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Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
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A Scolding from My Muse

For Miranda Lambert’s “Inspired” contest
By Carolyn Devonshire

I wanted to write for this contest;
But my muse was staging a protest.
     “Take me to the sea,” it pled,
     “In this house, I languish, dead;
Put me in touch with nature, a forest.”

“Don’t stare at a screen, confined by walls;
Locked inside, my inspiration falls.
     Surely there’s a babbling brook
     Or a valley’s overlook.
Give me something to work with,” muse calls.

“If you fail to respond, I’ll attack
As you’re sleeping in a room black.
     Thoughts you will never recall
     Cannot upon your page fall;
Without me you’re nothing but a hack!”

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: humorous, poetry,


My penchant for writing was showing The comments I received were ‘glowing’ But at the end of the day I get another N/A My success in contests is slowing! WRITTEN BY JAN ALLISON ON 1st September 2016 PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PUT YOUR CONTRIBUTION IN A COMMENT OR SOUP MAIL IT TO ME Winners winners everywhere but not a one for me Sadness is a heavy burden over my N/A poetry I'll blame all my losses on the judging albatrosses I think I'll toss them all into the depths of the sea WRITTEN BY LIN LANE The contest was posted as judged To open that link, my mouse trudged My write was not there! I knew, with despair, To NA trash bin it was nudged! WRITTEN BY SANDRA HAIGHT Never say never again for time will soon erase that pain Dry your tears ,don't be sad, who is to say what's good or bad Someone else might love your refrain WRITTEN BY BRIAN STRAND I checked the list not once but twice It wasn't there to my suffice I sulk my head Then cry in bed That mean old judge she isn't nice WRITTEN BY TIM SMITH Wrote one that was such fun to read To a contest I posted full speed People thought it a hoot . It was given the boot Tell me what must I do to succeed! WRITTEN BY SEREN ROBERTS I entered a new contest today I didn't make the list, got N/A That has to be so wrong My praise was a mile long The judge was out of it on that day WRITTEN BY ALEXIS Y There are contests you'll never win You'll lose before you even begin So don't waste your time With your best rhymes You'll just be tossed in the N/A bin! WRITTEN BY JOSEPH MAY My words meant so much when first written So glowing the praise they were get 'in From the published results I endured such insults That my dream of a Pulitzer lay smitten WRITTEN BY CHARLIE SMITH I once wrote a poem that fit All the contest descriptionsAnd it Was praised with much grace I was hopeful to place, But completely forgot to submit! WRITTEN BY AGNES KRAMPE I put my N/As in a row Was like a long queue to a show! Some resigned shrugging, Bit of sighing ‘n frowning, But such fun, so here again I go! WRITTEN BY SAN WOO For new contests, these poems I write, The others feel my writing is bright, But when the results come out, My name is Nowhere About, For the judge has found it Not Alright. WRITTEN BY JO DANIEL My inspiration for words are on track I pat myself on the back What the hack, I cracked Another N/A I’ve racked No more entries for this maniac WRITTEN BY EVE ROPER As a poet wannabe, and new to this space enthusiastic by a 1-3 place, and grace, I feel bad for the true poets here, My apologies but kiss my rear, This is tongue and cheek, I’m here for the race! Never knew what N/A did mean, As I’m pretty new to the scene, I'm back to support Jan, Now folks that’s a TRUE fan Better limericks I haven’t seen WRITTEN BY MARK PAUL VAN DER MERWE A funny poem I had written Fit I thought for a competition I'd celebrate with bacon - The sponsor was mistaken! A N/A has made me stay hidden WRITTEN BY TEDDY KIMATHI

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: anniversary, appreciation, art, beauty,

New Year's Resolution inspired by John Cameron Swayze

Author's Note:  If you have never seen the advertising contributions of John Cameron Swayze, take a moment to watch a few of his videos Then, enjoy this limerick (which in combination with the videos) provides some interesting inspiration for the new year 

We suggest a vagina's for sex
And hope the possessor expects
To take a licking
And keep on ticking
Over and over like a Timex 

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: allegory, food, funny, people,

Eating out

Loud speech in restaurants is crude
Why are the obnoxious so rude?
Their noise should be banned
This is not a food stand
But a place we pay for the mood

Author's note:  My wife and I went out for dinner with friends last night That was the inspiration for the limerick above However, this is also an allegory for what is wrong in today's world There is a critical shortage of consideration for others.

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: happiness, hope, husband, lovelonely,

A Happily Ever After Marriage

There once was a poet extraordinaire,
Who composed sweet poetry with great care
She wanted to find true love.
So, she prayed to God above.
He swiftly answered, “Sweetheart, you must forbear.”

Forbearance was her lonely heart’s nightmare.
She was a passionate woman with flare.
Singing in a high octave.
Counting petals of foxglove.
She drank martinis alone in her lair.

A brilliant mind with hope and a prayer,
Resting her head on a lonely armchair.
Praising spirits up above,
She heard Ron’s voice, cute white dove.
Alas, she found him…marriage…love so fair.

(Linda-Marie, I used your profile picture for inspiration for this contest entry.)

© March 31, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: depression, life, nature, seasons

I Am So Bored With Rain

I'm so listless with the rain
for the dreams I cannot attain
trapped within this dwelling
a story not worth telling
a notion that perhaps "I'm insane"

puddle upon puddle does flood
as the hill side turns to mud 
this wound trapped within
a song of doom once again
for now a dreary river of blood

behind the window I gaze
at muted sight in a haze
will inspiration arrive
in sunbeams that contrive
or will my life drown in a maze 

"I Am Bored With____"
Poet ~ Rick Parise

Poem Details | by Shannon Deane |
Categories: inspirational, on writing and

Inspiration In Life

Written by: Shannon Deane
Written:  June 21st2011
Contest: Inspired

If you can find me, you'll know where I am
Face in a book, quiet as a lamb
Matter not where I sit down
If I look like a clown
Writing for self preservation I am

Waiting for my star to shine 
For the world to know those words are mine
Two rainbows for luck
Praying I don't really suck
Sometime soon everything will turn out fine

I find inspiration in many ways 
Writing till the end of my days
The stars will align
Revealing sublime
Masterpieces never only a phase

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: humorous, technology,


Poor Energiser bunny was slow For his battery charge had gone low He relaxed on a barge Got a solar recharge Now he’s able to drum a solo thanks to Anil for the Inspiration and to my hubby for helping with the title and line 4 04~14~17

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: friendship, on writing and

It Is Not Funny, Sharon Weimar

Redbubble is a place where artists meet.
Talents may economically compete.
Moving on left folks behind.
What happiness did you find?
Are you joyful at your poetry retreat?

Long ago, you enjoyed Poetry Soup.
You said that you had to go regroup.
Well, now your poems are gone.
New winners must be drawn.
You are missed and thats the latest scoop!

Days and years have sped as fast as light.
Your works have been deleted from this site.
What, now, is on your mind?
Were friendships left behind?
Does inspiration still bring delight?

Sometimes, we have to take a detour
To green pastures and skies bright azure.
I write these thoughts today
Hoping bliss has come your way.
Trusting that your talents still endure.

© January 11, 2012
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: funny

Alien in atmosphere goes human...

Little green creature,curious and ingenius,                                           
left his space craft to catch a lady Venus,                                              
she  touched his  chest!                                                                               
he grabbed her breast!                                                                        
Sex  time-   No Adam's  Mac pack,Green Alien 

Not for the contest but tnks 
Caroline Devonshire,for the inspiration :)

Poem Details | by john freeman |
Categories: funny, love

"God's Trinity on Limerick"

A Precept Limerick

Precept versus concepts in one’s writing,
Alone, concepts remain__  problems fighting!
  Thus these are the two levels,
  Concepts have not love’s bevel.
Precept is above the problems gliding.

Thus Love’s precept of one’s own opinion, 
Promotes one from being chief’s Indian.
  Problems are below,
  Where strives of wind blow.
Precept answers to Love, concepts break wind.

Concept’s judgments of precept, are inept, 
For natural mind by precept is kept.
  By mind’s vice of verse, 
`Tis no Love disperse.
One’s inspiration is kept of precept! 


Poem Details | by Jim Kilduff |
Categories: angst, emotions, funny, hate,

Anti-ode to rain

The big 'R', do you actually know what you're doing
To our week nation,
Absolute panic stations, feckin banter deflation, endless duration
Eternal damnation the foundation, our country's creation.
No shortage of hydration in any location, 
Sure isn't Patsy livid, the crops are bad, explicit gyrations.
Sure no wonder there's emigration by the dozen every week,
Has given or society an ugly mutation, 
Gets lubrication each day thanks to you.
There's a sad wet dog in the station 
Contemplating rotation.
You rain on our frustration, wash our sins for we have 
Offended out of hatred and vexation,
All we're looking for is some compensation.
Rosary beads in homes nationwide and Bridie is saying the rosary
For a chance of salvation, god love her she's my relation.
The forecast gives us the temptation to believe,
Subtle touch of authority has us buying flip-flops, frustration.
We have brain cells you know, we give into temptation,
Because in this situation we can find our own destination.
Just sayin aviation is our saving grace from drowning captivation, 
And there's as much chance getting compensation 
from you as we are from a cheap flight cancellation.
Rain we've had enough, because we're ready to make a revelation
And through your bitter tears you'll hear our declaration.
We're out for palpitation then leave you to your desperation, 
Because as a population, it's our dedication, inspiration and vegetation
That are emanating through your drops of dislocation.

Poem Details | by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: art, beauty,

Lexi's Art

Lexi's art

Art jewellery, an inspiration for Lexi,
Created three D foetus on a Flexi,
Archaeologica she did coin, 
Group of crazy artists would join,
Poets at soup found her sexy !

Visual # 3
Written June 5th, 2015
For contest by Mystic rose

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: body, humorous, lust,


A rampant old bird called Caitlin Prepared for a long night of sin Bill made it his mission And got in position But sobbed when she asked ‘is it in’ Bill said you’ve no right to be fussy You’ve got such a cavernous pussy Let’s admit we are old But we try to be bold You were once a right little hussy! Thanks to Chris Green for inspiration for the second stanza! 04~24~17

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: courage,

No Man Is An Island

Youse guys are my inspiration for writing each day Appreciate and listen carefully to hear what you say No man is an island My skills have widened Since reading your comments on my daily essays

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Father Frank and Think Tank

 Who We Have To Thank

Father Frank is who we have to thank;
When all our minds had become blank,
His sermon ended,
Which was splendid,
After for he had created his think tank.

She sure seemed to be such a happy bird;
To us a feeling of love she had transferred,
I have read,
And it is said,
Of all, love is the best most wonderful word,

Father Frank,

You have to read each Sunday's Day By Day 
for inspiration for your sermonThis coming
Sunday's is about sending people message 
of hopeYou could send them one of my poems.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: winter,

Dear Mo Is Responsible

The only thing I like about winter is spring Spoken like a Canadian, winter puts our head in a sling Shoveling snow Frozen ears and nose Dear Mo was my inspiration for this silly thing