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Poem Details | by Robert A. Dufresne |
Categories: growing up, religion, god,

Who let the Dogs Out

He went the way of a sickly pigeon,
and dropped his nasty load on religion.
The evil ones hailed him,
power they availed him,
which increased his vanity a smidgeon

He declared himself the messiah,
From the depths of earthen hell fire,
The people believed him,
almighty pride seized him,
now he’s forcing God to retire.

You see there’s only room for one master,
to be God is what evil is after,
As enticing as it looks,
he and his cronies and crooks,
are setting the world up for disaster.

We Christians who always vote by rote,
keeping the Truths of our faith in a tote,
it’s we that keep evil in power,
We’ll know that in our last hour,
Right after we get thrown from the Boat.

Author's note:
    I read that in the last presidential election, 57% of Christians
voted for the present administration which is currently in the midst of 
of taking away their rights to conciencious objectionality and religious freedom
where the killing of babies ("abortion" for those of you who are still in la la land)
and the financial obligation for it is concerned
It is now desired by the present administration that Christians too pay for this 
murderous and horrific agenda.
To the 57% of Christians who voted for the current administration: you got your choice
Are congratulations in order?
-Robert ADufresne

Categories: love,

Letter to Linda

                     Linda the queen of Winda is in the swing of moods
               She keeps the little dove on swing, on her eggs she broods
                                   Little dove gives her a letter
                               God has written “you’re go-getter"
              And soon you'll be better “the dove's eggs are your dudes"
               The weeny dove goes to the queen with the full of beans
                Eggs are brattling love is crackling and the dance begins
                                Dovelets jump to the queen's lap
                            Sweet queen Linda, you’re not in trap"
                 "Snow is melting; God is pelting love at your sheens"
                     Queen of Winda, sweetest Linda sits on a satin
                    In the light of candle her tresses glisten in preen 
                                  Dovelets dance around Linda
                                   And Maramba and  Bellinda 
                       With a kinda smell of river Linda goes to teen

Contest: Fighting Depression(poems for PD)
Sponsored by: Shadow Hamilton
03rd December,2014


Poem Details | by cheryl hoffman |
Categories: food, technology, time,

Fast Food Kitchen

When at home its often fast food I crave,
might even be leftovers that I saved,
always in a race,
open and shut case,
thank God for my nuke everything microwave!


Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: giving, love, people,


There was a man so loving and so kind

In the world another like him couldn'd find

With each word and every deed

With love all hearts tried to feed

Till God decided his soul to enshrine!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
         18 July 2018


Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: bullying, corruption, discrimination, international,

Peon Wall

Donald Trump offered up a prayer
But God knew Trump wanted more hair
So Trump made a call
To The Wailing Wall
Where folks bang their head in despair

Trump MUST have his own Wailing Wall
With taxpayers funding withal
When folks on their knees
Are begging Trump, "Please!"
Its the grandest wailing of all!

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: health, usa,

AMA Anthem

American doctors all suck
We're in it to make a fast buck
Your meds cost a bunch
So eat pills for lunch
And pray God has blessed you with luck!

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Way To Success God Had Shone

Way To Success God Had Shone

Instead of being bare to the bone,
And also by myself and left alone;
Bothered being;
Not worth seeing;
Wish way to success God had shone.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Keith Trestrail |
Categories: boy, christmas, humorous,

Confessions of a Teenage Boy

This year I asked Santa for a Harley
and a flagon of wine made of barley.
  Then I asked God alone
  for an angel of my own...
no, not one of His, one of Charlie's!

           December 2015


As a teenage boy I loved Cheryl Ladd.

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: earth day, loss, nature,


What is truth's pure golden nugget?
A debt-free real balanced budget!
The concept is known
But history has shown
Great figures know how to fudge it

Author's note:  The right wing wants to pilfer nature's bounty and destroy the natural balance to make us rich because god says it's OK The left wing wants to do the same--only more slowly and without god In the end, capitalistic greed is the real evil because it is taking us to a critical point of no return We really need to stop using smoke and mirrors and do an honest accounting.

Poem Details | by Keith Trestrail |
Categories: power, relationship,

God Save the Queen

Alas, it was the year of the scorned princess
when Diana did on Charles and Camilla dis!
  But the Queen hid her dis-dain
  yet through it all she did reign
and God saved her from her annus horribilis!


                  June 2015

Poem Details | by charlie Pelota |
Categories: history, imagination

Christopher Columbus Trilogy

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
In the Pinta, Nina and Santa Marie
He found the New World,
And got spooked by a squirrel.
Thats the last you heard of C.C.

God had created the New World.
And saw that it was good.
In mystery it  remained covered,
Till Columbus came and discovered
Just as his Lord knew that he would.

He sailed with the blessing of Spain
And when he dicovered the land,
He named it after Amerigo Vespucci,
('Cause he had not yet heard of Gucci,)
As God instructed him beforehand.

                                                                               Charlie Pelota HSLP

Poem Details | by Keith Trestrail |
Categories: anniversary, war,


A hundred years ago lest we forget
They paid a price and paid a debt!
  Soldiers in a world at war
  Battled on a foreign shore,
And so say us all God bless the Vet.

Poem Details | by Keith Trestrail |
Categories: allegory, bible, faith,

Romans 11:17

The tree is life - its branches broken -
For the grafted in its boughs betoken!
  Faith is the root
  And love its fruit...
So God will judge as He has spoken!

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: history, son, god, earth,

The Gods' Family Tree

An Egyptian I never could be,
but since reading of their history,
in limerick form
I now write to inform
my friends of the Gods’ family tree.

From “Waters of Chaos” came Nun,
the only God under the sun.
The first piece of ground
rose up as a mound.
Hun stood there and coughed up a son!

Hun spat out the God of Air, Shu,
and he spat out a cute goddess too.
Tefnut was her name.
Moisture was her fame.
She and Shu beget children - two!

Their son was named Geb; the girl, Nut.
I’m not sure how to say her name, but
I sure like to say
Goddess Sky’s name the way
that rhymes with the famous King Tut.

When he laughed, the son Geb, “God of Earth,”
made the earth shake beneath his great girth.
I think Geb is busy
in modern days, for he
quakes often, for he’s fond of mirth!

For the tale to proceed, there ensued
some more incest, and not to be crude,
Nut, the Goddess of Sky,
got it on with the guy,
King of Earth, and they had a big brood.

There came forth from their coupling,
Queen Isis and a new Earth King,
Osiris, who was
a good king because
he ruled all rebirth, a great thing!

One son, against harmony, came
to kill Osiris, and his name
was Seth; once again
like the story of Cain -
an envious brother to blame.

But Seth got his just desserts when,
having married his Mom Isis, then
he was killed by HIS son,
named Horus, who won
the throne, and so “good” ruled again.

From Seshat to Sekmet to Rah,
Gods were worshipped by ancients with awe.
You’d have worshipped them too
had you been born to do
your poems on papyrusHa ha.

Poem Details | by William Kershaw |
Categories: sportsme, me,

Olympic Drinking

O' me favorite sport must be drinkin.'
That's the way that God made me I'm thinkin.'
For it seems without fail,
If I start quaffin' ale,
That the landlord will send me home stinkin.'

Poem Details | by Shelly Berkeley |
Categories: adventure, faith, funny, sea,

A Whale of a Tale

When the call of the Lord came to Jonah,
“set out for the great land of Nineveh!”
he was angry inside,
and decided to hide,
on a Tarshish bound ship leaving Joppa.

Then the Lord sent a great wind on the sea,
ne’er a more violent storm could there be,
there on destiny’s brink,
the ship threatened to sink,
while, old Jonah, was below deck asleep.

Surely, each sailor’s heart fainted with fear,
as the ship they were unable to steer.
“Wake up, Jonah!”  they cried,
“get thee quickly topside,
and fervently beg your God to draw near!”

Now, Jonah knew that this storm was for him,
as in his heart he remembered his sin,
he thought he was sunk,
when they gave him the dunk,
and had to choose whether to sink or to swim.

As soon as Jonah met up with the ocean,
Both the winds and the waves ceased commotion,
then along came a whale,
and old Jonah grew pale,
as it swallowed him up in one motion!

Three long days in that big fish he stayed,
vowing never again would he stray,
relieved not to be dead,
and with kelp on his head,
onto dry land, our dear Jonah was sprayed!

Please, allow me, now this moral to mention,
that when the Lord God gives thee direction,
you must not delay,
set out right away,
His good judgment you must never question.

Should by chance, you hear God’s voice compelling,
“ head thee out to Bangladesh or New Delhi,”
best get on the right boat,
and pray that it floats,
lest you end up kelp covered and smelly!

Poem Details | by Amy Green |
Categories: sad

ManTo Blame

In the beginning, when man became-
Murder and death seemed a fun game.
This was not what God meant
When giving us consent-
To our own choice, only man is to blame.

Poem Details | by Owen Yeates |
Categories: funny, happy, mum,

Limericks 10


There was a young man named Bruce
Who to the Middle East offered a truce?
He would build a brick wall 
Over a thousand feet tall
Then paint it a dark shade of puce


There was a young lady named Ruth
She sometimes forgot to tell the truth
Her mum would get mad
And so would her dad
But only while she was a youth


Poor Peter was awfully well bred
And a Christian life he had led
Nobody cried
When the poor fellow died
They just gave him to god instead


A final stab in the dark
It’s late and sod this for a lark
I just want my bed
But words whirl round my head
So I’m writing whilst out in the park


Catch all you thoughts in a jar
Like the one about your favourite car
Keep em locked in a draw
Look at them some more
Then release them and let them fly far


In cricket I batted a two
Round the field the ball it just flew
The bowlers just could not cope
As the ball hit the boundary rope
Soon a hundred I did accrue


I’d like to ride a real tall horse
In the company of John Wayne of course
With Clint Eastwood by our side
Going for a long hard ride
With our six guns the law we’d enforce


I once owned a Honda Accord
The only car that I could afford
I kept it pristine
Polished to a high sheen
It never let me down when abroad


An old man of ninety three
Said he could not wait to see
His telegram from Queen
So a hundred he’d seen
Now that’s what I call optimistically 


At last I have reached number ten
As the ink has run out of my pen
I will get a refill
Take a headache pill
Then maybe start over again

If You managed to stay awake through this well so did I,  and if you read them all then you deserve a medal, thanks for your patience, all the best Owen

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: happiness, hope, husband, lovelonely,

A Happily Ever After Marriage

There once was a poet extraordinaire,
Who composed sweet poetry with great care
She wanted to find true love.
So, she prayed to God above.
He swiftly answered, “Sweetheart, you must forbear.”

Forbearance was her lonely heart’s nightmare.
She was a passionate woman with flare.
Singing in a high octave.
Counting petals of foxglove.
She drank martinis alone in her lair.

A brilliant mind with hope and a prayer,
Resting her head on a lonely armchair.
Praising spirits up above,
She heard Ron’s voice, cute white dove.
Alas, she found him…marriage…love so fair.

(Linda-Marie, I used your profile picture for inspiration for this contest entry.)

© March 31, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: funny,

I Prefer a Little Water with My Tea

Head straight to the coffee pot after I pee
What happened this morning? Good god mercy me
Empty Folgers can
Was I pissed? Yes ma’am
(Four extra-large bags make a fine cup ‘o tea)

Poem Details | by kasim ishmael |
Categories: dedication, depression, devotion, forgiveness,


I search for happiness
But never found it again
Though it will be pursued
It will never be attain

I got lost a long time ago
And I give my heart away
It’s been broken to badly
It didn't mend up till today

She left me alone in the dark
Didn't wait to see if I was alive
alone i suffered everyday waiting
For peace of mind to arrive

And it never did came
I would lookout the window
Asking god to please help me
And just make my misery go

But the goodness in life
Has turns his back on me
And left me stuck in a time
To suffer for eternity

Why she walk out the hospital
Why couldn't she see my pain? 
Didn't she care that she might?
Never see me alive again

Now I’m scared for forever
Domed to face the world alone
Never will find a resting heart
And for ever my soul will roam

My heart is empty 
But fill with love to give
But who is going to love me
A man who’s badly defective

So the long road of life
I must travel without love
I know my mother loves me
That the only love, I’m sure off

I wish to find love again
But afraid to get rejected
Then my heart will be broken
And die when it gets infected

Right now I love some one
And keep it secret
And talk to her everyday
But will never reveal it

Will always keep her in my heart
But can never have her in my life
And I know one day I will die
If she becomes another one’s wife

And through this lonely journey
Will have lots of obstacles
Some times when I get tired
I have an ice cream Popsicle

Poem Details | by Roger Horsch |
Categories: funny,

The Day After

O'Leary was sick drinking beer 
He hoped it would all disappear
There was no one around
As he crawled on the ground
Thanking God that the bathroom was near

Poem Details | by Reason A. Poteet |
Categories: mother,

There's No Taking Mom's Place

If for one week each man could be mother,
then men might think as mothers think.
	Could you stand the life
	Say of being your own wife?
Dirty dishes do not belong in the sink.

For one week, all men should run the home;
trade places with the cook for a real trip.
	Think of planning every meal,
	mashing potatoes with no peel.
Did you fix the faucet that’s started to drip?

You’d change the beds and clean the clothes,
of rust, blood, and ink there’d be no trace
	Be a mind reader at times
	solving children’s crimes,
you’d show your children God and his grace.

Part magician, part clown, part traffic cop,
you’d give birth, nurse all who need care.
	Respond to each cry,
	answer every “why?”,
know how to get bubble gum out of hair.

Of the women I’ve known who’ve been mothers
by men they can’t be supplanted.
	Trade-offs are fun to ponder
	and can make us wonder
why on earth men take mothers for granted.

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: faith, philosophy

before Freud

It's hedged--but an allegory
Augments the lore in each story
Son Isaac he'd gore 
But Abe knew at his core    
Zeal with excess has no glory

Author's Note: 
I believe the voice of god in the story 
is Abraham's conscience.
The bible might just be 
the first comprehensive psychology textbook 
It's a string of pearls from people who faced 
the same moral and ethical questions we do.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: angst,

Overcome Anxiety

Overcome Anxiety

When maintaining our sobriety
We can overcome all anxiety
Problems and worries overcome
Regardless of where they came from
We will return back to reality.

When counseling we receive
After having to grieve and grieve
Some of the answers will appear
About life we do love so dear
Us behind God will not leave.

To God what shall we say today
Take our anxiety away will pray
After climbing to top of rope
Look high not low and always hope
Will have to wait for another day.

Some day soon will have been relieved
From all the things for that we grieved.
Believe in God and become awake
Always do everything for His sake
Reality again we finally retrieved.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by catherine Reinke |
Categories: inspirational, nature, passion, seatree,

Palm Tree Delight

P   A   L   M      T    R     E      E      D   E   L   I   G   H   T
Written by Catherine Reinke

In your arms, I lay behold ,
gentle winds and sea salt kiss.
Shade full arms from hot sun bold 
coco milk sweet, lovers dish.

My naked skin, sun loves to play
lying under this palm tree day.

Listen  to your  arms wind sound.
No gentler tender song I’ve found.

Tension, grief, sorrow and more,
all left behind seaside’s door.

For here life’s origins, beget and made
ancient past lives, memories to fade.

But here in Tulum, my friendship sea
I find myself, in gentle palm tree.

And so from youth my memory serves
a poem that retold again deserves.

“that only God can make a tree and
…poems are written by fools like me”

Truly then and true today
That Godly art create tree play.

For made he did a vast array
charming comfort of trees I say.
Strong steadfast oaks.
Wispy willows.
Lilac purples for ones pillow.
Cedar pillars ancient.
Rain forest lush,
only the palm tree 
makes me bush.

Round coco breasts filled with milk.
Erect pillar penetrating fronds of silk.

So, in your arms I want to be
naked, contentment, happy and free.
And so end my tree poetic attempt
of my love affair palm tree spent.

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: happiness, health, love, romance,


Two lovers with a second chance
At life enriched with sweet romance,
Repeat their wedding vows
In manner God allows,
With tasteful, simple elegance.

Loved ones and good friends gather near
Sharing in the joy and cheer.
Italian day is fair,
Blessing the happy pair,
Predicting future bright and clear.

May their good fortune never wane,
And sunshine over-power the rain.
Their love will be their wealth
In sickness and in health.
May their deep love always remain.

By: Joyce Johnson

For Linda-Marie's Loveland Limerick contest  won a 5th in this
from photo j 17 6858

Poem Details | by Lindsay Laurie |
Categories: humorous,

Clear Warning

Stan was one of those insensitive blokes, 
who gorged on Jerusalem artichokes,
when gas formed in his gut,
he thanked God for a butt...
now the entire USA gags and chokes.

Categories: fun, , cute,


                                My Sullivano photographed bad 
                                 He was a simian  ghost so sad
                                         He was dispirited
                                    Now he posed for an ad
                               " Uncle Sully goes to nuptial bed"

                               Meenie stands erect in the mews
                             This morning she has heard a news
                                      Sully has gone to hell
                                      To collect a bombshell
                              Safe for a ghost? she has to muse

                   My pet ghost Sullivan was quite beyond the pale
                    He smoked my tobacco pipe and sipped my ale
                                   He danced before my wife
                                  Who was a squid in real life
                 She Kicked his butt and he started chasing her tail

                    Sully kissed Meenie on the spur of the moment
                     She was nursing her ass a cute boil to foment
                                      Love really ached
                                 The cute boil was baked
                Meenie screeched like a bitch Sully made no comment

                                   Cubism or  impressionism
                             Wife Laura looked through her prism
                                       She saw the open sea
                                       Made her eternal plea
                                 God give me back my squidism

Sullivan/Sully/ Sullivano= my pet ghost
Meenie= my female tabby  cat
Laura= my wife a squid

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: dedication, devotionwisdom,


No-one know's the reason
Fore wisdom is old
Why God open's his window
From what has been told
Using his wisdom to
Redeem thy Soul
Making the world a shrine
To all that is good


Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: funny, green, nature,

Pity the Poor Katydid

Somehow you flew in and hid
Right under my toilet lid
Ouite sure you were dead
'Little pest!' I said
Pity the poor Katydid!

Saw a leg twitch, God forbid
Guess what I done-gone-and-did?
'Okay, my green lass
Go die in the grass'
Pity the poor Katydid!

*** Katydids are harmless bright green insects with large wings in the cricket-grasshopper family

Poem Details | by TIMOTHY CARTER |
Categories: growing up, introspection, journey,

Where Did It Go

As I sit here and wonder where did it all go,
  Why did I hurry to get here is something I do not know.
My life has pased by so quickly just a blink of the eye,
  Can't remember all the things I've done or the reasons why.
What was the purpose of this it all seems so insane,
   I'm left with nothing but emptiness am I to be the blame
Where are my friends and family am I the only one left,
   I guess because of what I've done this is what I get.
This isn't what I was looking for not what I imagined at all,
   There is nothing I can say or do and theirs nobody I can call.
Will it ever become clear to me why don't I understand ,
   Is this that wonderful plan was that God has made for man?
The path I chose to follow always seemed to take so long,
   I'm begining to believe that just maybe that I was wrong.
Thinking about all the things in my life that have come to past,
   Down deep I have always known that they were never meant to last.
So this is what it is like to reach this old age of mine ,
   I'm starting to see that it was never really about time.
Waiting seems to be all there is for me to do these days ,
   Untill the time that light shines bright showing me my way.
Feeling much better now that I have come to see,
  That there was a plan and it was made especially for me.

Poem Details | by Jim David |
Categories: funny, philosophy, religion, satire,

What Choice??

You insist that I only choose one
Finite human or god in the sun
Man has long pondered this
But as to my wish
I'll face death and have ALL the fun!!

Poem Details | by Renee Kelly |
Categories: faith, religion

A Less Fictitious Life

There once was a gal most religious
Whose love for her god was prodigious
   She looked deep inside
   Found fallacies most wide
She now lives a life less fictitious

Poem Details | by KAYOD5 Kayode |
Categories: analogy,

God and the hunchback

The hunchbacked man once asked God:
Why didn't you turn your face to me  Lord?
But God answered  the man:
When I looked down at your clan,
 I saw your back turn to me like a gourd.

Poem Details | by mike dailey |
Categories: faith, religionold, old,

God Said to Noah

God said to old Noah – “No sweat
Gather two of all creatures you’ve met
Cram them all in a boat
And keep it afloat
All others will get mighty wet”

So old Noah he built him a boat
And for 40 days kept it afloat
Though the details are few
It’s the tale of the crew
That makes this of Biblical note

For God had this grandiose plan
And with water he covered this land
When the boat came aground
Wickedness had been drowned
“Cept the family of this righteous man

So what is the moral of the story?
Though the world may be cold and gory
When it’s all said and done
It will be righteous ones
That will bask in God’s greater glory


Poem Details | by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: caregivingme, family, family, me,

My Mourn

What is possible? You don’t know, my family isn’t so liberal.
Religion has matter for us, doesn’t matter woman is ever feeble
Although God is one, we all are brother and sisters as I believe,
Whom do I felicitate? Why is forgiveness and mercy scribble?
My Caste is scurrile for me and my family lived with degrading,
Nobody delivered me delectation but I was grown up in trouble
Pain and misprisal is a part of our life dejection enjoyed delectation,
I depart my home only to hide defame for my children’s reflectible.
You shouldn’t understand me why is appreciation pride for us?
Honesty and trust is mourned for me and love isn’t a festival.

Poem Details | by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: devotion, faithgod, god,

For John Freeman: Godly Limerick

Look at me; I am so successful!
I am nothing save for Jesus' blood!
Have no god before Me
Love God first then your neighbor
If you love Me, serve widows and orphans.

Poem Details | by john freeman |
Categories: funny

"The god head, "Couldn't!"

Pharaoh divine, Amenhotep the fourth,  
Could explain very own Sphinx head of course,
Having anchored in Mars,
His head stares at the stars,
Made only Mars, no divinity source!

They say proof is always in the pudding,
Or to tell you this story I wouldn’t,
One day in precept’s cars,
We’ll drive around on Mars,
Viewing the Sphinx, the god head that couldn't!

For Contest, ”Sphinx Head on Mars
In Honor Of: Carolyn Devonshire

Poem Details | by Shirley Sibley |
Categories: faith, forgiveness, happiness, hope,

I Once Met A Man From The West

I once met a man from the west
And invited him home as my guest
I told of the cross
He cried, "I am lost!"
Then repented and God gave him rest

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: bible, blessing, christian, god,

The Ark Of Covenant

Whenever they travelled in front
The Ark Of Covenant did confront
The kept it well lit
And that was just fit
Only some to God could talk'd affront.

Dorian Petersen Potter
Aka ladydp2000

September, 8, 2014

Poem Details | by Noman Hamza |
Categories: beautiful,

A Prayer

It hurts if canker cuts a rose
Or the moon behind  cloud's kerchief goes'
We are that sensitive.
Therefore o God why give
Any pretty girl a runny nose?

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: fish, life, ocean, pollution,


There was a species that thought itself smart

That lived without harmony in its heart

Used earth as a dumping place

While asking God for His grace

But God ordered it to change or to part! *

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      09 June 2018


* Yesterday, June 8 was World Oceans DayIt was celebrated around the world to make us aware of the damage we have caused to our oceans

They say that 6.3 billion tons  of plastic have been thrown into them which means, as  the General Secretary of UN has said, that by 2050 we will have more plastic than fish in the oceans.

Right now five vortexes ( Islands) of plastic have been formed and the largest one is in the North Pacific which is twice the size of Texas or four times the size of Germany.

This Limerick is my humble effort to raise awareness of the damage we have caused to our oceans and the risks our species takes!

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: america, humorous, political,


Campaigning must be very laborious For democrat Hilary Clintorious Folks say she’ll oust Donald Trump Enthroned when taking a dump These nasty rumours are so darn spurious! May God Bless America - she sure needs all the help she can get! Thanks to Duke Beaufort for letting me use his line 'Hillary Clintorious' 1st August 2016

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: seamusic, music,

The ghost of Galilee

Peaceful music upon the pomp mare                                                                           
Shaped like harp this deep God his band                                                                    
Playing hard strings of waves music lands                                                                        
In the light as discerning the air                                                                                   
Fearful man walking to master’s hand

Categories: humor


A fellow named 
Timothy Terna,
was killed by a 
brutalised hyena.
When went him a 
to pray at a high 
for God to send 
down bunch of 

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: faith, religion, science

The Creation Mystery

Creation is an unsolved mystery.
Men have pondered it throughout history.
Some say it is evolution.
What a logical solution!
But faith shows God is more than a banshee.

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: freedom, god, people,


                Once upon a time Man asked God Free Will

                For he thought that it would be such a thrill

                     God gave Man what he asked for

                       Then Man asked a little more:

                 Me, do as I please, Thee Lord, pay the bill! 


© Demetrios Trifiatis
     18 November 2015

*ATTENTION this poem was posted yesterday and received eight 
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deleted it, so I post it again! 
These are my replies to the comments received:

11/19/2015 1:32:00 AM Your reply to a comment: 
 "Neither did I, my friend, M.M., however I wished to stress the fact that Man asks God to do everything for him but Man on the other hand is not willing to do as much for GodI know you are a very upright critic therefore your comment is a vote of confidence that I have succeeded without revering less our LORD! Thank you, Marugu Mo, for your visit and comment!! "
 11/18/2015 6:31:00 PM Your reply to a comment: 
 "Yes, the ultimate price He paid for us, dear dianeThe question is: How grateful are we for His sacrifice? Thank you! "
 11/18/2015 6:29:00 PM Your reply to a comment: 
 "My dearest brother, David, so gracious of you to visit and commentThank you very much!"
 11/18/2015 6:28:00 PM Your reply to a comment: 
 "Kim, my dear, thank you so very much for your lovely visit and comment! Hugs!"
 11/18/2015 6:27:00 PM Your reply to a comment: 
 "Yes, He did! Didn't he? But have we learned? Thank you dearest Alexis, for your delightful visit and comment!"
 11/18/2015 6:26:00 PM Your reply to a comment: 
 "So pleased to visit me, pal! Thank you for your commentYou are so right!"
 11/18/2015 9:34:00 AM Your reply to a comment: 
 "Thank you dearest, Catie for your precious visit!"
 11/18/2015 8:27:00 AM Your reply to a comment: 
 "Thank you, Silent One, for your comment."
 11/18/2015 8:26:00 AM Your reply to a comment: 
 "Thank you so much, Broken WingsYou so kind!" 

Poem Details | by Noman Hamza |
Categories: beautiful,

A Prayer

It hurts if canker cuts a rose
Or the moon behind  cloud's kerchief goes'
We are that sensitive.
Therefore o God why give
Any pretty girl a runny nose?

Poem Details | by FATHIMA DAWOOD |
Categories: children, thank you, life,

Thank You!

What sweet relief it is to see
How very well life can be
With water and power and all things Good
I thank you God for making life so smooth
All by your very own decree!