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Poem Details | by Cecilia Macfarlane |
Categories: love,

Love Is

Putting someone's needs before your own
Sharing your thoughts, never feeling alone
         A tenderness so sweet
     That sweeps you off your feet
 A joined journey into the unknown.

It's unbridled passion that does consume
When their scent becomes your perfume
           Smiles lit from within
            Life finally can begin
Two peas in a pod that grow full bloom

Being your real self with no pretense
Filled with ardor, the joy so immense
         It's butterflies galore 
    Can't wait for what's in store
Heart open wide, no longer on defence.

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: humor,

Adventures of the Wee Three

They drank too much at a watering hole
Three gals lost their wits, went out of control
     Men ogled and flirted
     Desires so perverted
The girls checked out before meeting each troll

But three liters of wine quickly passed through
So their journey home went a bit askew
     Their kidneys had been filled
     An urgency instilled
They needed release, but there was no loo

As they coasted up the seaside highway
All three were suffering in much dismay
     They had to park the car
     Alongside a “wet bar”
On a rock jetty the trio did stray

They complained how easy it was for men
Jan wished she was a rooster, not a hen
     With their backs to the sea
     Pants down, they took a pee
Before they got home, they did it again

* Based on a college experience and written May 11, 2014

Poem Details | by Paul Callus |
Categories: fun, sleep,

Vacation Slumber

I booked a vacation with a friend
We found a beach haven – sun and sand
The journey by train cost a song
We slept as the miles went along
Woke up at the end in no man’s land.


Paul Callus ~ 22nd July 2014 
Contest: Vacation Humour
Sponsor: Carolyn Devonshire
Placing: 3rd

Poem Details | by John W Fenn |
Categories: funny

Australian tour

On my bike, fifteen gears by derailleur
I set off on my trip round Australia
But the weather was hot 
Blisters grew on my bot
So the journey became quite a failure

Poem Details | by Linda-Marie SweetHeart |
Categories: funny,

Coffee House

"Coffee House" a savory swig energizes bones one swallow electrifies tasting cones an instant caffeine rush causes blah cheeks to pink blush pure Pepsi creates haunting moans. a tingling sensation provides power charging battery for 24 hours but "diet" won't do the "hard stuff's" my brew Pepsi fragrance as potent as flowers. one day when Life's journey is done and "the other side's" calling for fun no Coke, Dew, or "7" as I step into Heaven hoping Pepsi is their "Number One".
*For Craig's Funny Poem Contest

Poem Details | by George Hammond |
Categories: adventure, angst, car, culture,

Driving the streets of Mumbai

The streets of Mumbai have a different motif, 
That will fill your head with complete disbelief
The rules that you know,
Will all be too slow,
As you flutter around like a leaf.

The torment of traffic starts when you go,
Cuz whatever you do you just cannot know.
They zim and zam,
And thank you ma’m,
Your wits about you, you’ll just have to show.

Lane markers if any are completely a scam,
In the space you may fit with a slight bam-bam.
On the left and the right,
It will seem quite a sight,
But it will keep you out of a jam

The motto of course is “Might has Right”
Doesn’t matter if you’re dumb or if yer bright.
Get out of my way,
Is to survive today,
And heavens don’t stop for a light.

Approaching a turn on the left you’ll stay, 
But it’s likely to cause your head to sway.
Horns will sound, 
But don’t look around,
Or in the middle you’ll be of the fray.

Tuk-tuks by the thousands are chief,
As they ply the streets like a thief.
On a prayer and a song,
You’ll drive real strong,
And a safe journey you’ll have with relief!

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: fun,

It's Intangible

So what single thing makes our writes so charming If I knew, I'd be driving a Ferrari instead of this jalopy I'm parking It's intangible they say Choosing words to convey Every day a new journey through life we're embarking

Poem Details | by Mary Nagy |
Categories: adventure, childhood, funny, life,

His Trip To The Moon limerick

There once was a boy we called chase-face
he dreamed of reaching outer space.
With this dream in his heart
our family will part
and this boy we never could replace.

We all dreaded that day late in June
when we knew he would fly to the moon.
So a party we had
even though we were sad
as the countdown was scheduled for noon.

Chase couldn't get rid of the grin
or the drool that was right on his chin.
He was laughing so loud 
while we stood watching proud.
His journey would finally begin.

The trip was a total success.
Of course, we expected no less.
We've done all we can.
He now is a man
and all that he sees he will bless

Poem Details | by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: life, lost love,



            We promised to be together for whole life
                Days should be dazzling on your glow
                Nights could sparkle as love would flow.
                 We could be ideal husband and wife,
                But destiny divided us with cruel knife.

                  I thought tears would run ceaseless
                   I could never forget my sweet heart.
                     I was shattered as we got apart.
                Time passed, memory faded merciless.
                       I forgot my peerless princess.

             On journey of life we again chanced to meet
                     Destiny brought us face to face
                    She appeared with wonderful grace.
               Oblivion released hidden tears to greet
                 my beloved,alive in my heart beat.


   Any poem contest      Eighth place
                          Sponsor Broken Wings

Poem Details | by Larry Belt |
Categories: funny

You've Got Mail

Going to the mailbox with Ambien dreams
A sleep walking journey or so it seems
Neighbor took only one glance
Laughed, "You're not wearing no pants"
Awakened by my wife's horrid screams

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: life,

Life's Grand Design

Soon be approaching the end of the line Been a fabulous ride, this journey of mine Too short I must say Still wanna play But the choice ain't mine, in this grand old design

Poem Details | by Joseph Jeremiah Naye |
Categories: animal, destiny, endurance, fish,

Great Salmon

Lessons to learn from you, oh Salmon,
      great fish!, strong navigator;
How highly focused you are, attaining
        your goals without cater.
Moving and strong currents do not deter
            your maternal instincts;
Fully aware that your destiny ends where
    you were spawned without logistics.
So much to learn from the journey of your
             life, oh great Salmon!.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Long Journey Had Planned

Long Journey Had Planned

Long journey we had often planned,
Which would end up in a far off land;
Waves will flow;
Back and forth go,
And bright sun did shine on soft sand.

Could be a desert or maybe a beach
Where we can hear seagulls screech;
Hear each sound;
Memories abound;
In my mind each sight is within reach.

There is where we want to gallantly go,
Because God Himself had told us so;
His world can endure;
He does know for sure,
While we still stay here on earth below.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Adeyemi Joshua |
Categories: allegory,

Limerick 9

Zoya travelled through the world's depth,
On her journey she met death.
'What seek thou?',he asked her.
Wealth,luxury is from me far.
'Go!',take none,they're death.