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Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: allegory, anger, perspective, tribute,

life with Trump XVII

The Donald supporters were pissed
But Dorian Gray they have kissed!
Measured in fathoms
Their brains’ empty chasms
All hail the chief narcissist

Author's Note: Sunshine Smile's recent post, "Showtime," inspired me to write thisHer poem really speaks to me    

"The Picture of Dorian Gray" is a philosophical novel by Oscar Wilde, first published complete in the July 1890 issue of Lippincott's Monthly Magazine as described in WikipediaI urge those who are unfamiliar with the story to check out the plot

I do understand people's anger It's unfortunate the rest of us didn't do more to retrain and help the folks between the coasts--like the former coal minersI really liked Bernie SandersHillary was more a representation of the status quoI think she lost the election when she called Donald supporters, "deplorables." She didn't get it

"Make America Great Again," is doublespeak for, "Take advantage of the downtrodden and poor." We all share the same planet and its resourcesThere will be blowback from what we are doing in this countryNo wall or immigration ban will keep us safe from ourselves and what we representWe have not yet embraced sustainability, and I sincerely doubt the richest cabinet in history will have an intent to help minersMine owners are the ones they want to helpStay tuned worldIt is "showtime."

Poem Details | by Gail DeBole |
Categories: funny, holiday, humorous,

Revolving Resolution

Written by Gail DeBole

Zelma Zotz's new year's contribution
Is to think of a definite solution
   To avoid making a plan
   (which she really can't stand)
For yet another new year's resolution!

Gail's Note:  You can find some historical information about the history of the new year's resolution at

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: earth day, loss, nature,


What is truth's pure golden nugget?
A debt-free real balanced budget!
The concept is known
But history has shown
Great figures know how to fudge it

Author's note:  The right wing wants to pilfer nature's bounty and destroy the natural balance to make us rich because god says it's OK The left wing wants to do the same--only more slowly and without god In the end, capitalistic greed is the real evil because it is taking us to a critical point of no return We really need to stop using smoke and mirrors and do an honest accounting.

Poem Details | by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: funny, political

Truer Words Were Never Spoken Through Falser Teeth

If on history books we can rely

     'Tis said Washington never told a lie

          He had false teeth it is said

               Yet uttered truths from his head

                    But pols now with 'wisdom' teeth are so sly

Robert LHinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by T Wignesan |
Categories: satire,

Limerick crochetes Portrait of a Dead Brit Nazi Lord of the Lollypoppians

Limerick crochetés: Portrait of a Dead Brit Nazi, Lord of the Lollypoppians
                   Part One
Once an uppity man from Poland
Wed a stumpy wench from High Golan
     Result: mangy mongrel
     Was no way you could tell
His front from his toady tail-end
In Broughton raised as Mancunian
For his stature was Lilliputian
     Sent up to hot Eton
     To become smooth Briton 
Of hoi polloi he nursed low opinion 

There at the clubby institution   
Three thorough-breds of noble distinction
     Chased him in quadrangle
     Stuck dildos up sockle
In his hock-filled mouth sans elocution 

Lacking shining past in his pedigree
Made him mug up facts in history    
     Shot up into Oxford  
     Father grandeur afford
Marks and shillings through frilly lingérie 

At New College what spoke most was money
Free drinks all around and clothes so horney
     So things ran with his ilk
     Reeking of mothers’ milk
Ere going down he rode high and pretty
Once down he was not down and out either
With free hand in till of his step-mother
     In book trade old mongrel 
    The art of the scoundrel
He made much of his blithering litter

Dreamed day and night of the House of Lords
To rub knees with the Chancellor of Boards
      Stuffed Labour coffers cash
      Stood for Commons: whiplash
Injury by hoi polloi on records

© TWignesan – Paris, 2014 

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: mystery,

Kamikaze Pilots

One of the greatest mysteries in the history of man Why kamikaze pilots wore helmets, they didn't give a damn For the Emperor, they cried They were prepared to die Unimaginable to us but for the glory of Japan

Categories: love,

Carmen Lucia Ruby

                                Peter loved his wife Carmen Lúcia
                             Their love 's color was tranquil fuchsia 
                                 Their love took shape in Mogok
                                    In depth of the Mother rock
                                     Big red ruby-poem of Gaia

The Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.Chas received one of the world's largest and finest ruby gemstonesThe 23.1 carats (4.62 g) Burmese ruby, set in a platinum ring with diamonds, was donated by businessman and philanthropist Peter Buck in memory of his late wife Carmen LúciaThis gemstone displays a richly saturated red color combined with an exceptional transparencyThe finely proportioned cut provides vivid red reflectionsThe stone was mined from the Mogok region of Burma (now Myanmar) in the 1930s.

Precious Stones and Gems - Poetry Contest 
Sponsor:Anthony Slausen
Poet: Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty
Form: Limerick
Theme: Love, Ruby, Precious stone

Poem Details | by Funom Makama |
Categories: evil, life, violence, war,

War Zone Comprehended

Against humanity, history badly plot
creating a stain not easy to face the blot
humans really nefarious
misfortune ambidextrous
to schedule of events, massacre has a spot.

Poem Details | by Jeremy henderson |
Categories: education


it seems like i study alot
and history most have forgot
if we never learn
our planet will burn
educationour only shot

Poem Details | by James Andersen |
Categories: fun,

6 Limericks and Some Nonsense

Samuel Pew was a dancing fool
Until he got kicked by a mule
He was never too bright
Now his brain ain't right
But he can still dance the old soft shoe

Jimmy Dechert was a History teacher
His mother wanted him to be a preacher
But he liked to cuss
And he made a Fuss
Now a frown is his prominent feature

Tattle Teeter fell and hurt his peter
Tattling on his friends at the theater
He tripped on a pail
And straddled a rail
Now his voice is a little bit sweeter.

Old Rex never thought about sex 
except when he saw his ex
He was a poor soul
And she was a troll
Every month now he sends her a check

Billy Lando wanted to play piano
But about music he didn't know
His wife called him a puts
And kicked him in the nuts
Now all he can sing is soprano

Stanly Fenny was roasting a weenie
When he saw her in a bikini
He asked "what do you do"
She said "how about you"
And he ran away awfully speedy

A man and a dog were chasing a hog
Around a red barn, they did go.
I watched with hystare
As the dog chased a hare
And the hog ran away with a goat.

Amos Buck didn't have any luck
when he tried to get a meal
He wanted a dish of delicious fish
but had no money to make a deal
So he took a seat down by the creek
with some worms and a rod and reel
He baited his hook and put it in the brook
Then thought he would rather have veal.

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: silly,

Added To Mount Rushmore

Sure like my image to be added to Mount Rushmore It could be animated with me chuckling forevermore In the history books I'd be One who wrote about pee Not very dignified but a poet top drawer © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: fun,

John John's Vocabulary

Think I'll make up some new words today John John will be proud, he'll say, “thatta way!” Rules are for others Not us, my brother We'll be famous, written up in the history booksiyay!

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: planet,

Who Wants To Go To Mars

They're taking reservations to travel to Mars Be the first to colonize another planet so far Too old to make the trip Too bad, into history I'd slip Think I'll stay put and just strum my guitar

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: visionary,

Who Wants To Go To Mars

They're taking reservations to travel to Mars To be the first to colonize a far distant star Much too old to make the trip A goner I'd be, into history I'd slip Think I'll stay put and just strum my guitar © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: space,

Who Wants To Go To Mars

They're taking reservations to travel to Mars Be the first to colonize another planet far Too old to make the trip Too bad, into history I'd slip Think I'll stay put and just strum my guitar

Poem Details | by James Andersen |
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Jenny walker's Teacher

The teacher was really fine they said
When Jenny Walker took him to bed 
She gave him a knock
And a pretty big shock
But no more History entered her head.

Not an Autobiography

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous,

Afraid of Trump

Afraid of Trump

Hope that Trump's history does disappear
Being President all of us now do fear
And sure thinks he is a know it all
He loves being in a bar room brawl
Definitely gave supporters a bum steer.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy, humorous,

History of Trump and More

History of Trump

Hope Trump's history does disappear
Being President we all of us did fear
Thinking he was always a know it all
Although brain appears to be small
He definitely did give us a bum steer.

Of Trump what will be word content
Never understood what he meant
And beyond belief it all had been
Also for certain he will sin again
He should give up and relent.

To Trump this is an introduction
Welcome to world of  seduction
Three times had been a groom
Two of them sealed their doom
Molest women has a compunction.

A while for Trump we had waited
For someone to have him sedated
And him be put out of his misery
Abusing woman has a long history
Told may fibs that were fabricated.

Regarding sex Trump is repulsive
And tells lies while being allusive
About him woman are complaining
A complete idiot sure is remaining
All evidence has been conclusive.

Trump in tower lives in an apartment
And abusing women we could prevent
Many women on him will be unloading
Become excited and on him exploding
Soon to hell we hope he will be sent.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Smile Like That

Smile Like That

With smilelike that you can't go wrong;
Each sight I see of him sings a song; 
Things happening and history passes by; 
On him we could trust and always rely

Memories of him always reminds me, 
Now in heaven is where he may be; 
As a picture of him at we will stare, 
With God and His Son who are waiting there.

Jim Horn

For a friend who lost a WW II veteran relative.

Poem Details | by Christopher Calvin |
Categories: fun, silly,

Famous and genius

Do you even exist ?
or my mind just trippin ?
you don't copy yet invent it
cool words the world know early
massive respects for you shakespeare

i keep wandering night and day
how you do that anyway
makes everyone crazy for century
all you do is just silence
you fit history of comedy
utterly amazing strategy
you deserve all attention
mr bean