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Limerick Poems About Animals | Animal Limerick Poems
Poem Details | by Jesse Rowe |
Categories: bird, food, funny,


They said how she ate was absurd;
A "Fatso", they called her she heard,
And ever since then
That poor, baby wren
Just pecked at her food like a bird.

Contest: Any Animal or Creature Limerick

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Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: animal, baby, night,

Paint the town connubial

In Aussie-land dwell the marsupials
By night they paint the town connubial
   They make them a joey
   Named Zoey or Chloe
Neighbors jump for joy indubitable

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: animal, freedom, health, silly,

Don You Now Your Flu Apparel

        There was a polite llama from Peru
        Who encountered a wild boar with the flu
           Llama said, 'Please don your mask
           If it's not too much to ask'
        The boar sneered, 'I'll be hog-tied if I do'

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: animal,

A Bossy Old Cow - For Contest

A bossy old cow in the street

was rolling while licking its teat!

When it howled like a cat,

I thought: What’s up with that?

Can bossy old cows be in heat?

Inspired by both a poem and the limerick contest of Jan Allison

Poem Details | by jack horne |
Categories: animal,


There was a baboon in my bed,
I thought it appeared to be dead,
So I turned out the light,
But it chattered all night
And swung off the curtains instead.

For PD’s Silly poem contest

Poem Details | by jack horne |
Categories: animal,


The python hung down from the tree,
It hissed and it scared little me,
I gave it a whack,
To make it turn back,
And have someone else for its tea.

For Russell’s Five Minute Challenge, 11th May

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: animal, humorous,


Percy pig was feeling quite shaken - He'd heard pigs were slaughtered for bacon Turning white as a sheet He then started to bleat As a sheep could he be mistaken! Entered into 101 in a row contests ~14 sponsored by PD Linda:-) 17th June 2016

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: animal, humorous, sleep,


An elephant fell out of bed And got a huge bruise on his head He climbed back in his bunk Then rubbed his aching trunk… Best sleep in the low bunk instead! 08-25-17

Poem Details | by Ray Gridley |
Categories: animal, horse, humor, success,

Jimerick: Racing Certainty

Jim ordered a racehorse online
A thoroughbred sold in it's prime.
Now just for a laugh
They sent a giraffe
But it wins by a neck every time.

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: animal, humorous,


An article about a dung beetle Says they devour matter that’s faecal Imagine eating pooh It’s what dung beetles do The fetor of their breath must be lethal! 08-19-17

Poem Details | by Anil Deo |
Categories: allusion, animal, humor, pets,

Adding Clarity to Ray Gridley's Limerick

Ray Gridley has a possible diagnosis Alas, rabbits do catch viral myxomatosis Since Jan's is a famous banging bunny Who stays far from field and ANY honey Energizer Bunny will bang on till unconscious!
(c)Deo, 04152017

Poem Details | by Seren Roberts |
Categories: fun,

mud glorious mud

Animal was happy in mud
rolled in it whenever he could
Miss Piggy looked aghast
Kermit said what a blast
Gonzo thought all  Muppets should

Penned 1 Sept 2018

All creatures from the Muppets

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: animal,

I Wish That I Was

I wish that I was a baboon

to make all the lady apes swoon.

On my chest I would pound.

Then I’d strut all around,

drop my pants, and show them my moon.

For Viv Wigley's "I wish I was" Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Wren Rushing |
Categories: animal, food, humor,

Shark In The Soup

In my soup I could have sworn I saw a shark.
Swimming in roux that was rather dark.
But to my relief,
the fin a bay leaf.
Now I wear glasses before each meal I start.


Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: animal, dog, earth, nature, water,

Ruined Fur Coat

Cassidy was a curious dog; One day he walked into a bog, Coming out, he looked about, He couldn't see and began to pout; Because he’s a sludge caked dog!

Poem Details | by Viv Wigley |
Categories: animal, humor,


A blue footed Booby called Dougal
had a beak that was shaped like a bugle
so it may have looked funny
but it held all his money
that Booby named Dougal was frugal.

11th September 2018
For contest 'Animal Limerick', sponsor Charles Messina

Poem Details | by John lawless |
Categories: animal, confusion, humor,


The tail of a beaver, bill of a duck
yet they pull it off with honor and pluck
made with spare parts
they capture our hearts
with DNA tests that read WTF


for Any Animal Or Creature Limerick Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Paul Schneiter |
Categories: animal, language,

Fowled Tongue

Turkey farmer Jones was seen as a kook.
Many declared his whole life was a fluke.
But they were not aware
Jones had learned a skill rare,
he was fluent in speaking gobbledygook.

Poem Details | by Judy Ball |
Categories: animal, cat,


Three cats did share the same house.
Two sweet but one was a grouse.
Two got along great but the third t'was love/hate.
But there isn't a mouse in the house.

Poem Details | by Tim Riding |
Categories: animal, funny,

Wildlife 9

Wildlife 9
An amazingly ugly gnu,
Once stopped on the plains for a poo,
A lion went past
And was almost aghast
So he ran off whilst yelling "Ker....phew"!

Poem Details | by Tim Riding |
Categories: animal, funny,

Wildlife 39

Wildlife 39

A rampant and agile young filly,
Was blatantly acting quite silly,
A young colt cried "Neigh!"
"Now just stay away!"
"And get your hoof off of my willie!!"

Poem Details | by SKAT A |
Categories: adventure, animal, dedication, funny, imagination,



Seeing the posting of the zoo unicorn
Could not wait to go see his horn
My eyes just could not believe
The boy I had  been deceived
Poor horse got thrown a lot of popcorn

 a Linda-Marie   = (contest) =

Poem Details | by Joe Flach |
Categories: animals

The Meerkat

There is a strange animal in our zoo called a meerkat
That makes me laugh every time I look at
Although “kat” is in its name
It’s no feline just the same
So you can say the meerkat is no mere cat.

Poem Details | by Jerry T Curtis |
Categories: adventure, animal, crazy, hilarious, nonsense, silly, success,

Girl From Nantucket

I once knew a girl from Nantucket 
Who chased down a goose, just to pluck it
As she ran, took a spill
So he gave her a quill
And I guess we all know, where he stuck it

Just not clean enough for contests---lol

Poem Details | by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: animal, humorous,

Dinosaurs From A To Z

My research reveals there's an Allosaurus

   And a dinosaur called a Zupaysaurus.

      As you can readily see,

         I have searched from A to Z,

            But am yet to find one called a Thesaurus!

Entry for Roy Jerden's "Limericks Clean and Clever" Contest

(10 Nov 2014)