their next move
 Even though the world does disapprove 

How can we fight what we can not see? 
Even though it stands in front of me

They are like an invisible force 
And we cannot track the source

Eventually our time will come
But will we chose to succumb?

Will we stand and fight?
Or will we run and hide in fright?

Will we stand up for our land?
Or witness its destruction firsthand?

Has our demise already been written?
Or will we just sit here smitten?


Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: friendship, funny, life, love,

Not My Way

A friend is what I am by night and day,
Regardless of what other people say,
Oh, the good thing you must note, 
Is that peace and love I sought,
So sleep well, I take not your wife away! 

Poem Details | by Hayden O'Neill |
Categories: humanity, integrity, mental illness,

Illusions of War

Every man has a right over his own life,
Political parties,
Corrupted governments,
destroy promises and hopes,
through false illusions of war,
Forcing innocence into situations,
Shaming his manhood,
to murder neighbours,
disorientating the fruits of human instinct,
against his will.

War affords no acts or sense of heroism,
only high perfection of modern arms,
nuclear warheads,
chemical warfares,
disintegrating human integrity,
disturbing natures existence,
So true,
So obvious,
We scratch our heads,
and question our identity,
of what peace really means.

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: patriotic,

An Ode To A Tree

Maple trees are a symbol of Canada, our great land It's leaf is featured on our flag we're a friendly band Of peace loving folks Friendship we evoke Spoken by a true Canuck, covering my heart with ny hand

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Bring To Senses

Bring To Senses

We should bring him not 
To knees but to his senses
For peace to obtain.

Just heard that an Admiral 
had said this about North
Korean leader.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: peace,


Security is tight, the world is different now To each man and woman we must be vigilant and vow To do our small part To shore up the ramparts So for peace loving people, our freedom will allow

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: community,

Poetry Soup

Poetry Soup makes the world a smaller place As we talk with people with all different race What a wonderful opportunity To experience a world community Where people of peace congregate and embrace

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: christmas,

Der Bingle

A beautiful White Christmas..der Bingle is smiling The world is at peace as this crap keeps piling A snow blower's a must From dawn until dusk ENOUGH ALREADY! A petition I'm filing!!!

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Obtain When You Refrain

Obtain When You Refrain

A much better appearance will obtain,
Saying things full of nonsense refrain;
Your noise deaden,
And peace heading,
Or do need Novocain to deaden the pain.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Long Trip On A train

Long Trip On A Train

What if peace I were to obtain;
Could it be in good weather or rain?
Bus passing by;
Under a blue sky,
With God's love on long trip on a train.

James Serious Mysterious Horn