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Poem Details | by TIMOTHY CARTER |
Categories: adventure, autumn, dedication, devotion,

This Path we Walk

As we walk like children holding hands , swinging our arms together as we walked slowly through the blanket of the Autumn leavesThe path we walk is as it were never endingThe tall forest trees that lined each side , appeared to funnel off to the distant open sky Sun now setting leaving a Orange sky that blended with the leaves all about us That cool evening breeze upon our glowing faces The whisper of the trees as they swayed in the wind , but the loudest sound of it all was the beating of our hearts No it was not just the chill of the wind that made our faces glow , it was the love in our hearts that showedYes we were children for that moment , full of innocents of a love so pure at heart, a love so true , nothing could tear it apart A love that memories are made of  and dreams that come trueThere is nothing so good as the love you have for me and I for you.
  The path we walk that seemed to go on forever , was actually our love through out our lives ,as we travel together through it.

Poem Details | by Mystic Rose |
Categories: winter,


I sit by a window and wait for the first snow flake 
and see the tumbling leaves rolling in their quake
a duster breeze 
a window tease 
and I lean on a sea of calm, by the morning lake
the kettle starts to whistle-blow, it's time for a break;   

something real and beautiful is about to happen,    hear? 

The bruising fire of summer days is gone my friend 
and truth be told I'm ready and willing to contend 
to the chill 
the iron will 
of a cheeky Autumn who rumples my leaves, I rend
to the power of the Fall, and no longer fuss or fend   

something real and beautiful is about to happen,    hear? 

I come to the anticipation of a gentle Godly time 
when silver bows hang and angels dress in fine  
show the sign 
to heaven's line    
The snow will fall upon the trees and time will chime 
like a Fenton bell of glass, so dainty oh so fine!   

Something real and beautiful is about to happen,    hear?

Winter is arriving without further ado or fanfare 
as I sit by a hearth and read poems by Baudelaire
Snow squalls
Decked halls
Everything about winter calls, this is a blessed December 
and every memory is good, well at least, those I remember,

Something real and beautiful is about to happen,    hear?

We are going to ring in the winter together,   here  here!!!

Mystic Rose 
November 12, 2015
Contest Name: Write me a winter poem 



Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: future,

No More Rides On A Sleigh

Mildest autumn on record up here What will become of us in future years Will we all melt away No more rides on a sleigh Just a horse and buggy, no muffs on our ears © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Mystic Rose |
Categories: best friend,

A White Horse Named Fairuz

I was his prize and glory back in the days when I owned the softest mane 
he'd come into the stable with a smile a mile long, bright as morning rain
with a tender stroke on my forlock
he'd call me his superior stock 
then he'd saddle for a gallop through a field of golden lace 
and together we raised thunder by a creek named Cartwright place 

Soon I traded racing limbs for trots and focused gait  
still he brought me purple cornflowers as he met me at the gate 
the artist drew me up immortalizing  me      
then he hooked me on the wall for everyone to see 
I was his beautiful stately horse with eyes of ebony , 
inside a gilded frame I was Helen of Troy, a beauty spree  

The summer came and went with Autumn rousing fast in toe  
dusk in-swept saddled up and the barn winds blew below  
then I died,
and the jockey cried, 
for a white horse named Fairuz, yes he did love me like a wife 
and every night before he slept he watched with tender strife 

the flowers that festooned around my silky white mane, 
and all the rides he took, that helped to keep him sane   
I was the cargo of his youth 
together we bore like sleuths 
back in the days when racing limbs were fast n' straight 
back in the days when he brought me flowers at the gate

The End.

Contest Name: Within A Gilded Frame

Artist: Daniella Arteaga Vallarino
Painting Of A Horse: Named Fairuz 
Meaning of Fairuz(it's an arabic female name)
Date: May 06, 2016

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: confusion,

Up To Our Ying Yang

What a wonderful setting beside a small forest When autumn arrives with it's colourful chorus Then surprise to us all The leaves start to fall And we're up to our ying yangs with a clean up abhorrent © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by MoonBee Canady |
Categories: allegory, friendship, peaceautumn,

James 'Jimbo' Marshall Goff ( A Limerick)

‘James ‘Jimbo’ Marshall Goff ’

 There Was A Gentle Man, Known As Jimbo
Who Had An Exceptional-Voiced, Poet-Lingo
    That When He Spoke To The Trees
       They All Dropped Their Leaves
At The Autumn Song of His Classical-Soul-O

For Jimbo.Because of His Depth of Soul
           Tenderness For Nature
Strong Convictions, Multi-Faceted Triumphs
          and an All Around Good Guy

                 Your Poet-Friend, MoonBee

Poem Details | by Agnimitra Mishra |
Categories: age, allegory, autumn, bereavement,

The cycle of life

The wind blew the leaves away, for it was the end of times
The leaves dried and had fallen, for it was on the cold ground
The thoughts of being tethered to the warm support
Of the love and embrace, it was wonderful times
The love had forsaken the once tender leaves
It was the autumn time, the days they are left to fall away
The dimming memory of leaves, to see the glory of sun 
To dance to the tunes of singing gale
Alas it was their end of times
The kid on the block walked over the pile of them all
Asked his father, why this happened at all
"the love of tree, shouldn't make it to keep them in its fold"
Father smiled, he replied this wasn't the end of this all
For the day will come when the sun will again be up, in its full glory
The cycle of life and death will again swing
And a day will come when you will again walk over the leaves, and maybe i wont be there