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Poem Details | by Paul Callus |
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Mr Magoo

I had a black cat called Magoo
The slippers and clothes it would chew
This damaged its jaw
And broke every claw
Thank goodness I had super glue!

Furry Friend contest by Royal T.
Placed 6th

Categories: fun, nonsense,

Granny had a yellow cat

                            Granny had a yellow cat Matty Sand-arum
                       She was fond of Cherry Blossom and bubblegum
                                       Cherry ached in her tummy
                                          Bubble is double balmy
                   She yelled out scummy gummy and fell into the scum

    Granny had a yellow cat/Limerick©Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty 18 November 2014

Poem Details | by Alexis Y. |
Categories: humor,


            Today is voting day, I must make it a goal
            I'd rather take up residence at the north pole
                             All the cat fighting 
                              And name calling
         To be honest ,I don't want neither one in control

Alexis Y

Categories: fun, nonsense,


                              Doctor Squiddoo married a widow DooDoo
                                Booked a room in Perry of Huido Voodoo
                                         In the honeymoon night
                                       The moon was shining bright
                           And a fat black cat licked the ass of Squiddoo

Poem Details | by jack horne |
Categories: girlfriend,

Miss Wrong with plenty of Baggage

I still haven't found my Miss Right;
the girl with the cat was a fright:
she farted all day
and stank of decay,
then played with her pussy all night...

for the Baggage contest

Poem Details | by Kevin Shaw |
Categories: cat, fun, silly,

There was a Black Cat in Miami

There was a Black Cat in Miami

There was a Black Cat in Miami
Whose owners were told he’s Siami
But he’s just a Black Cat
Nothing special about that
Disappointed those folks of Miami

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Meow and Me and You

Meow and Me and You

My mind reminded me of sound meow,
That a cat will do to both me and you;
Next does occur;
Hear him purr;
Guess what find friend, we have two.

They are tabby cats that are always

Jim Horn

PSJack and Henry

This is my 3900th Poem.
Dedicated to: Akkina Downing 

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

Cousin Bell

Cousin Bell moved into a maisonette,
Was promptly told she could not have a pet
Not a cat or dog
Not a fish or frog
What about a gorilla she just met?

Poem Details | by Caryl Muzzey |
Categories: cat, tree,

I Once Had a Gray Cat That Could Clog

I once had a gray cat that could clog
and was better than any old dog.
His feet work was fast
but stardom didn’t last
when he fell for this stunning tree frog.

My gray cat and tree frog was to wed
on night he was to dance for our bread.
He got very sick
when frog he did lick
was quiet toxic, now gray cat is dead.

When gray cat finally reached cloud nine
told gate keeper he was feeling fine.
Though he looked quite green
he captured the scene
when he clogged to the front of the line.

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl SMuzzey

Nineth Place Winner ~ "Any Funny Poem” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Destroyer Poet
Aug14, 2011

Poem Details | by john williams |
Categories: children, funny,

Hat Crazy

Louise Gratton always wore a hat on,
Even on her bicycle when she sat on,
They were various colours and design,
Her millinery skills always fine,
Now she's making one to put her cat on.

Poem Details | by Gillian Hughes |
Categories: animal, cat,

Pasta cat

There was a large cat from Llanelli
Who was terribly fond of spaghetti
One day out of menace
He travelled to Venice
Where he dined in the sun on a jetty.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: humorous,

Animal Magnetism

A pet more exotic I'd wanted.
A pet to be groomed and then flaunted.
Not a dog or a cat -
Something cooler than that!
I began my search feeling undaunted

In a pet store I came on a ferret.
Such a pain he was! How did I bear it?
Under doors and through cracks
He'd escape from meAAAACH!!
So I traded him in for a parrot.

Well, the parrot just wanted to fly!
And that bird knew more bad words than I.
When he called me a whore,
I threw open the door:
“Now you’re getting your wish, BirdBYE BYE!

A boa constrictor I bought,
He’d like to be cuddled, I thought,
But he wrapped and he squeezed,
As I gasped and I wheezed,
And offered the rat that I’d caught.
A bowl of piranha I won -
I played Baccarat with a nun -
And they wiggled their bums,
So I tickled their tums,
But bones ’stead of fingers aint fun.

My elderly aunt sent a text,
Suggesting tarantulas next,
But my spider alas,
Took a bite of my ass:
My pet-owning hobby is hexed.

I went to the pet shop, I swear,
But nothing I wanted was there -
To my pets I am prey,
So I went on eBay,
And purchased a big teddy bear.

For the "Grab a Partner" ContestTo see
who I collaborated with, read my comment
under the poem.

Poem Details | by Sharon Smith |
Categories: animal, cat, dog, food,

A Dog And A Cat And A Flea

A dog and a cat and a flea,
All sat down to some tea,
They all ate some ham,
With some bread and some jam,
And were all as content as can be.

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: animals, funny, nature

Ricky the Raccoon

Did you hear about Ricky the Raccoon
Who found a cat who had swooned
He returned it back home
In case, dazed it did roam
His reward, a night on the toon

Francine posted an image on Facebook to write about, this is mine.
To see the image, copy and paste my link below and paste.

Poem Details | by Laura Leiser |
Categories: cat, funny,


My Persian LICKS with abandon
A cat with a mission in hand'en
When suddenly he chokes
HAIRBALLS stuck in his throat
And upchucks over me where I'm standin'!

Written on 5/20/2015
For L&H Limerick Contest

Poem Details | by Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson |
Categories: animals, funny, holiday, husband,

Some Limericks...

She’s out there chasing a cricket

Through bush, through shrub & through thicket

Together they hop

Fugitive, cop

But when she gets it, she just wants to lick it!

A cat whose vet took his eye

Just cannot quite understand why

His eye’s been enucleated,

3-D vision reduciated,

So now, he keeps an eye out for an eye

Ya gotta keep limericks loose

Think green eggs, or perhaps DrSeuss

They’re structured, it’s true,

But they’re also a zoo

Whose tenants are all on the loose!

I frolic in fountains of words

Overflowing with serious absurds

Each poem I write

Wakes up and takes flight

Joining angels and faeries and birds

You ask that we write a good limerick

How to do so, I haven’t a glimmerick

So I struggle and frown

Teaching  poems to clown

So a smile on your lips will be shimmerick

A cat with a mouth full of mouse

Brought her feast right into my house

She played with her food

Who was not in the mood

To be a banquet of mouse in the house

The nightmares that shadow my sleep

Stampede the proverbial sheep

Right out of my mind

When I try to unwind

I find my appointment with sleep hard to keep

In her search for original truth

She met people unsavory and couth

She knitted and purled

But only unfurled

Yarns told by new age and old youth

Cat, suddenly pink,

Drinks her water from out of the sink

She looks so absurd

Since she’s been de-furred

I really don’t know what to think!

If one and one is two and two is four,

And there’s only two ways to go through  a door,

Then, is earth up or down?

And, where is down town?

These are questions we need to explore!

A was that is an is

Tried to mind my biz

But I sent it packing,

Its presence was lacking

And I don’t have time for such shiz!

A couple who lived in Los Lunas

Loved the wide desert sky’s crystal blueness

They’d stare at the air,

Over here, over there

And rejoice at the feeling of newness

A cat with a very fat gut

Found it easier to walk on his butt

He’d drag it around

Across carpet and ground

And use it to slam the doors shut

Said the Missus to her dear MrOtter,

“There’s something I think that you oughta

Do before we get old

To protect us from cold –

You oughta make the hot water hotter!”

The ghosts who live up in my attic

Make noises that sound much like static

I’ve tried to send them away,

But they’re here to stay,

Those staticky ghosts in my attic

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: depression, friendship, funny, love,


I raised an Australian dingo,
no name came to mind but Ringo;
he jumped on me,
ripped my clothes daily...
it costed me plenty of money!

Only once I left him alone;
good furniture was torn!
Oh, should I be mad...
or be kind instead?
I'll sleep over it for tonight!

All Ringo did was run, bark and howl,
mistaking a small cat for an owl;
They took him away
to the zoo today;
he'll whimper form his cage, not rest!

I'll take him back, lest he behaves;
his lesson he'll learn:  good manners!
Now, Ringo just stares
to earn forgiveness...
it's fun to play with him and laugh!

Poem Details | by verlecia fields |
Categories: death, me, me,

Bully Me This, Bully Me That , Who's Afraid

http://www.Bully Me This, Bully Me That 
Who's Afraid of the undercover  surveillance, informing, informational 
informant, cool, low, down, dirty, Cat 

why he has all the power and would never lie 
that's why he's able to use the law 
to  badger me (harass : to exhaust an enemy by attacking repeatedly)
and fix it so i will die 
where is the right and the wrong of my government 
its seem to be all gone 
or was it never there 

why his game is so smooth, and yet so mean 
you'd think, your the one 
whit (with) a pocket full of dreams   
but its not you mind full of colors 
that he wants 
its, the control of the  mental
to make you want, what he 
wants you to want 
buy, sell, cheat, and lie 
or eat and die 
So whats, that got to do with you? 
its time for you, to protect you, and figure it out...
or the next generation will 
make many men rich, beyond rich..

PS..which way is just-us (more like just me!)

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: humorous, political, satire,


Some folks will be down in the dumps Hillary lost … Donald came up trumps Britain made their exit They voted for Brexit I have a question …are we all chumps? JAN ALLISON 11~09~16 I think we're all sick of the status quo They get rich and to us a bone they throw Our vote reflects Too much neglect So let's cover our ears and enjoy the show WRITTEN BY TIM SMITH Nothing can kill an erection Quiet like a Presidential Election I limped to my room Feeling the doom But woke Okay with the national selection. WRITTEN BY JAMES ANDERSEN DUCK WINS! SALAMANDER CONCEDES! It was a pretty heady do’in But duck was good at poo’in Plus loud quacks And nasty attacks Political skills for a shoo in WRITTEN BY LIM'RICK FLATS Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in spades She conceded, his hand was well played No more bickering Nor cat fighting America has voted, the choice was made WRITTEN BY ALEXIS Y The vitriol flowed, the venom spewed The gamut was run from nasty to rude They covered their flaws By flapping their jaws At least neither showed up in the nude WRITTEN BY JOHN LAWLESS That smirking skunk likes to blow his TRUMPet And treat all women like they are strumpets Oh for goodness sake He's an evil snake If there's a woman he says, "I'll hump it!" WRITTEN BY MARTI SUTHERLAND Two taxpayers in Thomaston Checked the donate a dollar box~ done Many months now have been wooed By two candidates pursued Can't believe the smug smile cause he won WRITTEN BY SARA KENDRICK Lay in bed, watched TV, gripped in fear As results on the screen all appeared Thought 'Clinton', what a chump Since I've woke woke with a trump' She said 'yes, I can smell it from here' WRITTEN BY VIV WIGLEY All the white beer bellied rednecks are stump Those are out of work that voted for Trump Up in arms not with humor Because there is a rumor going around his cite taking a dump Import a hundred- thousand to perk Mexican immigrants smirk To build his high brick wall, The unmitigated gall cheap economics and people to work WRITTEN BY SONNY AND EVE ROPER There was a candidate whose name was Trump In the white house wanted to set up camp With any chance that he found Convinced everyone around Thus people voted for the dirty tramp! WRITTEN BY DEMETRIOS TRIFIATIS The trumpet has now been blown The king ascends to his throne But who will pay the bail When Hillary's in jail We've entered the twilight zone WRITTEN BY JOSEPH MAY There once was a rich billionaire Who took away the poors healthcare Breeds hatred for Islam He's a walking time bomb The guys america's worse nightmare WRITTEN BY STEPHEN PENNELL

Categories: fun,

Cool the snazzy cat

                                Cool the snazzy cat stole a tiger's wife
                                   Fed her a mix of kiss and Nutrilife
                                             She was a tigress
                                           And could not digress
                              From the logic of " kill cool without hype"

Poem Details | by john williams |
Categories: children, funny,

Teaching Pussy To Swim

I was teaching my cat to swim,
His pussy face looked so grim,
Dad said, "Make the lessons shorter,
you see cats just don't like water,
even so, I rate your chances slim."

Poem Details | by gary bechter |
Categories: childrenbird, bird, morning,

Breakfast For two

"Breakfast for two"

Callie the cat 
climbed the cypress
curious for something to eat.

Benny the bird 
perched on a branch
just a claw out of Callies reach.

Benny the bird 
spied a round worm
snaking along the ground.

Few a-ground 
went Benny the bird
and chowed the yummy thing down.

Now Benny the bird
sat licking his beak
enjoying his morning treat,

while Callie the cat
planned the attack
for too her morning treat;

Well Benny the bird
no longer around,
to see mornings a-new
For the squiggly round worm
that became a treat
was also breakfast for two...

Poem Details | by Janet Eaton |
Categories: cat,


There once was a cat named Lucky
Thrown from a car that was junky
With a broken jaw
And a broken paw
Now she is pretty much spunky

Categories: humor,

Felix and Mr Erwin Schrodinger

                        Felix was angry I could not blame the cat for that
                   Mr.Schrödinger should have opted for a clean bowler hat
                                    His experiment was a chiller
                                    Prussic acid was  a sly killer
                     Felix could not endure the cheekiest quantum rat

                 But Mr.Erwin Schrödinger was a great digger of truth
        He went straight to Huttenstrasse's " Who-will-bell-the-cat" booth
                               And He slurped his Irish Mooligan                             
                              Caught Patrick "Pat" Peter Sullivan
             And put him in the black box and played qubit with Ruth

Sponsor	Carol Eastman
Contest Name	Humor Contest

14 January,2015

Poem Details | by Abdulhafeez Oyewole |
Categories: cat, character, culture, hilarious,

Scotland in Pawn's Dreams

Scotland in Pawn's Dreams

A visit to Scotland in Pawn’s dreams
Means grinding and riding little steams
Bout clouds know how to mark
Send battered skin as stark
And then kitty cat walks in sunbeams


Categories: fun, , cute,

My cute cat Meenie

                                    My cute cat Meenie laid an egg

                                       It was very hazy and vague

                                          Meenie laughed a little

                                         Dad, the egg was brittle
                                   In lovemaking he missed his leg

Poem Details | by Dear Heart |
Categories: funny, humorous,

Limerick 3 - Quick Exit

One dark night the fire alarm was screeching, Stuffed bag dragging and the cat meowing; A purse hanging off my neck, Oh, I sure looked like a wreck; In the parking lot people were staring! ____________________ April 25, 2015 Limerick For the contest, Limerick, sponsor, Jan Allison 5th Place Fifth Place

Poem Details | by Dear Heart |
Categories: green,

I'm Into Green

On Saint Pat's day- this cat will be wearing, A green coat and a green hat, towering; Oh you will like my green bow, And my green socks, I will show, My human girl will wear green- quite (pinching)! ____________________________ March 16, 2016 Poetry/Limerick/I'm Into Green Copyright Protected, ID 16-768-847-0 All Rights ReservedWritten under Pseudonym. For the contest, Wearing Green sponsor, A Skat Sixth Place

Poem Details | by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: animals, funny,

Ornery Cat

Simba's an ornery cat says the vet

  During visits both get greatly upset

      Simba grumbles and hisses

         Not at me or the missus

            But at the vet who ain't tamed him as yet

Robert LHinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Susan Palli |
Categories: humorous, , cute,

The Missing Emerald Ring

There was a cute girl named Nadine,
Who loved to snatch things that were green.
An emerald she took
From Grandmother's nook
And thought what she stole wasn't seen.

Now Granny was simply amused
To see how Nadine's face changed hues.
She asked what was that 
Inside of her hat
That looked like a ring she did lose.

Nadine then began to invent
A tale of the emerald's descent.
"The cat knocked it down.
It fell on my crown.
Been stuck in my hair ever since."

Well Granny could not be beguiled 
From the looks of an "innocent" child
"Oh dear, it got snared?
Let's cut off your hair!",
Said she in a tone oh so mild.

Nadine shrieked, "Oh please don't do that!
It really was not the poor cat.
I took your grand ring
For the praises it'd bring.
I should not have acted like that!"

Categories: fun, nonsense,



                        Hogg went to market and bought trouble an ounce
                           A seedy dog barked so bad he had to pounce
                                       The dog puked a tabby cat  
                                       And the cat big Hardy hat                                                                                     
                        An ounce of common sense, brat, a dead cat bounce

Categories: cat, fun, nonsense,

My little blue cat

                                         My little blue cat Bumbie
                                      Found in the street a Frumbie
                                           Frumbie was a beetle
                                            Mischievously kittle
                                      Kicked cat's ass like a brumby

        My little blue cat/Limerick/ Copyright©Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty 11/18/2014

Categories: fun, nonsense,

Katy dipped her tabby cat in the pot of brine

                            Katy dipped her tabby cat in the pot of brine
                             She was settled to make his fur silky and shine
                                         But to her utter depression
                                         Raising a pertinent question
                         The Tabby baby took wing to ride the cloud nine 

Poem Details | by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: funnyold, old,

Wealthy Cats

A wealthy old cat lover named Rover
To save money called his idlers over
Gave dough to his cats
Who became very fat
And slept under his bed and its cover

Once rich they became very slim
Enrolled in fanciest gym
Forgot  about taxes
Enjoyed expensive waxes
'til their pile-o-change became dim 

The tax man, obsessed with this cash flow
A miserly old fellow named Moe
was greatly shocked
His bottom  rocked
To see the hep cats without any dough 

Dedicated to Debbie Guzzi without whom this poem lacked its punch.

Poem Details | by Kathy Littrell |
Categories: animals, funny, pets, cat,


          A young robin my cat once befriended
          Till one day the relationship ended
                  I came home to find
                  That my cat changed her mind
           For from her mouth a feather extended

Categories: fun, nonsense,


                     Drool the duck got mad at a bull and whacked up a bee
                          She was so bad she took the cat for a cup of tea
                                            Cat was a mangler
                                            Upcountry wrangler
                 Peeved the duck with the muck and mucked her up with a pee

DROOL THE DUCK: Limerick: copyright© RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY November 2014

Poem Details | by Anna Hopper |
Categories: silly,

Mary Jane

Mary Jane enjoyed a good smoke
She was a cat who loved to toke
Yes indeed
She loved weed
Her downfall didn't come till coke

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: adventure, childhood, education, fantasy,

You're Going To Get It Now But Good

<                             once there was an old cat named chessur
                               only listened to alice for sure
                               but sometimes dissappeared 
                               and left behind grins smear
                               so I've gone mad and shaved off hides fur

Entry For Debbie Guzzi's
Go Ask Alice Contest

Poem Details | by David Fisher |
Categories: cat, funny,

Jack Jick's Cat Tricks

There’s a cat trainer named, Jack Jicks
Who teaches kitty cats, cat tricks
To pull off this feat
He gives them small sweets
And calls his plan, Tic Tac, tactics

Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: cat, death, fantasy, fear,

Ghost Cat

There once was a white cat I knew
Who had feathers; a ghost cat who flew
Through the shimmering streams
Of the moon’s silver beams
Leaving slain doves in the dew

by Gail

Categories: fun, funny,


                                      Meeni my cat was never white 
                                  She painted rouge and went to fight
                                               With rat Palustris
                                                 And a bony fish
                                   She looked black in the winter night

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: firework,

Feats Of Treachery

There once was a mean man named Gregory Who was famous for disgusting feats of treachery Set fire to a cat While it burned he just sat As the cat was launched on an airborne trajectory © Jack Ellison 2015

Categories: fun, funny,

The cat had a hunch

                                The cat had a hunch  and she got her wish
                           She hunched her back and jumped on a side dish
                                             The dish had to diffuse
                                        And he croaked out the news
                                "Cat,You're a bit odd; sort of a queer fish."

Poem Details | by Kim Merryman |
Categories: animals, funny,

The Intruder

A lizard snuck into the house,
So I called out loud to my spouse:
"Come get this green reptile
before the cat goes projectile."
Thank goodness it wasn't a mouse.

Poem Details | by Gert W. Knop |
Categories: animals

Spider Bill

A boy had a spider called Bill
which gave his sister always a chill
one day a cat came into their house
but instead of catching a mouse
she had eaten up poor little Bill

For Jon's Limerick-Contest

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: humorous,

Squished Our Cat Flat

How about that just sat on our cat She screeched bloody murder, so sorry bout that Love this dear sweetie Made me all weepy With my hulking big body, I squished our cat flat © Jack Ellison 2015

Categories: fun, funny, nonsense,


Sue and King were just married 
In the night they were harried 
By the cat and mouse 
In their grave top house 
Where they were freshly buried 

Winter lizards are henpecked 
Don’t trust them if they are baked 
When clock strikes ten at night 
They gather guts to fight 
The fried fleas in the plate caked 

In Eden there was a thief 
He planned to steal Eve’s fig leaf 
He burglarized the house 
Pounced on Adam’s spouse 
And he found a mound of beef 

Categories: cat, fun, humor, nonsense,


                                      My little squid Urian was blue
                             One day she vanished without trace no clue
                                           I called my cat Binger
                                            Fed him a fish finger
                                 He confessed he took blue for a glue 

           Urian/Limerick Copyright © Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty 20 November 2014

Categories: fun, humor, nonsense,


                          Kyd my cat played hooky from giddy-up to whoa
                              I had to send him to the land of Mauna Loa
                                    He changed from bad to worse
                                           By debits to my purse
                                 "Papa","I am Cavity the cat boana boa"

                             KYD MY CAT/Limerick/fun/humor/nonsense/cat/
                                  Copyright© RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY

Poem Details | by Deb Wilson |
Categories: funny

Gotta Love Her

Not the brightest bulb in the pack I'll have you know
A real beauty but her brain was slow
Her thinking was jumbled don't you see
Thought Meow Mix was a cat cd
Was honored to be on the Jerry Springer Show !

                                                  ** for the Giggles contest