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Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: spring,


In spring time fresh flowers are rising New lambs in the fields – not surprising In every hedgerow and tree Lush beauty will surround me It’s heaven; there is no disguising 02~16~15 Contest: Spring Forward -Debbie Guzzi Syllables checked 9 9 7 7 9

Poem Details | by Daniel Turner |
Categories: autumn, beautiful, change, nature,


September lovely September
Immerse us in colorful splendor
The next thirty days
Please thrill and amaze
With beauty we'll always remember

September lovely September
Embrace Mother Nature so tender
She may blush bright red
Turning down flower beds
While summer honorably surrenders

September lovely September
Full moon of harvest you'll render
Though lovers may stare
And dreamers may dare
You'll always be autumn's defender

   original poem by Daniel Turner

Poem Details | by catherine Reinke |
Categories: art, foodgrandmother,

Chocolate Moose Girl

Chocolate Moose Girl

A Sunday brunch one day went me
when she I saw, at table three.
From my mind to forget, never nor maybe.

For on this radiant sunny Sunday afternoon
in the Botanical Garden, my favorite room
sat at a table, grandmother and she.

The walls lined in fragrant ferns of green
baroque blossom ladies in gilded frames seen.
Her simple beauty profile delicate cherry flourish tree.

Now this vision alone, fulfilled my eyesight hunger greatly
when added she did this simple act make.
 To her pink full lips a taste took she.

When delicate and slow she lifted
her chocolate moose to mouth she gifted.

From the moose chocolate, I know previous take.
The finest ever no chief could bake,
Satisfying, soft coolness, still lingering in me.

A sublime sexual treat,
then look I did, toward her feet.
When out rolled her toes
from brocade slippers of gold, I see.

Her barefoot toes ached 
to reveal her pleasure
 with each spoon to lip,
 delight, same measure.
My mind to forget, never nor maybe.

Poem Details | by Jeannie Minor |
Categories: friendship, how i feel,

Far Away Friends

I have a new far away friend
I wish could live just round the bend
who's poems I find
so pleasant and kind 
there aren't enough flowers to send

With the pen of a poet you write
as a message of hope in our plight 
with beauty and grace 
a gently left trace
to challenge a deeper insight 

I imagine the way you would look
see you happiest writing a book 
poetic rhymes 
of places and times
and all of life's lessons you took

Our souls have been fed by a fire 
and we share in a common desire
to have a true friend
for the ride to the end
of our goals as they raise ever higher

Though all I can see is your name
I still hear your voice just the same 
it speaks to me dearly 
and calls to me clearly 
through poetry destined for fame

I'm blessed for my far away friend
who will never live just round the bend
for I see a smile 
with poetic style
in each posted poem you send

In the world of the mountains you climb
thank you for taking the time
to lift up my soul
with renewed sense of whole
from your words that so cleverly rhyme

Thank you my friends.

                       -Jeannie Minor

Poem Details | by connie pachecho |
Categories: allusion, love, nature,

he found his love in deep water

he found his love in deep water

there she was a roasted beauty queen lying on the beach
he moved towards her, inch by inch and then he met her reach
she came out of her shell
and that broke the spell
perfect, she was a hermit too living on rock bottom's breach

connie pachecho


Poem Details | by Curtis Moorman |
Categories: angel, beauty, friendship, joy,

the Joy Of Friendship


A sweet young lady on Soup
Will not let your spirit droop
She's thoughtful and nice
And gives great advice
So I keep her in the loop

She monitors what I write
To make sure I get it right
Angel in disguise
One who is so wise
With a beauty oh so bright

We never have met before
I cherish her all the more
And maybe one day
I hope I can say
This angel came through my door

 If that never comes to pass
Our friendship will always last
Though she must remain
An unannounced name
Her friendship is unsurpassed

2 September 2018

Poem Details | by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: appreciation, color, green,



       Artist told ’Madam, I am fond of green.
       In green veil you look beauty queen.
              I do love green sea.
              I do like green tea   
       Greenery is charm, so far, I have seen.
         I will make your portrait, if you agree.
          My ever -green heart is dancing in free.
              Come in deep green dress,
              Just try to impress.
           If I take a nude pose, will you agree?’

        Model girl winked, ‘I have no objection.
        Gorgeous green gown I will wear, it’s a fun.
                       Giving Green signal,
                       Rejoice: No dismal,
      but, don’t undress yourself: That’s condition.’ 

     syllable count   10-10--5-5- 10


Poem Details | by Keith Trestrail |
Categories: age, life,

The Art of Age

Behold, in life's self-portrait I daresay 
how youth and beauty alas fade away!
  But as my time so increase
  I will paint my masterpiece
and not age a picture of Dorian Gray!

                 May 2015

Poem Details | by Paul Callus |
Categories: beauty, poetess,

The Ladies On Soup A:Z

From A to Z and full of flare
The ladies come, intent to share
Words of wisdom and allure
All their musing, bright, obscure;
Emotion strong they lay it bare.

With broken-heart some plan a coup
Against distress and then regroup
With their beauty they beguile
All these women have got style
With golden pen they stir the Soup.

Contest: A Valentine Limerick (2015)
Sponsor: Skat A
Placed: 4th 

Poem Details | by POET. UNDERTAKER |
Categories: humor,

Jack and Jill

Once there was a handsome guy called Jack,
wedded a beauty named Jill, dressed in sack.
they went up the hill
to have a night of hell.
Bloody this Jack and Jill song rhymes fake!

Poem Details | by sherif goda |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, nature,

Natural Beauty

The nature surrounds us everywhere
In deep running water or high flying air
So we need not to complain
We have to forget our pain
Let's look at natural beauty and stare

Poem Details | by Judy Emery |
Categories: voice, writing,


Ocean blue of wander 
makes the heart grow fonder 
you are the beauty to the crying eyes
that sees the color you bring 
you brighten the way from 
a bad rainy day.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2004

Poem Details | by T.A. Skyles-Theoklapoet |
Categories: daughterwater, water,


 In the water is the mirrored image I see.
 The true beauty is a reflection of me.
 Thoughts that run through my mind are my beliefs that I cannot find
 Like the flowers that float in the water are my memories of Chloe my daughterShe's now an angel taken from me.
 My sweet precious baby Chloe.
                    Teresa Skyles

Entered in Constance La France~A rambling poet~"reflection"contest

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: angst, animals, life, nostalgia,

A Distempered Horse

There once was a skinny horse name George.
Poor ole soul lived alone in a gorge.
Three fit sheep came his way.
They were traded that day.
Matted, bony, his belly engorged 

Onward He forged, living on the brink.
I’ll save him, one young maiden did think.
Head hung; life was his game.
George, his infamous name.
She prayed; from his needs, she did not shrink.

George would not drink; lips were cracked and dry.
She asked God, “Please don’t let him die.”
Water was his kismet.
Sweet feed filled hope’s bucket.
She cut out mats; whisked away each fly.

Six months later, George was still alive.
Lips were moist; he ate; began to thrive.
With some flesh on his bones,
And relieved of his groans,
The day of her moving would arrive.

The time came when George had to be sold.
Half Arabian, not very old
Registration papers.
The old trader’s capers,
You promised them, the young girl cajoled.

How could he live; does he have luster?
Papers lost; no death by distemper.
Confessions on that day,
The girl went away.
Compassion to the horse did whisper.

New owners bought him, his health still poor.
His price and potential was the big lure.
They quickly changed his name.
Greener pastures, the game.
Star’s beauty became his life’s encore.

© June 7, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: A Horse Story 	 
Sponsored by: Carol Brown

(Based on a true story)

Poem Details | by Sandy Tadros |
Categories: beauty, conflict, confusion, creation,

Beautiful Chaos

The Galaxy; This cluster of stars
The sea; This concealed beauty and scars,
The inevitable suffering, the desired alleviation
All these could be seen through her eyes' nation!
She was a beautiful chaos, more beautiful than Mars.

Poem Details | by Sara Chansarkar |
Categories: beauty, pain,

High Heels

why do we women wear high heels even if it feels like walking on spikes of steel balancing self and vanity on a pointy stump women everywhere—young, old, slight or plump to demands of beauty and conformity, we all do kneel those capricious stilettos, so shiny but sinister often leave a mark, bruise, corn or blister hurt gullible shins, calf, hips, ankle and back please someone banish them from the rack oh!please forbid them, our reverend minister. inches they do add to a woman’s height wonder if the reward is worth the plight why does she need to be tall as man when it was never part of God’s plan smaller but no less, she’s proved it alright. Written on 06/16/2016

Poem Details | by Eamon Duffin |
Categories: funny

The Enigmatic Indian

An enigmatic Indian beauty from Delhi 
Told me that her first name was Anjali
I gave her all my cash
Seven goats and an ass
Then took them back for she was really a fellow

(6th in Contest; Indian Giver by Destroyer Poet)

Poem Details | by Shani Fassbender |
Categories: funny, people,

P D How Foxxy is She

There is a poet so foxy and sly
She needs no introduction and that’s why
Her pen is very quick
Almost as fast as her click
See her creativity and words fly

Watch out for the beauty in auburn hair
Things in her path she hasn’t a care
Stay out of her way
On any given day
Or you’ll be the next one caught in her snare

Hurt you she won’t for she wants you alive
Into your mind she’ll sneak and connive
She will drive you mad
Which will make her glad
Getting under your skin where she’ll thrive

This foxy lady is swift and shrewd
Always on the prowl and never subdued
She’ll catch you unawares
Without putting on airs
Your fate determined one might conclude

Wrapped around her little finger you’ll be
No other woman your eyes shall see
Artful and wily
She caught you so slyly
An unbroken heart there’s no guarantee

Let her think since she’s caught you by surprise
That she’s the only one who got the prize
Yet she did you the favor
You’ll be the one to save her
Since you are the real fox in disguise

For the Contest: P.D.'s Inner Animal

Poem Details | by John lawless |
Categories: humor,

Loose and Hairy - for contest

Loose and Hairy

he spent the night roaming her prairie
at sunrise the trip became scary

from under the sheet
stuck two gnarly feet

her beauty turned fat, LOOSE, and HAIRY


submitted to – L&H Limericks – Poetry Contest
sponsor – Catie Lindsey

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: funny

Fishing with Respect

Two friends near a bridge start to fish
Catching whoppers is so their wish
For a meal is to be sought
So no fish need to be bought
Like a hunter hunts for his dish

Just as they are about to cast
A funeral procession drives past
A fisher takes of his cap
This most respectful of chap
The thoughts of man in contrast

After the pause reverberates cheers
A beauty caught, bring out the beers
Hey Dave, what I've just seen
Shows fishers are never mean
Well we were married for nearly 20 years

* From a joke to a Limerick *

Poem Details | by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: crazy,

Charming beauty

       Lean beauty a charming craze,
           Can size zero set ablaze ?
             Closer beat the heat,
             Soulful not just meat,
      More than handful goes a waste!

Bawdy limerick - 7/7/5/5/7
Written on 23/6/14
Sponsor- Roy Jerden
Contest- Bawdy limericks - II

Ranked 3rd

Now for contest - Any poem of the week #10
Sponsor- PD A
Entered Today dated 26/6/14
Ranked 3rd

Poem Details | by David Fisher |
Categories: funny love,

The Name's Blond, Jane Blond

There once was a beauty of whom I was fond
She lived a top secret life of the beau monde
Yet I felt despair
When she changed her hair
And presented herself as Blond, Jane Blond

Poem Details | by Funom Makama |
Categories: emotions, life,

Disapointment from Impotence

Striking beauty from a dinner gown and the jean
the absolute chase of sorrow through the dry gin
cursed is the hopeful bed and night
mockery on masculine might
the whole stays wonderful but bad is the engine.

Poem Details | by POET. UNDERTAKER |
Categories: humor,

Victoria, my wife

Once there was a beauty by name Victoria alias Vitty
my wife,my Cinderella, my love, my good mate Vitty
"love till we wear"
"All for you dear"
bloody this Cinderella is no Loyola shop to pity!

Poem Details | by Quentin Ehlinger |
Categories: humorous,


The once was a girl named Lynn
Who when young was so very thin
When she grew up she grew out, too
But she never lost that old woo-woo
And every beauty contest would win

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: funny,

Elation to Deflation

As I worked out at the gym one night
My eyes were captured in sight
By a beauty so young
With a curvy pert bum
She winked, was that the green light

Over the weeks we chatted and dated
My breasts she says, are so underrated
I said what can I do
To enhance them for you
And make you feel so elated

Oh honey, would you do that for me
When I undress you'll like what you see
They'll be so inflated
And I'll be glad that I dated
From flat chested I'll be so busty

So of to the plastic surgeon she went
Saying my money has been really well spent
I'll call you later my dear
At the gym don't you fear
In your mind you'll be full of torment

I waited and the call never came
Middle aged I'm just not in the game
I've been so well done
By a curvy pert bum
My bank balance will never be the same

For the Genius or Criminal? contest :)

Poem Details | by ilene bauer |
Categories: snow,

The Day After

The new-fallen snow looks so lush
As it silences us with a hush;
     But the tires and the boots
     Seem to be in cahoots
Turning all of that beauty to slush!

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: funny, on writing and

Poetry Soup Beauty

Ooo a blog to do my duty
To vote for the Poetry Soup Beauty ~~~
     I must not sit on the fence
     Or deep splinters I sense
I'll watch the winners shaking their booty ~~~

Poem Details | by Angeline Haikutwinkle |
Categories: god, inspiration, philosophy,

Faith --- Answer Me

I gaze at the approaching thunderstorm
and inhale the earthly scent of rainstorm
Her tears
as spears
is like a million blows on human fears

I ponder awhile beneath the lit-up sky
then words start rolling & a prayer is sent up high
I wish for peace
for all fighting to cease
and then the sky beckons with shades of cerise 

I loose the heart and soul on mankind
it's easy to lose faith without God's sign
When lost
we toss
the beauty of his creation for lust and greed

Then I witness the miracles of life stories
coincidences that appear and save lives
His wisdom
for our kingdom
is unfathomable for our limited visions

If only we can soar with his visions
Like an eagle on a wind's rhythm!

A mirror response to Mystic Rose's poem below:

I watch the splendor of a shooting star 
and breathe the beauty of a hum-guitar   
Her light 
in flight 
is like a million lanterns on a cooling night

I dream awhile beneath the tarp of heaven 
then close my eyes & slowly count to seven 
I wish in true 
for souls renew 
and soon I’m covered in night’s dew 

I loose the mind and pry his realm  
it`s an expedience of God’s mystic dream    
When free 
I see 
the beauty of his creation for all eternity 

I watch the splendor of a bird in flight  
and breathe the beauty of a blessed night 
His wings 
they sing 
to me of freedom, and all a night can bring;

If only we can learn to sing
Like a Cardinal on a string!

Written by: Mystic Rose 
June 24, 2015 

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: nature,

No Time To Lose

There's so much beauty in the world to view Just look out your window at the magnificence before you Nature's lush beauty A masterpiece truly Revel in the wonders, life's short, no time to lose

Poem Details | by Caleah Buil |
Categories: crazy, marriage,

Maine Through Spain

There once was a pretty girl from Maine
That her beauty spread to Spain
She didn't want to marry
Because the man's name was Larry
So the people thought her insane

NOTE: I'm having a ball finding all my old poetryI wrote this when I was 11! So much fun reading my old things:D

Poem Details | by Jerry Dinzes |
Categories: confusion, funny, on writing

Slam Poetry Is For Orangutangs!

The Orangutang:

There once was a traditionalist,
Who in his ignorance had missed
The beauty of youth,
The ever-changing truth!
He's a typical fundamentalist!

The Traditionalist:

"I can't stand these kids and their slang!
They are just looking for a bang!
Their rhymes are funky,
But so are monkeys!"
  -  Did he just call me an orangutang?

"These darn kids and this gosh darn slam,
It may flow, but it's still a scam!
If it ain't metered,
Then it's petered!
Why waste your ink scribbling flimflam?"

Poem Details | by Mark Martin |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, color, funny,

The unbearable beauty in jent

The unbearable beauty in jent
A colour I claim to invent
With multimedia
And synesthesia
It gives off a smelly sock scent

Poem Details | by Sathya Babu |
Categories: humor,

Beauty Lost to a Theorem

      I once knew a poet named Sathya
      who penned the beauty of Himalaya
             this write was his first poem
             it read just like Theorem,
      this jest sent his ears red like papaya.


PS: When I was asked to pen a poem on Himalaya(snow mountain range in the South Asia,), being Math oriented I presented a writing which had full of facts ( Temperature, height, length, weight, moisture and this sounded like a Mathematical Theorem)My teacher, in her note was curious to know the beauty I saw in the all facts I presented My ears turned red and did not know how to react.

Sensitive community *a pd contest* - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: SKAT A 

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: silly,

A Fairy Type Being

With a first sip of java I reach heaven's door Come back to life and start soaring once more Like a fairy type being As I hold back my peeing Mere mortals have rarely witnessed such beauty before

Poem Details | by Deb Wilson |
Categories: funny

Gotta Love Her

Not the brightest bulb in the pack I'll have you know
A real beauty but her brain was slow
Her thinking was jumbled don't you see
Thought Meow Mix was a cat cd
Was honored to be on the Jerry Springer Show !

                                                  ** for the Giggles contest

Categories: fun, humor, humorous, nonsense,


                                           ESSENCE OF LIMERICK

                      Funny spicy squashy swishy kitty kitten beauty bold
                       Susie Moosie silky milky fickle trickle stories told
                                      Spoony Fanny frost of fire
                                  Croony Lanny ghosts of a spire
           Cream a dream a seam a skim the creepy choppy rolls are rolled


Poem Details | by benjamin grimm |
Categories: angst, funny, life, me,


Sandra was ready to PLAY
but she told me to go far AWAY
A beauty school QUEEN
would be embarrassed to be SEEN

"You're just not my type,Rodger...if ya know what I MEAN?!" I am not quite the STUD
But at least i'm no Elmer FUDD
Nerds hate to be picked out
however,they are no stick in the MUD

She cherishes RICK
Even though he acts like a -ICK
His Abs are lean and MEAN
A Tom Selleck lookalike MACHINE

They like to blow FACE
and spray me with her can of MACE
This four-eyed man with his pocket protector
Just got burnt by Society's perfect RACE

A chump out of SCHOOL
He is forever a FOOL
The Lasses want tight ASSES
Not a simpleton who can't help but DROOL

The world can kick THEE
Middle-class bullies  still pick on ME
I only answer to the man(upstairs)
He's the only one to set me FREE

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: fun,

Dressing Me With Their Eyes

Heard an old lady at the beach utter these words “Men were dressing me with their eyes” how absurd Not a real good looker A “seen better days” ex-hooker Line between beauty and age has become quite blurred

Poem Details | by Eduardo Soriano |
Categories: beauty, emotions, life, men,

Unobtainable Love

There is a beauty that covers with clouds.
But even cries of help don't reach its careful sound.
Entreat and persist and it'll have you blocked.
Money and bling will only make you look ponged.
No covet will reach it but you still plead it out loud.

Poem Details | by romeo naces |
Categories: happiness, life, mystery,

Yonder Lies Paradise

   Partly heaven, partly hell, before our very eyes,

joy doesn't last, freedom's not forever, beauty dies;

                              transient hours,

                            this world of ours,

   indeed, imperfect, but never far from paradise !

Poem Details | by Besma Riabi Dziri |
Categories: fun, girl, humorous, inspirational,

A Mermaid

There once was a girl who was a maid
Her wish her beauty shall never fade.
She feared to climb the tree
And refused to swim in sea.
At night she saw herself a mermaid.

May 17th,  2018

Poem Details | by Roof Missing |
Categories: fun, humor, love,

Artistic Justice

There are days I feel older than dust,
Still, my knees and hips manage to rust,
Self-expression's quite nice,
But fame skates on thin ice,
Some feel pleasure when you fall through crust!

Folks say pen is more deadly than sword,
It's not true though if readers get bored,
A good blade in a pinch,
May save life by an inch,
From sad critics, convinced they are Lord!

Painter's brush strokes are more than germane,
Help to satisfy fans  that remain,
When they see your hand fly
And the gift of your eye,
They believe they are touching your pain!

Now the sculptor gets tactile delight
As the earth changes shape in his sight,
He sees beauty within
Virgin stone, stretched goat skin, (1)
"Hidden things" he brings into the light.

The poor poet fares worst of the lot,
A word's meaning is all that he's got,
And though he's in despair,
Castles all in the air,
A girl's smile is this fool's Camelot.

Long Tooth
March 21, 2017

Poet's Notes:
This poem is dedicated to FaceBook friend Robert DWilson whose post inspired this little ditty.

(1) I have another artist friend Mark Halpin who makes incredible landscape depictions out of stretched goatskin!

Poem Details | by Dedu Son |
Categories: fun,

No-One is Perfect

The once was a man with a long bad tongue 
He wrote poor lyrics and never got sung, 
His lengthy words were a farce
They came out of his arse,
Smelling like stagnate garbage of bung.
She is a lady from Mersey side
In need of a smack on her backside 
Her finger always digging
To give someone a wigging
she is neither clever nor dignified.
A man from earth snorkels like a hog 
Cries like a cat and growls like a dog, 
A true pain in the bum
Because he is scum,
He lives happily in a repulsive bog.
There was a lady who travels a lot
She has rounded face and a beauty spot 
She is loud as a siren
Thinking she’s Lord Byron
She is Dorothy they call her Dot.
There was a man who owned a yacht 
He was depressed and overwrought, 
Ladies loathed his clowning
They had no time for fooling,
He needed some serious food for thought.
Danny was a man from the You Ess Ay 
A Canadian lady who liked to pray
A twit from Denmark with an Italian postmark
And a Kenyan who lives in Bombay.

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: humor, husband, wife,

Bon Voyage

She thought she was really hip the beauty queen of the ship, but she made my life hell so she went over the rail hope she likes a cool wet dip. 9/18/2017

Poem Details | by cheryl hoffman |
Categories: betrayal, humor,

Cinderella's Real Story

A beauty with two left feet,
no glass slipper feeling incomplete,
searching high and low,
Prince played bad joke,  
hiding it under carriage's front seat.

Poem Details | by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: appreciation,

My Timely and Timeless Treasure

Your smile speaks a lovely language...
Even the deaf can decipher the message.
It is not locked in your lips...
From your sweet soul it slips...
Your flawless face scintillates the stage.

Your beauty basks at the shores of bliss,
I want to maximise moments like this...
To be lost in warm embrace
and leave there a timeless trace
of desires and dreams I could not dismiss.

Take my heart to peaks of pleasure
where memories are made beyond measure.
Like raindrops from the skies
and teardrops from the eyes...
You will be my timely and timeless treasure.

For my friends.

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: life,

No Time To Lose

There is so much beauty in the world to view Just look outside at the magnificence before you Nature's lush beauty A masterpiece truly Revel in the wonders, life's short, no time to lose

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: abuse, bullying, computer, internet,


She looks like a cute porcelain doll But she’s really an internet troll With her painted on smile Her cruel actions are vile She resembles a gangster’s old moll Her avatar will try to lure ya Such beauty it will enthrall yer Someone messed with her head and you could end up dead... then cooked in her huge bunny boiler FOLLOW UP POEM TO 'GONE PHISHING' - TRAWLING THE NET FOR EVIL CATFISH 5/30/18

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: fun,

Twirls My Propeller

A lusciously endowed beauty in a skimpy bikini Makes me flip, twirls the propeller on my beanie A crossing of my eyes Can't focus though I try Coz at my age, movement is limited from my zucchini