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Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: humorous,

One Mermaid's Lesson

A merman had one stubborn daughter who rebelled against what her dad taught her. When she swam to dry land, she could then understand she was just like a fish - out of water! For the Out of Water Poetry Contest of Sheri Fresonke Harper

Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: funny,

Black-Water Blues

Diz Cajonne dey call Thibodaux
Paddle dis girl in his Pirogue
Den he see dem unmention
Dad tool stan at attention
She slap him stick HARD doncha' know

Dad pole shrink awful fas he yell whoa!
Sha, whad did you swat dad ting fo?
Now it at parade rest
Like diz bird in a nest

PD's contest

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: humorous,

Dead Animals are Everywhere

"Oh, honey," he cried on the phone,
"It's terrible being alone.
I'm feeling the blues,
and I have some strange news"
He went on and on with a moan.

"I went to the back yard one day,
not too long after you'd been away.
Do you know what I found
everywhere on the ground?
Can you guess what I'm going to say?"

"No clue," I said"Why don't you share?"
"Dead animals are everywhere!"
If he'd not shouted,
I may have doubted,
but then he said, "Baby, I swear."

I was taken aback, so I said,
"There are animals? And they are dead?
What kind might they be?
Tell me how many?"
Just to think of it gave me some dread.

Since it sounded so terrifying,
I thought what a terrible thing.
Had our yard become scary
like the pet cemetery
I had read of by novelist King?

Were they poisoned? Were there rabbits too?
In the back of my mind I just knew
that his tale was too tall.
I was not wrong at all.
As it turned out, the number was two!

For I called up my daughter who said
she had gone there; what she saw instead
of some big horror show
was just her dad Joe
with one snake and one bird that were dead!

Written July 1, 2016 :  True story with a bit of exaggeration making hubbie look wussyBut I'm not far off the mark!! This happened a long time ago when I had gone to a family reunion and left hubbie alone for a week!! Our daughter was newly married and went to the house to see all the "dead animals everywhere"  For the Tell a Tall Tale Contest of Jesse Day


Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: funny, husband,

An Unappreciated Housewife

He walks into the room each day at six
As around their Dad all five children mix
     He smiles at them with glee
     Meantime he sneers at me
So I get prepared to take all his licks

“What have you been doing all day?” he asks
No appreciation for all my tasks
     “Washed clothes and changed diapers
     Don’t need any gripers”
This insensitive father wears two masks

Each morning his breakfast is served on time
Later, vodka collins are served with lime
     He never shops for food
     Says my cooking’s no good
And when he bathes, the tub is filled with grime

My Mom said, “Men just work from sun to sun,
But a woman’s housework is never done” 
     I found a new game plan
     A hearty, handsome man
Together, my husband we could outrun

May 25, 2012
*Entry for David’s 3 H contest

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: humorous,

A Child's True Tall Tales

When I woke, Mom, I saw a parade
right before me! I wish it had stayed.
There were drummers and clowns,
lots of colors and sounds,
but in minutes, it started to fade!

Oh my! I just saw a big bear.
He was out in the woods, I swear.
He was so big and black.
Mom, I’m not going back
not EVEN on a double dare!

A toucan was just on the phone wire.
I saw it take off, flying higher
than our parakeet!
Mom, isn’t that neat?
So why does Dad call me a liar?

Written May 8, 2016 
For the Tall Tales In Short Form Poetry Contest of Casarah Nance

Poem Details | by Michael Degenhardt |
Categories: angst, funny

Holy Follicle!!

Oh, I am so angered, outraged and appalled
I think that I’m going bald
My dad had great hair
So I never really cared
But, to the hair club for men I am called

From my butt, they could extract some hair
Because I think I have so much to spare
But I cannot tell
Do you think it would smell?
Oh well I think, I’ll just leave it there

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: april, character, easter, funny,

Easter Limerick Lies

With more than her share of fake news
Melania suffered the blues
From the President's sleuth
She soon learned the truth
And now spends her days with #MeToos

Our President once shared the thought
That Congress could never be bought
But one Russian tweet
Said Congress was cheap
So Ivanka bought the whole lot 

The White House Easter Egg Hunt
Gave Ivanka the ideal front
With some huge discounts
From her Chinese accounts
She evaded every confront 

Fabergé is quite a big debt
But not one that she would regret
Like the Easter Bunny
Our Congress is funny
Though the world is not laughing yet!

Donald Trump Junior once said,
"My Dad is the Giver of bread,"
But when Russian around
On foreign ground
Putin will feather his bed! 


Poem Details | by mike dailey |
Categories: adventure, nature, sportsfishing,

Fishing Limerick

This fisherman, we’ll just call Mike
Was fishing for Great Northern Pike
He would throw in his line
But time after time
It came back with nothing he’d like

When I was a wee little lad
I went out fishing with dad
I caught a big trout
And was dancing about
When he threw him back in I got mad

I said Dad why did you let him go
I could take him to school don't you know
Now I just can't conceive
That my friends will believe
If I haven't got something to show

Contest:  Limericks about fishing -3rd place finish
By: Mdailey

Poem Details | by Linda-Marie SweetHeart |
Categories: love, happy, happy,



Poem Details | by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: family, funny, life,

Beers and Tears

Men measure life by the number of beers
Women measure life by the flow of tears
It is when the dad farts
His wife moans in her heart
Because her own children laugh and cheer

Edward J Ebbs - October 11, 2011
Limerick Contest 

Poem Details | by Owen Yeates |
Categories: girl, dad, dad,


A young girl called Freya it’s said
Had ginger hair all over her head
Her dad of her was fond
He said it’s strawberry blond
Not ginger and certainly not red

Our nieces daughter is Ginger haired but her dad is adamant she is not so wrote this for him.

Poem Details | by john williams |
Categories: beach, children, summer,

Too Excited

My swimmers on, to the beach I ran,
Across the hot, white, squirming sand,
The first wave faced knocked me rotten,
My dad had told me but I'd forgotten,
Jump the waves son if you can.

Poem Details | by JEAN MURRAY |
Categories: fun, games,


There was a young midwife called Milly.
      She acted a bit like a filly.
        When dad left elated
       and mum was sedated,
  Milly played with the doctor's willy.

Poem Details | by KP Nunez |
Categories: humorous,


There once was a girl named Bo
Her dad did not like her beau 
So one day they eloped
But Bo’s dad dashed their hope
He sprang from behind with bolo.

*bolo - noun, a large, heavy, single-edged knife or machete for hacking, used in the   Philippines and by the U.SArmy

05 March 2015

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: holiday, baby, halloween, baby,

A White Pumpkin Family Review

Cotton Candy is a pumpkin who
Is known as White Pepo too.
Her nice rounded shell
She keeps very well,
And one day she met Baby Boo.

Baby Boo is quite small, and at night
He might glow, an albino pure white.
He is both good looking
And good at cooking!
He and white Pepo make a rare sight.

Cotton Candy (White Pepo) and he
Got together, and baby made three.
With skin color cream,
The baby’s a dream
And he’s part of the Ghost family.

Like his Mom, maybe better, is he.
Ghost can keep for a long time and be
Just like his Dad too.
Like that small Baby Boo,
In the oven he can bake sweetly.

Another White pumpkin, meanwhile,
In Carol’s patch sat on a pile.
Smooth, round and pure white,
An adorable sight,
Is this pumpkin with decorative style.

Other pumpkins can read this and weep
For Halloween has a new peep!
For MINE, cute and small,
Has the name of Snowball
And clear up to Christmas can keep!

For Carol Brown's 
"What No Orange Pumpkin" Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by William Kershaw |
Categories: family, fantasy, father

My Favorite Shoes Ain't Mine

My favorite shoes in the closet they sit.
I've never worn 'em not even a bit.
Cuz before I was born,
By my Dad they were worn,
I'll not wear them 'til I'm sure they'll fit.

Just for SKAT's contest

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: halloween, humorous,

Monster Mash

When Frankenstein’s bride was created
The monster was surely elated
He asked her to dance
As he sought romance
To screams his poor ego deflated

Count Dracula surveyed the dance floor
He sought a mate sporting great pallor
“Morticia” stood out
He gave her a shout
But she brushed him off for the Centaur

Incredible Hulk had more luck though
A jolly green lady crooned, “Tango!”
Her gigantic Dad 
Seemed perfectly glad
As he tossed green beans at the floor show

The evening sped by and all mated
No monster was sad or frustrated
The underworld king
Let his decree ring:
“May music play on unabated"

October 20, 2016

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: humorous, school,


Please be quiet! Our class teacher said Pupils giggled, my face flushed bright red I was so broken hearted I’d just let rip and farted That I ran out the classroom and fled The teacher followed me down the hall Said please don’t be embarrassed at all … At home that happens to me I blame my pet dog you see Great idea miss… I’ll give dad a call I rang him saying dad can we talk Told him my story – he soon did baulk Think of the costly vets fees It’ll be covered with fleas His solution …I’ll buy you a cork! Time to B Contest – Sponsor Casarah Nance ~07~24~15

Poem Details | by Jason Talbott |
Categories: childhood, daughter, father


No, Monopoly isn't too speedy
And the deals you make often are seedy.
Common sense then, forbids
Me to teach to my kids,
But I did, and it made their dad greedy.

Now, my daughters are sweet little dears,
They're eleven and nine (in earth years).
So we sat down on stools
And I taught them the rules,
An hour later, someone was in tears.

I was mean and I pushed and I bossed,
Played to win, didn't care what it cost.
But my kids are too smart.
Despite daddy's black heart,
The next thing I new, I had lost.

So a word to the wise from a guy
Who's afternoon plans went awry:
If you can't stand to lose
To your kids, then don't chose
Monopoly, they'll see you cry!

For "Monopoly the Game of Life" contest
by Jason Talbott

Poem Details | by Sneha RV The Literature Lover |
Categories: humor, humorous, money,

Running Costs

"I ran behind a bus", said Ben,
“Saved a good five dollars again”.
“Oh fool!” dad exclaimed,
“My son, I’m ashamed”.
Chasing cabs, you could’ve saved ten!

Poem Details | by Seren Roberts |
Categories: funny,

What a boar - limerick contest

There was a man with a shovel
Whose house was a relative hovel
Digs a hole in the floor
Think his dad was a boar
Cos he cant stop sniffing for truffle

Penned 17 August 2013

Poem Details | by robert johnson |
Categories: family, funnydad, dad,

Snag O Rama

Me,my dad and sister Robyn.
Went a fishin with a bobbin.
I hooked a tire and realed it in.
A big ole bullhead was in the bin.
So Dad said, quit your sobbin.

I told my brothers what I caught.
Their disbelief is not what I sought.
My Brother Scott said I was lying.
Brother Terry said quit your crying.
Mother said, don't give it another thought.

I've told this story many times.
And now I've told it with some rhymes.
The best part is, is that it's true.
And with one more line it will be through.
Fishin's fun if you don' mind the slime.

Poem Details | by Ajani Ibrahim |
Categories: food, funny, mum,


Yeah! Dinner at my home is set at nine
Please don't come, mum would freak, and dad would whine
Chicken and chips
My lil bro weeps
And mum says 'dude get him a glass of wine'

Categories: fun, nonsense,

Dad was a deaf crab

Dad was a deaf crab

                                    Dad was a deaf crab very bad
                                      My mom was naturally sad
                                             Uca the fiddler
                                          The greatest riddler
                              Riddled dad's deafness- deadbeat dad

© Rajat kanti Chakrabarty

Poem Details | by JACQUELYN STURGE |
Categories: funny, blue, boy,


They have poor Little Boy Blue tending sheep
That's why he got tired and fell asleep,
Other kids on the court
Shooting hoops playing sport,
He's scared of his dad and won't say a peep.

Well the cows went and eat up all the corn
And they want poor Boy Blue to blow his horn,
Why 'twas not a drum set
Or guitar, better yet,
The cows and the sheep to him would be drawn.

Didn't his parents know the Child Labor Laws
Or somebody forgot to read that clause
Protective Services
Should be called into this,
They should hire workers to meet that cause.

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: adventure, caregiving, childhood, depression,

Lock Up

<                             once there was a girl locked in closet
                               dear old dad said well thats what you get
                               little did he come know
                               let out by little bro
                               but recaptured by moms fishing net 

Entry For Leighann Anderson's
Sea Of Words Contest

Poem Details | by kash poet |
Categories: funny,

Birds and the Bees

"Do you know 'bout birds and the bees?" One day my son asked suddenly, "Just ask your teacher, she would know better" "No Dad she is yet to marry!" =============000============== By:kash poet

Poem Details | by Black Eyed Susan |
Categories: nature,


When Mother Eagle returned with her wormy swag
Each of the eaglets grimaced and gagged
"Eat that slimy thing?
You've got to be kidding!
We'll wait and see what Dad bagged!"


Received 6th place in "Pure Thoughts on Nature" contest

Poem Details | by T Wignesan |
Categories: anti bullying, fear, freedom,

Limericks crochetes: All the trappings of the rough-neck cult

Limericks crochetés : All the trappings of the rough-neck cult

All the trappings of the rough-neck cult
Baby-faced blond Aryans exult
Under star-striped umbrella
State seal insignia
Some Dad yells « OUT », muscle-men catapult

Can SUN also set in the Wild West
Where the cash – the Man says – will come to rest
How many will share wealth
How many get free health
Deplete coffers for great job conquest ?

The tragic loss of a rising star
O ! Mark « Blond » face ! He’ll shine yet afar !
Blocked not by Destiny
But by peer fear envy :
Winsome mien sage’s ears passion galore !

© TWignesan – Paris,  2016

Poem Details | by Janice Canerdy |
Categories: father daughter, humor,

I'Am Sew Sorrie, Daddie

		Young Deborah's text to her dad
		revealed that her skills are quite bad.
		She meant, "Just got paid,"
		but said, "Just got laid."
		Her dad was astonished and MAD!

		When Deb realized what she'd said,
		her face turned a bright, glowing red.
		What did she do next?
		She sent a new text:
		"I ment PADE, firgiv me!" she pled.

July 25, 2016

written for Royal Ninja's Crimson Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by mike dailey |
Categories: on writing and wordsme,

contest suggestion

I cannot sponsor a contest but if you can and you are looking for a topic may I 
suggest a limerick contest that requires the poet to base the limerick on a word that 
begins with the first two letters of their name (first or last - sponsor's choice) The 
Washington Post ran a similar contest 4-5 years ago and I won an HM based on this 
first poem I eventually submitted a limerick for every DA word in my little pocket 
dictionary you could ask for a certain number or just one.

Like a lamb being led to the slaughter
Or a clam in the hands of an otter
I haven’t a chance
When she gives me that glance
Yes, alas I’m a DAD with a DAUGHTER

There once was a sheerer who’d gag
When sheering the sheep who would drag
Their rear ends through dung
Until it all clung
Dung matted wool’s know as a DAG

There once was a French riot keen
To let royalty know what they mean
They just couldn’t wait
To decapitate
The king, the queen and the DAUPHIN

There once was a Roman who’d swagger
Whose enemies thought him a bragger
So they shortened his life
With a short little knife
Now known as the Et-Tu-Bru DAGGER

A ticket I can not afford
And so I have turned to the Lord
Only three inches tall
He watches it all
From his vantage point on my DASHBOARD

There has to be some fire station
Somewhere to be found in this nation
That has a DACHSHUND
They got from the pound
Instead of the usual DALMATIAN

There once was a girl I did court
But the wedding she chose to abort
When I thought myself dandy
She thought me too randy
And jumped up off our DAVENPORT

A brain freeze can sure make you scream
When eating too fast your ice-cream
I won’t let that faze me
Though the pain will sure daze me
Each time at the old DAIRY Queen

As the sweet smell came into my nose
It tickled my fancy and toes
Reminds me of you
And the sweet morning dew
It’s the fragrance of sweet DAMASK Rose

It’s a receipt I often mangle
The ingredients all twist and tangle
Its my sandwich of choosing
Though the balance I’m losing
My DAGWOOD’s at such steep an angle

I once called this guy a DAGO
His dander was ready to blow
His teeth – they did sparkle
His thoughts – they were darkle
So I quick ran away don’t you know

The Webster’s I used was quite small
The challenge to me – use them all
Not all are PC
But they’re precious to me

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: funny, true love,

Dead Man Walking cartoon JOIN IN THE COLLABORATION

Small and Extra Large Loo ma viewed her old man in a helpful mood her sweetness turned to a fiery storm brewed a two sitter for the loo his and her tush fit for two extra spicy will simmer in his food Eve Roper 11/18/2016 Fred cut two holes in the dunny His poor wife didn’t find it so funny The HUGE hole for HER rear Now filled HIM with fear She could drop him in poop so runny (Dunny is an Australian word for toilet) By: Jan Allison 11/20/2016 Ma clenched her fists in anger when she saw the two toilet seats constructed by Pa he made hers entirely too large then said her butt's big as a barge Ma's in jail for murder~she broke the law By: Lin Lane 11/20/2016 Papa was a sweet pleasing spouse He built mama a new custom outhouse One look was all it took She caught him with a left hook Widening the door all it took to rouse By: Sonny Roper 11/20/2016 Nothing beats a good wooden throne A two seater I’d really condone Oh to share the sound of the plop From things that tinkle and drop I fear the wife, would rather go it alone By: Mark Woods 11/20/2016 I have been ordered to renovate the loo so my good wifey can go for a poo the hole I cut was so large as it had to fit her arse Oh im in trouble now, what a to-do By:Stephen Pennell 11/20/2016 Before Dad could reach the pit, my enraged Mum took a fit. The seat as we gawked, made into a wooden stalk For my poor pitiful Pop. By: Jean Murray 11/20/2016

Poem Details | by Paul Schneiter |
Categories: addiction, humor, pain,

Street Cure

Joe Samson couldn't stand racket
he told his five boys to sack it.
They refused to comply
today they wonder why
their dad was driven to crack it.

Poem Details | by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: funnydad, dad,

Mum and dad fighting

My mamma called my dad a Martian
They were arguing over the dish washin’
She said “you better beware,”
“Or I’ll knock you block way up there”
For a mute she said it all in fluent Russian

Been MI6 dad arrested her as a communist who poisoned his water
Shot her in a rocket into the sky with his step daughter
The rocket went up 
In the shape of a tea cup
And the world thought it was a flying saucer.

Poem Details | by Anna Hopper |
Categories: silly,

3 limericks

Oh my dearest darling Kate
Faced the most awful fate
Ate a peanut
Clogged her big butt
Now larger than Texas State

I would assume you've heard of Sue
The poor boy doomed to boo hoo
His dad was funny
Till he had no money
crawled back to his son for some stew

Henry was a giant catipillier 
He worked at Walmart as a vacuum filler
Always on time
Sucked up by nine
Until he met a snail and tried to steal her

Categories: nonsense,


                                  A’s go-granny was B’s grand-nanny
                                      C’s mom’s sister loses a penny
                                               Drink a cup of tea
                                        Hey D’s dad is an Yeti Yenny

Poem Details | by Sarban Bhattacharya |
Categories: father daughter,

A Silly Mistake

Jane's dad was a man of hauteur, 
He employed a guard for his daughter
But that bloke was her dream, 
She eloped with him, 
Her father didn't know this suitor!

Poem Details | by Sabra Wells |
Categories: sad

Brother of Moses

The effort i've put in
Carefully put to the side
I want to be perfect to you
Not someone you'll hide

First i was your little boy
I laughed it off and so did you
But i've taken the blame
for every fu-king thing you do

You say that you'll stop
You never follow through
Every time i see you
Its like deja vu

You're my dad so i love you
But i dont know if i can take it
I wish i could walk away
From all of your bulls-it

You dont beat me
But i still feel abused
Ajd in the end
Your still compleatly amused

Categories: fun, nonsense,


                                 Willy was a thief of Baghdad
                              One night he stole a pen from dad
                                      Dad called the police
                                       Willy looked owlish
                            Poo-tee-weet-too  he vanished so sad


Poem Details | by David Horne |
Categories: fun, humorous,

'Six Little Fingers' or The Norwich song

When I was a boy of two or three,
My dad and cousin said to me;
'You'll be the gee-tar player in a big folk band',
‘'With those six little fingers on your right webbed hand',
So he went straight out to make me a star,
And he sold his horse and bought a new gee-tar; 
But a band needs maybe two or three, 
So my daddy brought in some family.
There was cousin Jeb with his massive chin, 
He could play pee-anna and the violin, 
There was cousin Pete on the double bass, 
His teeth were huge and covered half his face.
My cousin Jane was an easy choice,
With her long gold hair and an angels voice;
And daddy noticed too that as she grew, 
She had udders like our old cow daisy too.
We practised hard till we were good,
But every now and then we would;
Be forced to play without our singer,
Cause she'd be in the hay with a local minger.
So when we'd growed and we could play,
We loaded up the cart one day,
We headed out, past our own land
With my six little fingers on my webbed right hand.
We got on stage on the opening night,
My hand felt stiff and my stomach tight; 
But we couldn't begin without our Jane, 
And she'd disappeared round the back again.
The curtain opened but the stage was bare, 
We couldn't find jane anywhere; 
Then I found them bangin in the nearest loo,
 Now cousin jane is my auntie too!
We came back to Norwich and broke up the band,
I'm not the big star that Daddy had planned,
But I'm the fastest milker in the whole damned land, 
With my six little fingers on my webbed right hand.

Poem Details | by RALPH TAYLOR |
Categories: funny


My father always told me something he preferred
Decisions that are hasty are usually absurd
        My dad was very wise
        He was able to surmise
Don’t ever second guess a choice till after it’s occurred!

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

A Military Brat

A Military Brat

Before have not been in mortal combat,
And yet still I once was a military brat;
To Mom's dismay,
Did enlist one day;
Wore an Air Force uniform with their hat.

Jim Horn

My dad was killed in an aircraft accident on
the Aircraft Carrier Intrepid CVN-11 now in
the New York harbor.

Veterans Day is coming soon.

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: age, anger, child, christmas,


I was shopping in the local mall When a toddler just started to bawl He stamped his tiny feet And demanded a treat But his mum wouldn’t buy a football! He continued to scream and shout His small mouth displayed a huge pout But much to his chagrin His mum did not cave in Just warned him he could get a clout! His dad took the child by the hand And said words he could understand When your mummy says no Don’t put on a floor show - Good parenting really is grand! (Just for the record I'm not advocating it's good parenting to smack a child - it just happened to rhyme for the poem which is fictional) Incidentally in October 2017 Scotland was the first place in the UK to ban parents from smacking their child..I wonder how successful that will be! 12/24/17

Poem Details | by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: christmas,

Christmas Day

               Christmas Day
                                   I desired for bi-cycle as birthday present.
                                  My Dad did not agree but just made a comment
                                              and next put a clause,
                                              ‘Let it be Santa Claus
                             to bring your grand gift on coming Christmas event.

                          I inquired ‘how could he put cycle inside sock?
                          Please give me neither false hope nor funny shock!'
                                            Dad told ’Don’t worry,
                                            Santa will carry
                            to put cycle beside sock at night twelve O’clock.'

                             Obeying family routine, by ten I slept.
                             Rejoiced to see cycle beside sock on day next                                              
                                     Someone knocked the door
                                       afternoon by four,
                             producing the bill of bi-cycle for payment.

                           I rushed to Dad ‘Santa claiming money! Too wise!’
                           Bill payment is still dueDo you realize?’
                                             Dad was prompt to say
                                            ‘Santa is sure to pay
                         laterMessenger has come to apologize.’

    Christmas Day Contest by Alexis Y

Poem Details | by PAT Adams |
Categories: funny, word play,


My dad once went hunting and took me
I'd scare up the ducks and make them flee
When they fell down from his attack
I jumped in and brought them back
Worked me like a dog don't you see

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: cancer,

The Curse Of Mankind

Cancer can only be described as the curse of mankind My dad and wife Linda both succumbed, cruelty defined Ugly and disgusting Family busting To this horrible fate, mankind is resigned

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: technology, teenage,


A bad tempered brat from Nantucket Drops her phone, but claims that a thief took it The girl will not calm down Her swearing makes dad frown She raises her fist shouting ‘suck it’! The meaning couldn’t be misconstrued Her father says just quit your foul mood She says she trashed her phone - dropped it on her way home She’s grounded for lies and being rude 5/20/18

Poem Details | by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: child, christmas, memory,

Christmas Memories

       Christmas Memories
                                  From childhood memories I recollect 
                                   I asked for bi-cycle as birthday present.
                                            Dad put just a clause,
                                              ‘Let it be Santa Claus.
                                 He will bring the gift: A grand event.
                                False hope gave simultaneous jerk and shock.
                              ‘How could Santa Claus put cycle inside sock?
                                           Dad told ’Neither to worry,
                                           Nor to feel sorry.
                            Cycle to be put beside sock by twelve O’clock.

                              Enjoyed Christmas Eve and happily slept.
                             Rejoiced to see cycle beside sock on day next.
                                      Christmas Carol, I sang
                                      And the door- bell rang
                             Someone produced cycle-bill for payment         
                         I rushed to Dad ‘Santa has come in disguise!
                           He claims moneyDo you realize?’
                                  Dad was prompt to say
                                  ‘Later,Santa will surely pay.	
                        Messenger has come to apologize.’
                 Second Place
    Childhood Christmas Memories Contest by Bic Gl-Sa

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: fantasy, imagery, ocean,

Mocked and Forgotten

Beneath an orange sky and huge rainbow, 
Mestor, free spirited son stops the flow 
over his dad Poseidon, 
God of the sea, rift widen 
climbs upon his narwhal, puts on a show

Setting off with bounding leaps through the waves
Sunlit shafts shine in bright gleaming locks laves 
beams, the beast travels full speed
A fine beast a wreath of reed 
around its neck towards Atlantis caves

Mestor's unfearing icy blue eyes gaze 
upon a dazzling mermaid saffron blaze
Wind swept across her brunette 
wet long hair, thoughts of a net 
and human ways, hooted in shrill amaze

Mestors woke amongst an ocean sand bed 
of froth, sounds of laughter in the wind spread
A glimmering pace along 
the beach and a droll tone song 
in the silver wake of the moon was shed.


MESTOR A king of one the ten kingdoms of Atlantis--a mythical continent in the Atlantic OceanHe was a son of Poseidon and Kleite.

In folklore, a mermaid is an aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish.[1] Mermaids appear in the folklore of many cultures worldwide, including the Near East, Europe, Asia, and AfricaThe first stories appeared in ancient Assyria, in which the goddess Atargatis transformed herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human loverMermaids are sometimes associated with perilous events such as floods, storms, shipwrecks, and drowningsIn other folk traditions (or sometimes within the same tradition), they can be benevolent or beneficent, bestowing boons or falling in love with humans.

Poem Details | by Ram R. V. |
Categories: father, funny, son,

Plight of a dad

To fix his son’s bike, a dad once sought            
Mechanic does better, the son thought             
But dad stripped it all                                      
Yet the mechanic, son had to call                   
Which is which, who’d taught?