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Poem Details | by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: caregivingme, family, family, me,

My Mourn

What is possible? You don’t know, my family isn’t so liberal.
Religion has matter for us, doesn’t matter woman is ever feeble
Although God is one, we all are brother and sisters as I believe,
Whom do I felicitate? Why is forgiveness and mercy scribble?
My Caste is scurrile for me and my family lived with degrading,
Nobody delivered me delectation but I was grown up in trouble
Pain and misprisal is a part of our life dejection enjoyed delectation,
I depart my home only to hide defame for my children’s reflectible.
You shouldn’t understand me why is appreciation pride for us?
Honesty and trust is mourned for me and love isn’t a festival.

Poem Details | by RALPH TAYLOR |
Categories: funnyson, son,


To borrow there are rules to be checked
to show your father respect
        You should be real polite
        which would only be right
and to ask his ok is  correct.

But his son ignored that tradition
Used the car on his own volition
        When involved in a wreck
        He replied what the heck
I’d rather have forgiveness than permission!

His son learned the hard way that day
That’s all that I need to say
        He’s one of the fools
        Who won’t follow the rules
In the long run it's him that will pay.

Poem Details | by Olamide Adebayo |
Categories: best friend,

Endless Rift

Then come'st thou to thine peer,
Pray the fluid from the ear,
Then followeth thy friend to shoreline,
Unless counte thee the bathe wine,
Fie! Forgiveness not come near.