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Poem Details | by Mohamed Omar |
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Tie the knot Limerick

There was a girl, of I thought 
I loved her so much, a ring I bought
  Thinking of happy marriage 
  To propose I summed up all my courage 
Unfortunately, she wasn’t ready to tie the knot.

Poem Details | by Ralph Sergi |
Categories: humorous,



There once was a man who was fearless
Confronting a fear he could care less
His courage was there
Like Samson with hair
Except on his head he was hairless

Courage-Andrea Dietrich Contest
July 4, 2015

Poem Details | by Susan Palli |
Categories: education, humorous,

School Days

There was a young teacher named Spade,
who taught like a preacher dismayed.
The pupil's delight
to put up a fight
did cause him to screech till he swayed.

Now one of the students named Chad,
then gathered what courage he had
to give Spade advice
and make him think twice
about his harsh method so bad.

They all were surprised the next day,
when Spade then allowed them to play.
He'd taken great heed,
was friendly indeed,
and all are still happy today.

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: funny,

Blind Date

Finally my life's now unstuck
A blind date, stroke of luck
For tomorrow I'll greet
She stays just down the street
The courage I'll just have to pluck

It's the morning of my blind date
In a way I just can't wait
Into town I shall go
And go with life's flow
Lets hope it all turns out great

The evening starts out real well
Her shapes make my eyes surely tell
She's so buxom and pert
Makes this man so alert
More than my heart starts to swell

On the couch I move in for a kiss
Full hands I'm so much in bliss
My luck turns to yuck
Her teeth out, now she sucks
A blind date I would never have wished

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: adventure, confusion, funnyfootball,

Airwave Pandemonium

With my recorder I pursued my quest
This assignment seemed like a courage test
     That’s why my boss sent me
     Knowing that fearless I’d be
Covering this race brought such happiness

Hundreds of hot air balloons in the sky
Conducted the interview one mile high
     But now as I reflect     
     What I didn’t expect
Was the loud blast that made the balloon fly

I thought it would be quiet as we flew
Over Doak Stadium up in the blue
     The radio report
     Ended up running short
When the pilot spoke, the hot air did spew

Every thirty seconds or so -- a blast
Interview literally filled with gas
     The edited version
     From this fun excursion
Left our radio listeners aghast

But viewing Chief Osceola’s emblem
From high above the football stadium
     A sight I’ll not forget
     I have just one regret
Creating airwave pandemonium

* As a radio reporter I was assigned to cover the Tallahassee Annual Hot Air Balloon 
Race We flew over Florida State University’s football stadium and it was a great 
view from the air But I had to edit out each blast of air when producing the report 
for Florida Public Radio Talk about a choppy radio report I should have 
interviewed the pilot BEFORE we took off Duh!  Ignorance was my plea to the 
news director -- I was later sentenced to ground duty.

July 20, 2011
Entry for Francine’s “Happiness is a Balloon” contest
Written by Carolyn Devonshire

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: fun,

The Attitude Adjuster

Take care, watch out for the “Attitude Adjuster” You're going to need all the courage you can muster He'll smile you to death Wearing a polka dot dress This scary image me st-st-st-stutter © Jack Ellison 2015
Dedicated to my good friend, The Wulf Man!

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: people, uplifting,

Serenity by Trial

Born without any legs, sweet Irene, a mother and wife, is serene. By accepting her plight, She does more than all right, Saying, “Handicapped? What do you mean?” “Though I’m legless,” she says, “I’m not bound to my bed because I get around! I move quite easily on a board made for me, and I push off with hands to the ground.” “People stare, for they think I’ve been burned by life,” says Irene, “but I’ve learned that for what I’ve gone through a great wisdom grew inside me, and blessings I’ve earned.” Written by Andrea Dietrich for nette onclaud's Serenity Response Poetry Contest I chosecourage to change the things I can (actually this poem focuses on the entire Serenity prayer and not just that one line!)

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: death, loss, sea


Too awful was the fate of the beautiful and elegant Titanic,
it's last voyage to New York City proved to be very tragic...
it suddenly crashed into a gigantic iceberg and rapidly sank.
Many passengers waited for rescue on the ship's main deck;
only human courage can truly attest to the tale of the Titanic.

Entered in Carolyn Devonshire's contest, "Sea Tales Limericks".

Poem Details | by Connie White |
Categories: life, life, me, pain,


As I sit here in the shadows of what my life should be, I wonder if this pain I feel 
will ever set me free
The struggles I have felt so deep are carved within my soul the torment of the 
years gone by will forever take their toll.
 Upon this world, there has to be a greater force then fate, for when my days are 
here and gone will I knell beneath the gate?
 Is there really someone who looks over all of human kind, if there is then why 
within my being the peace I cannot find?
 My hands they shake and my bodies numb from the hurt my heart does bare, if 
this is how my life should be, it does not seem quite fair.
They say life is what you make it; well then, I guess I made mine hard, for this I 
will pay the biggest price, a mind and soul that’s scared.
I will look up to the heavens for the strength that I will need to try to face the days 
that lay ahead, for the mercy I will plead.
Dear lord if you are really there please here these words I pray, grant me strength 
to face
this world with courage each new day.
 I am asking for salvation for all the things that I have done, please grant me just 
the peace of mind to feel a bright new sun.
The sun that shines on those with peace, who feel no pain within.
If you grant me this I ask I plead, my new life can begin.


Poem Details | by Lisa Ricci |
Categories: friendship, fun,

Glinda and The Wicked Witch of The West -- two --

"Glinda and The Wicked Witch of The West"

The Witch of The West wanted the ruby shoes
Knowing she was loud and evil was old news
All the munchkins safely hid
wise to what the witch did
The fear bestowed upon them they paid their dues

Glinda The Good Witch of The North stood close by
quickly appearing beautiful from the sky
Glinda fought the Wicked Witch
with good verses itch
The munchkins now live like a true butterfly

SkyWatcher  -  05-09-17

ok all you Limerick experts
you can be honest and true
this was my attempt at the Limerick
this entry is two out of three
I've only practiced this twice privately
I somehow now had the courage to post
I have seen so many floating around in this format
have a wonderful day
thank you

Poem Details | by Lisa Ricci |
Categories: friendship, fun,

Jack and Jill and Company -- one --

"Jack and Jill and Company" 

Jack and Jill were on their way to the unknown
talking many hours on the telephone
They never could say good bye
with thoughts leaving them high
Now they're never alone living the same zone

Their friends Miss Piggy and Kermit placed a call
hoping to visit before any rainfall
They traveled under the blue
all red lights they passed through
Now all four are together at the mess hall

SkyWatcher  -  05-08-17 

ok all you Limerick experts
you can be honest and true
this was my attempt at the Limerick
this entry is one out of three
I've only practiced this twice privately
I somehow now had the courage to post
I have seen so many floating around in this format
have a wonderful day
thank you

Poem Details | by Lisa Ricci |
Categories: friendship, fun,

Darren and Lisa by the sea -- three --

"Darren and Lisa by the sea"

One fine day such whispers called to go to the sea
Darren and Lisa were set with cookies and tea
All was well along the shore
hearing tides and their roar
there wasn't anything they couldn't foresee

Hold the thought as a seagull stops by their side
He flew from high above with such force and stride
Their snacks were gone in a flash
taken was Darren's stash
Lisa replies "next time its the countryside"

SkyWatcher  -  05-09-17

ok all you Limerick experts
you can be honest and true
this was my attempt at the Limerick
this entry is three out of three
I've only practiced this twice privately
I somehow now had the courage to post
I have seen so many floating around in this format
have a wonderful day
thank you

Poem Details | by JENNIFER PROXENOS |
Categories: evil, love, mother,


Son did you hurt yourself?
Posted on November 15, 2013 by libertariandad Standard 
There once lived a young manHe lived in the woods with his motherShe cooked and cleaned the house and he would go to workUnfortunately the father had died a couple of years earlier and that had forced the young man to go and work to support his motherThey were happy together.
 However one day the young man ran into a beautiful girl and he kept thinking about herHe would ask her to go out with him and she would keep on decliningBut finally she said okay I will go out with youHowever there is only way that I will go out with youThe young man asked her what it was and she responded that he had to show her that he loved her and would do anything for herThe girl  said that she wanted him to bring her the head of his mother.
 The young man was shocked at this and thought about it on his way home.
 He brought up the courage and chopped his moms head to have a date with the beautiful girlHe put the head into a basket and ran back through the woods as fast he could to the girlBut a tree root stuck out of the ground and caught the young mans foot and he trippedThe head of his mom rolled out of the basket and looked at him and asked, “Son, did you hurt yourself?”


A man he met a sexy pretty girl,
Thought that he had found a pearl,
She turned out to become so evil,
And caused disastrous upheaval,
She wanted more than just a twirl!

The man insisted that he date her,
Nothing he said to her would stir,
 Bring back to me your mothers head
To prove your love for me she said.
The man bewildered, his mind a blur!

Returning home, with head in cloth
A butcher with a bloody swath,
He tripped and fell, he heard a voice,
My son was this really your choice,
His mother’s head held him no wrath.

From heaven this man would be exiled,
A feeble, stupid, man so meek and mild
But as a mother, with just a head
She had only one thing to be said
My son did you hurt yourself my child!

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Complete Things

Complete Things

Complete Things on himself had always counted;
When the size of them all combined surmounted;
Then on it dawned;
Belief way beyond;
Committed with a courage which was undaunted.

Jim Horn