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Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

For New Brother Saved A Gift

For New Brother Saved A Gift

White snow softly fell to the ground;
Wild animals would roam all around;
Saw a Christmas tree shining bright;
God had made us such a pretty sight.

Gifts under a tree were there all laid;
Near fire place we played and played;
Parents did have to make a decision;
Tell us Santa is real not just a vision.

That night we had started off to bed,
After all of our prayers had been said;
Make sure Santa comes to our house,
Brought a gift for our little pet mouse.

On top of roof sound had been heard;
A miracle on Christmas night occurred;
Our mother we love beyond all worth,
To another new son has given birth.

After Christmas was over and done,
Each of us a gift we had saved one,
So to our new brother we could give,
Who with us together here does live.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Jimmy Anderson |
Categories: funny

Oh What A Love

The good looking dish and the man.
Were standing in surf on the sand.
   Her hand it did rest.
   Upon this man's chest.
Their eyes meeting as best they can.

They were wed on the beach it is true.
With such a big party and crew.
   Sweetheart from the soup
   took Ron from the group.
Two became one as winds blew!

They're happy as newly weds are.
Making love out under a star.
   They'll come back to earth
   when she does give birth.
To a miracle childOh my, by far!

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Written for Sweetheart's Loveland Limerick contest by Jimmy Anderson

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: love,

Something So Special

~ There once was a love so true a miracle shared only by two forever she was mine my sweet valentine each moment a loving debut... ~

Poem Details | by Paul Schneiter |
Categories: baby, humor,


CEO Andrew Sykes took a social crash dive
he asked a clerk when her baby would arrive.
"I'm not pregnant!" she exclaimed
her face was red and inflamed.
'Tis a miracle he fled her presence alive.

Poem Details | by POET. UNDERTAKER |
Categories: humor,

Though nothing is a miracle

Once there was a man called Uncle Miracle
This fellow's intellectual awakening is no miracle
though nothing is a miracle
though everything is miracle
bloody miracle is for believers! right Uncle?

Poem Details | by Daniel Larson |
Categories: humor,

Gotta Luv 'Em

Can't tell you no more 'bout all of this pain
Nor the voice that screams "he's no longer sane";
Can't sleep through the night
For the hard blinding light
And the music that refuses to wane.

There's something about the doctor I'm sure,
Promised salvation and a miracle cure.
Strapped me to the bed,
Sent a pulse through my head
That keeps saying one day I’ll be pure.

And then there’s the smell that drifts through this gloom,
Keep telling the staff someone died in this room.
It’s said with a grin
“He’ll rise up again
And we suspect it will be about noon”.

There’s needles at dawn, another at ten,
The bed spins one way and then ‘round again.
They point to my face
And say “what a disgrace”
As the brown spittle runs off of my chin.

They’ve even recorded some of my rants
And swear I’ve talked tongues in some of my chants.
Believe what you will
It was that last little pill,
And just now I finished peeing my pants.

But sometimes there’s a gap in this foggy ol’ mind,
I recall the days of a long ago time.
For one moment it’s clear
About who put me here;
It were those “sweet loving” children of mine!

Categories: fun, nonsense,

Kelly collided with Ellie

                           Kelly collided with Ellie but neither was hurt
                        That was the miracle of the day said stupid Bart
                                              Kelly was a truck
                                               Ellie ran amuck
                      She was as drunk as a skunk and didn't wear a skirt

(C) rajat kanti chakrabarty

Poem Details | by Sandison Jumbo |
Categories: funny, humorous,

Miracle dinner

 Miracle dinner

Benny had gambled away his last buck
Hungry and couldn't believe his ill luck
He fell down and prayed
His neighbour's bird strayed
For dinner, he had a dish of roast duck!

July 2, 2017

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Frankinsince and Mir

Frankincense and Mir

Just before birth his mother felt compelled,
And soon some Frankincense she smelled,
In her room,
Like a tomb;
And against nature she had really rebelled.

At first, she seriously started to shiver;
Then a magic miracle soon did deliver;
God would exalt;
It was His fault;
Was glad of life God had been the giver.

So for baby to breath were sure to spank;
Father said they should name him Frank;
Very interesting,
To be digesting;
Had closed eyes and into deep sleep sank
Son Frank soon whizzed by in a big blur,
We knew that short for miracle was Mir;
Did carefully stir;
Constant cure;
Did decide name Frank we could endure.

So we alertly kept control of all arson,
And used it to light candles for our son;
Christmas bells rang;
Stirring songs sang;
Wrote more poems that should be spun.

Jim Horn 

Poem Details | by Tom Wright |
Categories: emotions,


Petulant Limerick Written: by Miracle Man 7/7/2018 I once knew a man, who was cranky and petulant, But not once was it said that he was malevolent. His emotions did rise, Like heat to the skies, It was whispered by others he wasn’t benevolent;