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Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
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Higher Education Undone

There once was a freshman from Thomaston
In ignorance wanted to have just fun
When facing failing grades
Played even more arcades
His higher education now undone  

Syllables: 7-10 lines 1,2, and 5(10)
5-7 syllables lines 3, 4(6)
Written: July 09, 2015
Inspired by Andrea's contest..
Quote chosen that was written by Mark Twain: "Education is the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty"..

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
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Gun Control

            Gun Control

There once was a boy called Bum

Who shaped his finger in school like a gun

They told him he failed

Threw him in jail

His education is over and done

Poem Details | by James Horn |
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Another Loss By Hillary

Another Loss By Hillary

 A lot of people are upset about Hillary's loss
Politics should be kept out off of FaceBook just like out of church
I am really worried about TrumpStaff he is choosing are a bunch of has beensStock market is already being affectedWe are headed for some hard times.
The Bradley Effect and Closet voters highly affected the election.  They either told people that they would vote one way but voted another or they came out of the closet, voted, and returned back.
Many women gave into their husbands and went ahead and voted their way just to get them off of their backsGuess you could call it being hen-peckedWhat is going to happen when Trump has to go on trial in the cases of the 12 women abused? I had already heard long ago how Trump U
had taken advantage of people
Once in office Trump will have to expose his tax returnAll other previous Presidents did thisHis return is not going to be audited foreverActually, the only one being audited is the current one and he could have released all previous onesYou can actually go on line and see the income tax returns of all past Presidents
Comey will be under a Congressional investigation as to why he did what he did and when he did itHe broke the Hatch Act which I know about having been a Federal employeeWhat would have been really interesting is if Trump would have run as a Democrat and Hillary as a Republican
Trump wasn't really electedThe representative of the Republican Party was elected no matter who it had beenQualities, experience and education should be prerequisites not party affiliation
What amazed me is the higher your education and more satisfied you are, the more likely you were to vote for HillaryThe lower your education level was and less satisfied you were with the way things are the more likely you were to vote for TrumpThe more open your mind was the more likely you were to vote for Hillary as opposed to less likely voting for Trump
Often it is better to be safe than sorryWe may end up being sorry but I hope not.

Poem Details | by Terry O'Leary |
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Lotsa Limericks--- Politicians Per Verse

Our prez is now Donald J Trump
Who has promised to clean out the sump
      Well he's certainly no wussy
      When groping a pussy
What more to expect from a gump?

In charge of the Vice, Michael Pence
Said some things that embrace little sense,
       "Global warming's a myth"
       But's now taking the fifth
In attempting to straddle the fence

We all recall general Flynn
Put in charge of security spin 
      A trained atomiser
      No more Trump's advisor -
His deal with the devil's his sin

The billionaire Betsy Devos
Making plans for a school albatross
      Hating free education 
      Backs private castration
And kids will be bearing her Cross.

The Congress approved Jeff BSessions
Ignoring his racist obsessions
      He seemingly cares
      More for foreign affairs
While forgiving Klan's toxic transgressions.

Chief strategist Stephen KBannon
Develops the Great Again Canon:
      The Goldman Sachs Bankster
      Turned yellow rag gangster
Flings crap from the New Order cannon

Says EPA ruler Scott Pruitt 
"Instead of dry facts, we intuit..."
      (His work as denier
      Keeps profits much higher) 
"..If everything dies, well, just screw it"

The war whoops of Mad Doggy Mattis
Awaken the death apparatus
      With boundless expense
      For a doomsday defence -
Armageddon administered gratis

The magnates no longer need lobby
Or fight regulations thought snobby -
       Now set in the saddle 
      They're herding the cattle
And pulling the strings as a hobby

Now the Don can start wielding the axes
Truncating the tariffs and taxes
      The Mafia boss
      Is dismissing the dross
And poverty's pain as it waxes

Poem Details | by Nina Parmenter |
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Trump's Dump

 Transatlantic translation note for your education and delight: “Tosspot” is an insult roughly equivalent to “douchebag”

There was an old tosspot called Trump,
Whose ratings went into a slump,
So he warred on a whim,
With a nutter called Kim,
Now the world’s a post-nuclear dump.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Trump Trying To Skate

Trump Trying To Skate 

Trump with bone spurs  tried to skate,
Or from Viet Nam service forever wait;
Draft dodger;
Now old cadger;
Position of president for him did create.

Jim Horn

Amazing how America can make
jobs for various people regardless 
of education and experience.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Over Educated New Priest

Over Educated New Priest

Did decide what several do dread;
With your education are overhead;
Possesses PHD,
Better than me;
Put this thought to rest in big bed.

Jim Horn