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Poem Details | by Anindya Mohan Tagore |
Categories: funny, grief, pain, poems,

Ask Marugu Mo

Where do all the great poets go?
If you ask me so, I would say, "I don't know"
There must be some hidden pain
Writing poems relieves their brain
Dear ones are their poems greatest foe

Where do all the great poets go?
Ask the river, ask the melting snow
They may say, " He was just here
With his grief - eyes full of tears"
Writing poems does not pay also

Where do all the great poets go?
Ask the sun, ask the shining rainbow
They may say, " He was just here
Got caught with his write - in fear"
Dear ones are their poems greatest foe

Where do all the great poets go?
Ask the moon, ask Marugu Mo
There are problems in their life
They can't help but face the strife
Writing poems does not pay also


P.S: Poet Marugu Mo, himself is  a great poet and his name rhymed with my poem nicelyA great poet can only give us some idea where the others have gone, so I have used his name in the title tooMy respectful greetings to Poet Marugu Mo and my dedication goes to him.

Poem Details | by Owen Yeates |
Categories: love,

Poisonous Barb

A poisonous barb did depart
From her venomous mouth like a dart
Said with disdain
Caused much grief and pain
And embedded itself in his heart

Poem Details | by stephen pennell |
Categories: fun,

The unhappy elf

There once was a green Irish elf
Who was an old miserable get
who didn't like the Guinness
And was married to a Mrs 
Who just loved to give, Male elves grief  

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Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous,

Trump So Scared

Trump So Scared

Trump surely seemed to be so scared
Far out foe who is now orange haired
With whole world we will have to share
At him sit there and shall solemnly stare
Much grief from him must be beared.

Some things seem so profound and stringent
People with no pride having a penchant
To take chances and can completely clutter
Put together stupid things making us shudder
Who ironically informed me I am indignant.

So sometimes maybe we should subtract
Memories made by moron we don't want back
Ill advised already assembled all around
Can't dig deep for dog bone in a pound
Members of Congress have bags all packed.

Jim Horn

To be continued later.

Poem Details | by tammy cox |
Categories: god,

Saved mind

I laid my head down
to try and sleep
My heart was heavy and
my thoughts were deep
I reflected on my life and 
how far I had come
My emotions were so tense
I began to feel numb
GOD  is my rock without
a shadow of doubt 
He brought me to and
fro and round about
Looking back on the times
of grief and despair
He saved my life because
of how much he cares
My salvation was paid by
a heavy price 
So that I can rest with 
peace at night
My eyes became heavy
as I smiled and said
Thank you GOD for the
for the blood you shed

Tammy Arrowood 3/06/2017?