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Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: childhood, funny

Eying the Babe

Ah, my brother is finally sleeping
Through my head mischievous thoughts are creeping
     It’s my time to shine now
     To him I won’t kowtow
All of the attention I’ll be keeping
I’ll make the best use of this special time
Beg for more after each nursery rhyme
     I’ll play with his best toys
     Till he makes the first noise
Because then I’ll just be admired part time

By Carolyn Devonshire
For Miranda Lambert’s Brotherly Love contest
April 23, 2011

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: funny,

Brother Told Us

Brother told us sometimes that he peed
sitting down with a good book to read,
but with his ding-a-ling
he was having a fling
when we spied on him Good book indeed!

Written 5/20/14 for Roy Jerden's Bawdy, Bawdy, Bawdy, Miss Clawdy Limerick Contest

By the way, from comments I am getting, I need to let everyone know this is simply a fabricationMy brother told us nothing, and we never spied on himAnd our small bathroom shared by ten people would not have suited this purpose! hahaha

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

For New Brother Saved A Gift

For New Brother Saved A Gift

White snow softly fell to the ground;
Wild animals would roam all around;
Saw a Christmas tree shining bright;
God had made us such a pretty sight.

Gifts under a tree were there all laid;
Near fire place we played and played;
Parents did have to make a decision;
Tell us Santa is real not just a vision.

That night we had started off to bed,
After all of our prayers had been said;
Make sure Santa comes to our house,
Brought a gift for our little pet mouse.

On top of roof sound had been heard;
A miracle on Christmas night occurred;
Our mother we love beyond all worth,
To another new son has given birth.

After Christmas was over and done,
Each of us a gift we had saved one,
So to our new brother we could give,
Who with us together here does live.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by george seal |
Categories: horse, race,

Horse racing

   There once was a young jockey called Morse,
   Who gave a nod and a wink to his horse.
   But the horse it was blind,
   So no way could it find,
   The winning post on the race course.

   6/ 1/ 2015.


   Do you agree,that an inclination of the cranium,
   Is equally as effective, as an oscillation of an optic,
   To an equine quadruped void of visionary capacity

   Translation of quote.

   Do you agree that a nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.

   I do not know who wrote it My elder brother taught me this 
   when i was about fifteen years old.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: brotherbrother, brother,

Big Brother's Promise

For a while our mommy got fat
and so grouchyI didn’t like that!
But early one day
Dad took mommy away.
They came back and her tummy was flat!

In her arms there was something so small
that I barely could see it at all.
I just wanted to hold
itYou’d think it was gold!
They said, “Don’t let your new brother fall.”

You bawled every day with such might
you gave our cat, Felix, a fright.
It was such a great day
When I heard Mommy say,
“The baby now sleeps through the night.”

Your first smile today was for me.
You’re going to be a good buddy.
There’s so much that we’ll do.
Here’s my promise to you:
The best brother ever I’ll be!

By Andrea Dietrich/ April 28, 2011
For Miranda Lambert's Contest:
"Brotherly Love"

Poem Details | by njeri hunjeri |
Categories: fun,

Boss Lady

                              Boss lady on the go!
                              No rest for an obedient bro'
                              She puts him to work from dusk to dust
                              No mercy for a brother even with trust
                              The boss lady may need some lust.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: history, son, god, earth,

The Gods' Family Tree

An Egyptian I never could be,
but since reading of their history,
in limerick form
I now write to inform
my friends of the Gods’ family tree.

From “Waters of Chaos” came Nun,
the only God under the sun.
The first piece of ground
rose up as a mound.
Hun stood there and coughed up a son!

Hun spat out the God of Air, Shu,
and he spat out a cute goddess too.
Tefnut was her name.
Moisture was her fame.
She and Shu beget children - two!

Their son was named Geb; the girl, Nut.
I’m not sure how to say her name, but
I sure like to say
Goddess Sky’s name the way
that rhymes with the famous King Tut.

When he laughed, the son Geb, “God of Earth,”
made the earth shake beneath his great girth.
I think Geb is busy
in modern days, for he
quakes often, for he’s fond of mirth!

For the tale to proceed, there ensued
some more incest, and not to be crude,
Nut, the Goddess of Sky,
got it on with the guy,
King of Earth, and they had a big brood.

There came forth from their coupling,
Queen Isis and a new Earth King,
Osiris, who was
a good king because
he ruled all rebirth, a great thing!

One son, against harmony, came
to kill Osiris, and his name
was Seth; once again
like the story of Cain -
an envious brother to blame.

But Seth got his just desserts when,
having married his Mom Isis, then
he was killed by HIS son,
named Horus, who won
the throne, and so “good” ruled again.

From Seshat to Sekmet to Rah,
Gods were worshipped by ancients with awe.
You’d have worshipped them too
had you been born to do
your poems on papyrusHa ha.

Poem Details | by John Smith |
Categories: family, joy,


There once was a girl by the name Joy   
who got joy whenever she'd annoy 
Her poor little brother 
she swapped for another 
Now; him, too, she would love to destroy.

Poem Details | by Beau Regard |
Categories: art, people, father, art,

A Portrait of Vincent VanGogh

To the proud parents, Anna and Theo
A serious lad, silent and thorough
A clan of preachers
And dealers of art
From the southern Netherlands came Van Gogh

When sent to school, he did not want to go
The separation led to much sorrow
But he learned to draw
Whatever he saw
Sent off to sell art in Paris, Van Gogh

His happiest time, and now in love, oh
Till the landlady’s daughter told him no
Now a broken heart
Surly to sell art
Fired from his job in Paris, Van Gogh

Vincent sought out a coal miners’ burrow
A priest of sorts, but a squalid fellow
The church was appalled
And cursed his resolve
To the asylum for crazy Van Gogh?

His father baffled, on the verge of foe
Art interest, once again, began to grow
Back to school again
This time, in His name
To paint in the service of God, Van Gogh

School’s out, back to his parents he would go
Using neighbors as subjects to ditto
Proposed to his cousin
Which she found disgustin’
Burning his hand to see her, holy Van Gogh!?!

Now off to The Hague, a family furlough
To live with Sien, a boozing bimbo
A man to see ya…
Caught gonorrhea
Three weeks in the hospital for Van Gogh

The pain of loneliness drove him back home
Once again, a failed love with fair Margot
Then Vincent’s father died
He grieved deeply inside
The tragedy further refined Van Gogh

Finally, Vincent’s work was in the know
“The Potato Eaters” made an art show
Just add more color
Said his dear brother 
Rubens brightened the dark gloom of Van Gogh

Vincent’s diet: coffee and tobacco
Mixed with absinthe began to take its toll
Though he kept on painting
Then Paris, more training
The end was getting closer for Van Gogh

The masters: Monet, Degas, Pissarro
Cezanne, and Seurat in his studio
Influenced his style
Learning all the while
That time was running out for MrVan Gogh

Then he moved to Arles, bad health in tow
Completing great works the whole world would know 
“Sunflowers” (in vase)
“The Café Terrace”
Minus one ear, the frail, ailing Van Gogh

With his tattered mind, and mournful woe
Committed to the asylum, Mausole
With his final works
“The Church at Auvers”
“Starry Night” was painted in pain, Van Gogh

“At Eternity’s Gate”, he was sorrow
Wandered into a field, farmer’s fallow
Put a bullet in his chest
In hopes of peaceful rest
“The sadness will last forever”, Van Gogh

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: funny, sin, work,

A Halo

There was once was a lady from town
Who wore a halo like a crown
Told her daughter-in-law
Dresses should wear like squaw
Wore one to work and naked frowned

The loom grabbed her dress and wham bam
Naked from the waist down~life in jam
Supervisor gave coat
Took her home and I quote
"I put my blue jeans on grand slam"

My mother was a very stern believer that women should wear dresses..
My brother married late in life and his wife worked in the weaving department..
She did a job called filling batteries..She had to walk between the looms to do
her job..They had suggested to the women that they should wear tight fitting 
pants or blue jeans..To please my mother she made her a new dress and wore 
it to work..First thing, it got caught..It ripped it and her slip off..She was left 
standing naked.


Sponsor: Black Eyed Susan
Contest: Any New Limerick

Poem Details | by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: animals, funny

Butti The Tortoise

Butti the tortoise from the zoo has flown the coop

   Your brother Tutti misses you, you little poop

      On you there is a large bounty

         If found in El Paso County

            Hope you don't end up as a bowl of turtle soup

Robert LHinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

This is based on a true story  Butti came up missing at the Colorado Springs
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, 27 Mar 2011 He and his brother, Tutti, are Indian
Star tortoises   Suspicions are that some miscreant pocketed him and strolled
away since he was about the size of a grapefruit and weighed about a
pound  Coincidentally, a river otter named Kitchi, escaped from the same zoo
a few months ago and has never been found  If interested you can read the
saga of Kitchi in my poem of the same name  Will keep you posted!!

Poem Details | by Theresa CW |
Categories: fun, humor,

Harry and Scary

Hairy and Scary

Mary, Mary where is your brother Larry?
Went to movies with little sister Terry
They both look quite so short
They both need to abort
Sister Terry's legs are hairy and scary.

Written: June 6, 2015
Theresa Marie W-C

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: adventure, childhood, dedication, education,

Fire In The Hole

<                                        once there was ten devious children
                                          oh how they did a poor little sin
                                          brother had passed some gas
                                          they lit match to his ass
                                          dam dog was even wearing a grin

Entry For
John Freeman's
Giggle Poetry Contest # 2

Poem Details | by John Weber |
Categories: history, war

Creating Graves to Rob

Prescott Bush proved his moxie
as war-profiteer proxy
with brother Harriman
since shame can't bury them
when suggestions turn Nazi.

Poem Details | by robert johnson |
Categories: family, funnydad, dad,

Snag O Rama

Me,my dad and sister Robyn.
Went a fishin with a bobbin.
I hooked a tire and realed it in.
A big ole bullhead was in the bin.
So Dad said, quit your sobbin.

I told my brothers what I caught.
Their disbelief is not what I sought.
My Brother Scott said I was lying.
Brother Terry said quit your crying.
Mother said, don't give it another thought.

I've told this story many times.
And now I've told it with some rhymes.
The best part is, is that it's true.
And with one more line it will be through.
Fishin's fun if you don' mind the slime.

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: adventure, caregiving, education, family,

Just Wait Until I Get Home

<                        once popped cork on bottle of red wine
                          hit brother in eye oh how it did shine
                          seen him go pick up bat
                          boy did I ever scat
                          right to canadian's boarder line

                          feeling like her dansel in-distress
                          along came three county mounties best
                          asked if nipping bottle
                          at fast paces throttle
                          answered yes now did I pass your test

                           tossed in pokie for now twenty days
                           poor ole missy now won't and get laid
                           darn brother wins again
                           wearing smitten hugh grin
                           wait until that welt begins to fade  

Written 6/20/11

Entry For Francine Robert's
Bottle Of Wine
Limericks Only Contest

Poem Details | by George Aul |
Categories: humor, irony,

Mistaken Identity

A bad crime has landed me in jail,
I also told the judge "Go to hell,"
for while serving the time
I did not do the crime...
Honest! It was my twin brother Sal.

Poem Details | by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: caregivingme, family, family, me,

My Mourn

What is possible? You don’t know, my family isn’t so liberal.
Religion has matter for us, doesn’t matter woman is ever feeble
Although God is one, we all are brother and sisters as I believe,
Whom do I felicitate? Why is forgiveness and mercy scribble?
My Caste is scurrile for me and my family lived with degrading,
Nobody delivered me delectation but I was grown up in trouble
Pain and misprisal is a part of our life dejection enjoyed delectation,
I depart my home only to hide defame for my children’s reflectible.
You shouldn’t understand me why is appreciation pride for us?
Honesty and trust is mourned for me and love isn’t a festival.

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: birthday, humorous,


This 90th birthday poem is for my Aunt Jean Bates – she was in fits of laughter when I recited it on the phone for her todayMy Aunt and her brother (who is 99) both used to write poetry and many naughty limericks so I guess it is in my genes A schoolboy whose surname is Bates Got terribly teased by his mates He is MISTER not Master – (That would be a disaster) His surname he now really hates! True Story … When I was on the phone my aunt told me of a coach trip she took with her husband and son – the tour leader was reading out the names of the passengers … Mr and Mrs Smith and Master Smith, Mr and Mrs Jones and Master Jones …My aunt was mortified when they got to their surname and it was Mr and Mrs Bates and Master Bates – why couldn’t they call him Mister! 08-06-17

Categories: fun, funny,

Uncle Solerino had a daughter

                                     Uncle Solerino had a daughter El Niño
                                  She was a pretty sweet little kittle albino
                                         Her young brother Chlorophyll
                                               Ended in jail of Gilgil
                        She whirled across the stage and married a quinquino

Poem Details | by john mcgrath |
Categories: adventure

Don,t call him that!


Did yer mammy ever say"dont call him or her, that?
whenever ye,v called someone, "dim!"or"a prat!?
Well i called my theiving brother a monkey!an got skelpt!
and told that he was to be considered as a whelp!(a puppy dog)
So now he is out on parole from the local dogs home.
He,s just been detoxing like a fool foaming on the phone.
Help me mammy!was all he cried and barked and pled.
she should have skelpt the monkey then fed him water and bread!

Poem Details | by RALPH TAYLOR |
Categories: family, funnygod, girl, god,


Grandma, the little girl said
Where do we go when we’re dead?
           We go with God up in heaven
            She told the young girl of seven
And gently patted the top of her head.

Then my goldfish who died I can say
Is with God up in heaven today
            Little brother yelled no
             I know that ain’t so
Cause I saw mommy flush him away!


Poem Details | by Cecilia Crasto |
Categories: brother, for him, funny,

Half A Brain

If my brother needed a brain Like a drought needs the rain Without a whinge or a whine He can have half of mine Even though I am insane

Poem Details | by Seren Roberts |
Categories: funny,

old man of york

There was an old man of York
That loved to play in the park
He got caught on the slide
With a bare backside
Cos his brother pinched  his belt for a lark

Poem Details | by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: funnyme,

I'm Innocent I Tell Ya

I’m innocent, but they arrested me off the plane
They say my actions were utterly insane
Locked me up in Guantanamo Bay
For five year to this very today
For flying to Afghanistan to deliver a bomb to my brother Hussain

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Trump Had Greeted Golf Game

Trump Had Greeted Golf Game

Each time a golf game Trump greeted,
Only way other players he defeated;
Whoop and holler;
His ball is smaller;
Pulled tricks and constantly cheated.

Jim Horn

Still laughing?

Jim Horn

Over ten again so have to add more 
to this poem so I can cut and paste 

Trump An Idiot That Blooms

Trump became an idiot that does bloom;
And his veracity is in vase in every room;
Hands small do seem;
No features redeem;
Orange hair and fat face makes us fume.

Jim Horn


My father in law and uncle in law 
and brother in law are all railroad 
engineers for Missouri Pacific which        
is now the Union PacificBrother in      
law is only one alive nowThose small
steps set the steps for our fast growing 
futureWrite a poem about that.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by John lawless |
Categories: humor,

Monkey Business

Monkey Business

The monkey’s brother said: “Mom’s gonna have a fit”
The giraffe replied “I’ve got the ring he must commit.”
They looked at her and said “WOW”
They looked at him and said “HOW”
He answered: “My brother put me up to it.”

John GLawless

Poem Details | by Isaac Odah |
Categories: child, hilarious, humor, my


"Ucle," Joe said: "did you feel no pain
Falling from that mango tree?
Would you do it, please, again,
'Cos my brother here didn't see."

Poem Details | by Roy Pett |
Categories: anxiety, humorous,

concerned snowman

I’m a snowman standing on my head
built by Harry and his brother Fred,
With Just five balls of snow
two which are not on show,
Where they’ll put that large carrot I dread.

Contest upside down world
Sponsored by Eve Roper.

Poem Details | by Isaac Odah |
Categories: adventure, beautiful, brother, child,


Joe made a big mark
He painted his albino brother black
When mother found him guilty
Joe said: "black is beauty."

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: silly,

The Long Road

He's my brother and he's sure gotten heavy Methinks it's too much pasta and meatballs quite steady Should back off that stuff It's way-way too much A diet of veggies and water would un-fat his belly

Poem Details | by Lindsay Laurie |
Categories: sick,

Tea for One

My friend Gary claimed I’m going insane,
and then he told me that I best explain,
after saying to me,
watcha havin’ for tea?
- it’s what my brother brought up on the train.

Poem Details | by Val Jennings |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, brother, character,

Oh Brother

I once had a brother in prison.
He knew what in life he was missin"
So he spent out his days
in profitable ways
and learned because he could listen.

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: baby, nostalgia,


Son’s comfort teddy was called Blue If mislaid it would cause a to do We purchased another So Blue had a brother - I admit that my son never knew! Our son adored his teddy and we were so worried if it got lost or needed washing that he wouldn’t settle so we got a spareSon would always look a little quizzical when they were swapped for washing as he could recognise the fresh smell of the washing powder but we never let on until now that we ever had a spare 1/7/19

Poem Details | by T Wignesan |
Categories: allegory, paris, racism, satire,

Limerick crochetes: Once Bull-Frog of a French Syndic - Part One

Limerick crochetes : Once a Bull-Frog of a French Syndic

Part One 

Once a Bull-Frog of a French Syndic
Croaked Janitress Porc-U-Pine music
She found much in common
With Janitress-Husband
They sucked Co-Proprietors' Council sick

Now Janitress had much lard to spare
Front back cheeks belly thighs but spare hair
So Bull-Frog humped her back
To keep her hair intact
Bull-Frog ate Porc-U-Pine falling hair

Now Co-Proprietors' presidents
Saved lots of hair-wilting rodents
Pipes stuffed with hairs pubic
Made proprietors sick
Porc-U-Pine made pubic wig from rodents

Yet Porc-U-Pine wailed all day and night
" How am I to keep flying my kite ?
Flying saucers see nought
On my scalp lives no thought ! "
Appealed to Town Hall Caïd for more might 

" Porc-U-Pine, Dear, your sting I like best !
Can you this Injun now put to rest ? "
" Yes, Sir ! You know how well
Your words make my lard swell !
I'll put this Ol' Bum on acid test ! "

" I'll ask Syndic Bull-Frog to puff hard
Through his WC pipe under board
I'll stuff hoards of pubic hair
Plus more from rodents' lair
To force Ol' Bum to swim in building's turd ! "

" Now, My Darling Porc-U-Pine ! How nice
To know you and I share the same vice
Ask Mason Brother Police
To salute you, as-you-please
Kiss your cheeks up or under likewise ! "

Bull-Frog croaked : " She's under my orders !
No way I'll be made to suckle udders !
Tell the Lord President
I'm thick as she's cement
Nothing less than top Republic's honours ! "

© TWignesan - Paris, December 18, 2018

Poem Details | by PAT Adams |
Categories: brother, humorous,

I Guess I Was Sick

When young to keep my illness at bay 
I had to eat some dirt everyday
It sure tasted bad
But I was real glad
My older brother told me the way!

Poem Details | by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: 5th grade, 6th grade,



                    Albert is an efficient Doctor.
                    Best friend of my elder brother Victor.
                            Clear sight through spectacle
                            Drew a semi-circle.
                   Exact shape drawn on use of protractor.

    'WK 3 MARCH 2019' Contest by Brian Strand