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Limerick Poems About God | God Limerick Poems
Poem Details | by Funom Makama |
Categories: christian, god, gospel, jesus, life, spiritual, spoken word,

I am Christian

My divine manual and life prospectus is the Bible
my ways, a beautiful mirror sparkling like clean Marble
falsehood can’t colour my teeth
Jesus Christ is not a myth
the hope of eternal life, a conviction, not a gamble.

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Poem Details | by cheryl hoffman |
Categories: food, technology, time,

Fast Food Kitchen

When at home its often fast food I crave,
might even be leftovers that I saved,
always in a race,
open and shut case,
thank God for my nuke everything microwave!


Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

My Most Fabulious Friend

My Most Fabulous Friend

Found you to be my most fabulous friend;
Profound poem prepared and shall send;
And what my fate,
Is you to motivate;
God is great and know never has an end.

Jim Horn 

For Akkina.

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: health, usa,

AMA Anthem

American doctors all suck
We're in it to make a fast buck
Your meds cost a bunch
So eat pills for lunch
And pray God has blessed you with luck!

Poem Details | by Geoffrey Brewer |
Categories: humor, insect,

Veto the Mosquito WBM

When God made the beasts, in days of old
It seems He lacked quality control
That surely would veto 
The cursed mosquito
And preclude all that itching untold

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Way To Success God Had Shone

Way To Success God Had Shone

Instead of being bare to the bone,
And also by myself and left alone;
Bothered being;
Not worth seeing;
Wish way to success God had shone.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

In Prayer Will Plead

In Prayer Will Plead

In prayer to God will always plead,
Meet my requirements and do need;
Never boast;
Enjoy coast;
Help me to overcome all my greed.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

God Break Me from My Ridgid Stance

God Break Me from My Ridgid Stance

God break me from my ridged stance;
Chance allowing me to escape trance,
I had been in,
Again and again,
And enlightened when You enhance.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Three Who We Love and Laud

Three Who We Love and Laud

There are three we do love and laud;
Spirit with Son whose father is God;

Together all our sins they have shod.

Jim Horn

Do you disagree with any of this?
Or maybe a point I might miss;
Never found,
Or around,
That appeared to look ludicrous.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

God Created Things With Wings

God Created Things With Wings

God had created things with wings,
And the best out of us always brings;
Like a lamb,
Happy am,
When we will hear a bird that sings.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Keith Trestrail |
Categories: boy, christmas, humorous,

Confessions of a Teenage Boy

This year I asked Santa for a Harley
and a flagon of wine made of barley.
  Then I asked God alone
  for an angel of my own...
no, not one of His, one of Charlie's!

           December 2015


As a teenage boy I loved Cheryl Ladd.

Poem Details | by Keith Trestrail |
Categories: power, relationship,

God Save the Queen

Alas, it was the year of the scorned princess
when Diana did on Charles and Camilla dis!
  But the Queen hid her dis-dain
  yet through it all she did reign
and God saved her from her annus horribilis!


                  June 2015

Poem Details | by iolanda Scripca |
Categories: funnyme,

The First Night, Indian Style

I met a "God Sent" Indian Giver once
A theater costume manager named Hans
Acting on stage
I felt just rage
He chased me shouting: "Give me baak my pants!"

for Poet Destroyer's Contest "Indian Giver"

Poem Details | by Keith Trestrail |
Categories: anniversary, war,


A hundred years ago lest we forget
They paid a price and paid a debt!
  Soldiers in a world at war
  Battled on a foreign shore,
And so say us all God bless the Vet.

Poem Details | by Keith Trestrail |
Categories: allegory, bible, faith,

Romans 11:17

The tree is life - its branches broken -
For the grafted in its boughs betoken!
  Faith is the root
  And love its fruit...
So God will judge as He has spoken!

Poem Details | by William Kershaw |
Categories: sportsme, me,

Olympic Drinking

O' me favorite sport must be drinkin.'
That's the way that God made me I'm thinkin.'
For it seems without fail,
If I start quaffin' ale,
That the landlord will send me home stinkin.'

Poem Details | by Amy Green |
Categories: sad

ManTo Blame

In the beginning, when man became-
Murder and death seemed a fun game.
This was not what God meant
When giving us consent-
To our own choice, only man is to blame.

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: faith, nature

Face it!

The forces of nature are odd
So is that why we invent god? 
Our deity’s norm
Seems to be human form
And reflects this silly facade

Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: funny,

I Prefer a Little Water with My Tea

Head straight to the coffee pot after I pee
What happened this morning? Good god mercy me
Empty Folgers can
Was I pissed? Yes ma’am
(Four extra-large bags make a fine cup ‘o tea)

Poem Details | by Roger Horsch |
Categories: funny,

The Day After

O'Leary was sick drinking beer 
He hoped it would all disappear
There was no one around
As he crawled on the ground
Thanking God that the bathroom was near

Poem Details | by RALPH TAYLOR |
Categories: funny

Ace in the Hell

God said, " Baseball  between us sounds swell"!

Satan replied, "Your team, just will not, do well"!

        "I know Mantle and Ruth play for you

         but there ain't a whole lot, they can do

cause  the Umpires, are all down here, in Hell"!

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: faith, funny, humorous, religion,

The gun and god combo

"The peacemaker" is Glock's new gun
Its spent rounds are rapture and fun
Yes killing's a thrill
Since I'm mentally ill 
And need to own more than just one

A gun for me is like prozac
The bullets clipped pills in a stack
I'm not paranoid
But have weapons deployed
In case I should have an attack

Poem Details | by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: caregiving, christmas, cowboy-western, education,


GOD: the goodness of determination,
a standard for better living creation.
to differentiate a civil or wild nation,
for smoothness a better flow no tension,
only patience, belief, trust asks to confirm.

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: angst, funny, life

A Life Game: Greed

What will their eternity win?
Greed, as a vice makes some men grin.
Money is their God.
Poor folks bear guffawed.
Then games bring a different kingpin!

© June 1, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Poem Details | by POET. UNDERTAKER |
Categories: humor,

God-promise strategy

Once there was a dame called Anne “the bane”
Her trick “God-promiseMy words are true & sane”
“Sam and Bern are prophets.God-promise!”
“my comprehension is the truth.God-promise!”
Bloody are we in “stone age” or “iron age” dame?