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Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
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Easter Limerick Lies

With more than her share of fake news
Melania suffered the blues
From the President's sleuth
She soon learned the truth
And now spends her days with #MeToos

Our President once shared the thought
That Congress could never be bought
But one Russian tweet
Said Congress was cheap
So Ivanka bought the whole lot 

The White House Easter Egg Hunt
Gave Ivanka the ideal front
With some huge discounts
From her Chinese accounts
She evaded every confront 

Fabergé is quite a big debt
But not one that she would regret
Like the Easter Bunny
Our Congress is funny
Though the world is not laughing yet!

Donald Trump Junior once said,
"My Dad is the Giver of bread,"
But when Russian around
On foreign ground
Putin will feather his bed! 


Poem Details | by Jim Slaughter |
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Let There Be Limericks: To all you wannabe poets

To all you wannabe poets
To all you wannabe poets,
Here's a word of advice ere you start:
If you want folks to love it,
Keep your ego out of it.
When you write always write from the heart.

Dressing up a poem
It's great fun to write haiku and sonnets
About rainbows and gay Easter bonnets,
But if you find them too terse,
Try to flesh out your verse,
And festoon it with quatrains and nonets.

Scriptor Interruptus
Poets come, and poets go, and poets coincide.
Some rhyme time and time again, others "free verse" with pride.
But those who let their egos reign
Oft fade and never scribe again.
They succumb to the literary sin of "authorcide".

The pleasure and the pain
Writing is for me both pain and pleasure,
The time I spend with pad and pen I treasure.
I must confess, though,
Sometimes I stress so
When syllables I try to use refuse to measure.

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: imagination, life, love, natureeaster,

Undone Hidden Flaws

There once was a garden in Thomaston
But all the hidden flaws show now in sun
     Bombarded by winter cold
     Delicate Easter dress bold
Became frozen, tattered, falling undone

Now that lovely garden in Thomaston
Back in early spring's golden rays of sun
      Rose blooms, tulips open tips
      Flawless are flowers no thrips
Remember Rose Trellis_ love's embrace spun

Poem Details | by Kimberly Shaw |
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Easter in Nonsense Alley

John and Jack Bunny are snoozin'
For Easter will keep them both cruisin'

Cute, puffy white tails
Big, tall ears like sails

Hippity hop!  Those kids are droolin'

Poem Details | by Jaycee Cervenka |
Categories: celebration, easter, family, fun,

Egg Hunt

The Easter egg hunt was a blast,
With everyone running quite fast
Confetti in our hair
Not to mention underwear
Let's hope that dye isn't cast.

Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick |
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Easter Bunny's Demise

The Easter Rabbit had a spat with his wife
She said  the dumb eggs were ruining her life
Laying eggs is so boring
Then there's your snoring
He met his demise with her carving knife...

NOTE:..apparently she borrowed the knife from
the farmer's wife ,who had been having trouble
with some blind mice.

For the "Clue" contest

Poem Details | by POET. UNDERTAKER |
Categories: humor,

Ethical Rascal

Once there was a man called Easter Ethics
behaves in a mischievous teasing way, critic
“heat and fun motivates
if mutual trust is active”
bloody! ethical rascals amaze writers by critique  

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: business, funny, politicaleaster,

October, 1582

The Julian calendar threw
Spring’s equinox path far askew 
But Gregory’s shift
Of ten days closed the rift
So Easter eggs roll now on cue

Poem Details | by Robert A. Dufresne |
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Splitting Easter Hares

T'was Easter morn and she thought it strange and funny,
Her basket contained neither chocolate, eggs nor money,
But there laid in the Easter grass,
To the surprise of the happy lass,
Was a package of batteries signed " Energizer Bunny".

Description of my love's Easter basket this morn, she found in the hay barn.
 April 24, 2011

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: chocolate, giggle, holiday,

Steaming in Sweets

Florida’s steaming sun comes into play
Even on the joyful Easter Sunday

An Easter basket prepared with great care
Wee Wendy eats before saying a prayer
     In ninety-degree heat
     Ah, the taste’s so sweet
Blonde it once was, but now brown is her hair

Li’l Adam tore through his basket too fast
Chocolate bunnies and eggs downed in a flash
His folks had hoped the Easter treats would last
But to the bathroom, Adam had to dash

*Couplet, Limerick and Quatrain
Written April 15, 2014

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: animal, chocolate, easter, humorous,


I once met a sad Easter bunny He cried as his choc eggs were runny I said hop on your feet And get out of this heat Try Iceland, I hear it’s not sunny! 04~10~17

Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: funny, imagination, satireeaster,

I Must Tell

I have a friend, who makes money,
By telling jokes, while being funny,
He doesn’t do very well.
By what I must tell,
His suit looks like the Easter bunny.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Butterfly On an Easter Bunny

Butterfly on An Easter Bunny

Thought that this was kind of funny;
Butterfly being on an Easter Bunny,
In backyard out on green grass;
Me by hope my love would not pass,
Who was always sweet as honey.

Jim Horn

Someone mentioned butterfly
being on an Easter bunny so
wrote this poem

Poem Details | by George Aul |
Categories: humor,

Not Harvey

I thought I saw a big Easter bunny
when it hopped it looked really funny,
so I put my beer glass down
and then began my big frown...
it's my wife at the bar wanting money!

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: animal, humorous,


I purchased a rabbit named Brandy By jingo, that young buck was randy It caused such a to do When he humped my left shoe Thank goodness the hosepipe was handy! HAPPY EASTER SOUPERS 3/27/18

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: candy, easter, humorous,


I’ve kidnapped the poor Easter bunny - His chocolate eggs are so yummy But I lost the plot And ate the whole lot Now I’ve got an ache in my tummy HAPPY EASTER SOUPERS!!! 3/30/18

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy, religious,

Became Beligerent

Became Beligerent

People near Christ became belligerent
Wondering what transfiguration meant;
Clothing glowed that in He was dressed;
All those around Him were impressed;
Thankful to God His Son had been sent.

Jim Horn

Now on to my next poem which
is the climax for EasterWonder
if Easter Egg Hunt is still on for
the White House.

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
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Says Who

One could question the Easter Bunny
Why a limerick should be funny
A rabbit egg
May pull your leg
But it can't give you love nor money!

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

White House Morale and Trump

White House Morale and Trump

Faces of White House staff have a scowl,
While Trump thinks he is  a wise old owl;
Biggest fear,
Pain in rear,
Then should give up  and throw in towel.

Jim Horn

Wonder which church will Trump be going 
to on Easter Sunday.

Jesus from death His Father had raised,
We sing songs about and Him praised;
Miracle In making;
Breath away taking;
America picked Trump and were amazed.

Jim Horn

Had to throw that poem in for another laugh.

Poem Details | by Dear Heart |
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Luck of the Clover

Was searching, searching for lucky clover, when a loud bawdy fairy flew over; and said, she was a Colleen, said, to stop touching her green; KEEP GOING- cause this is no stopover ! So, I left and went looking for some gold, and for fun through her green clover I rolled; stop that, fairy Colleen roared, and some not so nice words poured; GOSH- I said fairies are nasty and bold ! On I went humming a green jaunty song, until another fairy came along; and said, she was a Colleen, and she was a fairy queen; sent me searching in a direction- WRONG ! _________________________________________ Added after contest judged - February 19, 2019 Written, February 15, 2019 Poetry/Limerick/Luck of the Clover Copyright Protected, ID 19- 1115-244-02 All Rights Reserved Written under Pseudonym. Written for the contest, March Poems, Easter Series sponsor, Carolyn Devonshire

Poem Details | by Lindsay Laurie |
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Easter Thrill

Senility for sympathy begs,
but for me, being senile has legs,
for when Easter time,
I find it sublime -
I can hide my own Easter eggs.