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Poem Details | by Owen Yeates |
Categories: death, life, prayer, angel,

An Angel

Last night as I lay in my bed
An angel appeared and said
Your life will soon end
I am sent as a friend
To a new kingdom soon you will be led

Say goodbye to all those you hold dear
Tell all they must not shed a tear
For your passing will be
Liberating and free
With my lead you will not have fear

In life you have suffered too much
Soon you will walk without need of a crutch
In the kingdom to come
You won’t limp you will run
With the help of the lords gentle touch

So I wait for the day to draw nigh
Though I know lots of people will cry
With happiness in my heart
I will gladly depart
Heavens waiting there for me to try

The angel at last has drawn near
He offers a new life so clear
With a silent prayer 
I climb the golden stair
Halleluiah the angels all cheer

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: angst, bereavement, dark, death,

The East End, Ends

It's goodbye to mad Frankie Fraser The East Ends gangster appraiser So loyal to the Kray's To his very last day One the Sixties ultimate erasures .

Poem Details | by john freeman |
Categories: funeral


Bank of reptilians ready to dine,
Dinner is served on a parachute line
  The right place at the wrong time,
  Compliments, the dinner wine,
Smooch goodbye the place, where the sun don't shine,

For: "To Die For" Limericks
In honor of: Carolyn Devonshire
Placed #4

Poem Details | by David Caldera |
Categories: devotiongoodbye, goodbye,


If I wished for you, I woud have wished too much.
If I were to shed a tear for you, It would have been, one tear too many.
If I tried to just, to live for you, then my death would not have been enough.
Finding a way to say, goodbye to you, where I wouldn't have to lie to you,
where I could say, I tried for you then,  in the end it wasn't what, I would do.
When goodbye feels like I'm dying and I'm crying because, I wished for you.
Then a wish before dying is trying to come true, a wish I made while crying over you!!!

Poem Details | by Thomas Martin |
Categories: fantasy, poems, poetry, satire,

Poets, Inc

Part 1
The straggle into the board room, as usual was a bore
Idly quoting poets long dead, only this and nothing more
Howled when we learned TGIF fridays were forever gones
Terrible gnashing of teeth, moaning as we fanned bygones
Shouts of poets rebelling, tweeting, only this for evermore

Part 2
The question was asked how to whitewash this poetry threat
Perhaps fly them to the Zanzibar Meet on the corporate jet 
Hoping they would argue ad infnitum over poor Carrol's license
And no one, not even the ceo, would notice their  absence
Only this we ask and nothing more, just leave the corporate pet.

Part 3
After hours of arguing themselves silly,
Paid careful attention to Recuerdo by Milly
An Edna Saint reading that is, that brought tears
And wiped away those petty, bourgeois fears,
Even returning the pet, saying goodbye to pissiness.

Categories: fun, nonsense,

Scaly Kelly

                  Scaly Kelly scrawled a scribble rolled up into a scroll
                   Kept it in the Dolly's baguette and waited for the fall
                                 But Dolly was fumbler-bumbler
                                     Constitutionally humbler
            Kissed the baguette goodbye and jumped on a jumbo spring roll

               Scaly Kelly  © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY November 2014

Poem Details | by Vince Suzadail Jr. |
Categories: funny, time,

She Missed Me

I remembered each night and how she held me tight
I remembered the way that she kissed me
The stars shone aboveWe were so much in love.
I would go for two days and she missed me.

Then I would come homeHer hands they would roam
She would say she couldn't resist me
Then it was time to go and I'd let her know
And each time I left, she missed me.

Then I said goodbye and she started to cry
The Navy, they did enlist me
We wouldn't be tying the knot, so she fired a shot
And I was thankful to God that she missed me.

Poem Details | by benjamin grimm |
Categories: funny,

TIMID MEN(picked on by TEENAGE GIRLS around the bend)

                                                  Timid guy is turning right
                                                  A sucker punch 
                                                  with all her might
                                                  Teenage girl of 17
                                                  Shows her elder
                                                  Just who is mean
                                                 Today's young lasses
                                                 use more than just their asses
                                                 It is a startling trend
                                                 when bullying becomes their friend
                                                 What can the little guy do-
                                                when a 6 foot cheerleader 
                                                takes a sudden swing at you?
                                                Stuck between her fingernail
                                               A fact of life for this 5ft male
                                               Females are not the victims here
                                               Taking  no bulls----
                                               while they're spreading fear
                                               Wally and the Beaver Cleaver
                                              getting tackled by Ms.Tight End receiver
                                              Little John in diapers
                                              is  humming:I'M A BELIEVER!!
                                             What a way to find
                                            Her high heels up your behind
                                            What's becoming with the Female Gender-
                                            picking FIGHTS instead of using blender?
                                           this new breed of BREASTED fighters,indeed
                                          Goodbye Rocky Balboa
                                          Adios Apollo Creed!!