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Poem Details | by Daniel Turner |
Categories: autumn, beautiful, change, nature,


September lovely September
Immerse us in colorful splendor
The next thirty days
Please thrill and amaze
With beauty we'll always remember

September lovely September
Embrace Mother Nature so tender
She may blush bright red
Turning down flower beds
While summer honorably surrenders

September lovely September
Full moon of harvest you'll render
Though lovers may stare
And dreamers may dare
You'll always be autumn's defender

   original poem by Daniel Turner

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: funny

CYO Hayride Picnic

Note:  The CYO is the Catholic Youth Organization for teens Really enjoyed all the 
activities they held, especially the hayride picnic!
The teenage girls brought baskets filled with food
While the boys braced for a romantic mood
     I packed turkey and some rolls
     But my basket, it had holes
Brushed off my mate’s gestures, not to be rude
The full harvest moon shone brightly above
And other couples were pursuing love
     Pete and I dated for years
     I, a virgin, filled with fears
Erotic moments he felt deprived of
So as I fumbled through my worn basket
Pete saw me as virginity’s mascot
     The turkey, it was still there
     Rolls had fallen out, but where?
I dove into the hay, the rolls to get
Peter dove too and the carriage did sway
Though I wasn’t ready for his “squeeze play”
     I sought only food’s treasure
     This picnic proved a pleasure
That’s how I got my first roll in the hay
Entry for Carol Brown’s “Picnic Time” Contest Some truth to this, but Peter was still 
feeling "deprived" after the hayride.

Poem Details | by Sandra Haight |
Categories: humor, metaphor,


There once was a housewife named Claire
Who shook out her mop in the air
The dust whirled like stars
The Earth, Moon and Mars...
Who’s shaking a dust mop up there?

© Sandra MHaight 2014 
   All Rights Reserved

~3rd Place~
Contest: Limericks Clean and Clever
Sponsor: Roy Jerden
Judged 11/23/2014

Poem Details | by Mystic Rose |
Categories: happiness, love,


She raises her goblet to the moon while standing on a sturdy bridge 
Here’s to you my effervescent friend, we’ll be together till the end 
Way too many heart breaks 
She pulls out all the breaks 
But the moon stays still for she has her own story her own shiny tune
You cannot make her go away, she has way too much panache n’ stay

She closes her eyes to the moon while offering up a cease fire tonight 
Here’s to a solitary way, perhaps there is a new love round the bend?
She drinks the potion 
With mixed emotion 
But the wanderlust of the night gets the best of her, she’s bathed in light 
Yonder dreams come to life and she hopes with all her might 

He arrives carrying a red rose of the truest shade and drinks the remains  
The sky begins to dance with velvet hues of midnight blue as if on cue 

And the moon stays still as she sings her shiny tune 
And the moon has will, after all she is the winsome moon!

Love and Light, 
By: Mystic Rose for our one and only Skat….xxx
May 02, 2015

Poem Details | by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: anniversary, wedding,

Wedding Anniversary

                           Wedding Anniversary

        On fiftieth Wedding Anniversary
     Couple booked a lovely suite in hurry.
               Full Moon is seen to glow
               through the nice wide window.
      Couple fought a lot making wife angry.

     Upset husband called Hotel Manager
    ‘Come soon, sharp, prompt, I need help my brother.
                  My wife wants to throw 
                  herself through window.
           She is furious on my behaviour.’

      Polite Manager told ‘Even it turns fatal,
     I cannot interfere, matter is marital.
                Try to solve yourself
                  I can never help.
     Hotel will just watch staying impartial'.

     Husband shouted ‘Sole responsibility
      must go instant to Hotel Authority.
               Cute maintenance problem,
                   not marital, I claim.
       Open the stuck window, it is priority


      Let's Have Some FUN Contest      Third Place
     Sponsor Casarah Nance

Poem Details | by Marugu MO |
Categories: silly,


Once upon a hot midsummers night 
walked a King who was fond of moonlight
Along came a hungry fox 
the King had no guards such a sock
The king loved to moon in the night


Once upon a hot midsummer’s night 
Walked a naked king in the moonlight 
He was caught by a fox 
Who nipped his huge lunchbox 
There’ll be no nookie for him tonight! 


Once upon a hot midsummers night 
walked a King who was fond of moonlight
Along came a hungry fox 
the King had no guards such a sock 
his jewels were at risk, what a plight 

The sovereign then took off his crown 
carefully placed it upon the ground 
A mighty battle ensued 
his royal jewels got chewed 
The king whimpered a sad mournful sound 

The Fox had his appetite sated
The King sat by the road and waited
He surely felt like a klutz 
for losing his precious nuts 
and his regal bearing abated


Once upon a hot mid summer night 
walked a King who was fond of moonlight 
along came a very hungry fox 
the King had no guards such a sock
he was waiting for his silver beau; 

Along came Dandy wearing bits of sashay 
he gave the King a kiss, and a lay 
he was a sly slinky fox 
who thought out of the box 
so the King, made him guard for a day.


Once upon a hot midsummers night 
walked a King who was fond of moonlight
Along came a hungry fox 
the King had no guards such a sock 
And kissing his sword made him a knight 


Once upon a hot midsummers night 
walked a King who was fond of moonlight 
Along came a hungry fox 
the King had no guards such a sock
Frightful sight got rabies from fox bite


Once upon a hot midsummers night 
walked a King who was fond of moonlight 
Along came a hungry bear 
The king was walking quite bare
Being bears dinner was his plight


Once upon a hot midsummers night 
walked a King who was fond of moonlight 
Along came a hungry fox 
the King had no guards such a sock 
And the bats have signalled through their flight 

Fox turned into mermaid by magic 
The king saw the beauty pelagic 
He got charmed and felt the heat 
Fox saw him as lump of meat 
When they got close – the end was tragic 


Once upon a hot midsummers night 
walked a King who was fond of moonlight 
Along came a hungry fox 
The king tried to throw large rocks 
The fox, tail down, escaped in great fright

A fairy came out in the dark night 
And sadly thought "What a sorry sight", 
The fox with others to help 
Came with a great ugly yelp 
The fairy pitied and helped his plight.

Categories: fun, nonsense,


                              Doctor Squiddoo married a widow DooDoo
                                Booked a room in Perry of Huido Voodoo
                                         In the honeymoon night
                                       The moon was shining bright
                           And a fat black cat licked the ass of Squiddoo

Poem Details | by Linda-Marie SweetHeart |
Categories: funny, christmas, christmas,

Pets on Parade

"Pets on Parade" on Christmas Eve two kitty cats were sleeping as Santa Claus climbed down the chimney creeping Excalibur started to purr Gabriel raised his black fur poor Santa was startled and began weeping. while Santa was chased by playful felines trotting toward them a band of hungry canines sweet Venus the white Wstie was growing quite testy for commotion interrupted her night sublime. Thor and Thunder twin midnight blue great danes frolicked in fun as Santa reached for red candy canes they took giant licks opened Santa's bag of tricks as Raider the Shepherd smeared frosty windowpanes. pretty pets on parade on Christmas Eve had a jolly good time you best believe sharing cookies and milk with the Moon smooth as silk and Santa was so happy to leave. *For SKAT'S Calling All Pet Poems.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: funny, space, planet,

My Alien With a Cat's Face

From a planet which must be more fun
than the one called “Third Rock from the Sun,”
came an alien that
had the face of a cat.
In his hands he was holding a stun gun!

“Constellations -for eternity-
In a spaceship I’ve traveled,” said he.
“Though I look like a dork,
I could be a cool Mork!
May I stay? Will you be my Mindy?”

“So you know 80’s sitcoms!” said I.
“You sure are an interesting guy.”
“Yes, he said, “Earth’s TV,
with my technology, I can watch anytime that I fly!”

With this cool alien I now dwell,
and we both get along very well.
He’s no need for his gun,
for with me he has fun
watching shows that we both think are swell.

And we’ve flown now to many a place
like the moon and around all of space.
This guy from afar
He’s my alien with a cat’s face.

Written for the Spaceship Contest March 11, 2014

Poem Details | by Gail DeBole |
Categories: fantasy, funny, imagination,

Portrait of Esther and Mike

Started writing: 1996
Finished writing: March 2012
Note: Inspired by my friend Mike

There once was a woman named Esther
Whose feelings were known to quite fester
Unless her lawn-mowing guy
Cut her lawn down to size
So her lawn and spirit were not mess-ters.

As long as Mike was her lawn-mowing man,
Sweet Esther was his biggest fan.
But once Mike could not mow
Her lawn and dismay did grow
Cutting down her lawn-mowing plan.

Some say that her lawn grew so high
That her lawn grew right over the sky.
Grew over airplanes that zoomed,
Birds, and hot air balloons,
'Til the man in the moon was green-eyed!

Note: Part of the Portrait Collection

Poem Details | by john freeman |
Categories: happinesslove,

Abide of Love tide

Enticed of love’s glove on sandy beach
Enhanced of love two lover’s beseech
~Sand between the toes
~Graceful love thus glows
Love’s advice in the wind…they seek each!

As ripple tide to the moon has not lied
By two lover's bide, two soul wills confide 
~Amidst suds of salt 
~Soul loves finds not fault
Like water the bride flows in the groom’s pride

From beginning dawn of celestial blue
True love’s marriage, clever, is never through
~Two lover’s sweet stroll
~Twilight’s blue is gold
Love’s current, no deterrent, pitching woo 

Written by John Moses Freeman
For and in honor of Linda Marie
And contest:  

Poem Details | by Marty Owens |
Categories: fantasy, funny, imagination, romance,

Miracles Happen To and In June

There once was a gal name of June.
Who wanted to kiss and to spoon.
  She made a big splatter
  falling off a tall ladder.
 When she married the man in the moon.

Her wedding of course was in June.
She wanted to marry him soon..
   She started to chatter
   but that didn't matter.
Their life was so much a cartoon.

The man in the moon liked to croon.
He liked to sing songs about June.
   But nothing was sadder
   when he made her madder.
Singing not of "June" but of June.

To get on her good side Old Lune.
Flew June to the moon via balloon.
  But she was much fatter
  and emptied her bladder.
Now he looked like a baboon.
To end this wild tale about June.
Know the man in the moon made her swoon
    He heard her feet patter
    when she mixed cake batter.
Turning into butterfly from cocoon.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: happiness

The Virgo with Taurus Moon

My Moon is in Taurus, so though
I’m Virgo Sun,  you ought to know
There’s a whole lot of soul
In a hot virgin bull;
It’s a combo magnifico!

For P.D.'s "Zodiac Race"

Poem Details | by catherine Reinke |
Categories: lovesea, me, sea,

A Seagull Named Steve

A Seagull Named Steve

This seagull flew by and sat a bit
Ordered tequila from  a wine glass sipped.

Dressed in bright yellow
Such a delight social fellow,

Conversation made easy
In beach sands breezy.

A Jonathon   Living indeed
Spreading his light giving sea diving seeds.

At first to me, a dive he did make
Up to the sun in restoration with me he did take.

In buttons of coco bean seed
I find my self hand in hand with he I need.

Washed away my blues
Into happiness hues
Of bright orange and yellow.

Across the ocean in search of loves notion
Conjured a passion sea foam potion

Potentate hurricane insane commotion.

But swirl in heavens bright blue skies
In the night full moon we did fly.

For a need for both fulfillment deep
Never to be forgotten not even in sleep.

As quickly he came this seagull named Steve
From no love forever to maybe make me believe.

But try I did truly beg him not to leave
My Jonathan  Living seagull named Steve.

Yet he is gone to other seagull endeavors
Living his life among castles of pleasures.

He did not leave
For in my heart
He created I think
A new start.

Poem Details | by Mike Kostashuk |
Categories: space,

A minor spectacle one night in Arabia

Cassiopeia reclined on her cosmic beach,
Longing for Orion so out of reach.
He was showing off to the stars,
As he spiked the Moon over Mars,
Wondering what next Venus would teach.

Poem Details | by Kim Robin Edwards |
Categories: happy, places, song,

In Anaheim

We'll dance across the floor.
We'll dance across the sky.
I'll never wonder why? 
We dance across the sky.
Because in Anaheim.
We'll have a real good time.
The sun will shine.
In Anaheim..

Then we'll take the car.
We'll drive across the town.
We'll drive our car.
Until the sun goes down.
Because in Anaheim.
We'll have a real good time.
A real good time.
In Anaheim.

Now the stars are out.
We'll see the milky way.
The moon shines bright.
Every single day.
Because in Anaheim.
We'll have a real good time.
What's on my mind.
Is a real good time.
In Anaheim..

Anaheim Song Poem by Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2006,2014..All Rights Reserved.

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: funny, space

The Man in the Moon's Surprise

The man in the moon crooned such a tune

That the cow jumped over and mooned

     But a methane gas

     The bovine did pass     

The man struck a match and kaboom!

*Entry for PD's poop or fart contest

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: pain,

A Hit In The Groin

This is for men, is there anything more painful Than being hit 'tween the legs, no way to be graceful You clutch at your groin Animals do join Baying at the moon reverting to their instincts prenatal © Jack Ellison 2016

Poem Details | by Jesse Rowe |
Categories: friend, friendship, seasons,

Two Leaves

Two girls lived upon Sycamore.
Close as any friends were before.
Despite rainy, spring day
They'd laugh and they'd play
In matching green dresses they wore

Said one to the other in May,
"My dear, you look pretty today
In your beautiful dress
What a grace you possess
Forever will we be this way!"

But as time went by and they grew
The winds of change came blowing through.
Though neither knew why
And they still lived nearby
The times that they shared became few

As dog days of summer lolled by
The ground like their friendship went dry
They both suffered alone
Thinking,  "Now that I've grown
She has long since cast me aside."

At last on one September night
Beneath a pale harvest moon light
When neither expected
They both reconnected
She said,  "My dear,  aren't you a sight!"

"Your dress, oh the color transcends
Though wrinkled and curled at the ends,
And see, mine is the same."
And once more they became
The closest and dearest of friends

But each colder day that went past
Twas shorter the rays the sun cast
Soon their generation
Succumbed from their station, 
But they and their friendship held fast

Together on winter's first freeze
They exhaled the autumn's last breeze.
With their stems intertwined
If you search you can find
Lightly buried in snow: Two Leaves.


Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: fantasy, funny, imaginationhalloween,

Reformed Witch

Full moon listed, one Halloween night
A witch flared radioactive flight
Across the bow, around,
With such a swooshing sound,
Only a few saw this awesome sight.

She was adorned in black lacquered dress.
Her flight was erratic, under duress.
Plunging fast to the ground,
A whirlwind dive, no sound,
Upon impact, there was such a mess.

From the rubble there raised, a new form.
However, looked not much of the norm,
She stood, trying to sum.
Then spoke, watch out for rum.
Moreover, she needs to reform.

Poem Details | by elizabeth lepapa |
Categories: sadpain, me,


My mind wondered around the space,
The moon boring to my taste,
Lack of stars upsetting to my taste,
As usual the big muscled man flashed to my face,
The one who multiplies wounds in my heart,
Trembling in my jeans,
I was fashioned i pain,
I heard the voice of death,
My life was a breath,
My brains fixed to my stomach,
I tried to run,
Too late
He cuddled me like cheese,
A slap thrown to my face,
The pain took my flesh to my teeth,
Pleaded on my knees,
All labor in vain,
He marked me with tons of pain,
These are the eyes of pain that never fails,
He created a scene of terror,
My soul refuse to abide to his touch,
I gathered strength of a stone,
I shook the mountain out of its place,
It trembled,
I fixed lightening to my legs,

Elizabeth Lepapa inspired by Unwritten contest by Constance La France The rambling poet

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: happiness,

At The Moon I Will Bay

Good morning, good morning, it's a brand new day It's raining big buckets but screw it I say My heart is bursting Though the naughties are lurking At the first opportunity, at the moon I will bay © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Noman Hamza |
Categories: beautiful,

A Prayer

It hurts if canker cuts a rose
Or the moon behind  cloud's kerchief goes'
We are that sensitive.
Therefore o God why give
Any pretty girl a runny nose?

Poem Details | by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: dedication, devotion, dream,

A word in your praise

I love to write a word in your praise.
My weakness is, I like your image,
Blue eyes as wide as an open sky,
As deep as ocean never speaks lie,
Tide roars when moon disturbs craze.

Poem Details | by Rockman Pritts |
Categories: lust, sexy,

Bawdy Limericks

I could do the body all day
Perform in a sexual way
The bump and the grind
Massaging the mind
And making it seem like a play

I took one look at her wonder
Deciding just how I would plunder
That beautiful ground
That grew on her mound
And that's when I slid from up under

I'd start with my fingers and tongue
The way I did when I was young
A hey diddle here
A play fiddle there
And over the moon we were flung

It was hard when I finished the job
I went from the shaft to the knob
But the fluid was slick
And I got such a kick
That I helped her wipe up the glob


For the "Bawdy Limericks II" contest by Roy Jerden.

Categories: poems,


                           Timpling tramped down the naked white snow

                                 Under the bluish moon found his foe

                                       He was his young brother

                                       Standing on earth mother

                               Looked at his face tears began to flow

Categories: fun, nonsense,


                                         Woodle's sidekick Noodle
                                         Bought a cab in the oodle
                                             He fell on the ditch
                                            Hey that was a glitch
                                        The whole kit an' caboodle

    "The whole kit an' caboodle" taken from The Valley of the Moon by Jack London 

             Woodle/Limerick Copyright © Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty 11/18/2014

Poem Details | by Noman Hamza |
Categories: beautiful,

A Prayer

It hurts if canker cuts a rose
Or the moon behind  cloud's kerchief goes'
We are that sensitive.
Therefore o God why give
Any pretty girl a runny nose?

Poem Details | by T Wignesan |
Categories: humor,

Limerick: Once a dashing Damsel with tough biceps

Limerick : Once a dashing Damsel with tough biceps

Once a dashing Damsel with tough biceps
Tried to bulge her pectorals with triceps
Compressed air back-fired
To where moon was mired
Since then carries pec-pumps in contracepts.

© TWignesan – Paris,  2013 

Poem Details | by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: political

Politics As Usual

They promise the sun, moon and stars

     Kiss all the babies and pass out cigars

          Wild campaign vows are spoken

               When elected they're broken

                    We should send them all packing to Mars

Robert LHinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No1 in John Freeman's "Political Woes" Contest - July 2010

Poem Details | by NEILL MOCKETT |
Categories: funnymoon,

A Bad Moon

Once again the moon is full 
The hoot of an owl I hear
Beware tonight
I may you bite
As a wolf I must appear

Once again the moon is full 
A hunger begins to gnaw
Something to go
Is far too slow
Faster will be if it's raw

Once again the moon is full 
A victim I quickly find
Fearful is not
Giggles a lot
Others are also unkind

Once again the moon is full 
Beneath it I stand alone
Something is wrong
My ears are long
A fluffy tail I have grown

Once again the moon is full 
In a mirror now I stare
How can it be?
No wolf I see
Only an big funny hare

Once again the moon is full 
In shadows I hide away
For dawn I wait
Accept my fate
I’m having a bad hare day

Poem Details | by Ethan Plummer |
Categories: fantasy, sea, moon,

selfish oceans

seas always selfish as can be she collects the light of the moon as waters fee darkened no waves find the shore she is saddened inside her core goddess released a moon beam ray for them to see

Poem Details | by Caryl Muzzey |

Man in the Moon

The man in the moon caught a big cold 
because the air was caked with green mold.
He made a big sneeze
releasing his cheese
and now he is bright green I am told.

Copyright © 2008 By Caryl SMuzzey

Poem Details | by James Marshall Goff |
Categories: funny

Stellar Lady

Stellar Lady

from Pleiade's Moon 9 she materialized
goodwill and peace she sermonized
we asked her to lunch
poached pears she did munch

then spun like a top and vaporized!

Poem Details | by Mia Pratt |
Categories: funny, humor, humorous,


The moon was so drunk
he fell into a gold trunk
from drinking too many shots
and winning the jackpots
until the sun and the stars had sunk !   

                                                                     Written by: Mia Pratt,2016 

                                                   Inspired by the "Drunken Moon" contest

Poem Details | by mike dailey |
Categories: fantasy, girlfriend-boyfriend, pets,


There was a full moon when I met her
And I said to myself “I must get her”
Then the wolf in her flared
And I got real scared
When she said it’s OK, I can pet her

I've had therapy sessions and yet
She was something I just can't forget
If I whistle a tune
When there is a full moon
She comes to me just like an old pet

Mdailey  9/30/11
Wolfman Contest

Poem Details | by Marley Dean |
Categories: art, blue, moon, night,

Night Sky

The sky was a blazing dark blue
The stars lit on fire glimmered too
The moon was pure white
But just not too bright
The art of an evening brand new

Poem Details | by John Hall |
Categories: fantasy,

Luner coloney rime

IDE like 2 live , in a luner coloney

Wair all us aytheist hockey players can live in liberty

Away from all the dirtey talkers like Richard Pryor

& away from people hoo are addicted 2 the kwyir !

People hoo cover thair burgers with cooked onions & mayohnaze ,

Are the kind of people , hoo are sureley mayo krazed ! 

These people use nouns as verbs ! And thay woent 

Stops saying , all seven dirtey words ! 

So  all us hetiroe sapein boys , invite all you orange haired girls

2 the moon , included are free tickets  4 the Tokyo orbital eluhvaytor ,

So you can see us soon !

Poem Details | by Mehak Shaikh |
Categories: emo, emotions, feelings, nice,

Innocent Smile

Innocent smile

Lunatic condition if you feel
You say yourself what’s the deal?
Softness and Warmth
It’s penetrate in your body

As the candle melts
Softness in its existence
And your heart’s softness
Even melts to make eye tearful

The pleasure atmosphere and you feel strange
Flow of water in the lake in its range
By looking at the brightness of the moon
And you begin for the croon

It’s called affection
For the soul, it able for the relaxation
Fixing the innocence and beautiful smile
You stunned by standing at front of moon light

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: pain,

A Hit In The Groin

This is for men, is there anything more painful Being hit 'tween the legs, no way to be graceful You clutch at your groin Some animals do join Baying at the moon with instincts prenatal

Poem Details | by Fatima Ammar |
Categories: dream, humor, light, magic,


There was a madman on the moon,

Got caught in an ecliptic typhoon,

As the moon charmed the sun,

And winked for some fun,

And the loon on a crater, a maroon.