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Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: happiness, life, peace,

Ode to occupy wall street

The middle class here can't be saved
When 0.001% act so depraved
Their wealth without end
These royals* still pretend
Did not come from us—their 

*The Royals: CEOs, Banksters, Revolving Door Regulators, The FED, Congressmen for sale, Lobbyists, Board Members of Big Corporations, Major Shareholders who vote for these Board 
Members, Corrupt Managers, Dishonest Used Car Salesmen, Presidential Candidates with more than two Residences, Elected Presidents (and their lackeys who pretend to regulate but look the other way)

**The Enslaved: Workers, Career Regulators who are trying to protect the public, Honest Hard Working Citizens, Students--some with oppressive loans, Immigrants, Soldiers, Police, Firemen and Firewomen, Parents, Children, Orphans, Disabled, The Sick, Small Business Owners (who don’t hire lobbyists), Volunteers, Health Care Workers, Welfare Recipients, Inventors, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Actors, Artists, Journalists who do in-depth investigation (not like those with FOX News, ABC Radio or many other of the outlets where they mouth the status quo), Non Profit Corporations, Charities, Teachers, Transportation Workers, Waiters and Waitresses, Dishwashers, Servants, Farmers, Managers, Ship Hands, Cooks, Unemployed   

Author' s Note:  Have been at Occupy Wall Street 8 days in the past two months--which is why I haven't been here--plus I have to work Miss you all, but it's for a good cause I am very briefly seen on Conan's feature: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at Occupy Wall Street if you are looking for some humor with a little umph.

Poem Details | by Robert A. Dufresne |
Categories: introspection

Listing to Port

There was a fellow riding a certain train,
And he posted an unpopular refrain,
In it he said, the innocents are dead,
With politicians and voters to blame.

To choose is what many profess, 
And we wouldn’t have anything less,
But our elected use quill, translate that to kill,
And babes end in a mell of a hess.

And into a health bill of lying rot,
They force objectors to kill who would not,
Adding more of their pork to so called choice,
A choice to fool many voters they sought.

Politicians and media corral voters into believing,
Bills laced with hidden agendas they’re feeding.
They make a predator fat as a sly old rat,
At the expense of a still birthed nation in grieving.

When a nation cares more for turtle or whale,
And the desire for virtue goes stale,
You’ll see a Mother’s precious womb,
By choice, become nation’s tomb,
And lawmakers growing a tail.

Don’t let the almighty dollar deceive you,
Or your sense take leave and flee you,
Take a look around before you’re ground,
Into the dust of this obvious preview.

The moral of the story is true and really quite short,
Justice has been given a hell of a thwart,
You may think it queer but the end of freedom is near,
Our great ship is sinking in it’s port.


Poem Details | by Beau Regard |
Categories: art, people, father, art,

A Portrait of Vincent VanGogh

To the proud parents, Anna and Theo
A serious lad, silent and thorough
A clan of preachers
And dealers of art
From the southern Netherlands came Van Gogh

When sent to school, he did not want to go
The separation led to much sorrow
But he learned to draw
Whatever he saw
Sent off to sell art in Paris, Van Gogh

His happiest time, and now in love, oh
Till the landlady’s daughter told him no
Now a broken heart
Surly to sell art
Fired from his job in Paris, Van Gogh

Vincent sought out a coal miners’ burrow
A priest of sorts, but a squalid fellow
The church was appalled
And cursed his resolve
To the asylum for crazy Van Gogh?

His father baffled, on the verge of foe
Art interest, once again, began to grow
Back to school again
This time, in His name
To paint in the service of God, Van Gogh

School’s out, back to his parents he would go
Using neighbors as subjects to ditto
Proposed to his cousin
Which she found disgustin’
Burning his hand to see her, holy Van Gogh!?!

Now off to The Hague, a family furlough
To live with Sien, a boozing bimbo
A man to see ya…
Caught gonorrhea
Three weeks in the hospital for Van Gogh

The pain of loneliness drove him back home
Once again, a failed love with fair Margot
Then Vincent’s father died
He grieved deeply inside
The tragedy further refined Van Gogh

Finally, Vincent’s work was in the know
“The Potato Eaters” made an art show
Just add more color
Said his dear brother 
Rubens brightened the dark gloom of Van Gogh

Vincent’s diet: coffee and tobacco
Mixed with absinthe began to take its toll
Though he kept on painting
Then Paris, more training
The end was getting closer for Van Gogh

The masters: Monet, Degas, Pissarro
Cezanne, and Seurat in his studio
Influenced his style
Learning all the while
That time was running out for MrVan Gogh

Then he moved to Arles, bad health in tow
Completing great works the whole world would know 
“Sunflowers” (in vase)
“The Café Terrace”
Minus one ear, the frail, ailing Van Gogh

With his tattered mind, and mournful woe
Committed to the asylum, Mausole
With his final works
“The Church at Auvers”
“Starry Night” was painted in pain, Van Gogh

“At Eternity’s Gate”, he was sorrow
Wandered into a field, farmer’s fallow
Put a bullet in his chest
In hopes of peaceful rest
“The sadness will last forever”, Van Gogh

Poem Details | by Shirley Candy |
Categories: humorous, me, sick,

A Patient and A Nurse

I'm hospitalized and there was a nurse named Jane
She said I need plenty of sleep for my health attain
She took samples of my urine and then replaced the infusion
She gave me my medicine and always checked on my condition
And every time I tried to sleep, her present made me awake again!

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: angst, animals, life, nostalgia,

A Distempered Horse

There once was a skinny horse name George.
Poor ole soul lived alone in a gorge.
Three fit sheep came his way.
They were traded that day.
Matted, bony, his belly engorged 

Onward He forged, living on the brink.
I’ll save him, one young maiden did think.
Head hung; life was his game.
George, his infamous name.
She prayed; from his needs, she did not shrink.

George would not drink; lips were cracked and dry.
She asked God, “Please don’t let him die.”
Water was his kismet.
Sweet feed filled hope’s bucket.
She cut out mats; whisked away each fly.

Six months later, George was still alive.
Lips were moist; he ate; began to thrive.
With some flesh on his bones,
And relieved of his groans,
The day of her moving would arrive.

The time came when George had to be sold.
Half Arabian, not very old
Registration papers.
The old trader’s capers,
You promised them, the young girl cajoled.

How could he live; does he have luster?
Papers lost; no death by distemper.
Confessions on that day,
The girl went away.
Compassion to the horse did whisper.

New owners bought him, his health still poor.
His price and potential was the big lure.
They quickly changed his name.
Greener pastures, the game.
Star’s beauty became his life’s encore.

© June 7, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: A Horse Story 	 
Sponsored by: Carol Brown

(Based on a true story)

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: judgement, political,

A ''small'' improvement

Equal pay for all they’ll abort 
It’s the mantra of our Supreme Court
Now some have health care
Marry off any pair 
But keeping us poor is their sport

Author's note: To be fair, the "Affordable Care Act" does (through subsidy) re-distribute some wealth That is why certain politicians hate it!  BTW, it's great for the insurance companies and is not the way real health care should be set up It is, however, an improvement over what we had before In a similar vein, extending rights to gay people (which is a good thing) also may help them economically So, a small but important victory has occurred.

n the grand scheme of things, the inequality that pervades our society is getting worse The politicians say that we have to allow everyone to have expectations and opportunity for improvement When I hear that statement, I think of trickle down economics How can it be anything else when big money owns politics?

Poem Details | by Brent Cloyd |
Categories: food, funny, holiday, home,


©2012 CBrent Cloyd

I bought a new scale at the Wal-Mart store.
Made it secure and level on the floor.
I took a breath, then stepped on.
The digits I saw made me moan.
Surely, I do not weigh two-fifty-four!

Let’s balance the scale, then I’ll try once more.
Adjusted proper, they’ll give the right score.
This time the scales will behave.
I stepped on, tried to be brave.
But with a grin they said “two-fifty-four”.

I would like to throw these scales out the door.
Wish they were lying, but I can’t ignore
I’ve gobbled many things sweet
And chewed on too much red meat.
My expanding poundage is “two-fifty-four”.

My belly is huge, my chin is galore.
Need to lose it, but process is a chore.
Need diet low in fat and starch.
So my stomach will not arch.
Hope to be smaller than “two-fifty-four”.

Would a brisk walk cause my health to restore?
Would losing blubber help me not to snore?
Let’s get startedSoon I say!
Well - after the holiday!
Cause my clothes don’t fit at “two-fifty-four”.

Poem Details | by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: caregiving, fantasy,


it strong you carry on
its a feeling
get you reeling
knowing some care
and willing ti share
make you aware
that  its health fitness

Poem Details | by Miss Wattle |
Categories: friend, fun,


ODE TO BARRY There was an old codger named Barry For our firm daily, he'd drive and he'd carry With a grin and a wink, he'd tell jokes galore We'd moan and we'd groan and fall on the floor Many names he's been called - but none of them hairy! 'Twas "Dee's" Transport who paid for his fuel and oil But our firm all day was for whom he did toil He wrapped and he strapped and would load his own truck He'd even been known to clean up our muck A team player for sure - and the salt of the soil! From Trent to Toronto, many towns he resided Why was this gentleman so undecided? A good woman he needed, to love him and care Along came Leanne, a Winnipeg gal so sunny and fair She's the girl of his dreams and NOW he's decided! They moved to T.O- 17 years would pass and they marry at last A good man to be sure - but not very fast! Then it's time to pack up and move out to Trenton A new house they've bought, 'tis peace they are bent on But he has to resign - and we're all so aghast! We'll miss this guy who neither shirked nor did tarry And what will we do with no puns now to parry? He's a friend we'll remember with memories so fond We wish him good times and good health on old Quinte Pond. Yes, this fellow we'll miss - this old codger named Barry! c ELR 2013

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: happiness,

A Chivalrous White Knight

Been one of the lucky ones, good health all my life Must be good genes, clean living, it's sure been a slice Still a few years to go Before I leave the show Wonder if I could come back as a chivalrous white knight

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: creation, culture, dark, environment,

Professor Gorey

Professor Gorey
always had a story
filled wit guts and grim
til most folks around these parts
those with their full share of smarts
asked her where she grows her monocultural glory.

Grim Reaper
is not my heart's keeper
and I thank you so for asking
just what I see as our life tasking,
to face our fears as permanent sleepers.

Professor Gorey
how could your story
of climatic strangulations
and cataclysmic slaughter of multiple reiterations
do other than make us snorey?

Story can wake you up
if you drink them with half-full inducting cup
rather than gulping with competition
while choking for potential cooperation
between what's contracting down whys expanding up.

What is this mystery
we cannot see?
of breathing ego down while eco-up,
soothing prickly cats for playing gooey pups,
confusing what might become
with how we choose to be?

You've asked me well
so I must tell,
my deep gory fertile mystery
of permaculture ecosystemic history
is what makes our regenerating health 
co-evolve so cooperatively swell,
overcoming cognitive-affective bicameral-dissonance hell.

Poem Details | by John Weber |
Categories: political, satire

LCD (Looting Contrivance Disease)

The health bill crawls to a finish
thanks to that turncoat, Kucinich,
selling that socialist streak
that renders everyone weak
like Popeye without his spinach.

Poem Details | by Margeret Bailey |
Categories: childhood, mother, political, care,

Momma ate all the childrens' food

Momma ate all the childrens' food!
as she watched the little ones in the neighborhood,
The event created quite a ruckus
and many said she was rude,
yet, what they didn't know about Momma,
is that she was a diabetic,
and had waited too long to snack,
her world started spinning,
It almost faded to black,
She had one biscuit, but that
didn't seem to suffice,
after several, the color began
to come back in her eyes,
for a monent there, we all thought she was
a goner, we didn't care that people revolted and carried
on bad, as her children we felt realy, really sad,
We offered to pay them back from our piggy banks,
but they stoicly said, "No Thanks!"
What were a few packages of Lorna Doones?
Especially for someone who takes care of us rain, shine, even 
during monsoons,
I guess as toddlers it is never too early to learn about class,
What's a person's health worth when it is trickling like an hour glass?

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy, political,

Pains In Health Plan

Jimmy Kimmel talked about his son
who was born with a heart disease
Representative John Vaso voted
against Affordable Care act that
would have supported a woman
with a brain tumorPeople on a
retired fixed income are having 
a hard time keeping up with the
increases in health insuranceI
wrote these poems after thinking 
about this.

Pains In Health Plan

Our Congress members on are concentrating;
Pains in health plan they can be creating;
Bill not ever read,
Or have heard said;
What took place was plenty of prevaricating.

From us health benefits will want to rob,
By someone with big mouth or a fat slob;
From where I sit,
Are dumb dimwit,
And hope next election will lose their job.

There are things that we must confess;
Health Care plan has become a big mess;
Think of self only;
Leaving us lonely,
We are under duress causing so much stress.

Congress is not nice, courteous or ever kind;
Never leaving us with any peace of mind;
Sold us short;
Lent no support;
Even took advantage of deaf, dumb and blind.

All politicians we should learn how to avoid
Making all of us annoyed as well as paranoid;
Sure are sarcastic;
Doing things drastic;
Should flush them down toilet like a big void.

Constituents are being taking advantage of,
And with us won't share any of their love;
What's wrong with them?
Made our lives look grim;
So we have to pray to God in heaven above.

They never treat is like one of their own,
And soup given to us only had a big bone;
Pain in know where;
Not treat with care;
What they know nothing about leave alone.

What Congress really needs is to be officiated,
So that things will be successfully legislated;
Goals be met;
Not fool around or fret;
Or a successor to them will be contemplated.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet

PSWhich one do you like the best?

Poem Details | by Gregory Cox |
Categories: social

It's how much

The price we pay now thats real funny, we see the price and think of money.

But should they tell the truthful cost, the resources, health and species lost.

Prehaps we would stop and think real deep, before we said I want and take the 
leap.....probably not.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: happiness, humorous,

She Means Everything Horn Limerick

She Means Everything Horn Limerick

To me, everything she surely means;
Beauty queen you see in a movie scene;
She is of sound body and so energetic;
Husband is paltry as well as pathetic;
Is friends with many health food fiends.

See how many chuckles this gets out
of my wife.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Thank God For Great Health

Thank God For Great Health

Life seems so short it does appear;
Thank God for great health of those here; 
Now that from our sins are set free, 
Soon in heaven with God we will be.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous,

Trump On Health Food Binge

Trump On Health Food Binge

Trump was on a health food binge
Was enough to make you cringe
An easier way there must be
Costing nothing and for free
So fat from body he did singe.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy, political,

Met With Deep Regret

Met With Deep Regret

Remember when Trump and I first met;
After I did it had been with deep regret;
Dam badly broken;
Coal miners choking;
And only much worse would things get.

All of this confirms my opinionDemocrats
wanted Trump to be electedThey knew
Trump would screw things up including
a poor foreign diplomacy and ruining of
an Only America attitudeNo one wants 
him at their church which is why he has
not selected oneThey don't want tainted
money in their collection plateAlso, the
new health care bill will passIt will worsen
health coverage and eliminate many from 
having itLocal constituents will be made
and not vote for the incumbent Republicans.

Jim Horn 

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: health,

My Health Kick

Still on the health kick routine, still losing weight Forty-four pounds down, heading for fifty, can't wait Must be patient Mustn't get complacent Time will prove my efforts will be rewarded post haste

Poem Details | by cheryl hoffman |
Categories: business, health, money,

Nickled and Dimed

Mandatory health insurance is the law,
better have it or you'll feel the lions paw,
penalty a fine,
nickle and dimed,
premiums each year increasing what for?


Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: caregiving, perspective, rap,


Man, I nurse this rhyme
And it ain't even sick
What is the meaning of goldbrick
Got hit in the eye, with a rubber pie
Must be in kind, out of my mind
I don't believe in revenge
Just give me affordable health care

written by James Edward Lee

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous,

Trump and Big Mouth

Trump and Big Mouth

Out from Trump's mouth words were pouring
Telling people he is one they should be adoring
But at his body abruptly they kept staring
War on poor health he must be declaring
And eat plums with prunes every morning.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: dad,

A Health Nut

Daddy was a health nut, ran five miles a day Was proud as hell, more proud than I can say Eat sensibly like him But not nearly as trim Working on it but at 20 years older, more decayed

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Arm Bilateral Amputation

Sociology and Psychology

What I had majored in college was sociology,
And followed up with a minor in psychology;
Wife went ballistics;
Also took statistics;
Now am extremely interested in epidemiology.

Public health appears to be a central issue
and tendency nowWhat causes chaos and
terrorism is also astoundingTerrorism is
not a religious but a cult movementWhat
other cults exist in America that you can
think of?

Jim Horn

Over 10 again.

Arm Bilateral Amputation

What he did was result of premeditation;
Several killed and others need sedation;
Major surgery,
With urgency;
One experienced arm bilateral amputation.

Trump has been naughty and not very nice,
And now the rest of us must pay the price;
Orange hair,
That at stare;
When you are looking will find much lice.

Jim Horn

Still over 10Shooting for 4,600 mow
and on to 5,000 and number 3You
must set goals.

Poem Details | by ilene bauer |
Categories: life,

Insurance Thoughts

The thing you must know ‘bout insurance
Is it’s giving you lots of assurance
That if something goes wrong
It will help you along
And you’ll live with a sense of endurance.

It’s ironic, though, that you must pay
(Though you hope things will turn out okay)
For those times, just in case,
Yet get smacked in the face
And your plans or your health slip away.

All that money it’s cost through the years
To protect against all of your fears
Won’t seem very well spent
Except, in the event
That disaster leaves you in arrears.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Never Any Perfect Excuse

Never Any Perfect Excuse;

With laborCongress we do want to induce;
No perfect excuse to health coverage lose;
Ever taken away;
Around with play;
Either your mental mind or body badly abuse.

Screw and Will Guff Up

When Congress will screw up and/or guff,
All of our heads as usual have hit the roof;
Being worn thin;
Bounce back again;
They have become big pain like hurting tooth.

Dissension Deep In Ranks

Deep in ranks did discover much dissension,
Followed by alarming anxiety and apprehension;
For problem to be solved,
We must become involved;
Oh, and my wife is upset I forgot to mention.

Jill is a retired Certified NICU Nurse.

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: bullying,

life wth t-rump XXVIII

He is the number one story
On news t-rump's in his glory
The die hards he'll scare
When their health care's not there
Leaving them in purgatory

Poem Details | by Julian Scutts |
Categories: addiction,

There was a strange dame in Vancouver

There was a strange dame in Vancouver
who insisted on being a hoover.
She sucked in much dust
till her health went bust
and the council had to remove her.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Horn Puerto Rico Haiku

Horn Puerto Rico Haiku

All over Puerto Rico exists everywhere,
People who need our comfort and care;
Worry and fear,
There and here;
All they do have is sadness and despair.

Need things so their problem to be solved;
American military must become involved;
Them will greet;
Not suffer defeat;
With their efforts problems are resolved.

People in Puerto Rico are literally dying,
And caring for children who are crying;
Some seem starving;
Deep in health carving;
Will meet needs when we start supplying.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

By God Trump Was Called

By God Trump Was Called

By God Trump for President was called;
God would put it  off and surely stalled;
Same old story;
With Trump's hot sins we were scalded.

Could tell by Trump's tempestious style;
For him wanted to make us walk a mile;
Trump a tortoise,
With rigor mortis;
For a camel  who he did want to defile.

We were baffled by Trump's  many blunders;
Born with bone spurs never 90 day wonders;
Food  at  commisary,
Did cause dysentary;
He caused terrible spells we had been under.

With Trump's health he had a horrible time;
He had created missing links in each chime;
Me  release,
From police;
Committed crime when his ladder did climb.

Problems with Trump could be contributed,
To shady deals and not equally distributed;
So had salivated,
While we waited;
Nothing at all to church had he contributed.

Now that we are perturbed and preplexed,
What do you think Trump tried to do next;
Lack of full deck;
Complete wreck;
With him as President became very vexed.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Carol Connell |
Categories: humor, husband, loss, word

So Much Less Of You

Of my husband, I am seeing less.
and I’m happy, I truly confess
for those carbs he’s been shirking
his diet is working
better health for him, I shout Yes!


Poem Details | by MAHTAB BANGALEE |
Categories: how i feel,


giggling, chuckling, laughing, smiling
tingling in slicking health to sing
live with good heal
leave the odd feel
bring clown’s crown in life to be king!

-November 26, 2018 Chattogram

Poem Details | by Beata Agustin |
Categories: blessing, encouraging, faith, god,


Besieged by huge hospital expenses
With health needs midst limited resources
Let's trust God for His grace-flows
He alone richly bestows
By hard work and fervent faith He blesses!

For goodness' sake and honesty's motive
Tax evasion is not a directive
Let's pay well toward welfare
Supporting services' care
Lest fatality comes so destructive!

December 26, 2018

5th place, "Tax and Finance Limericks" Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Carolyn Devonshire; judged on 12/31/2018.