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Limerick Poems About Confusion | Confusion Limerick Poems
Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: adventure, caregiving, celebration, confusion, desire, feelings, funny, humor, identity, life, october,

Sweet and Salty -LIBRA TALE


Sweet and Sour hectic sign
Love me, trust me, the stars align
   Balance of truth and dare
   Good and Evil, full of care 
Blind when it comes to blood line

:) PD

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Poem Details | by Sean Kelly |
Categories: funny, parody,


 A young fertile mother begat

Triplets , called Tim , Tom  and  Tat

Great  fun  at  breeding

Confusion  at  feeding

When   she  found  there  was  no tit~for~tat.

Poem Details | by Dale Gregory Cozart |
Categories: humor, planet, stars,

The Moon in Astrology

Just what can astrology gain us?
The confusion surely must pain us.
Just how are you behooved--
Not to mention improved--
By knowing the moon's in Ur-anus?

Poem Details | by John lawless |
Categories: animal, confusion, humor,


The tail of a beaver, bill of a duck
yet they pull it off with honor and pluck
made with spare parts
they capture our hearts
with DNA tests that read WTF


for Any Animal Or Creature Limerick Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: confusion, film, funny, humor, humorous, irony, violence,

Batman And Robin


Batman and Robin hit the Joker
But their blow was only a croaker
The Joker hit back
But instead hit Jack
Who said "I'm glad, the Joker's an smoker!

Dorian Petersen Potter
Aka ladydp2000


Poem Details | by Tom Larrow |
Categories: funny, political, satire,

I'll Tell You A Secret

At best, life is just mass confusion
Finding what's real and what's just an illusion
Speak of politics Do I dare?
When finding the truth is so rare.
Because politicians are just an optical illusion!

Poem Details | by Dustin Craig |
Categories: confusion, dark, death, depression, goodbye, lonely, loss, stress, suicide,

Mediocre Man

There once was a man that was lackluster
Who's life was one giant cluster
Writes a suicide note
He slits his throat
Blank stares are all his family can muster

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: car, confusion, drink, flower, giggle, humor, humorous,

Nerd Thief

There once was a thief from Chile
Who liked to drink milk with a lilly.
Well the judge was aghast
When examining his past,
But decided he was just silly.

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: confusion, funny, health, humor,

The astonishing disappearing act

Proctologists need to write when 
A prescription's called for big ben 
But a doctor equipped
With thermometer quipped
An asshole's walked off with my pen

Poem Details | by Gerard Keogh Jr. |
Categories: confusion, food, life, parody

Pickles And Tickles FAST Food.

We cook it ! Feel your tonsils tingle!
Add mayonnaise, lettuce, a pickle.
Lost both tonsils at ten
so can I ask you when
my change comes to more than a nickle?

Poem Details | by Ray Gridley |
Categories: confusion, humor,

Jimerick: Accounting Mistake

Jim booked an accountant to meet
But he got the wrong house, and wrong street
Where the ladies purport
To massage and escort
He asked if they had a spread sheet.

Poem Details | by Ethan Plummer |
Categories: confusion, family, love, me, me,

Gay Son

rip me open, inside out straddler feeling, he came out drag me along, make me bleed fake your love, I don't feed screams for help , I, the silent grout

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: confusion, funny, holiday, philosophy, social,

Thanksgiving in the mirror

With "plenty" this culture's endowed 
Bad outcomes are never allowed!
But nature's stealthy
And notes for the wealthy
Silver linings come with a cloud

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: america, confusion, funny, history, language, spoken word, woman,

The Boston Tea Party - 1773

An ancestor known as, "Miss Lottie"
Was a New York socialite "hottie"
To her lasting disgrace
She slapped Paul Revere's face
When he invited her to the p-ah-ty

Poem Details | by Sandy Tadros |
Categories: beauty, conflict, confusion, creation, imagery, spiritual, world,

Beautiful Chaos

The Galaxy; This cluster of stars
The sea; This concealed beauty and scars,
The inevitable suffering, the desired alleviation
All these could be seen through her eyes' nation!
She was a beautiful chaos, more beautiful than Mars.

Poem Details | by Janice Canerdy |
Categories: confusion,


			I once knew a poet named Janice.
			To her nothing's more puzzling than this:
			Some Soupers say "Great"
		 	or "Love it"--then rate
			my poem a "1." Bliss with diss!

February 24, 2016

Poem Details | by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: confusion, dedication, devotion,

A positive line

Respect and regard, people feel honour as appreciation.
Pleasureness encouraged them to raise explanation.
when you ignore a person means you cut  a support line,
you narrowed a cycle for living, did you draw a positive line?
you realized others you are a person of reserve nature.

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: confusion, wedding, wedding, wedding,

My Cousin's Wedding

The bride-to-be set the time and the date.
Now she is the one an hour and half late
The wedding guests are curious.
The bride’s father is furious.
The wedding is now on overtime rate.

For contest "My Cousin's Wedding"

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: addiction, bible, christian, confusion, corruption, death, evil,


Such food made the people go crazy.
Their hearts Fill'd with lust all got hazy
In bad stuff they were in
Many died cuz of sin
And were lost for'ver and that's crazy!

Dorian Petersen Potter
Aka ladydp2000

September 8,2014

Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: computer-internet, confusion, funny, life, people,

Plain Computer Talk

”Errors, error, press on “any key
Yes our minds are a clutter you see.
I told you what to do.
Now you are turning blue.
No” any key” shows itself to me.

Poem Details | by Nitesh Aggarwal |
Categories: angst, confusion, depression, introspection, life, on work and working, school

Eight Years

It’s been eight years, and it still feels the same
As it was then, I seem to have no aim
                            Peer pressure
                            That of a fresher
Searching for my own claim to fame.

Poem Details | by Gerard Keogh Jr. |
Categories: anniversary, confusion, funny, places

Red Cheeks. ( Both Sets.)

After tossing back too many shots,
My tummy got tied up in knots.
But the outhouse fell down,
now a king with no crown,
I cover up where I must: "Thank You Scotts'!"

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: confusion,

Canadian Eh

At times I walk around in a fairy like state Is that one of the indigenous forty-eight Catch myself in time There's at least forty-nine Maybe fifty or sixty, hey I'm Canadian eh!

Poem Details | by Angeline Star |
Categories: confusion, gender,

Steve or Eve

By Angeline Star

Eve came every night from the base
her green hair and pink shoes a disgrace
No one noticed her lack of mammory glands
and instead saw her round end and full lips
they just thought she liked  big man hands.

Poem Details | by Charles Clive |
Categories: confusion, fantasy,

Colossus - or not

The Colossus of Rhodes stood erect, commanding much awe and respect. But his rather small shorts held his assets - of sorts. Perhaps, not a lot - I suspect! ~
For the '7 Wonders of the Ancient World' Contest.