All Limerick Poems
r r r RIP R U Lonesome tonight Rab-Eye Chops for Din-din
RABBIT STEW Rabbit tail tale Rabbit Tails Two
Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits Habits
Rabbits sad tale Rabbits' Habits Raccoon's Baby Sittin' Service
RACE Race Beginning Than Winning Race tween ELEPHANT AND GIRAFFE---
Rachel Turkey Barbecued Racial Bias Became A Shame Racial Slur Did Occur
Racism Racket RACY TWOSOME
Radiance and Suspense Radio Before TV Radishes And Fudge
Radishes Or Fudge Rage Raging Toothache
Rags Before Riches Rah Rah Rah Rah,Rah Jackson
Rain Did Run Down Street Rain Falling and God Calling Rain Outside and Prayer Chain
Rain Strain Rainbow Bones Rainbow Really Race By and More
RAINCOAT Raindrops On My Windshield Raining Cats and Dogs
Raining Fish Raining While Priest Is Entertaining and More Rainy Forecast
Raise Static Yet Diplomatic Raisin Bran Raising Cain
Rajid and Mulqueen Ram 4 Ewes Ramadame
Rampage Would Meet and Engage RAMPANT RABBIT Ran Aground
Ran Off Mouth Again and Again Ran Outta The Park Ran Over the Mill
Ran Shaking and Backing Randa's Little Bears Random Body Parts
Random Body Parts Random outburts Random Torture
Randomling 1 contest love poem Randy Randy Reindeer
Randy Rudolph Randy Slickers First Day Rankles within
Ransom For Fat People RAPPER PHENOMENA Rapscallion Limerick
Rapture Caused By Caricature Rapture of May 21st, 2011 Raptureless
Rapunzel Rare RAS PUTIN
RAS-PUTIN Raspberry Tea Rasputin
Rasputin's New Robe Rat With Chunk Cheese Shoes Rat-a-tat-tat
Rated XXX Rather Prosaic Ratputin
Rats Rats rattling the rattler
Raul Mondesi, Jr Ravages Of Time Ravenous
Ravenous RavinNVRmore raw deal
Raw Ten Luck Ray of light Razor Sharp
Razz Putin Razzle Dazzled Re treat
Reaching that level React To An Act React To An Exact Fact
Read A Psalm Read Bible In Print Read It After God Did Edit
Read Many More Horn Limerick Read My Next Horn Limerick Readership Down
Reading a book Reading About Bleeding Reading Is A Paradox
Reading Is Fundamental Reading My Catechism Reading My Poems for Years
Ready Betty Ready For Mounting Ready For The Accolades
Ready To Blow Ready To Hear Mueller Review REAL CEREAL -TRIX
Real Cross Real Engine real fantasy
Reality Reality Reality Immortality May Be a Fatility
Reality New Found Fragile Fatility Reality Show Reality Realize May Monopolize
Realize That Always Wise Realized I Was A Poetry Recruit Realized Moron Criticized
Realized Trump Had Tantalized Realized Trump Went On Rant Realizes After Theorizes and Analyzes
REALLY - WELL RALEIGH Really Been Rambunctious Really Big Bottoms
Really Big Bottoms REALLY Confused REALLY Confused
Really Funny for Sure Really Great Really Great Choir
Really Quite Corny Really Quite Corny Really Quite Corny
Really Quite Corny Really Quite Corny Really Quite Corny
Really Quite Shy Really Was All About Reaper Who Is Steeper and Steeper
Rear End Rash Rear View Reason for Thor's Thunder
Reason for Treason and Season Reason To Be Appeasing Reasonable Excuse
Reasoning Reasonless Rhymer Reasons Behind the Madness!
Rebel With A Cause REBELLION OF MY BIG TOE Rebellious Converts
Reborn in the spirit Rebuffed Recap
Recapitulating Received Bill's Blessing Received Great Teacher
Received Several Requests Recent Setbacks Reckless Ron's Explosive Barbecue
Reconsidered Approach Record My Lord Record Store Day
Recount Recreational Legalized Recruit with an Attribute
Recumbent Recycled Red
Red and Blue with Bright White Red Carpet Red Cheeks. ( Both Sets.)
Red Faced Red Grasshopper of New Zealand Red Hearts And Fickle People
RED HOTS CANDY Red Line Red Mazda 323
Red Necktie Noose Red Riding Hood Retold Red Roses
Red Tie Day Red To Blue Red, red whine
Redeeming Features Redneck Car-LIMERICK CONTEST II - FOR FUN Redream A Dream
Redundant and Repugnant Redundant and Repugnant REE KO
Reebok Shoes REEDing Between the Lyings Reese
Reflections in a Glass Room Reformed Witch Refrain From Being Weak
Refuse Is Huge In Its Deluge and More Refuse To Lose Refused and bruised
REG'S VEST Regal Beagle Regal Farts
Reggie Regime Which Would Reign Supreme Regional Variations
Regret Regretting Cake Regretting Cake
Rehab Rehearsal of Role Reversal Rehearsed Somg and Beacome Worse
Reigncheck Rein Drops Reincarnation
Reincarnation Reincarnation Of Elvis Reincarnation of Turkey Tom - a collaboration
Reindeer REINDEER Reindeer Antlers
Reindeer Borealis Reindeer contest Reindeer Folly
REINDEER GAMES Reindeer Games Rejoice A Choice
Rejoice About Pretty Voice Rejoice With Choice Rejoicing In The Streets
Rejoicing In The Streets Rekindling The Spark Relationships
Relative-ity Relatively Relatives
Relax, Mrs. Crockter Relentless While Being Endless Reliable Truck
Reliance On Trump Silence Reliant Client Who Is Compliant Relied On Being Purified
Relied On Until Died Relief Behind A Tree Relief from Trump
Relient Client Religion 2022 Religion Down Under
Religion Schism religious institution Religious Nonsense
Religiously Iconoclastic Reliving My Stay Reluctance and Relentless
Reluctant and Repugnant Reluctant Spender Reluctant to Being Recalcitrant
Rely On Ally Rely On My Ally Rely on People to Pacify
Remain Alive and Still Survive Remain on Campaign with Champagne Remains
Remains and Residue of Love Remarkable Remedial Required
Remedy for Memory remedy required Remember Barney
Remember Being Reminiscent Remember December Remember Diddley Squat
Remember When We Had Been Hexed Remember When We Were Meeting Remember When We Would See a Dear
Remembering World War II Remembrance Reminder
Reminisce Reminiscence Reminiscing
Reminiscing Again Reminiscing and Distancing Remiscient of Concupiscient
Remodeled Remorse Completed Course Remote Chance
Remote Coppers Remote Coppers Remote Coppers
Remote Coppers Remote Hotels Remote Idea
Remove Mishap and Slap in Face removed for publication RENAMING A CLASSIC
Render Unto The IRS - Bah Humbug Renewing My Drivers License REPAIRS
Repartee repeat performance Repeating Disaster
Repent Repetition Repetition
Repetition Repetition is not Truth Repitition
Replacement Teacher Replacing the Cat Reporter Is a News Transporter
Reporting from the Mosquito Front Republican Mantra Republicans Became Unhinged
Republicans Self-Serving and Unnerving Repudiate Reputation Of Each Congregation
Require Desire To Look Like a Liar Require Responsible People and More Rescision of Television
Rescued from Capitalism Resentful Flea Residual Affects
Residual and Conventional Residual Morning Ritual Resignation
Resigned To Unwind with Peace of Mind Resolution Resolution Bittersweet
Resolution Time Resolutions Resolutions Replay
Resolved To Get Involved Resolving Resolutions Respect
Respect Respect For Our Elders Respect The Office
Respectable Beagles Response To Poet Your Cover Is Blown Response To PS' Example Forms
Response To Question About Trump Rest Rest In Peace
Restaurant Review Restless Night Result Was To Insult
Results Don't Lie, Politicians Do Results of Georgia and Carolina Voting Results Were Revealed
Resurgency of an Emergency Resurrection Retail Scare-apy
Retail Therapy - Poor Husband RETALIATORY REPERSUSSIONS Retardment
Retinoblastoma Horn Limerick Retired husband, tired wife RETIRED RAM
Retired Veteran Writing Poems Retirement Retirement and the Mountains
Retirement Poem Retort Return Of Muck
Reunion Reveal Deal Which Would Appeal Revealed to Shepherds
Revealing Truth Revelations Revenge
Revenge Is a Delectable Dish. Revenge of the Leprechaun Reviewing What We Are Ensuing
Revised Demise Revival With Bible Revive and Remain Alive
Revive and Survive Revive Than Survive and Remain Alive Revolving Resolution
Reward Ahead Reward Ahead Rex the Hermit Crab
Rexie the Lizard Rey: A Star Wars Limerick Rhett And Link
Rhino Run Rhondhouse Rhonda Dances for a Dime Rhyme
Rhyme Royal Rhyme That Rhyme to recall recapture of romance
rhyme, non-rhyme readers Rhyming Style Rhyming Technique
Rhyming Words Ribbitt Ricardo's and Mertz's
Rice Pudding Rich Hide And Seek Rich Lady
Rich Relative Nuptials Richard Lamoureaux Rick Jagger
Rick Lime Ricky ricky ricardo -- the context of design
Ricky the Raccoon Riddle me this Riddle me that the Amazing Riddles of Fraidy Bat Ride Across the Countryside and More
Ride Susan Ride Ride'm Horse Boy Ridicarus Icarus
Riding in majesty Riding On A Llama Riding On Moonbeams
Riding Stable Riding the 4 Riding the Range Once More
Right Side Of The Turf Right To Bare To Arms Right to Life
Rightly Indians Gained Rights That Are Declarant Rights That Are Declarant
Rimjhim is a little girl from India RING Ringtone Guffaw
Rip RIP John Doe Rip Roaring Twenties
Ripe Tomato Rise Above All The Sheet Rise Above The Sheet
Rise Over Run Rise To the Occassion Rise yourself and break the Cage
Rising rising to the top. Risk
Risky Whiskey Rita Rita
Rita Rudner Ritzie's Mother riverside blues
Road Hit By Jack Ellison Road Less Traveled Road of God Seems So Long
Road Rage Road Signs Roadkill
Roadtrip Roamin' In The Gloomin' Roaming around
Roaming In The Gloaming Roaring Came Pouring Out Roast A Ghost
roasted crab Rob Ford Robbed
Robert Wadlow Roberto DeVilliano Robin and his merry men's night out
Robin and his merry men's night out Robin Hood ROBIN HOOD
Robin Hood Robin Hood Robin Hood's in the Hood
Robin Hoodie Robot Pets Robotic life
Robots Robots Robots And Sex
Robots Can't Replace Robust Battle Robust Races
Rock Paper Scissors Rock Paper Scissors Rock - Paper - Scissors
Rock - PaPer - SciSSorS Rock - Paper - Scissors Rock - Paper - Scissors
Rock And Doris Day Rock Around The Clock Rock Around The Clock
ROCK CAKES Rock On Rock Paper Scissors
Rock Paper Scissors Rock paper scissors Rock Paper Scissors
rock paper scissors Rock Paper Scissors Rock Paper Scissors
Rock, Paper and Scissors Rock, Paper, Scissors Rock,,,Paper,,,Scissors
Rock-Paper-Scissors Rock-Paper-Scissors Rock-Paper-Scissors
Rocks-Papers-Scissors Rocky Balboa Rode On a Scenic Road
Rode Versus Waded RODGER AND HIS LODGER Rodger Dodger
Rodney King Roe Weighed Roger
Roger Role-Play Roll On 2022
Roll Them Dice Roll With The Punches Roll With The Punches
Rolled My Eyes Too Loud Rollercoaster Heart Rolling Eyes
Rolling In Their Gowns Rolling In Their Gowns Rolling Lotto Ticket
Rolling On The Savannah Roly Poly Roman Gnome
roman lady Roman Style Roman Toga
Roman Wedlock romance Romance Foiled
Romancer Number One Romans Used Salt Romantic Potential
Romeo Potential Romeo Potential Romeo Potential
Romeo Potential Romp and Stomp On Swamp Romulus Has Forgotten
Ron's Long Gone Dong Ronald Ronald
RONALD LIKES A NICE BIT OF RUMP Room To Facilitate Guest Room To Grow
ROONEY YOU LOONEY Roosevelt Speech Rooting for Snidely Whiplash
Rootn Tootn Cowboy Meets Liar Roots of Recruits Who Wear Suits Giving Hoots and More Rooty Toot Toot
Rope Ropes Rosary by Ray
ROSE Rose's Thorns - A Response to Belle Bellevue's 'Thorn Rose' Roseann Barr
Rosenstein Did Decline ROSES Roses Are Red
Roses are Red Collab-26 Roses are Red Collab-26 Roses are Red Violets are Blue
Roses Scents Rosie had real good looks Rot Your Socks Off
Rotten Cold Rotten To The Core Rough Cowgirl Etta
Rough Draft Rough Sledding for Weddings Round Trip Ticket
Round-About Pete Roundabout Rout a 2-Toot
Route 66ish N0 7 Route 66ish No 1 Route 66ish No 10
Route 66ish No 11 Route 66ish No 12 Route 66ish No 13
Route 66ish No 14 Route 66ish No 15 Route 66ish No 16
Route 66ish No 17 Route 66ish No 18 Route 66ish No 19
Route 66ish No 2 Route 66ish No 20 Route 66ish No 3
Route 66ish No 5 Route 66ish No 6 Route 66ish No 8
Route 66ish No 9 Route 66ish No4 Rover
Rover Rowdy Rudolph Roy Moore Do Deplore
Roy Moore Up The Crick ROY ROGERS Roy Rogers And Hopalong
Royal Baby Newborn Royal Jelly On King Size Slaves Royal Present
Royal Tea Royal Watchers -Minsk Royal Watchers -Rentz
Royal Wedding Far Away RUB A DUB DUB RUB A DUB DUB
Rubber Ducky Rubbish Rubbish Night
Ruben O Ruby, It Ain't Tuesday... Ruddy Shame
Rude Bert RUDE RUDOLPH Rudolf
RUDOLPH Rudolph - A Compendium Rudolph and Comet Stayed Home
Rudolph and Comet Stayed Home- For Contest Rudolph Found Home Rudolph Got Drunk
Rudolph's Accident Rudolph's In Charge Rudolph's Retirement
Rudoph Sighting Rufus Rat Rug B
Ruined Fur Coat RULE OF TIMMER Ruled By the Road
Ruler Of The Land Rules Of The Road Rum Deal
Rumor Woman Rumour Rumour
Rumour Rumour Has It Rumpelstilskin- Sort Of
Rumpelstiltskin Rumpelstiltskin Thought He Would Get Baby Rumpty Bumpty
Run Amok Run Away Emu Run In Hope Not Again
Run Off Trump Mouth Run Over by a Mule 2d Limerick Run Over With A Hearse
Run The Gamut Run The Gamut Run!
Runaway Train Runaway Train RUNNING
Running Costs Running Its Course Horn Limerick RUNNING MEMORIES
Running Outside Naked Running Outta Gas Running Outta Gas
Running Outta Gas Running Outta Steam Running Rip Shod With Fraud
Running Taxes Running Water Rupture of Trump Infrastructure
Russia Refrain Russian Folk Dancing Russian Robbery
Russian Wolfhound Rust Rustler
Ruth Ruth and the Truth Ruth Of All Evil
ruth Shall Make You Free Rutherford Creampuff Sensitive Chest Rx for Sex
Ryan Ran Away and More Rythmic stick