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Poem Details | by Robert A. Dufresne |
Categories: growing up, religion, god,

Who let the Dogs Out

He went the way of a sickly pigeon,
and dropped his nasty load on religion.
The evil ones hailed him,
power they availed him,
which increased his vanity a smidgeon

He declared himself the messiah,
From the depths of earthen hell fire,
The people believed him,
almighty pride seized him,
now he’s forcing God to retire.

You see there’s only room for one master,
to be God is what evil is after,
As enticing as it looks,
he and his cronies and crooks,
are setting the world up for disaster.

We Christians who always vote by rote,
keeping the Truths of our faith in a tote,
it’s we that keep evil in power,
We’ll know that in our last hour,
Right after we get thrown from the Boat.

Author's note:
    I read that in the last presidential election, 57% of Christians
voted for the present administration which is currently in the midst of 
of taking away their rights to conciencious objectionality and religious freedom
where the killing of babies ("abortion" for those of you who are still in la la land)
and the financial obligation for it is concerned
It is now desired by the present administration that Christians too pay for this 
murderous and horrific agenda.
To the 57% of Christians who voted for the current administration: you got your choice
Are congratulations in order?
-Robert ADufresne

Poem Details | by john freeman |
Categories: faith

"The Mercy Seat"

Mercy Christ, I needed the sacrifice
My mind had need, of Agape advice
  I needed Christly project
  Of higher Cosmic logic
Revealed mind's carnal and sweetness, Love's spice

For: Poem of Faith Contest
In Honor of: Brian Strand

Poem Details | by Keith Trestrail |
Categories: allegory, bible, faith,

Romans 11:17

The tree is life - its branches broken -
For the grafted in its boughs betoken!
  Faith is the root
  And love its fruit...
So God will judge as He has spoken!

Poem Details | by Jessica K |
Categories: boyfriend, dark, future, growing

Looking Forward

Dear little eight year old me
Who's seen the impact of cruelty
Know through the years
There'll be more tears
And hope will feel like a fantasy

The world you know grows dark
The faith you trust will part
Your heart will break
From others mistakes
And familiar anguish will scar

The past will be an open tale
Your darkest secrets soon unveiled
And those naïve
Will choose to leave
But even in this love prevailed

For sweetheart let me tell you this
In the middle of chaos you'll find your prince.
His words will assure
His cuddles secure
And change your world with a kiss
Initially cautious of intent
Believing only to be pretend
As months pass by
You instead will find
Every declaration he made, he meant

In time your heart will soften
In his presence pain is forgotten 
The half to your whole
The mate for your soul
Forever together, I'm confident

He'll show you an alternative life
One only the heavens could contrive
Visions will carry
Of being married
Becoming one day his wife

So darling be forewarned 
Of the coming trials and storms
But through the gray 
There'll be a day
When a love between two is born

Poem Details | by Robin Tinavo Mashingaidze |
Categories: fantasy, parody, write, write,


Go tell it on the mountain
That – twenty eleven is for Robin! 
Once I was on the road to perdition
And my mind was wrought
But then saw I the light
Shinning so bright
And all was right.
Now that I have got myself a gun
I will shoot my way to Zion
Roaring like a lion!
Yeah - I am not afraid of Babylon
For mine eyes have seen her ruin.

I want uncommon heroes for twenty eleven
All dead and slain!
For his marvelous patience – Darwin
And for his unconquerable faith – Saint Campion
Edgar Allan Poe – for his crazy imagination
Just in case someday I will have to bleach my skin
I will add Michael Jackson
Ofcourse I wont forget MrsSimpson
Lest I fall in love and it will be my ruin.

Mine vision won’t be written on the wall
Unlike that of Habakkuk the Prophet
But I will inscribe it in my heart
Lest it will be seen and copied by all.
For I have been taught not to trust
By the lady whose smile is so bright!

And don’t let it be forgot
That when faced with reality.
I managed to wring out of life
A promise of eternity 
To my utmost relief.

After I thought all I thought 
And felt all l felt at the end of twenty ten
What philosophers call reflection
I resolved! No, I firmly purposed! Yes - I determined to write!
But write what?
Does it matter - will write myself a verse, a story, or even a sermon
Because of all the titles given to men
The tag writer appeals to me the most!
And if this be vanity
Then make the most of it!

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: satireevil,

What the Radical Religious Rabble Rousers Are Thinking

All of Islam deserves our hate
Unlike ours—this faith can’t be great
The ground zero mosque
Is an evil kiosk
Our lord says to obliterate

What’s better than the Ku Klux Klan
And frightens the bad Taliban?
Yes—with a book roast
America will toast
Those evil who read their Koran

Burning books ain’t nothing to fear
Infernos are fun with a beer
So with drink all cheer—(hip hip hooray!)
To hate is nothing queer
Hitler did it—and he we revere

Categories: fun, funny,

The Wriggler Squiggler

                               The Wriggler Squiggler was a caterpillar
                               A graduate from Harvard- a faith healer
                                      He squirmed on Lucy my wife
                                      "Mom what is the way of life?"
                                  He asked with an air of a lady killer

Poem Details | by Verlena S. Walker |
Categories: character, christian, culture, depression,

laugh out loud brawy limerick

sip your coffee and smoke cigar
you the ass holy and mob boss 
catholic faith noth
protestants’ hybrid
StJohn the Baptist spurious

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: faith, religion, science

The Creation Mystery

Creation is an unsolved mystery.
Men have pondered it throughout history.
Some say it is evolution.
What a logical solution!
But faith shows God is more than a banshee.

Poem Details | by Danielle Knox |
Categories: life


Living my life,
No hope by my side.
No faith in my heart.
All fears are alive.

Killing my spirit,
You keep going on.
I don't wanna hear it.
I just gotta be strong.

But i lost all strength.
in this cold, dark war.
Although i call your name,
You just ignore.

i need you now more than ever,
But your not there.
My lifes gone forever.
And my feelings, are rare.

Poem Details | by Mark Goodson |
Categories: death, devotion, faith, life,

Sediments of life

Sediments of life experiences may seem precarious
One’s faith and hope that they may be found meritorious
As one lies six feet underground
The hereafter will only be compound
If the Creator’s judgment finds you sinfully nefarious

Poem Details | by Angeline Haikutwinkle |
Categories: god, inspiration, philosophy,

Faith --- Answer Me

I gaze at the approaching thunderstorm
and inhale the earthly scent of rainstorm
Her tears
as spears
is like a million blows on human fears

I ponder awhile beneath the lit-up sky
then words start rolling & a prayer is sent up high
I wish for peace
for all fighting to cease
and then the sky beckons with shades of cerise 

I loose the heart and soul on mankind
it's easy to lose faith without God's sign
When lost
we toss
the beauty of his creation for lust and greed

Then I witness the miracles of life stories
coincidences that appear and save lives
His wisdom
for our kingdom
is unfathomable for our limited visions

If only we can soar with his visions
Like an eagle on a wind's rhythm!

A mirror response to Mystic Rose's poem below:

I watch the splendor of a shooting star 
and breathe the beauty of a hum-guitar   
Her light 
in flight 
is like a million lanterns on a cooling night

I dream awhile beneath the tarp of heaven 
then close my eyes & slowly count to seven 
I wish in true 
for souls renew 
and soon I’m covered in night’s dew 

I loose the mind and pry his realm  
it`s an expedience of God’s mystic dream    
When free 
I see 
the beauty of his creation for all eternity 

I watch the splendor of a bird in flight  
and breathe the beauty of a blessed night 
His wings 
they sing 
to me of freedom, and all a night can bring;

If only we can learn to sing
Like a Cardinal on a string!

Written by: Mystic Rose 
June 24, 2015 

Poem Details | by Angie Mae |
Categories: angst, confusion, faith, hope,

Sky-Scraped Ruins

The evening fresh, 
stars allure, 
birthed- ground-breaking

To look back, seems feeble
forward, Vigorous.

It is almost too late, 
I have hollowed a place
for each hope I carried, 
trickery twisted imagination

The sky littered, 
calling...all visions to death, 
each cup of soil, 
befriending faith with roses
as I walk away, 

There are no more stones-
upon stones, 
upon stones, 
only hours perhaps, 

Poem Details | by louise nelson |
Categories: faith, funny, hope, inspirational,

money is not the god that I serve

money is not the god that I serve
for faith in the Lord God is not graded on the curve
God is not concerned with man's window dressings
and He doesn't give a damn about what the world finds impressing
just  trust in Him and he will give you an abundance of blessings
and your soul He will preserve

money is not the god that I desire
for Father God will give me all that I will require
He looks into the minds and hearts of every man
He wants us to live by the spirit of His commands
and once you  become a part of His master plan
the Holy Spirit  you will then acquire

money is not the god that I need to develop a relationship
for only through Jesus Christ will I have passage on that heaven-bound ship
and with only a mustard seed of faith
I will be entering through God's pearly gates
and so joyful that I can hardly wait
for my soul will have had such a great trip

Poem Details | by louise nelson |
Categories: faith, hope, philosophy, death,

Did You Ever ?

Did you ever sit and ponder
about  God's miraculous wonders
or sit back and reflect
on the religious aspects?
It makes my heart for Him fonder

Did you ever question the existence of God?
I don't think that question that is very hard
because I know what I feel
that the Lord my God is truly  real
and I gratefully give Him my heart

Did you know that the death of Jesus was sacrificial?
because man's belief  was so superficial
as Jesus'  death was the method to repent
yet mankind's sinning ways would not relent
for mankind's faith was so artificial

But there is one thing I can certainly convey
as ye reap as you sow, the Bible does say
just exalt and glorify God and in Him rejoice
praise and worship Him with a cheerful voice
and He will treasure you all of your days

Poem Details | by Kunda Chamatete |
Categories: age, boy, child, children,


There was a boy named Billy
Many called him silly 
One morning he looked up to the roof
God, am I, really? Give me a proof
His faith was peeling

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

May Be Much Doubt

May Be Much Doubt

Even though may be much doubt,
With God we can work things out,
And by Him I have been selected
Knows how things can be corrected,
So should stand tall and very stout.

The more faith that I have in God,
I'm sure the more at me will nod
And to me what all of this meant
Must always first have His consent
Even if I happen to be old clod.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Appreciated Words of God

Appreciated Words of God

I always had appreciated God's word,
As everyone of them often occurred;
My attention caught;
About them thought;
When heard my faith was reassured.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by tammy cox |
Categories: how i feel,


Mind is full and time 
is passing so fast
Will this chaos in our world
 ever pass
You try to sleep and shut 
things out
But in reality it's one big trap
You start to finally settle 
and quiet down
One fleeing thought bounces
back from the ground
The wheel starts turning 
as you retry to settle down 
Your normal smiling self
is now more than a frown
You say your prayers in faith 
to GOD above 
He showers you down
with so much warmth and love 
You have a change in feeling
that you can't explain 
You just know in your heart 
and you want it to remain 
You lay your head to rest in
peace another round
Eyes become heavy, you
hear no sound
Your mind is at ease as you 
feel so content and whole
You know that the man
upstairs is in TOTAL CONTROL
You give your burdens and 
weary self to him no doubt
In return you finally settle
down with eyes closed you
are out

Tammy Arrowood 9-18-2017??